Epsom salt use for digestion, weight loss and health

Epsom salt is used for beauty treatments and as a pain reliever

How hard is it really to believe that something we all have at home can help our body? With the help of salt you can alleviate muscle inflammation, headache, and resolve constipation. At the same time, you will purify your body from toxins that damage your health? Of course, we are not talking about your ordinary kitchen salt that we use every day, but about a bathing salt that is better known as Epsom salt.

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is a compound that has been discovered more than 300 years ago. Although there are officially no medical evidence about the effect this has on our body, many people's experiences have confirmed that this substance is more suitable for health on several fronts.

About its powerful effects in warm baths, in a beverage, a hair mask and even as an agent used in plant care, has been testified for a very long time. In addition, you will also read how to safely and most adequately use Epson salt to combat various diseases and conditions

What is the composition of magnesium sulphate?

Do not be confused, it is not a real salt, although it looks very similar to it. It is a compound called magnesium sulphate whose crystalline structure is actually the reason why it resembles salt.

The bitter substance is therefore rich in both magnesium and sulphate. But why is it good for our organism?

For years, with the change of nutrition and gradual reduction of magnesium from the soil, we reached a point where this mineral has to be compensated for in various ways. Magnesium sulfate is one of these ways because:
  • It is easily absorbed through the skin.
  • It is also beneficial for our stomach.
  • It stimulates the pancreas that creates an enzyme responsible for cleansing the body from toxins and other accumulated substances that are harmful to the body.

Why do we need magnesium?

Another factor that reduces the level of magnesium is our focus on bringing in more calcium. But Ca consumes Mg, and this precious mineral works best when it has enough magnesium.

Studies show that magnesium is not absorbed easily through the digestive tract, but actually it can be obtained through the skin. Hence the popularity of crystals of bitter salt for baths. Find out more about them in the text below.

Epsom salt

What are the medicinal properties of Epsom salt?

A list of benefits and medicinal effects is very long, but what you need to know is that there is no medical evidence that magnesium sulphate is actually a cure in any sense. Be sure not to take some serious treatments on your own, and always consult your doctor first.

In addition, here is what this substance can do:

Epsom salt against inflammation of the muscles

This substance is, however, most popular when used for bathing, so it's no wonder that it has the strongest effect when used in this way. A warm bath with magnesium sulfate helps to:
  • Calms Arthritis and Rheumatic Pain.
  • Reduce stiffness, pain and muscle tension (spasm).
  • Reduces unpleasantness from pain and sensitivity.
  • Calms painful bruises on the body, and various sprains.
  • Relieves pain from excessive exhaustion after intense training.

You can get the greatest effect by immersing several cups of magnesium sulphate in warm water and laying 20 minutes in the bathtub. This will help to eliminate toxins and at the same time relax the muscles.

Try this recipe for a relaxing bath:

In a suitable bowl, mix well two glasses of Epsom salt and half a glass of baking soda. Add essential oil of lavender for relaxation and green tea. Stir and pour the mixture in the bath and leave the water to dissolve the salts. Let the water temperature be pleasant, we recommend around 35 degrees.

These baths are not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart disease. When it comes to Epsom salt, it is not advised either to kidney patients or to those with diabetes.

Can pregnant women use Epsom salt?

For now, there is still no medical proof that pregnant women cannot use Epsom salt. Namely, the swelling of the feet during pregnancy is quite a common thing. Then there is accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities, especially during the last trimester.
Future moms are advised to dip their feet into a hot water bowl. In the bath you need to put half a cup of Epsom salt and almost instantly relief will come. The pain will alleviate and the swelling will be reduced in the short term.
This kind of relaxation will allow mom and baby to have stable prenatal communication, which is very important. On the other hand, pregnant women will become calmer and more patient. This is a great way to eliminate stress, and at the same time reduce the risk of hypertension.

Because of all of this, Epsom salt during pregnancy is completely acceptable, however, prior to use, consult your doctor.

