Medical petroleum; usage in the treatment of cancer

Medical petroleum as a cancer medicine

If taken in small quantities, medical petroleum as a medicine is useful in the treatment of numerous health problems. This substance allows the dissolution of fat and mineral deposits in the gallbladder, and today it is used even in the treatment of cancer.

With this derivative you can also treat various skin infections, and it even stimulates hair growth. In combination with young green walnuts, it achieves even better results.

If you feel nausea after consuming it, take medically active carbon in powder form and the symptoms will pass. Below find out how to drink petroleum and to get proper dosage during the day. We have prepared you very good recipes.

What is the composition of medical petroleum?

Medicinal petroleum used for medical purposes is a distillate of oil distilled at temperatures not higher than 150 degrees C. It consists of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Where the aromatic should be 2 percent less than aliphatic, only then its effect will be more effective.
  • Modern methods of separation by natural ion exchangers and adsorbents can make the composition of petroleum reach the desired usable value.

Namely, our old people used petroleum gas as a cure for numerous problems. They used that derivative that they poured into the lamps and fans and illuminated them. Today is a different situation.

At the moment there is a real market competition in official pharmacy and in the alternative one. Because of this, it is difficult to recommend a specific product on the market as a medicinal one, and others just reject it.

It's a very strong disinfectant. It is good as an extract or fat solvent. It should be known that the ratio of cholic (bile acid), deoxocholic acid, bilirubin and many salts is often impaired in the gallbladder and liver.

The use of petroleum in medicine then and now

Since the man began to exploit the oil, he started the usage of it in therapy for various health problems using its derivative petroleum. This was mostly done in poor areas of the world, then during wars, as well as in cases of mass diseases.

Petroleum as a medicine was used both in the treatment of dermatological diseases and for oral use in cases of stomach problems. It was administered in the case of exacerbation and disinfection, and has recently been used in the treatment of some autoimmune diseases.

Used by the Egyptians, the Romans, the Russians. It has been used in many villages in the Morava region for the treatment of stomach problems, wound infections and skin problems. Historical documents testify that he was treated by soldiers during the Balkan wars.
  • In the First World War, petrochemicals were used for the villagers, more precisely their suppression. It is also documented that it was given to the exterminated and weakened soldiers.

Another interesting way to use kerosene in East Africa and some other countries is given. Namely, for years it has been part of dietary supplements in schools. It was thought to reduce the sexual urge of young people in puberty.

Many scientific journals deal with the topics of medical use of petroleum, primarily in underdeveloped parts of Africa. It was also used in Siberia and other parts of the world where it was. School medicine was inaccessible or underdeveloped, and folk or experiential was practiced in combination with natural resources. It refers to many plants, minerals, fats, parts of animals, as well as some elements of petroleum products.

Medical petroleum

How to drink petroleum and what is the optimal daily dose

This oil derivative provides mild stimulation, i.e. dissolution of fat and mineral deposits in the gallbladder. Therefore it should be consumed in minimum quantities, one coffee spoon or 5 ml.
  • In such a small amount, we also import significantly more toxic components than petroleum, whether through food, cosmetics or medicines.

How long can it be applied - duration of therapy!

When it comes to the length of use and dosage of the amount to be taken, this can only be determined by a medical expert. Do not take petroleum as a medicine lightly - on your own hand, because you can also hurt your own health.

By monitoring the results of blood, urine and hair analysis, your doctor will determine whether you should stop or continue using it.

Daily doses and administration
  • First you need to shake it in your mouth, a few days after a couple of drops.
  • Later, the daily amount is increased to one teaspoon and you need to shake this amount for a week.
  • The next week, medical petroleum can be consumed first a few drops a day and then reduce the amount.
  • Ten days later, only one teaspoon per day is taken, after which the therapy is interrupted.

Note: Therapy and exact dosage can only be determined by your doctor.

Can medical petroleum cure cancer or not

In our country, the long-standing medical profession and the supporters of alternative treatments dispute this issue. The first think that it is poison, while alternatives claim that medical petroleum as a cancer medicine is very successful.

Statistical or individual cases of medical or other therapy may not be a common denominator for this. Diseases like cancer are totally unpredictable and require thorough analysis, in order to arrive at a valid conclusion.

Many modern experts confirm through a large number of scientific papers, patents, theses that the cancer cannot be killed. The same thing is confirmed by experience - folk medicine.

Let's say, as soon as the first symptoms of lung cancer (or some other serious illness) occur, the possibility of healing is considerably lower. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system and changing lifestyle in time.

Attention is drawn to the importance of proper breathing, intake of healthy foods, physical activity. Greater cure for healing is bringing the organism into a full harmony, which refers to the health of the cardiovascular, hormonal and lymphatic system. Only this comprehensive approach can disarm cancer.

