Treatment of cancer by natural means | how to beat cancer

Treatment of cancer and cancer prevention

Treatment of cancer requires the maximum commitment and discipline of each one of us, but about what kind of treatment are we talking about. A unique answer to the question of how to beat cancer with medicine is still missing.


Different types of cancer, along with cardiovascular disease, are the leading cause of mortality in the world. Today, it seems, this disease is becoming more common, and causes should be sought in life habits (inadequate nutrition, stress, inactivity) and various types of pollution (pesticides, etc.). How to defend and cure cancer is still one of the major questions to which medicine still does not have the right answer, but there are many official as well as alternative methods for significantly improving the overall health status.


Our organism has powerful mechanisms for defense against microorganisms, that is, against the diseases they are causing diseases. In the same way it also fights cancer and various types of cancer. Therefore, good general health as well as strong immunity is the first and last line of defense against cancer. Proper nutrition and health as well as regular physical activity are the main contributors to our organism, while various infections and diseases, disorders in the work of the immune system and constipation are the preconditions for deposition of toxins in the body, which leads to changes in the cells. The goal is to accelerate the metabolism so that all harmful substances get out of the body in the shortest time.


Regular diet, physical activity and consumption of foods with a high percentage of fiber - (grains of whole grains, legumes, fruits ...) are the easiest way to establish a regular discharge of the bowels. Every day, you need to drink enough water and avoid frying and industrial food. Spirit and body are one thing. Sometimes there are sometimes even deeper problems that cause digestion disorders, such as stress and nervousness. It is therefore necessary to regain the spiritual balance, to avoid stressful situations and bad mood.


Treatment of cancer also implies the stress control. The stress is a condition of increased load at the psychological and physical level, which is caused by certain situations. This means that it occurs when we are not able to solve the problem in a satisfactory way, and in the body there is a tumultuous reaction in the form of tension, loss of a large amount of energy and fatigue. In the stage of chronic stress, there is a sleep disorder, pessimistic and depressed behavior and a feeling of insecurity. In stressful situations, the gland, muscles and vital organs are increased, which has a strong effect on human health. Preventing stressful situations is easily impossible to control stress, one of the simplest ways to minimize is the ability to recognize potential conflict situations and avoid them. Namely, whether we will react to an event with anxiety or calm will depend on ourselves - our constitution and the maturity of our personality. For example, if you are waiting for a longer wait in line, there is a frequent trigger of stress, prepare yourself for these situations in advance. Accept it as inevitable discomfort, which will be solved in a timely manner. If you get nervous in advance, your nervousness will only increase the stress. It is a misconception that alcoholic drinks can help you in stressful situations. The truth is quite the opposite, because alcohol, even in the smallest quantities, due to altered consciousness, will intensify negative feelings and cause a counter-effect.

how to beat cancer


The right nutrition plays an extremely important role in the treatment of cancer. It has long been known that the enzymatic activity, which is crucial for the activation of transformed cancer cells, is significantly influenced by animal protein (milk and meat) proteins. Therefore, one of the main goals of the fight against cancer is the elimination of these mutation initiators and the transformation of healthy cells into carcinogens. A number of experiments have shown that the development of cancerous focal points did not exist in the case of a diet based on about ten percent of proteins of animal origin. If this percentage would increase, that is, if you were consuming larger amounts of meat, cancerous cells would start increase. On the other hand, plant proteins found in cereals or legumes did not exhibit such effects. The optimal measure of about 10 percent of proteins of animal origin is the amount of meat from about 50 to 60 grams per day, depending on body weight. Unblock the substances that work for you. Sugar, just like animal protein, is a great friend of cancers, because it steals from your organism zinc, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B groups. In addition, it increases the acidity of the organism and produces "waste" whose processing takes away the strength our immune system. All of these blocked substances are potent antioxidants that destroy mutant cells.


For the treatment of cancer it is also necessary to know this matter, primarily because of the further diet. For our health, the most dangerous are pesticides that treat fruits and vegetables because they increase the risk of all types of cancer, primarily breast cancer. There is a large number of studies and research about the extremely unfavorable effect of pesticides on human health, as well as the mutagenic effects on the cells. Therefore it is necessary to use organically grown products whenever possible. Research reveals that the most dangerous types of fruits and vegetables are those that are not peeled before use and which are repeatedly treated with pesticides during their cultivation. Keep in mind that pesticides cannot be washed because, depending on the species, they penetrate to a greater or lesser extent. These are, primarily: beans, cucumbers, apples, pears, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and kale. There are good news too! Foods that are much safer and can be used even if they have no organic origin are grapefruit, kiwi, mango, watermelon, pineapple, peas, onion, broccoli, cabbage, young corn.


Roasted and cooked potatoes with its shell retains polyphenols, substances that prevent cell mutations. In this way, a shield is created that prevents the healthy cells from becoming cancerous which was confirmed by the research of the British Food Quality Agency. However, if the potato is peeled and fried, it will contain as much as 350 times the amount of acrylamide, a substance that is proven to support the development of cancer.


Recipe: Blend several types of dried fruit in the blender, and then add two to three tablespoons of honey, just grated linseed and two tablespoons of ground nuts. Take one teaspoon of this mixture before eating, three to four times a day.


Garlic is known for its antibiotic and anti-cancer effect. The sulfur compound synthesizes amino acid L-glutathione, a strong antioxidant that has been proven to protect against stomach, skin, prostate, esophagus and colon cancer. It works by stopping the flow of mutated cells and, through the immune system, stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins.

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