A bath with Epsom salt against tension

Epsom salt increases the level of magnesium in the body, and the result is the increase in serotonin produced by the brain. When their values ​​are increased in the body, a better mood occurs and even more, a sense of happiness. It is therefore not surprising that magnesium sulphate is recommended for:
  • Rest and improvement of sleep.
  • Raising body energy to a higher level.
  • Improve the rate of natural healing of the body.
  • Reduction of stress, irritability and nervous tension.

In addition, only an increase in energy stimulates the body to secretion of adenosine triphostane at the cellular level. This compound is responsible for reducing pressure and provide better sleep and relaxation.

Epsom salt for digestion and complete detoxification of the organism

Detoxification is the second item according to which Epsom salt is known for, and a better digestion is the third one. If you suffer from frequent constipation, in consultation with a doctor, try solving the problem with the help of Epsom salts solution.

Not only that, by using this compound in an oral manner, you will bring in all the necessary magnesium. If you drink a solution of 4 teaspoons of Epsom salts in a liter of warm water, you will help your organism get rid of all the harmful substances we accumulated over the years.

In an era of fast and unhealthy lifestyle, it's good to have something like this at hand. An affordable and practical solution for every occasion.

Application of bitter salt in preparation for colonoscopy?

The sheer mention of colonoscopy is something that many dread. However, what many do not know is the fact that this procedure does not have to be painful at all. Certainly it is not very pleasant, but it should not be an insurmountable problem. Therefore, if your gastroenterologist suggests this procedure, you should respond to it, because there is no better diagnosis than it.

Preparation for colonoscopy with Epsom salt is often recommended.

Epsom salt ingredients act as a laxative that pass the water through the colon. In this way it cleans it from harmful substances completely but it is necessary to carefully dose this salt solution. It depends on the person’s tolerance what kind of additional effect we want this substance to have.

For proper dosing of magnesium sulphate before your colonoscopy, consult your doctor.

How to make an Epsom salt solution at home?

The Epsom salt is prepared simply in 3 easy steps:
  1. In the cup, pour the water which is lukewarm and add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt and stir until it completely dissolves.
  2. It would be best to take a few sips first, tilt your head back and gently gargle it on top of the throat.
  3. After that, inhale the fumes and let some air pass through the throat. Do this for 5 seconds. Then close your mouth and lean forward. Repeat the whole process several times. After that rinse your mouth.

Important note:
Do not swallow too much of the solution, because it will actually act as a laxative.
Use of Epsom salt for faster weight loss

No substance is actually magical when it comes to weight loss, but it can help or encourage easier weight loss. Epsom helps to detoxify the organism, and hence the stomach works better and faster, and kilograms will melt.

However, for long-term results and slim weight, you need a complete lifestyle change. Increased movement, day-to-day exercise and the right choice of food is a full-fledged goal.

The saline solution is good for mouth rinsing

As a mouthwash, Epsom salt is good in fighting inflamed throat and toothache. Gargling the solution also cleans the mouth in general and combats the bacteria.

If you are troubled by small mouth sores in the tongue and mouth area of ​​the cavity, consult a dentist before using Epsom salt.

Application of Epsom salt for more beautiful and healthy hair

If you are looking for something that is practical and affordable and that can really make your hair healthier, then magnesium sulphate is a possible solution.

The biggest advantage of this salt is that it works perfectly on the whole body and therefore on the root of the hair. Combined with balm and natural regenerators, Epsom salt helps in regulating the greasy scalp and reviving dry hair.

Here is how Epsom salt helps greasy hair
Add two teaspoons of salt to the shampoo and shake until it complete dissolves in it. Wet your hair well and apply the shampoo. Take your time and massage your scalp. Rinse and repeat the process again.
What is the effect of the preparation and how often should it be applied to the hair?

First application removes dead cells and oil, and the other actually allows the magnesium sulphate to penetrate into the root of the hair. Use this combination once a week, and your regular normal shampoo twice a week, so as your hair does not dry out.

