Water fasting; recipes for dishes

Water fasting and how to properly do it?

When it comes to water fasting many of you are looking for answers to how to fast properly. It's not as simple as it looks. You know the rules and significant days in the calendar, you pray, and you know that every sinful thought is severely condemned. But is everything so simple?

After all, one does not simply fast for religious reasons. Fasting is very healthy and beneficial, and many opt for it precisely for these initiatives. On the other hand there are mild and stricter variants of this diet. In some cases, for example, only the consumption of pure spring water is allowed.

Stay with us and find out how to fast on the water properly, how healthy it is and much more.

Read below about the types of fasting, when and what to do in the periods of crisis. And as always we have prepared for you delicious and healthy recipes as a proposal for a menu for a water fasting.

What is fasting and what types of fasting exist in Orthodox Christianity?

Fasting is a voluntary choice to stay away from food and beverages for a certain period of time. It also represents the expression of gratitude to God for the sacrifice offered by the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ. It is thought that a body that has enjoyed food, drink, and devotion cannot be ready for prayer and repentance. While passions are stirred up and the body overburdened, peace cannot come into our body and mind.

There is a lot of division when fasting comes in question. It can thus be complete and incomplete, day-to-day, or last only at a certain time of day. It can be personal and consecrated. Also, a one-day fasting and those who last longer are practiced.

The Orthodox water fasting includes two aspects, spiritual and physical. Hence, it implies abstaining from a particular kinds of food, but also from sinful thoughts and deeds. It is the redemption of the soul and its power. It is the time of self-analysis and re-examination, a retrospective of our thoughts and deeds. It's an attempt to become a better person.

Facilitators of wasting exist for pregnant women, elderly people and sick people, all others need to strictly adhere to the rules.

Water fasting

Interesting fact
We all heard about the great hero Samson. And did you know that because of fasting he managed to overcome all difficult this that were on his path? He conquered the Philistine with ease and found solutions to every problem. When Dalila seduced him and led him into drunkenness and chastity the great hero fell.

Why should we refrain from certain foods?

In the first place, fasting is done to calm the human passion clear the heads and cleanse them from every sinful and evil thought. It is also necessary to purify your body, because only in a healthy body can a healthy soul develop.

Abstaining from lust, gorges and malevolence in addition to attaining ultimate omniscience and wisdom is the main goal of fasting. The blessing of fasting affects our emotions and deprives them of negative energies and unnecessary passions. In order to achieve this, two aspects need to be fully united, when one understands the essence of the fasting everything else is easy. A man understands and gets the power to overcome all obstacles, both physical and emotional.

The Orthodox fasting adheres to:
  1. Dry eating (Eating only dry foods, strictly observed, only bread is eaten, and sometimes even water is not allowed, but this is done not more than three days due to dehydration. But for us, such a form of strict fasting has no rational explanation, nor is it medically correct. Some people eat fruits and vegetables during those day and some nuts).
  2. Water fasting (food based on water, no oil supplements).
  3. Oil and wine fasting (consuming food prepared on oil, and wine is allowed).
  4. Fasting on fish (the easiest way to fast, eat fish, eat dishes on oil and drink wine).

The most rigorous water fasting is the one without consuming food

A strict water fasting implies the inclusion of zero calories and nutrients in the body, or consuming only water. Such a regime is not very harmless and can be carried out only by completely healthy people, not at all by anemic or malnourished. Organism must have the reserves to deal with the lack of food and the weakness that you will initially feel.

When it comes to this exclusive way of feeding it is necessary to enter at least 2 liters of water a day. It is desirable for it to be pure spring water. An even better source is distilled water for detoxification because it best binds toxins from the body to itself. It is permissible to drain the lemon in this water.

Around 48 hours a condition called ketosis begins. The organism begins to feed on itself and burns fats. At this stage the feeling of hunger is overcome, and when it reappears, it is a signal to you that the organism is looking for food and it indicates stopping the fasting.

