AtlasProfilax Method and Atlas Adjustment


The atlasprofilax method permanently removes all the problems with the first cervical spine with the help of a unique neck muscle massage on which the atlas is placed in an ideal position. Why do we need to adjust the atlas and what are the effects of this method, please read below.


The first vertebra or atlas tells simply put holds our head. The head rests on it with two specific bone formations, which are located on both sides of the so called; foramen magnum.

When the atlas is in the right place then the head lying on turns with it. So the skull and the first vertebrae move together. The lower articular surfaces of the atlas lie on the upper joints of the second vertebrae. This is then the perfect articulation. Because the first cervical vertebrae atlas is usually located in the wrong place.


Atlas, the first cervical vertebrae that holds our head is almost is almost always in the wrong rotational position! The name for this bone comes from Greek mythology, because Atlas was wearing the whole weight of the universe on his shoulders.

René - Claudius Schümperli discovered that the atlas vertebrae was in the wrong position, that it was not adjusted properly and he discovered a way to help people who have problems with it by developing a unique atlas of the profilex method.
The adjustment of atlas is a very unusual phenomenon that attracted scientists around the world who at the start of the disbelief observed the whole case, this lead to the fact that atlasprofilax method would be widely accepted today. Namely, the scientific community has carried out a whole series of check-ups and multi-year expensive cost-effectiveness studies of this method that include magnetic resonance images in 3D and the like.

They found that the strained atlas - this narrow passage, through which most nerves pass, is indeed in the wrong position and the thesis was confirmed in 1993.


We dare say everyone, the practice so far has shown the following symptoms:

Patients are mainly complaining about headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, inability to completely shift head, squinting, poor concentration, psychological instability.

However, many diseases may also be a symptom of a fused atlas, such as, for example, Scoliosis - the spinal curvature and even the discus hernium that we have written about before and in all of them is a very effective to perform atlasprofilax method.


Dr. Schümperli had his first unpleasant experience at the age of 4.5 when he suffered an accident. Like many children in that age, he was lively and loved to run. On one occasion he slipped down and fell on the right side of his face on the iron threshold of the door. He sprayed he atlas, which had until then been in a rather favorable luxation position, was literally thrown into a catastrophic position.

This displacement of the atlas had catastrophic consequences on the boy's physical and psychological state, which were later manifested. A year after the accident, little Rene had an anxiety condition accompanied by nightmares. He became very scary and hyperactive, followed by frequent abdominal pain, and he started to wet his bed and walked strangely.

The reason for this is that sprained atlas does not only interfere with the entire central nervous system, because of the rotation, the large bowel opening and the spinal canal narrow down. That's why the spinal cord, brain nerves, vertebral arteries, cartoids, blood and lymph nodes are exposed to constant pressure.

From the above example, each layman can conclude that this is certainly not good for the human body, especially for the body of the child. As a little boy, Schümperli overcame several diseases. Luxation of the atlas also had a very bad effect on his posture, he walked with his feet inward.
He had problems at school, could not follow the material, he was falling behind his peers, as if he had some sort of blockade in his head. He had difficulty in studying, he did not understand much and worked very badly.
AtlasProfilax Method
Dodaj naslovRené – Claudius Schümperli


With difficulty, Rene managed to get through elementary school, and the Swiss authorities later decided that he was even capable for military service. The diminished atlas affects the psyche as well as many abilities.

Before the end military service. Rene again experienced a tragic accident, during a wrestling match when he was about to throw his opponent on the back the opponent raised him in the heat of the fight and slammed his head against the floor. He remained motionless and puffed around with his arms and legs. After a few minutes he came to and his back was very hot, then he washed himself in a nearby stream and drunk a lot of water. His superiors asked him if he could do the next exercise, which the young soldier of course accepted. René noticed that while he was running, something very unusual was happening, he had far more power, he simply flew as if he had wings.

After that event he visited a military doctor, from whom he only received painkillers. Seven days after that, he also performed an X-ray, and was diagnosed with compression fractures of the third and fourth vertebrae.

After the army period, he was tormented by a strong headache and dizziness, as time passed, it was getting worse. The suffering lasted for 30 years. He went to many specialists and professors to assess his health, in the end, to receive a diagnosis of a psychic patient.

It was only after that period that he first heard of the Atlas vertebrae, when he was already incapable of working. The crucial decision was given by his personal doctor who advised Renee to visit the vitalologist. Then he estimated that the cause of all his problems was the subluxation of the atlas.


The subluxation of the atlas is primarily a move from just a few millimeters to the left or right side, almost invisible in the X-rays, according to Dr. Schümperli, this is the wrong method and this method is still performed until today.

