Wild oregano oil use and recipes

Wild oregano oil as a remedy against candida 

In ancient Greece, Origanum Minutiflorum was known for its beneficial properties. In recent years, it has become extremely popular in the world. The reason for this is certainly its incredible and positive effect on health.

Do you have a problem with fungi or bacteria? Drugs only solve the problem immediately but these persistent diseases are constantly coming back. So you're in the right place. Wild oregano oil will help you fight these ailments, as well as many other diseases.

We will find out what this natural remedy can be used for. Find out what its potential flaws, contraindications and prices are.

Composition of wild oregano oil

What makes oregano so healthy is the substances that are in its composition. The highest percentage of oil is carvacol. Its presence in oil depends on a variety of factors, but can amount to as much as 95 percent. In the market, organic oregano oil has about 86 percent of carvacol, which is more than enough to feel its effect.
  • Carvacol is an organic compound that is of extreme benefit to the body. It is very often used in medicine, syrups, creams, fats, drops and capsules.

Para-cinnamon or P-cinnamon is another organic compound that has an effective effect on the body. It cleans the body of bacteria and fungi. It proved to be particularly good in treating E. coli. It makes between 2 or 3 percent oregano oil.

Timol is also a substance found in this petroleum oil. It can be most commonly found in honey-like plants. It has disinfection properties and is often used to clean the hives from pesticide. It is a great fungicide, thus cleansing the fungus and toxins from the organism. In addition, it cleanses the tissue and accelerates healing. It has the highest percentage in the mother's milk. Its presence in oregano oil is about 1 percent.

The turpentine can be found in the smell of coniferous wood. In large quantities it may be toxic to the organism. You have no cause for concern: in the composition of wild oregano, oil makes less than 0.5 percent. The amount of turpentine in these quantities has a strong antimicrobial effect.

Rosemary acid is a natural antioxidant. It raises immunity and defends the organism from attacking free radicals. It is often used as an agent for treating cancer. It also alleviates symptoms of allergies and asthma.

In addition to this, essential orange oil contains various minerals and vitamins. It is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and boron. Contains vitamins A, B, C and E.

Wild oregano

What are the healing properties of oregano oil?

Now that we are familiar with the composition of oregano oil, we can appreciate all the medical properties it has to offer. Its cure is so great that it can be divided into several special categories by which the oil is applied.

Namely, for wild oranges, the use is multiple, here is what it can be used for:
  • Skin diseases and surface injuries,
  • Cold and cough,
  • Arthritis,
  • Diarrhea and other pain problems,
  • bacteria
  • Various types of fungi,
  • General strengthening of immune system 

Wild oregano is recommended in the treatment of spontaneous injuries such as wounds, bruises and burns. It is also very effective in skin diseases: acne, eczema.

Cuts, bruising and mild burns

Disinfection of cuts, bruises and mild burns with oregano oil will greatly reduce the pain. It dulls temporarily the feeling of pain, cleanses the wound and accelerates the process of healing. Oil on the skin can tingle and be uncomfortable but that feeling passes quickly.

External use:
To clean the oil with oregano oil, you must have it diluted with some other base oil. It is most often recommended it be olive oil, because it has antiseptics properties, and they work best together. The best ratio is 4: 1, in four drops of olive oil pour one drop of oregano oil. Repeat the action up to three times a day.

Efficient solution for acne and pimples

Using this oil will get rid of acne and boring pimples. Wild oregano, besides all this, also rejuvenates the skin cells, so it also helps in removing acne scars. It drains them and leaves the skin clean.