What else is cure dependent on?

Treatment of cancer by petroleum and other agents depends primarily on the very immune status of the organism. People who are fast detoxicators and have a balanced respiratory and digestive system will recover faster. This implies a well-balanced barium system (liver, gallbladder and colon) with a glandular system (thyroid and both adrenal glands).

For such people, medical cancer of the petroleum will achieve a better result than in those who have mentioned the systems in imbalance. Also, a high level of natural progesterone produces greater probability of recovery.

It has been found that this derivative has a positive effect on the treatment of candida. It is also one of the prerequisites for some serious diseases.

What are the cure rates of cancer?

Unfortunately, the statistics of the deaths tell us that we must take a wider approach to modern autoimmune diseases. People take it easy for almost certain recommendations and expect recovery overnight.

Medical petroleum as a cancer medicine makes sense only when all the other parameters are met. Otherwise, the likelihood of healing in today's "modern" conditions is low.

Why is that so? First of all, because in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals there are too many additives. Therefore, this powerful derivative will not be of great help.

Also, the older generations were significantly less burdened with these additives, they lived better and the food was much healthier. At the moment, thousands of harmful additives are in circulation.

Solution for cracked and damaged hair

Many people think of this as shocking but this derivative has that positive effect. It is understood - if properly used.

So, medical petroleum for hair works by:
  • A very small quantity is applied to the ends of the hairs that have been cracked. After a few minutes, the scalp should be rinsed well.

This is also a much cheaper option than expensive preparations and regenerators, but requires caution when using.

Although it's good and effective for hair, it's not a favorite among hairdressers!
  • I have had various cases to date, even my mother was putting petroleum from a lamp to a child’s head to the hair lice. The result was a catastrophic, red, irritated skin of the head.

Another example:
  • An usual customer who comes for a hair dye came with a completely greasy scalp. First it was rubbed with petroleum, and later applied to the hydrogen peroxide, shoking. We barely saved her hair. V. G. Hairdresser from Belgrade

Mask for hair with petroleum

If your hair heavily falls out, prepare the next mask, otherwise it is completely safe.

You need:
  • Full spoon of olive oil,
  • spoon of lemon juice,
  • one yolk,
  • spoon of ricinus oil,
  • half a spoon of medical petroleum.

How to apply the mask?

Mix all the ingredients. Apply the mixture to the scalp for an hour before washing. Then rinse thoroughly. This mask will greatly regenerate the damaged hair, and will also stimulate the growth of new healthy hairs. In addition to petroleum, olive and castor oil are great as well as some other ingredients.
  • Our grandmothers have used this product for quick hair growth.

Treatment with petroleum; user experience

Medicinal petroleum is especially effective when extracts of green walnuts and other plants are added to it. Thus prepared is great for colds and viral infections. All you need is to shake it in your mouth. Prof. dr. S. Stoijković tired it many times and confirmed it.
  • When I feel a cold or possible nausea, I swallow it in the morning for about ten minutes in my mouth. In it I extract the young green walnuts, yarrow and other medicinal plants. After using it I wash my mouth with dental oil and then I wash my teeth with a clay based paste. This is my daily routine and I'm completely accustomed to it.

I also recommend my patients to use petroleum in this way.
  • If they feel sick, I advise them to drink medical activated carbon in powder. This will reduce the amount of kerosene that can get into the blood.

Experiences are positive, but ...

Shaking it in the mouth helps, because a large part of the blood flows through the oral cavity. So a part of the petroleum goes to the blood and is transported to all organs. It is very important for it to reach the lymph. Namely, the lymphatic system is the basic problem of a modern man, as it causes cancer.

It is important, in addition to its use, to operate a more extensive system of purification of the body and energy. Only then will the toxins be completely thrown out of our body.

Be careful what and where you are buying?

Unfortunately, there are so many counterfeits and untreated preparations that it is too much responsibility to recommend any of the above. Such products are often very harmful, cause side effects, they are even toxic to the body.

Always be alert, and even if you find it in the pharmacies, read declarations. Until recently, people went to Hungary, Germany, and especially praised the Albanian petroleum from Kruj. But take caution!!!

The price of purified derivatives in Germany goes up to non-returning 1500 euros per liter. German recipes of Dr. P. Ganer were particularly sought after. In some EU countries, these therapies have been approved. Legally used in Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, France where you can find it in tablet form.

The Russians still have their recipe, where they combine clean petroleum with the fruits of young black walnuts. It has a milder taste and smell and is easier to consume.

Once again, do not buy anything without prior consultation and recommendations from your doctor.

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