Herb robert tea for the treatment of infertility - experiences

Herb robert - the best tea for fertility

Have you ever heard of a herb robert? Then you may know something about the effect of beneficial tea on tackling the problem of infertility. From ancient times, it was believed in its miraculous.

According to one folk tradition, this plant is added to the water for bathing in the morning. Thus, the family is healthy throughout the year. The origin of the name originates from the connection of the plant with health and well-being of a person.

This belief is quite justified. Namely, the use of red health is not limited to solving problems with fertility. It can also work in other areas of your health, as well as in strengthening overall immunity.

Read what the basic characteristics of this plant are and for what it can be used. Find out what recipes you can use to improve your health.

How does herb robert look like? 

The Latin name for herb robert is Geranium Macrorrhizum, it belongs to perennial herbaceous plants. It belongs to a wider family of herbs, among which there pollen geranium, forest medicinal herb, rabbit’s foot.

The diversity of herb robert in relation to other plants is that it can grow in many areas of the world. The period of flowering is from April to June, at this stage it is harvested and dried in the sun.

Although the name of this plant carries the name red the color of its flowers varies from white to pink to purple. The maximum length that the plant reaches is 30cm. A part of the roots often springs from the ground, and it is easily cut and transplanted from it.

It is not striking in appearance, it does not adorn with velvety flowers. The stem is long and thin. The characteristic strong smell does not originate from the flowers but from the plant itself. Once you experience it, you will not forget it.

The herb robert likes to grow in shade, it's a self-contained plant that most often grows in forests. If you plant it yourself, make sure that it is in the place where the Sun cannot reach it, it will damage it. It is quite resistant to cold and winter, but it is sensitive to physical damage.

Interestingly, on the Internet, this plant is often mixed with catnip. Catnip is a completely different plant, the only similarity would be that both plants are used to treat sterility.

Herb robert tea as medicine 

Herb robert as a medicinal product is most often used in the form of teas, syrups and essential oils. Tea is made from the plant itself, its stems, leaves and flowers, and not from the roots as some think.

You can also make homemade tea using this powerful plant. Harvest it in the period from April to June and use it in a dry state. A healthy beverage is made exclusively from a dried plant.
  • If you make this tea on your own, you need to know that purple blossoms of this plant are not healthy. Therefore, choose flowers that are white, red or pink.

This plant contains tannin, pectin, choline, essential oils and has an antiseptic effect. The composition also contains radium, which is in extremely small quantities that does not harm the organism in the course of daily intake.

The taste of this drink is, in fact, rather pleasant, refreshing and milder than expected. Because of the characteristic smell, there is a opinion that it has a bitter taste. The tea can be drunk both cold and warm, it all depends on its use.

Use and benefits for health

The benefits of the herb robert tea have the effect on the whole organism. Let's look at all the ways it can be used.

Namely, this healthy beverage can help you solve your stomach problems. It works soothing to your stomach and relieves an unpleasant return of gastric acid, i.e. heartburn. A few cups of tea will also help if you suffer from diarrhea.

In addition, tea proved to be quite effective in inflammation of the mucous membranes and ulcers. It is also good in preventing bleeding in the body.

Except as it works favorably on the stomach, tea from the herb robert calms the entire body. Therefore, it will reduce the nervousness and feeling of anxiety. Many also recommend it in case of insomnia. With the lemon balm the sleepless nights will become a thing of the past.

This drink has a refreshing effect. It removes malnutrition and chronic fatigue, and gives new energy to the body. After just a few days of drinking this tea you will feel that your body has enough energy for everyday tasks and challenges.

A powerful natural diuretic

It is already well known to many that the herb robert has a diuretic effect. It stimulates kidney function and regulates irregularities in the functioning of this organ. To many, this drink is given as a water substitute, precisely to solve numerous problems with the kidneys.

Removing unpleasant breath is another use of this plant. Tea is usually made from a mixture of different plants, and the mouth and throat can be flushed throughout the day. Especially effective is gargling of this liquid, no longer than a few minutes, since it will refresh your breath in the short term.

The beneficial effects of herb robert are also useful for various skin problems. It can help you cleanse your pimples. In addition, it is also great for calming the skin and eczema. Essential oils that are often used in cosmetics are made from the plant for this purpose.

Herb robert, as we can see, is a plant that brings health. Tea is also used in the strengthening of the immune system, precisely because of all its virtues and restorative effects. You must be wondering how to make this extremely healthy drink.