B.J. Palmer is the founder of this method. Unfortunately Dr. Rene had to experience it on his skin. It all prompted Rene to become a vitalist himself. At the beginning of his career, he adjusted atlas vertebrae of his friends, and precisely using the sublingual method, in parallel he started his own practice.

He also wrote the book "The Liberation" in which he mentioned that after a year from the opening of the practice he noticed that something was wrong. Namely, in the case of subluxation of the atlas, the patient had to come very often to re-adjust the atlas since it did not stay in its place.

After a certain time, Schümperli completely rejected this outdated method because it is completely impossible from the anatomical-mechanical reasons, which was scientifically proven by dr. Seibel because the sprayed atlas is in the wrong rotational position.

At that time, Rene was not in good health, and his colleagues had to re-adjust his atlas with this outdated method. This lasted until June 20, 1996, when the doctor for the first time managed to perform a completely harmless and permanent correction of the atlas. He also became the first man in the world on whom atlasprofilax method was performed on.


Atlasprofilax method, developed for several years by Dr. Schümperli, is the only one which permanently removes the problems with one precise procedure. Inflammation of the atlas causes severe disorders in the static, mechanics and spinal dynamics, which leads to many pains, illnesses and disabilities. His hypothesis was confirmed by scholar Dr. Rainer Seibel.

The idea of atlas not being in the right position attracted him and he studied it in detail. Since it does not have its own discs, this bone was not studied sufficiently. For research, the images of magnetic resonance patients were taken in order to see the 3D view of the atlas and to check if it was truly strained.

The study lasted from 2005 to 2009. The patients' condition was studied before and after the application of the atlasprofilax method. It was a very expensive study due to very high costs of numerous magnetic resonance imaging in 114 patients, but several first results were promising because it was proven at the very beginning that it was almost always sprayed in the wrong position.

As soon as the treatment of the atlas was performed the atlas would return to the right position and the head joint would completely cover it, the first two vertebrae would also be in the right position. Nobody expected such a good result right at the very beginning of the research.

Out of 114 patients, even 112 had sprained atlas which shocked the scientific community. This innovative study lasted for quite a long time, but the results of the same led to the increase in the practice of methods around the world, and today, atlasprofilax method is applied.

Atlas treatment is completely harmless, no side effects, and no damage or complication has been reported in patients. Dr. Rene claims that this method treats patients from psychological diseases, viruses and addiction.

Atlas Adjustment


The answer to this question is still being sought after and requires greater engagement of all scientific disciplines. There are many theories about why a person is not perfect and why he is not able to realize his full potential. It is a revolutionary discovery, which must be further explored, in order to be able to apply and improve atlasprofilax methods even in children in the future. With this method further complications could be prevented right from the start.

One of the theories atlas becomes strained right at childbirth but it has been proven that this is the case even in the the mother's womb. The second theory is that it is God's punishment, the third says that it is a genetic manipulation, and there is a theory that the distortion of the atlas is affected by the inclination of the Earth's axis, etc...

There are many theories and speculations, and therefore require much more serious approach than before.


The adjustment of atlas is done by massaging the neck muscle, helping the first vertebrae to return to its proper position. Atlasprofilax method is absolutely harmless, but it can only be performed exclusively by a professional person, so do not do it independently, because it can cause serious side effects.

After the proper adjustment of the atlas, the organism reactions are amazing. The result is the total liberation from a psychic problems and new outlook on life. Various testimonies and patient experiences were recorded, where some would even crawl and start crying as well as start shouting from happiness immediately after the atlas was adjusted properly. This is explained as a relief in every sense of the word.

Mental illnesses patients that experienced this method commented that they felt like being liberated from captivity where they have been detained for years! Pain in the neck, shoulders, back would disappear as well as headaches. Improves concentration and attention, head movement is complete, the feeling of excess energy is obtained.

Today, there are over 400 official specialist in atlasprofilax method worldwide. A lot of fake therapists have appeared, so pay attention to this, because the price of about 200 euros per adjustment has attracted many scammers, all around the world.

Is this method a scam?

Atlas adjustment is not recommended for pregnant women and for people who have acute fresh fractures on the neck and spinal injuries.

Let us also say that atlasprofilax method is not accepted around the world with the same enthusiasm. You will even find texts that this method is and a scam. This stance only occurs where the pharmaceutical industry is very powerful - which is logical in view of the time we live in. Nevertheless, atlasprofilax method the most popular in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland.

People react very badly when offered new, simple and practical methods of treatment due to disbelief. If you have experience with this method share those in the comments below, we will gladly announce them. Also, if you feel that text is worth the attention, you can freely share it through social networks.