Read our earlier article about greasy hair.

How is Epsom salt helpful for dry hair?
Mix 3 tablespoons of regenerator and 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt in a bowl. Place the mixture in the microwave and warm it up for 30 seconds. Mix all again and carefully check how warm it is.
It should be lukewarm in order not to burn the skin. If it gets too hot, wait until it cools down a little.

How to apply it:

Fill your hair with a normal shampoo and rinse, then put the mixture and massage the root of the hair. Hold this mask on the head for a good 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and dry your hair.

It is an ideal natural peeling for the skin

Magnesium sulphate has found its place in addition to body peeling and facial care. It does not dry out the skin and gently cleanses the face of toxins and accumulated dirt in the pores.

  • It deep cleanses the skin and pores.
  • It relieves pain from insect bites.
  • It facilitates the extraction of debris.
  • Removes fungi with nails and relieves the pain of the grown nails.
  • Eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of athletic feet and other fungal infections.

How to make a natural peeling agent with Epsom salt and olive oil?

Mix half a cup of olive oil and the same amount of Epsom salt. Add some water, but it should not be too rare. Heat this mixture until the water evaporates, so it is lukewarm when applied. 
Use clean hands, apply oil peeling on face and rub with circular movements. Later rinse with warm water and mild homemade soap. Dry the skin with a clean towel.
How To Remove blackheads using Epsom salt, Iodine and boiling water?

Small black dots known as blackheads that can ruin the the complete visual appearance of someone's face. Fortunately, Epsom salt is great for this problem.

Here is how to prepare a super-efficient solution:
Into a half glass of boiling water add 3 drops of iodine and 2 large spoons of Epsom salt. Mix and leave the mixture to cool. Let the mixture be warm enough so that you can loosen the blackheads. Wet the wool in the mixture and apply it lightly on them. Slightly dab the blackhead and leave it overnight. In the morning you need to wash your face thoroughly with water.

What are the experiences with the use of Epsom salt?

Most people use Epsom salt as a laxative agent in the preparation for colonoscopy. This salt, however, does not have the most pleasant taste and longer oral use creates an unpleasant feeling of disgust. However, it is always a better option in comparison to fluid Fortrans, which is also prescribed for the preparation of colonoscopy.

Such and similar experiences will be confirmed by gastroenterologists who perform the procedure with the colonoscopy. Namely Epsom salt for digestion, it is very good. It is excellent for cleaning of intestines from the sediment, and it is completely harmless.

What are the side effects of Epsom salt?

Bathing in the Epsom salt has no side effects for health, but drinking this saline solution poses various risks and can cause even poisoning. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted about the exact dose when used for constipation or for detoxification.

In addition, higher amounts of solutions used to clean the bowels can cause diarrhea, nausea and cramps. Excessive amounts of magnesium induced by the body causes low blood pressure, weakness, difficulty in breathing and arrhythmia.

You should also be cautious if you are allergic to sulphate substance.

What is the price of Epsom salt and where to buy it?

Epsom salt is available as magnesium sulphate in all pharmacies and health food stores. The price for 600 grams is about 5.50 dollars. On average, you need up to 300 grams for one bath.

On the other hand, you can come across different combinations where the kilogram of salt is below 4 dollars. It is therefore important that you buy only in checked places and preferably in pharmacies.

Taking into account many other expensive products that guarantee the same effect, Epsom salt can be obtained for less money but in larger quantities and it even provides the same benefits. From beneficial baths to detoxification solutions, magnesium sulphate can improve our quality of life.

Did you know - you can use Epsom salt in your garden as well.

Epsom salt also improves fertilization and enriches the soil. Accelerates germination, strengthens the stem of the plant, so it can absorb nutrients better. Consequently, plants are more vital, whether it comes to grass, or home-grown flowers. It is especially good to use bitter salt for grass, roses and healthy vegetables.

Therefore, if you are interested in gardening, you know what to do.

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