How to make herb robert tea?

First of all, you need to draw attention to a wide selection of recipes for tea. They are mostly dependent on the plant's purpose. Therefore, for each use there is a different recipe. We'll start with the basic one.
Put 2dl of boiling water over a spoon of dried herb robert and leave it for 15 minutes. You can drink tea three times a day between each meal. The other way is to drink it twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other cup during the rest of the day.
This recipe is used most often for strengthening the immune system.
  • Tip: Do not make a stronger beverage than this, since larger amounts can irritate your stomach.

For the rinsing of the mouth, stronger teas can be made because they are not drunk. Usually, the herb robert is mixed with other plants.
Combine it with sweet flag, chamomile and mint. The mixture should have a total of 25 grams. Pour it with a cup of hot water. Wash mouth with this strong drink every couple of hours.
The drink for diarrhea is made from the mixture of plants.
In this case, you will need a dried herb robert, sticklewort, wild oregano and everlasting flowers. The mixture of each plant should be equal, add the plants until they weigh 10g. For one treatment in half a liter of cold water, add three tablespoons of the blend. Let it stand overnight. In the morning, boil the tea until it gets hot then cool it so it is ready to drink.

Herb robert for fertility and regulation of menstrual cycle 

In addition to all the beneficial effects that tea has on the body, it is definitely best known for its use in the treatment of infertility in women and men.

It regulates the secretion of sex hormones, has a positive effect on the ovaries, and has a beneficial effect on the prostate and motility of spermatozoa. Herb robert is more useful for men. Infertility with this tea can be solved only if both partners drink it regularly.

Important: No alcohol should be drunk during treatment. It could affect its effectiveness.

The effects of tea do not take long to start. Only 4 to 8 weeks of regular drinking is usually enough to make the drink work on the body. If, however, it does not, just continue with therapy for a maximum of four months.

It is best for women to start therapy after the end of their period. It is easy, even advisable, to drink it during fertile days.

How to prepare herb robert tea for fertility?
A spoonful of dried herb robert is poured with 250 ml of boiling water. Let it stand for 10 minutes, then process it. After that you need to split it into two cups, this is a measure for one couple.
Tea from herb robert needs to be drunk 3 times a day with a partner. A pause in drinking should only be done during menstruation.

Rudolf Counts, the most famous German herbalist, recommends that a cool herb robert should be drunk slowly all day. Larger quantities of this tea are consumed for some other illness, not for marital sterility.

Herbal remedy for menstrual problems

Herb robert tea cures inflammation of female reproductive organs. It regulates the menstrual cycle and helps with painful and abundant periods, as well as in the treatment of ovarian inflammation.

The tea recipe is the same as for tea for fertility. And breaks are made during menstruation. You need to drink it for at least three months to completely stabilize your menstrual cycle.

Experiences of users with herb robert

Couples who used herb robert tea for therapy are quite satisfied with the results.

One married couple from for 11 years tried unsuccessfully to get a child. They tried different methods and nothing worked. After all unsuccessful attempts, the herb robert tea was used. Their tea was a kind of ritual that they performed daily. After two months, the woman became pregnant at the age of forty-three. She born a healthy and beautiful baby.

The second woman was successfully pregnant after only a month of drinking this drink, although chances for natural fertilization were quite low.

There are a large number of people who can congratulate this tea on the child's conception. This is confirmed by numerous personal experiences on social networks and popular forums. Today, all this information is easily available to you - you are only a few clicks away from it. However, you must be aware of the possibilities of unsuccessful treatment, even after a few months of drinking.

Except for the treatment of marital sterility, tea and tincture proved excellent for polycystic ovaries. However, before consuming these beverages, you need a consultations with a gynecologist.

Undesirable effects and contraindications are rare!

It has not been proven that the use of a herb robert may have side effects. Pregnant women, of course, have to be cautious and not over use this beverage.

Where to buy a healthy tea and what is the price?

You can buy dried medicine in bags or measurements in all healthy food stores and herbal pharmacies. Also, you can easily order it online. There are a large number of web shops where you will get to your desired product after just a few clicks.

The prices for herb robert tea are extremely low, given its healing properties. They usually range between 2-3 dollars for 50-80 grams of dried plant.

The beverage is generally combined with other plants, and when using it, one tablespoon is used. So these fifty grams will last for a while.

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