Detoxification of the body with food and water


Detoxification of the organism is necessary for every person from time to time and even to those who take special care of their nutrition. Today there are several methods for cleansing the body from toxins, some of which are detoxification with lemon, olive oil, baking soda, water, food, green clay , rice, maple syrup, zeolite, fruit, as well as various medicinal herbs.


Toxification of the organism occurs every day, throughout the life, so it is impossible to cleanse the body overnight. Harmful substances get into the body through food and water, but also through the skin (using various "body care" preparations), as well as through breathing pathways (airborne and various chemicals). Therefore, detoxification of the organism takes place through the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, and we need occasional detoxification of the liver.

Everything that our body receives passes through the liver, where toxins are neutralized and dissolved, after which they are thrown out of the body via the intestines or kidneys. However, if the kidneys are saturated with toxins, they will not be able to process all the harmful and toxic substances, so they will be moved to fat deposits, which, causes obesity.
Irregular bowel discharge causes long-term stool retention in the large intestine, so all toxins, instead of being thrown out of the body, reach into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body, which can cause serious consequences in the long run. Due to the body's burden, health and general condition is getting worse. Anxiety and stress also contribute to the formation of toxins in the body.


People who do not have a clean lifestyle and do not pay attention to diet must introduce long-term changes that involve ejection of harmful foods from daily eating, consumption of useful food, intake of sufficient amount of water, proper combination of food, ensure good digestion, and regular physical activity.

Only then will occasional detoxification of the organism and mini-detox treatments make sense. Some of the symptoms of body being toxic are chronic fatigue and lack of energy, frequent colds, candidiasis infection, acne and oily skin, chronic infections, constipation, depression, headaches, stomach bloating, premature aging, allergies and many other symptoms that hinder your everyday life.


Even though fasting is not a true term, many today use it as a synonym for cleansing the body using certain diets. Therapeutic fasting is actually a method by which proper psychic stability can be achieved and good results in the purification, regeneration and rejuvenation of the organism, its strengthening, normalization of blood composition, establishment of a hormonal balance, alleviation of inflammatory processes can be achieved.

Short-term maintenance of certain foods, with regular and proper nutrition, provides excellent results in achieving and maintaining good health. During fasting, the organism rests from food digestion and directs energy to diseased spots in the body, so it slowly begins to release unnecessary load.

Fasting should be carried out once a week for 24 hours. During that day, it is allowed to drink pure water, teas, water with honey and apple cider vinegar, cut juices, and in the morning and evening you can eat a portion of fresh seasonal fruit. This is just one of the methods of fasting.

Some people only decide on drinking water, but if you feel you are not ready for it, do not be bothered. It's important that the day after the fasting you do not shock the body with abundant and heavy meals. It would be best if the detoxification of the organism begins with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey, a portion of fruit and a breakfast of cereals. For lunch, eat a piece of fish, an integral rice and a salad, and for dinner fruits and dry fruits. Our recommendation is also a dietary diet, because it fits perfectly into this story if it is kept every month.

Detoxification of the body


In nature there is a huge number of herbs that are excellent agents for cleaning the body from toxins, some of which are nettle leaf, birch leaf, roots, artichoke leaf, leaf of rosemary, butter root and nutmegs that are inviolable when it comes to detoxification of the body.
  • The nettle leaf and birch leaves are excellent diuretics (encouraging the removal of excess fluid from the body), and are also recommended in the case of kidney stones.
  • The root of the burdock is used to clean the liver from toxins, to cleanse the skin, including acne treatment.
  • The artichoke leaf regulates the secretion of the bile and reduces the level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood.
  • The root of the butterfly also stimulates the secretion of the bile, and it also promotes the exchange of matter in the body.
  • The rosemary leaf regulates digestion and has mild diuretic properties, while the nutrients protects the liver from toxins and regenerate it.

The tea for detoxification of organism must be freshly prepared according to the instructions, and it is best to drink it three times a day in the amount of 250 ml between meals or half an hour before eating.


Detoxification of the organism with green clay proved to be very successful, so we will give you this excellent recipe.

Usage of green clay

In the evening dilute a full spoon of clay in 2 dl of water - but do not use a metal spoon, green clay must not come into contact with the metal! Detoxification with clay is carried out in the morning after getting up or at night before bedtime, and if desired, you can use it an hour before meals.

Use it as follows:
  • First week: drink only water in the morning without mixing, and throw the deposit.
  • Second week: stir the clay in the morning, leave for five minutes so the deposit settles, and drink water.
  • Third week: stir in the morning and drink water immediately with clay.


Alternating hot and cold water shower for five minutes also contributes to cleaning the body from harmful substances, improves circulation, tightens the skin and releases it from cellulite. Start with warm and always finish your cold shower water. After that, apply a mixture of water, and salt, olive and linseed oil to the body, which will improve the body's cleansing.


It is very little written about this and is even more speculated about. Our general advice about cleaning the organism is - do not overdo it, especially with medicinal herbs! As well as in many of you here, you need to be moderate, and it is necessary to consult your doctor first, especially if you have a health problem. This time, we will give you some guidelines which you should include in the therapy:

During detoxification, it is not necessary to use milk and body lotions, as well as shower gels; wear cotton clothes, spend more time outdoors, exercise at home or at fitness centers, drink plenty of water (at least three hours after a meal, or half an hour before meals). Detoxification of the body also involves the use of saunas (if possible) as it will help eliminate toxins through the skin as well.

We hope that we have partially given you the answer to the question of how to do the detoxification of the organism.

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