How to use wild oregano oil against acne:
Put a few drops of oil in the lotion to clean the skin. Do not overwhelm the amount, it does not mean it is better. If you wash it, it can dry your skin and even cause mild burns. While washing your face try to avoid the eyes, feelings can be extremely unpleasant. If it gets in contact with your eyes, rinse them quickly with water.
It is also effective in case of skin eczema

Oregano oil has helped many in comparison to medicine recommended by doctors. It relieves the pain and itching that occurs with eczema and suppresses the spread of this discomfort.
All you need to do is to combine wild oregano oil with olive oil (ratio 4: 1). Lightly tap the mixture using a cotton swab on places affected by eczema.
Warning: If the pain and itching does not diminish immediately stop using the oil. Sometimes it can be very hard for some skin types.

Wild oregano oil against cold and its symptoms

We are in the period of the year when the viruses are literally omnipresent. Fortunately, there are many natural preparations that line them up successfully. One of them is a beneficial oregano.

Namely, nothing like an oregano oil will help you in fast and painless recovery from colds. It simultaneously acts as an antiseptic and antioxidant, meaning it kills bacteria and strengthens immunity.

By using it you will not disrupt the work of the flora, as is the case with the use of antibiotics. On the contrary, this oil has proven to be brilliant in improving the work of the digestive system, but we will talk about it later.

Usage of oregano oil against colds: 
Add two to three drops of oregano oil after each meal in the olive scoop. After a few days you will feel better. For extra effect you can drop oil into the inhalation liquid. This will suppress coughing and nose leakage.
For strong coughs, frequent inhalation of oil is required. You can drink it as well, but the strength of the oil will surely irritate your throat. To reduce that effect, dilute the oil in honey, which acts soothing on the throat.

Preventative strengthening of the immunity with wild oregano oil 

If you regularly use wild oregano oil to strengthen your immune system, you will avoid your visit to the doctor’s office. It will destroy all possible bacteria that could cause the cold.

There is special therapy for the prevention of diseases.
For ten days each month, three times a day, drink a tablespoon of two drops of oregano together with edible oil. It is not necessary to use tincture more often than this.

Oregano drops help with arthritis

In addition to greatly alleviating pain in the joints, wild oregano oil will destroy all existing bacteria and parasites. Namely, they can multiply by the development of the disease and thus greatly complicate our condition.

In order to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis you must regularly apply the diluted oil. The joint pain is extremely strong thus wild oregano oil dosage is a lot stronger as well.
  • In 100 milliliters of olive oil pour up to 50 drops of oregano oil. This strong mixture will make your body soothing and relaxing.

Diarrhea and other ailments

Wild oregano oil can calm the diarrhea even though you do not know what exactly caused it. It is multi practical. It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. It cleanses the stomach from toxins and gas and brings a sense of relief.
  • To stop the diarrhea three times a day take on spoon of olive oil with three drops of wild oregano oil. 

Combine the food that is usually consumed during diarrhea with this therapy. After a few days the stomach will stabilize, if the condition persists contact your doctor.

Problems with the stomach may have different causes. This natural remedy should definitely help you because it balances the organism.

To reduce headache and gases, as well as accelerate metabolism, it is necessary to take at least three drops of oregano oil daily. You will feel better soon afterwards.

Wild oregano oil against bacteria

Scientific research has shown that wild oregano oil is extremely effective in cleansing a bacterial infections from organism. As we have already mentioned, it is strong as antibiotics, while it does not harm the organism during therapy.

E. Coli, staphylococci, streptococci, salmonella, citrobacter, helicobacter. These are just some of the bacteria from a rather long list that wild oregano oil is good against.

Medication treatment with the medicated oil takes a little longer than it normally takes antibiotics. However, this does not mean that it is anything less effective. In 21 days, the length of the treatment you will not just cure the bacteria, but you will also significantly strengthen your immunity.

Some bacteria are naturally already found in our organism, such as an E. Coli. In order to bring them into reproduction you have to be persistent, so therapy should sometimes be repeated twice.