It is best to slowly decrease the amount of food slowly, and then only switch to this regime so that the organism does not experience excessive shock. The same goes for when you start eating food again, you need to gradually increase the amount. Our recommendation is first to start with vegetables and fruits.

How to fast on 4 Great annual fasting periods?

Virgin Mary fasting and the Easter fasting last for seven weeks, and the Virgin Mary fasting on the water lasts for two weeks. These two fasting periods are the hardest. During this time the person gives up on wine and oil and fish. Water fasting menu is quite versatile. For these fasting periods there are days of dismissals that allow prohibited foods. These days and their rules are strictly adhered to. Particularly strict rules apply for Wednesday and Friday during the Easter fasting, at the very beginning and end of this fast.

The Easter (Great) fasting begins on Sunday, and then water fasting takes place. This great post ends with Lazarus on the Sabbath. This certainly, you will have to admit is not so easy to perform if this is your first time. During that week, Great Friday is celebrated.

How to fast on the Great Friday? On that day a strict water fasting is carried out until 3 p.m, and after that, a meal can be based on the water.

Interesting fact
The Great Friday is the only day of the year when Orthodox temples do not perform even morning worship or worship in general ... only in the afternoon prayer and ceremony is carried out.

Petrov and Christmas fasting are not so strict

Petrov fasting on water is conducted only on Wednesdays and Fridays. The rest of the days you are allowed to eat food prepared on oil fish.

How and when is Christmas fasting carried out?

When it comes to the Christmas fasting, fish is eaten only on weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays (and on the feast of the Most Holy Mother of God). It lasts for 40 days, from November 28 to the beginning of January 7th, on the day of Orthodox Christmas. Believers then refrain from fasting food and sinful thoughts. On water, food is prepared on Wednesdays and Fridays.

There are also one-day fasting periods
  • The day of the Christ
  • The day of the Christ - the Day of Crossing the Cross (September 27). This is the day when Emperor Constantine raised a cross in Rome in honor of the victory over emperor Maxentius. A lot of believers on that day eat only bread and grapes. Orthodox Christians are organizing feasts on this day.
  • Beheading of St. John the Baptist (September 11)
  • Every Wednesday and Friday (the exception: the period from Christmas to day of the Christ, Holy week.)

Is fasting healthy and how to endure through it easily?

When it comes to fasting and health, everything goes in favor to abstinence from food prepared on oil. Water fasting is the fastest and best way to detox your body. Sometimes it is forbidden to eat meat, sometimes oil ... It is important to listen to your body and its needs. If you experience physical weakness, contact a doctor in advice, and for emotional and spiritual concerns, contact the clergyman.

If you are wondering whether you will feel bad if you do not eat meat the answer is no. The best animals on planet Earth are grasshoppers. One rhino or an elephant does not eat meat, so they have huge strength, so you do not have to worry about it.

It's a little awkward to adapt to these foods prepared only on water. But generally, when this first wave of weakness is overcome, the strength of your body will only be increase.
Extra advice: For immunity, royal jelly and pollen make miracles, consume them during fasting.
The experiences of the users are divided, some endorse it with ease, and some give up already at the beginning.

When it comes to a strict water fasting the experiences are different. For some, switching to shady dishes prepared on water is easily dropped. And some, especially those with low pressure, felt malicious and chronic fatigue, but only at the beginning. It also happened that in the period of adapting to this type of diet there were gastric problems.

Fortunately, there break days, these are the day we do not fast.

Can I fast on the water and begin Eucharist?

No, only small children are allowed to talk after only three days because they are considered sinless. Others have to wait for the right time.

Water fasting; what to eat?

Recipes for water fasting vary. The menu is not difficult to compose. We tried to make it easy for you and find the most delicious fasting meals for you. Fasting dishes are healthy and low in calories, and are also good for weight loss and detoxification of the body. Everyone should fast at least once a year.

We want to answer the question of what to eat during the crisis period?

You are allowed to eat peanuts in the shell, jelly candies, candied fruits, walnuts, whipped cream. Some of these foods contain small amounts of healthy oils in themselves, but if you are moderate, this is tolerated.

