The best teas for immunity against flue and colds

The best teas for immunity

Herbal teas for immunity are very simple but also a really powerful prevention for most diseases. Nowadays, there are more and more harmful substances that surround us and affect our health. We become susceptible to various diseases, less resistant to infections and various microorganisms that can impair our state of health.

Prepare for winter. Do something good now for your health!

Teas for immunity are various and it is desirable to drink them occasionally for preventative reasons. As the people say "Better to Prevent than to Treat" is the general truth. These beverages are a gift of nature, but we often forget it. We prefer to go to the pharmacy and buy artificial substances.

Stay with us and find out how to strengthen the resistance of the body during winter days with teas. Find out which teas are best for preventing drop in immunity.

Why is it good to drink teas? 

When defending our organism, the immune system needs substances that can be found in teas for immunity. Why are they so good, what is their secret? Primarily due to the high content of antioxidants to which plants are extremely rich in. Then there are various minerals, especially iron, magnesium, and manganese. Also vitamins, essential oils, organic acids and enzymes are very important for our immune response.

In fact, there is no medicinal herb that does not in some way improve the general health condition of a person. Whether it cleans the organism from the poison that lies in it, it accelerates the work of an organs and keeps the metabolism in balance. That's the secret of a long and healthy life.

Teas for immunity primarily have an extremely antiviral and antibacterial effect on our body. Therefore, they strengthen the defensive ability of the organism and thus protect against the onset of infections, flu and colds.

They improve removal of phlegm especially of the respiratory organs, and quickly remove harmful microorganisms from our body. In addition, active tea substances improve circulation. Why is it important? In this way, it is also better to clean the blood that comes to the organs that represent the filters in our metabolism. Therefore, immunological teas will contribute well to expel the poison from the body.

Of course, it is not negligible that they are hydrating, which is also necessary in the winter as well as summer. Due to temperature conditions, many of us during the autumn and winter considerably intake less fluid into the body. One hot, sweet smelling drink is certainly inviting in itself.

teas for immunity

How are teas for immunity prepared?

What is important to know about the treatment and drying of medicinal herbs, when teas for strengthening immunity come into question? We bring you some important guidelines, if you want to prepare your own tea yourself.

The essence is to remove water from the plant, but to retain other medicinal substances and essential oils. However, drying should not be exaggerated, because if it is done for too long, the essential oils are lost.

Have you ever wondered when and how to harvest medicinal plants?

In the case where whole plants or leaves are used, they must be harvested before flowering. Then they are the richest with medicinal chemical substances. The flowers are harvested naturally in the period of flowering characteristic of the given plant. They are removed whole, together with cups because they are often extremely rich in medicinal substances. Harvesting is done in warm weather, and the best is at the night, so you can avoid dew.

The root is collected in autumn or late spring. While in those plants where we use fruit for preparing tea, they are taken naturally when they are mature. Roots are well-washed, and if they are thicker then we cut them in half lengthwise.

What is the quickest way to dry plants for tea?

Healthy teas for immunity are dried in many ways, mostly depending on the part but also the type of plant. Whole plants that are "firmer" (like lavender or sage) should first be tied up in a bundle and then hung from somewhere. A dry, windy place is needed, without direct sunshine.
Cut flowers and leaves in a thin layer onto a clean, dry cooking cloth or absorbent paper. Place them in a place where there is free circulation of air (e.g. attic). It is necessary to rotate the plant every other day, and the total drying takes about a week when the leaves are slimmer. For those larger and thicker it takes two to three weeks. The root can also be dried like this, only it takes a little longer time.
If you do not have time for such a method of drying plants, you can dry them in the oven more quickly.
Place beneath the plants an absorbing paper, and the temperature should be as low as possible so that they do not just dry. The oven door should be open, and it is desirable to check every 10 minutes the state of the plants. Plants rich in essential oils should not be dried in the oven because they lose their composition at temperatures of about 30-40 degrees Celsius. Roots are mostly dried in the oven.
Teas for immunity, like others, are stored in hermetically sealed containers. It is best to use glass jars and it can also be stored in paper bags. Put them in a dark and cold place. It is desirable to spend them in the next three months.

What teas can you use for immunity?

