Honey water as a medication; recipes and experiences


Honey water is extremely useful for our health. This simple beverage purifies the body and is also an excellent in preventing many diseases.

In the text below, find out how to prepare honey water and for what it is recommended.


Honey water is very easy to prepare: dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water a spoon of natural honey and mix well. In this way, a solution of honey is obtained (30%). By its structure, it is identical to our blood plasma - which has been scientifically proven.

Honey water prepared in this way has enhanced medicinal properties, is completely absorbed through the body and purifies it at the cellular level.

Its medicinal properties are remarkable

The honey water prepared at room temperature will help digest food. It is an exceptional trigger for the lazy intestines, in addition it will purify them from the parasites and will not allow them to stay there and proliferate for long period of time. In one word, water with honey will improve the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to digestion and digestion problems, this simple "magic potion" is great for boosting immunity. It protects us equally well from bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Treatment process - as we have already mentioned, it moves in the colon, where the honey water begins with the decomposition of faecal deposits. It restores the complete intestinal micro flora and eliminates the possibility of more serious diseases such as bowel dysfunction and so on.

Honey water will relieve our kidneys and the bladder during the night, because it collects water - it is hygroscopic. This has been shown to be an excellent treatment for night urination in children. Uncontrolled urination is completely routed in a very simple way, without the use of medicines.


It is best to drink honey water on an empty stomach, in the morning, quickly at once or in larger sips. In this way, lukewarm water gets very quickly from the stomach into the bowels. The process of cleaning the organism begins, after which the honey is absorbed.

Feel free to drink it also drink immediately before bedtime, without fear that you will often get up at night to empty the bladder. As we have already said, it will relieve our kidneys and is a great preventative for night urination.

Prepare it immediately before consuming, do not make larger quantities in advance since it loses its medicinal properties.

Helps with weight loss

Honey diet is very simple. Drink 1.5 liters of beverage until 11 a.m. Eat less than usual and the results will be visible. Also regular physical activity in the form of everyday recreation (walking, cycling and light exercise) is recommended.

On our blog we have already written how effective honey for weight loss is. We recommend that you read the article Honey and Cinnamon Diet, which is an even better option for removing fat deposits from the stomach.

Honey water


There are many positive experiences with this simple beverage. Domestic and foreign blogs, portals, FB groups, and health magazines often wrote about it. When it comes to honey water, there is no controversy, deception, conspiracy theories, and so on. It really works, and if you have not practiced it so far, it does not cost you to try it today. In our comments, write down your experiences.


If you regularly brush your face, neck, and décolleté area with honey water you will get soft, silky and velvety skin. It improves circulation and actively nourishes the skin.

Honey in cosmetics has been known since ancient times, and is the integral part of many products. We will not recommend you any expensive preparations and we suggest you to try lukewarm honey water.

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