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Body massage and massage types

Body massage is one of the most famous methods of relaxation and treatment, it includes a series of diverse techniques, based on cracking, stretching, and smoothening muscles and connective tissues with different intensities. It is suitable for all ages, and how to massage you can learn it yourself. Doctors have used massage in the prevention and treatment of various disorders such as injuries, asthma, poor digestion, and even infertility.


There are several most famous types, which are:


Per Henrik Ling had a great influence on the popularization of this technique in Europe and he is exactly the creator of this technique. Swedish massage is most commonly used in modern salons.


The Ayurvedic massage additionally involves the use of various herbs, spices and essential oils for the massage.


Shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese technique that is applied around the world, based on the purification of twelve meridians through which life energy flows. In the literal translation, shiatsu massage means "pressure with a finger" and is not performed directly on the naked body, but over the cotton fabric and without the use of oil and medicinal plants. With proper respiration, muscles are stretched out and acupressure stimulates the meridians. The body massage of the body is, in fact, a "gentler" form of acupuncture after being performed without needles, and by pressing a certain part of the body some problems are solved. The original massage of the body of this type involves pressing with your fingers and palms, but there is also a zen shiatsu that involves the use of elbows, knees, and feet.

Sports body massage is recommended for professional athletes as well as for recreationists as well as for everyone whose body is exposed to more effort because it accelerates the process of elimination of lactic acid that occurs when muscle strain is achieved and thus ensures their faster recovery. It should be known that accumulated lactic acid can eventually calcifiy and cause muscular tension and pain.

Body massage


If it is applied on a regular basis, the body massage acts beneficially to the whole body and encourages good mood. Most of the illness is caused by stress, and the massage is one of the best means to combat tension and nervousness, the common cause of which is chronic fatigue. It also helps in the events of insomnia, especially if it involves the whole body, although a good effect is achieved even if only massage is applied on the back, foot massage or massage of the neck. With athletes it relieves cramps and muscle inflammation, it increases durability and mobility, as it is recommended before exercising, the muscles should be massaged that will be most active, but also after training in order to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion.


Body massage also contributes to weight loss, as it stimulates circulation and digestion, accelerates the secretion of toxins and stimulates the metabolism and lymphatic system. It also works very well on the skin because it improves blood circulation and helps the body with pain caused by headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, migraine, depression, nerve tension, fatigue, weakness and impaired immunity.


Body massage is almost impossible to imagine without the use of essential oils whose fragrances seem relaxing. They also help to solve many health problems. However, they must be mixed with some base oil, because if applied directly to the skin, they can cause serious damage. The most popular essential oils for massage are:


Bergamot oil acts as a natural antiseptic and helps in the event of depression and alleviates acne on the face. The oil is phototoxic, which means that after massage the skin should not be exposed to the sun.


The essential oil of eucalyptus is a natural antiseptic and helps in the event of cough, colds and pain.


Neroli essential oil is natural aphrodisiac, it is soothing and it is applied in case of nervousness, insomnia and dry skin care.


Rosemary - it acts stimulatingly, improves memory, relieves rheumatic pain, and the oil is especially suitable for sports massage.

Of the other essential oils we will mention Ilang-ilang - which is a natural antiseptic and aphrodisiac, it acts as an antidepressant and soothing, and helps in the case of oily and sensitive skin, then rose oil that is also a natural antiseptic, soothing and relieves depression. Chamomile oil - Soothing and good antidepressant is used in case of headaches. Lavander oil – natural antiseptic and analgesic, it is soothing, it stimulates circulation and helps with headache and insomnia, as well as Tea tree oil that works soothing and suppresses fungi and bacteria.


Despite numerous benefits, body massage is not recommended in case of certain illnesses as it can worsen the condition. In any case, before going to the treatment, it is necessary to consult with the doctor. It is generally accepted that it not applied in case of various infections, changes in tissue and skin, painful swollen areas and infections, local or systemic infections, cancer, extreme loss of appetite, hematomas, bleeding (including menstruation), dehydration, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting (e.g. gangrene), hemophilia, liver disease, fever (temperature above 38.3 * C), state of shock, extremely high or low blood pressure, as well as after a heart attack or stroke.

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