The teeth for lifting immunity vary as we have already mentioned. Here is a list of those most of us have in their home and not know how useful they are for health. So, you just need to create a habit of drinking a cup of some kind of tea every day. This will do a lot for your immune system.

Mint tea is also a frequent choice of people when they get cold and lie in bed because of influenza. Therefore, you do not have to get sick, but drink a cup of this tea preventively, in order to prevent a fall in immunity. Mint contains a lot of potassium, calcium and vitamin B that are important for the immune system.

Sage is a good ally in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is suitable for the treatment of various infections (tonsils, gums), colds, and coughs. Tea reduces the production of mucus in the respiratory organs during the cold. Gargling this tea is an ancient recipe for treating inflammation of the throat. Drink 2-3 cups a day and through a few days you will surely feel better.

Warm beverages for cold days 

Green tea should also be found on this list. The rationale for this is that it contains the perfect combination of chemicals that stimulate your immune system. These are polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants that fight free radicals and strengthen the immune response. However, it is not advisable to use it during menstruation as well as in menopause because of possible irritation of the uterus and stomach.

Tees for immunity are unimaginable without nettle. It is very important, because it enhances immunity, purifies blood and lymph, and effectively suppresses infections.

Black tea is specific in that it contains a substance that is very important in the defense of the organism from the development of autoimmune diseases. Learn more about black tea.

For chamomile it is characteristic that because of its ingredients it contains the enhancement of the production of leucocytes that are responsible for defending the body from foreign agents and microorganisms.

Raspberry leaves tea also acts positively on our immune system and calms the symptoms of flu, colds, various inflammation of the tonsils, throat, etc.

What else helps in strengthening the immune response?

Teas for strengthening immunity are numerous. Here are a couple of more important ones for our health.

Hibiscus is rich in many substances favorable to the strengthening of the immune system. It contains flavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, vitamin C rich in vitamins, iron, and fruit acids. It is effective in colds, inflammation of the throat, cough, flu, but also for stomach problems. It has diuretic effect, improves circulation. It is also good for detoxification of the body and promotion of metabolism.

Rose hip contributes to the strengthening of immunity due to the richness of vitamin B and C that is stable even after cooking. As well as the content of carotenoids and antioxidants. This tea gives the body vitality and improves the general state of the organism. 2 cups of this tea throughout the day will keep your immune system in good shape. And you can drink it for a long period of time.

Elder has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It helps with coughing during respiratory inflammation. Tea prepared from linden flowers enhances blood flow and sweating, and thus helps to remove toxins from the body. As soon as you notice the symptoms of flu, colds, inflammation of the throat and tonsils, best prepare yourself elder tea. Drink it warm.

Linder is also good for viruses and influenza. It helps with cough and reduces the temperature as it accelerates sweating. It is greatly combined with rose hip and elder.

Echinacea tea for immunity is also on the list of the best stimulators of our defense system. There are several species of this plant that are for human use. Roots and flowers are used, both dry and fresh plants. Strengthens the defensive ability of the organism and treats infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

More teas for immunity

Ginseng tea comes from China and is very present in Asian cuisine. It was believed that it prolonged human life. Siberian ginseng has a positive effect on strong immunity. Protects against infections and promotes the production of white blood cells. It is also effective in vomiting and nausea as well as some autoimmune diseases. But with this tea you have to be careful when it comes to dosing, so as not to cause intolerance to acidic drinks and food.

Tea from olive leaves contains an active substance oleuropein with a pronounced antibacterial effect. It is good against various viral diseases like influenza, herpes, pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis B, fungal infections. It regenerates the immune system, returns energy, even after chemotherapy.
  • Put 15-20 dried olive leaves in 2-3 dl of boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes. Then leave for another 10 minutes to stand and remove the leaves.

Ginger tea for immunity is the great majority of you well known. Especially in recent years, our home began to intensively use this root. It stimulates circulation and tones the body, which are important characteristics. In addition, it positively affects stomach problems.
  • Clean ginger, cut into rings, pour water and cook. After a short period of cooking, you will get a very spicy tea. If it is too spicy add honey and lemon juice make the taste milder. 