Water fasting recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

For breakfast we recommend you some healthy porridge, such as oats or raisins. A good choice is boiled rice on soy milk. If you like cooked bread, know that it is allowed.

With breakfast, we suggest you drink coffee with soy milk powder.

For a snack you can eat some fruit or fruit salad.

Extra advice: If you make bread yourself, do not soak baking pan with oil, but lubricate it with beeswax.

Lunch suggestions

It may be unthinkable for you to make lunch without little oil. But the meals on the water can be quite delicious. In addition, they are safe and healthier. You can prepare peppers stuffed with grain, sliced ​​peppers and much more.

Monastery beans

  • Beans (4 cups) a day before they are soaked in water. Bake it regularly. Pour water into the beans to swim in it and throw out the first water. Refill again and continue cooking. Add onion and a little red pepper. Before the end of cooking, when the grains are completely softened, add the chopped tomato head, a little bit of foliage and salt. Leave a little more on the heat so the ingredients can blend together and tomato cooks.

Trout and rice with vegetables

How to prepare it:
  • Wash the trout well and spread it on the inside and outside with a mixture of vegeta spice, salt and pepper. If desired, add nutmeg. Slightly chop onions and sprinkle over fish. Sprinkle with a little lemon juice. Bake trout in aluminum foil at 220 degrees for about half an hour. After that, open the foil and bake for another ten minutes. Prepare the rice by washing it first and then cook it. One cup is enough for you. Stir well 200 grams of mixed vegetables. Connect the mixtures and serve with the fish

Dinner should be light

For dinner you can spread a piece of bread jam or honey. It is permissible to eat chestnut puree and cooked wheat, and much more. If you are diligent, you will try to eat a meal consisting of a protein, not carbohydrates. However, it is the last meal of the day after which the body prepares for rest. Dinner should be light as possible

Kańćamak recipe:
  • 300 grams of corn flour pour slowly in half a liter of boiled salted water. While pouring the flour vigorously mix with a wooden spoon so that the crust does not burn. Just cook for ten minutes. You can also serve it as a separate meal, but also as an addition to fish dishes.

Find out the benefits of polenta?

A good idea when it comes to dinner is also cooked potatoes. Cook it with its shell, and when it cools down, peel it and add salt. Serve with the tuna.

If you want to eat something sweet make delicious dumplings with plum jam. For these dumplings you need half a kilogram of flour and half a kilogram of potatoes, chopped, and sugar. Pour boiled potatoes and mix with flour. Then add a little bit of salt and make the balls into which you will insert a little plum jam.

Water fasting and weight loss are a good combination

It is understood that this diet will affect your weight. Raw herbal food is the best choice when it comes to weight loss. Leaving oil out of food will greatly help you lose weight and you will feel full of energy. Of course, after a certain period of time the oil should be reintroduced into the diet, of course, moderately. Our recommendation is cold pressed olive oil.

When you are on this diet, you can also conduct other detox treatments for health and beauty. Dry brushing of the body is very popular today, and it's much more practical than peeling. Do this before bedtime.

Supplementing diet with vitamins and minerals is also highly recommended. The goal is to free the body of toxin and boost immunity.

And digestion is a very important segment. If you have lazy bowels, it is by no means good. Poisons from the body must be ejected through the digestive tract or sweating through the skin. This problem needs to be regulated. For this purpose, natural laxatives can be used.

Although this is a more rigorous fasting, this does not mean that you need to give up and sweets. You probably cannot imagine a treat without oil or margarine, but there are cakes made especially for water fasting. But since they also contain caloric ingredients and you need to be cautious with them.

We suggest you to try water fasting. We hope that at least we have showed you some basic rules about food preparation on the water and its benefits for the body.

Not to neglect the spiritual aspects ... this diet will also affect your mental balance and peace of mind.

Clean your soul and detox your body with this diet. If you liked this article, read the article on alkaline water.