Wild oregano oil dosage in the case of helicobacter and E. Coli.
In a tablespoon of edible oil (olive, coconut, flax ...) add one to two drops of oregano oil. Drink it three times a day, best after a meal. Every couple of days, increase the number of drops until you reach up to 4 drops. A total of 12 drops can be taken during the day.
When three weeks pass, make a ten-day pause and then do the tests to determine if the bacteria are still in your body. If the results are still positive, repeat the treatment again.

Caution: Do not accidentally take more than 4 drops in a single scoop, as a larger daily dose will be too strong for the body. Long consumption of oil can damage mouth cavity and mucous membranes.

Treatment of fungi with powerful oregano oil

Probably the most famous use of oregano oil is to fight fungal infections. It is a great fungicide. Dehydrates the fungus, changes the Ph value of the organism and thus prevents their further development.

The fungi attack the organism for a variety of reasons. The most common is poor nutrition, physical inactivity and stress. These major factors together create acid environment in a body that is not balanced. It is an excellent foundation for fungus development, as well as other diseases. The occurrence of fungal infections already shows a significant decrease in immunity.

Wild oregano oil against fungi represents an efficient and fundamental solution.

Dandruff and seborrhea 

The most common problems with the skin on the head are Malassezia fungus, which is the main cause of dandruff creation. Dandruff is unpleasant, because it makes the skin itchy uncomfortable and, in addition the problem is quite aesthetic. People who have problems with it often have to avoid darker colors of clothing because dandruff is easily seen on it.

Oregano oil can help you clean your scalp 
A few drops of oil into your palm, add a shampoo and combine the mixture. When you wash your hair, leave the mixture on for a few minutes to feel the effects. When applying, you feel the heat and gentle tingling sensation on your head, but that is good, meaning that the oregano oil is having the desired effect. Repeat the procedure several times and you will notice the difference.
The procedure is the same for seborrhea

If the fungus spread to the area of ​​the neck or on the face, lightly tap four drops of olive oil with one drop of oregano. If you notice redness and itching, stop using the oil.

Toenail fungus is cured instantly  

Have you ever heard that wild oregano oil against fungi is the most powerful cure? Believe us, it is, in the short term, it will solve these problems.

Fungi on the legs appear more often than on their hands. The reason for this is footwear that does not allow the skin to breathe. Such an environment is excellent for the formation and reproduction of fungi, especially in the elderly.

The most common cause is Trichophyton rubrum - a very persistent and unpleasant fungi. It makes nails fragile, rugged and darker in color, with pronounced yellow spots. In advanced cases, they may have an unpleasant smell. This fungus makes cutting of nails an almost impossible mission.

A wild oregano oil can remove nail mycosis quite successfully.
  • It is necessary to pour two drops of oregano oil into the spoon of olive oil and mix it. It is put on the infected site once a day for 21 days.

Be persistent and do not just quit. If fungal infections causes severe problems for a long period of time, contact your doctor. ( http://www.ketogenic-diet-menu.com/2017/01/nail-fungus-onychomycosis.html).

How to use oregano oil against candida 

Candida is definitely one of the most persistent fungi. It is already naturally found in our intestines, throat and reproductive organs. However, the use of antibiotics, the decline in immunity, poor nutrition and stress affect its uncontrolled reproduction.

Intestinal candidiasis

Symptoms of the intestinal candida are abdominal pain, an unpleasant feeling of weight, swelling and loud intestinal gurgling.  It is often found to be irrelevant, since its first signs may be similar to many other diseases. Testing the stool on fungi will accurately show the amount of this fungus in the body.

For the suppression of intestinal candida doctors will usually prescribe anti-candida diet. It means avoiding all foods containing sugar, starch and dough. The fungus feeds on them. So, in this diet you will not consume fruit at all except lemons, possibly apples. The choice of diet is quite narrow and is mostly based on cooked vegetables, unprocessed meat and nuts. Vitamins are taken in supplements.

This diet can help to suppress candida and bring the intestinal flora in balance. However, there is a great chance that your immunity will drop due to the lack of fruit and food diversity. It is therefore not advisable to be on this diet for more than a month.

