How to make elder plant juice without sugar

Elder plant juice; recipes for good health 

The juice from the elder plant will remind many of us of an early childhood, when our grandmothers and mothers used to prepare it. At that time, we all adored it and we were happy to drink it, but today that is not the case anymore. Fast lifestyle especially in larger urban areas, often keeps us from the preparation of beverages like this. Most of us think that there is no time for it. This is completely wrong, because it is stress, obligation and various deadlines that lead us towards the occurrence of the disease.

Syrup from elder plant will not take much of your valuable time, and you will do a lot for your health, find out how to make it yourself.


There are several ways of preparation of this healing drink; in the world of alternative medicine, a sugar-free recipe is particularly needed, as well as a syrup without preservatives and other supplements. Alternative medicine usually uses stevia instead of sugar, which is considered the best natural sweetener - you can read about it in the article about Stevia's plant.

We will give you several recipes on this occasion, because for us all recipes for the mentioned juice are more than good, especially now with the arrival of an even more beautiful and warmer weather. Everyone should drink it.

The first recipe is the most common one with sugar, so let' start:
Necessary ingredients

For this mild and extremely healing drink we will need the following:
  • 20 flowers of elder plant
  • One liter of water,
  • One lemon,
  • Half a kilogram of sugar.

How to prepare the juice: 

As we have already said, this is the most valuable and most common recipe that is made with sugar. The first thing we need to do is to immerse the flowers in cold water and let them stand for 24 hours in the dark and cold place.

After 24 hours, one whole lemon of medium size is to be squeezed in the water, and then 0.5 kg of sugar is added and mixed well together. We leave our syrup again to stand for a day, but stir it occasionally, until the sugar completely dissolves.

After 24 hours, we strain the liquid through the gauze and only after that it is ready for consumption. It is consumed by mixing 1/3 of syrup and the rest is water.

As you can see the juice from the elder plant is prepared without major complications. This light drink is next to the lemonade as one of the best drinks during the hot days.

How to make elder plant juice


Many alternative medicine advocates will not accept our first recipe, primarily because of half a kg of sugar that is considered very bad. That's why we prepared something for them on this occasion, so we give you a proposal how to make sugar-free juice and preservatives.

Necessary ingredients
  • 10 flowers freshly picked
  • Liter and fresh water 
  • One lemon
  • Stevia (as a substitute you can use domestic honey)

Preparation of the recipe:

After the flowers are picked, we sink them into a jar of cold water, preferably spring water. Leave it for one whole day in a dark and cool place. After that we drain the water and add it to the juice of one lemon.

By taste we sweeten with stevia in the absence of the same we can use natural honey. Such a beverage can be freely used by people suffering from diabetes, as well as those who are on diet, you only need to keep in mind that they always drink fresh juice (it can be kept in the fridge for at most 24 hours).


You probably already heard that this drink is harmful to men because it affects fertility and can cause sterility. Folk medicine is sometimes a little obscure and, to this day, it is not entirely clear why folk medicine claimed this without any evidence.

From the medical point of view the elder plant juice is completely safe and has no effect on the potency of men, as has been proven.

There is one version of why this drink came to a bad voice and it is very interesting for us. Namely, an old grandmother did not have enough of the juice, when sudden visitors came to her house and she could serve everyone with it. Therefore, the old woman who found herself in a crutch said a famous sentence that it was bad for males. Since then, this became a myth.

Take this with a pinch of salt, that's just one interpretation. Today it is known that it is more than a good drink for our little ones.


Although there is no solid evidence and some reliable indications that the juice is harmful to future mothers and their babies, the general recommendation to pregnant women is that they do not drink it.

Since pregnancy is a very specific period in the life of each woman, many plants, teas, juices are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy as well as during the next breastfeeding period. Read also a useful article about strawberries during pregnancy.


This juice is very useful for our health, and doctors and phytotherapists recommend it to everyone (except for pregnant women and nursing mothers). Plant flowers have been used in folk medicine for years to bring down high temperatures, as they are proven to provide better sweating that lowers temperature.

It works equally well with sinus inflammation, but also many other viruses, especially in combination with St. John’s wort. It also helps with sciatica, neuralgia and is also excellent for the kidneys as it accelerates urination.

If you are wondering whether it causes side effects, know that they are quite rare. Just take care of the amount of juice you are drinking during the day, because it can cause a lot of them - drink it moderately.

On this occasion we gave you recipes for flower juice, which is best to prepare during May and June, when the flowers are abundant in amount. In autumn you can make excellent juice from elder plant berries.

In one of the following articles, we will give you more recipes for elder plant teas. By then, we recommend you read the text about honey water as a medicine.