How many times do we hear that the garlic is healthy and it is generally known that it has strong antimicrobial properties? You can prepare tea from garlic. It has a universal positive effect on our body. It is effective against bacteria, viruses, parasites. Extremely effective in treating chronic infections of the respiratory organs, such as bronchitis, frequent colds, catarrh and other diseases. It also calms inflammation and urinary tract infections.

The bad habit of this tea is certainly its taste and smell. To improve flavor, you can add ginger, lemon and honey, which also strengthen the immunity.

Specific herbal blends that you need to try

One of the best mixtures of medicinal herbs for enhancing the resistance of the organism is certainly Breuss tea for immunity. If you have never used it, it's time to try it out.
First, in half a liter of water, boil for 3 minutes a spoon of chopped dry sage. Then remove it from the heat and add a pinch of mint, lemon balm, buttermilk and St John’s wort, and leave it for 10 minutes to stand. Then process it and allocate that quantity for later use.

Drink half before breakfast in the morning, while the other half can be drunk in the evening before bedtime or during the afternoon. An important reminder is that it is cooked in an enameled container. In addition to this tea, there is also the famous Breuss diet against cancer, which has proven to be very effective.

You can drink a mixture of sage, basil and chamomile as a prevention.
  • One teaspoon of this mixture is boiled in 2dl of water. Add a spoonful of honey and a little cinnamon. You can also add a spoonful of mint, elder, yarrow and pour over with 2dl of hot water. Let it stand for 10 minutes, then strain it and drink it warm.

There is a tea for immunity made out of 14 plants also called Papiloma tea for immunity. It is a blend of herbs specifically prepared for the empowerment of the immune system in HPV-infected individuals. It works in a way to fight it and accelerate its ejection from the body.

Experiences of users with herbal teas

We will present you two comments from our readers:
In my home already in September begins the season when my family members drink tea for strengthening immunity. We also use propolis drops, honey, bee pollen. I keep bees and all bee products are at our fingertips. And other natural products are also interesting for us such as ginger, garlic, and recently turmeric.
As for teas, chamomile and sage are always in our home. We never had problems with the inflammation of the respiratory organs, and flu and colds are really rare in our home. I recommend all the warm teas for the autumn period when we are most prone to infections. M.V. 
I drink ginger tea for immunity and I do not doubt its effect at all. It's been a year since I was lasts sick. When my little ones start to cough or sneeze, I'm preparing them a little milder tea. I add more honey and squeeze the whole lemon juice, I add some cinnamon and there you go, a delicious baby medicine. In a couple of days get better without any use of antibiotics. For me, this is the best natural remedy. D.K.
best teas for immunity against flue and colds

Side effects of teas

As we have already heard, all teas for immunity should be drank without the addition of sugar. If you are harvesting and drying herbs yourself, it is important to harvest them in unpolluted natural habitats.

How long can they be drunk?

It is generally recommended to drink them for a period of a week or two, and then take a break. In this way, you will protect your body, and not burden your body. The rule of dosing is of course different for every tea because they have different concentrations of active substances in them. But surely a cup or two cannot harm us.

And these beverages, if used in large quantities, can cause side effects. If they are overused they cause stomach problems, nausea, constipation or some kind of poisoning with the substances they contain. Therefore, keep in mind the daily doses of two, maximum three cups at certain intervals.

If you are preparing for surgery or you are drinking blood thinners, be careful. If you want to drink them regularly, consult a doctor what tea you should drink and for how long.

It has not been proven that immune teas in children have a detrimental effect. But it is best to take precautionary advice with a pediatrician before using them for therapeutic purposes. As a prevention drink a cup or two, it will not harm you.

This also applies to pregnant and nursing women. Occasionally, one cup of some tea is not dangerous, but do not drink it in large quantities. For everything else, consult your doctor or gynecologist.

Where can you buy teas? 

If you are too busy and do not have time to make teas, you also have purchase options. Immunity teas are already packaged as blends. You will also find them in bulk, and then you can mix them in the proportions we have listed.

A wide range of manufacturers offer products in filter bags. There is a tea for immunity, Joseph Pancic. While almost all the above mentioned plants can be purchased in health food stores. Prices are different for each type.

Cold days are coming, it's a great choice and it's up to you to try it out. Any tea you use as a refreshment your body will show signs of change. We also suggest the following text - famous Russian recipes for strengthening the immunity.