Wild oregano oil combined with this diet can be of great help in bringing candida to the natural balance. Therapy is the same as in the treatment of bacteria.

What does the treatment look like?
  • Initially, it is best to use one drop 3 times a day.
  • Gradually increase your dosage every two days until you reach up to 4 drops 3 times a day.
  • The highest dose is 12 drops a day and is used in the last week of treatment.
  • Candida therapy should last for a maximum of three weeks, after which a 10-day break is required.
  • If the disease is not cured, another 3 week treatment is recommended.

Candida of the urinary tract is particularly unpleasant

The use of antibiotics without probiotics often induces candidiasis of the urinary tract. Candida is usually multiplied in warmer parts of the body, and infections of this fungus are common in women. They usually complain of itching, burning and swelling and increased white wash. Urinating is usually very painful.

You can solve this unpleasant infection by frequent tea drinking and the use of oregano oil.

Recipe for urinary infections:
  • Add wild oregano oil in a spoon of olive oil. Drink three times a day for several days until you feel the improvement.

How to get rid of candida in the throat?

This is the rarest kind of candida, but it does not mean that it is less uncomfortable. Often on the tongue you can see white deposits. They are otherwise normal, but in the case of oral candidiasis they are increased. Swallowing is difficult, which is why many people lose their appetite.

Candidiasis oris is diagnosed by a swab taken from the throat.
Treatment of candida of the throat involves drinking wild oregano oil three times a day diluted in edible oil. Number of drops increase for several days until it reaches four. After three weeks take a ten day break.
Candida on nails

Candidiasis can also appear on nails. Keratin is an excellent feeding medium for fungal infections. Oregano, unlike many drugs, successfully penetrates the nail root and thus suppresses the candidiasis.
  • Soak the nail root with diluted oregano oil. After a few days, you should notice an improvement.

Experiences of users with oregano oil

Many people talk about the fairly strong taste of this oil, making it the first negative impression for most. Cough attacks and stronger heart pounding is common when using this product. Feel free to drink a glass of water if you feel it is necessary.

A girl who has been struggling with urinary infections for years has noticed the activity of oregano oil after nine days. Burning, itching and swelling gradually retreated and disappeared completely. The infection returned once again after therapy, but was again suppressed by the same treatment with this oil. Since then, the oil consummation is only for preventative cause and there are no more problems with infections.

The other woman has the best words about oregano oil that helped her clean the candida from her intestines. Only, with candidiasis in the intestines, you must always be alert and constantly watch what you are taking in your body.

To some oregano oil is too strong and they quickly stop consuming it. Do not interrupt the recommended therapy, unless you notice any negative effects.

Contraindications and side effects of oregano oil

There are various undesirable effects in the treatment with wild oregano. The most common is anemia. Therefore, when using it, balance your diet and intake more iron than usual.

There may also be a disorder of swallowing, as well as damage to the liver and kidneys. Some people are allergic to oregano oil.

Important note!
  • If you drink too much oil dilute it with other edible oil, not water. Water cannot dilute or alleviate the problems caused by the consumption of oregano oil.

Wild oregano oil in pregnancy; yes or no?

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not recommended to use this product. Also, children less than three years old should not drink it.

Do not combine wild oregano with antibiotics, because some contraindications may occur.

Where to find this oil and what is the price?

You can find oregano oil in herbal pharmacies, health food stores or online via the Internet. It's pretty easy to find it in recent years since its popularity has grown.

Wild oregano oil

Prices may be a bit more expensive to some but your health needs to be taken seriously. It is better to invest in a more expensive product that will help you solve the problem, rather than inexpensive products that do not have any benefits to your health.

Oil bottles are usually 10ml. Their price depends on the quality, purity and the manufacturer. It's best to take 100% pure organic oil, which is also the most effective. The price range from between 17-20 dollars.

After this article we recommend that you read about the benefits of oregano tea.