Sassy water recipe and experiences

Sassy water recipe for removing fat deposits

Sassy water successfully melts fat deposits and is excellent for removing fat from the stomach. Its creator is nutritionist Cynthia Sass, who is the author of the Flat Belly Diet for Flat Stomach. In her honor, the journal Prevention published the famous recipe and gave it the name "Sassy Water". Below find out how it works and how good it is for weight loss.


In addition to being proven to be very effective, it will successfully cleanse the body from toxins and eliminate a number of unpleasant problems such as stomach bloating, better digestion, you will get rid of constipation and hard stool in a few days. What is the recipe for sassy water?
To prepare this magic drink, you need:
  • 1.5 to 2 liters of boiled cold water or filtered,
  • 1 fine-grained root of gingerbread,
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber that you need to peel and cut into reels,
  • Lemon chopped on slices - throw out seeds and slice a little bit every piece  
  • 5 to 7 sheets of fresh mint leaves or one spoon of dried one that you will find it in almost every pharmacy.

Smooth the mixture well and place it in a glass or plastic bottle. Sassy water must be kept at least 8 to 10 hours in the refrigerator before consumption. In this way, each ingredient will release its flavor and you will get a delicious and tasty drink, which you can drink every day.

How effective is sassy diet?

Now that we know how to make Sassy water and how it works, we can also carry out a weight loss diet. The basic recommendation is that Sassy water is drunk for four consecutive days to complete the detoxification of the organism.

In parallel with the elimination of toxins, 8 glasses of water daily will greatly accelerate your metabolism and, along with a menu rich in vegetables and fruit, will bring results in the removal of fat deposits.

We believe that this delicious and healing drink will appeal to you after 4 days. The Sassy diet is carried out with 5 properly-dispensed meals a day with the aforementioned 8 glasses of water with no hunger periods of time and no feelings of slight, exhaustion and fatigue.

sassy water


As Sassy water contains 0 calories, consuming 8 glasses a day will help burn fat and achieve results within 4 days. Our experience is that Sassy water is a tasty and healthy drink where you do not have to clog the nose to swallow it, as is common with various other mixtures with the so called same effect.

The beverage will awaken you, refresh you and you will surely enjoy it. With regular physical activity, light exercise, walking in nature, a menu containing plant fibers results will be guaranteed.

The author even states that within 4 days Sassy water will burn 3 kg and reduce the volume of the waist by 10 cm, but we do not guarantee for this information since we do not have all the same metabolism. If you have prepared or are planning to make this beverage, your comment will be good, write freely in order to share your experiences!

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