Hyaluronic acid for joints and nourished face

Hyaluronic acid; benefits

If you love to laugh then you know well about wrinkles around your eyes. How to get rid of them and keep the youthful look? To be without wrinkles in the forties, it is feasible. Treatment with hyaluron will help you in this. In the past 10 years, hyaluronic acid for the face has become very popular in the cosmetic industry.

It is a completely natural substance that stimulates the formation of collagen, hydration and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. It succeeds in this because it greatly connects to itself a large amount of water. You will get a soft and tanned skin for a few minutes.

In addition to beauty, it can also help with some health problems. Hyaluronic acid for joints is good in case of some kind of injuries or worsening of cartilage.

Learn in this text how safe treatments with hyaluron are and how they are performed. Read in what way you can naturally encourage the body to produce hyaluronic acid.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

You heard about hyaluron, what is it? It is found in all parts of our body, in the joints, tendons, bones, blood vessels, bladder, heart, kidneys, and digestive organs. Just everywhere, but 50 percent of the total amount of the body is found in the skin. Soft connective tissues are those that contain most of these substances, then cartilage and fluid around the eyeballs.

Hyaluronic acid in nature is present in all animal organisms. It is an integral part of the connective tissue of the dermis, which is the first next layer below the epidermis, i.e. Surface skin. It fills the space between elastic fibers and collagen. It has the ability to decompose and re-synthesize, but this regeneration capacity is decreasing over the years.

Why is it important? It participates in the hydration of the skin, the transfer of nutrients, and it has a protective role of chemical and mechanical injuries. In short, collagen and hyaluronic acid bind and give elasticity and hydrate the skin.

In young people, the skin is smooth and soft, however, as the organism gets older collagen fibers weaken and softens. Because of the reduced ability to bind water, wrinkles develop on the skin. Causes of reduced amount of hyaluronic in the skin in addition to aging is stress, poor nutrition and bad habits like smoking.
In the last decades there were artificially created various preparations based on this substance for the purpose of treating rheumatic and ophthalmic problems. However, they are certainly the most popular ones for the correction of aesthetic problems. These are the so-called hyaluronic filerias. They are used to remove wrinkles, acne scars, and improve facial contouring.

What are all the preparations on the market?

Hyaluronic acid in cosmetics is one of the most common suspects, now we see why. It is found in face masks, various creams, ampoules, and there are serums as well. However, in these products it has a share of 0.5 to 5 percent, so it stays for a very short time in our body. Mostly up to 8 hours. Due to the size of its molecules, it does not penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. But it certainly hydrates the skin, protects it and strengthens its defense capability.

Further through mesotherapy when Hyaluronic acid is injected into precisely defined places with small needles. This method is most used to remove wrinkles.

It is inserted at a depth of 1 mm, and it is fast and painless. But such treatment is not enough for you. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin revitalizes, but the effect lasts two to three months. So, every three months we should go to one treatment with hyaluronic acid.

There are also dermal hyaluronic fillers that are injected at two to three centimeters deep into the skin. It is a treatment whose effects last longer. We'll talk about them later. They are safe but be sure to look for experts and never go out without checking such interventions.
  • You have the right to know which fillers you will use, and the problem is that there are false Chinese products on the market. And you certainly need to avoid it. Therefore, only go to trusted and checked places.

How does treatment with hyaluronic acid look like?

Here's the answer and why is this method practical for use in aesthetic interventions? As we said hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin. It is located in the space between the skin cells, and above all there is no immunogenic characteristic. For these reasons, it can be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue without any disturbance of the skin structure.

Such treatments are actually performed by bio stimulation in the subcutaneous tissue. The process of regeneration is initiated and the body only works more intensively on refreshing the skin. This is done mainly by doctors of aesthetic medicine, aesthetic surgeons or cosmetologists, at polyclinics or cosmetic centers. Be sure to select the best experts.

Implants or hyaluronic fillers are injected into the dermis where it is naturally found. They break eventually down over the same as the one we synthesize ourselves. Before the procedure, peeling of the face, neutralizing of the skin surface and opening of the pores is necessary.

If the patient is too sensitive, he may receive local anesthesia before the procedure. The results of this intervention are visible immediately after injection, and the process itself lasts from 20 to 60 minutes. This aesthetic intervention method is effective and completely harmless.

One week after treatment with hyaluron, control is mandatory, so corrections are made if there is a need for it. In addition, more intense hydration is recommended throughout the entire period.
  • It is necessary to go for this treatment at least once a year for a constant visible effect.

What you need to know about hyaluronic fillers

Hyaluronic acid, which used to be used for this purpose, had a form that was rapidly decomposed in the body. A progression of aesthetic medicine is now using a much more permanent form. These are the so-called hyaluronic filaments that "iron" wrinkles by filling the intercellular space.

Of course, there are several types of these preparations. Permanent hyaluronic filers remain in the body, but unfortunately they can move in time. This can lead to complications even after a long period of time. There are long lasting periods that break down in the body after several years, but they can also cause complications.

And third biodegradable fillers are temporary, because after a while they are broken down as natural hyaluron. Our body uses it and after a while breaks it and throws it out of the body.
  • Complications and side effects are rare and minimal precisely because hyaluron does not stay too long in the body.

Hyaluronic acid used is not of animal origin, but is a product of bakery fermentation. These preparations must meet basic standards. They have to be effective, totally safe, not harmful to our health or should be carcinogens.

Is hyaluron better than a Botox?

Filling the wrinkles with hyaluronic acid works on a completely different principle that Botox.

The essence of the treatment with Botox is to inject a small amount into the muscle, and that Botox blocks the signals that are sent to him. This prevents its strong contraction and thus reduces the formation of wrinkles. And the already existing wrinkles disappear. The maximum effect can be seen after 7-10 days.

Botox is better for the region of the upper third of the face, where wrinkles are formed mainly by mimics and muscle activity. Wrinkles disappear due to muscle relaxation. The effects last 4-6 months until the muscle is recovered, and the procedure is repeated.

After these treatments, you must not touch your face for 2 hours, bend, and lying is preferable. A possible bad effects is headache in the first few days after the treatment.

Hyaluron for the forehead area may not be as good a solution as Botox, but for other areas on the face it is very effective and practical. And you see results immediately after injection. Very thin and sharp needles are used, so the sting of the needle is not felt. The treatment lasts for about ten minutes on average and after it you can function completely normal.

The effect lasts longer than 6 months, even in some cases up to two years. Of course, depending on the quality of the treatment, but also from where it is injected. Very rarely there are side effects and an allergic reaction to this substance.

In both cases, treatments are short-termed there are no traces on the skin and are not painful. If someone has an extremely low threshold of pain tolerance, a hyaluronic cream can be used as a local anesthetic.

How to take Hyaluronic Acid through food?

There are two answers to the question of how to influence on the amount of hyaluron in the body.

Hyaluronic acid abounds in foods of animal origin. Perhaps many will not like it, but this is an unbelievable fact. Choruses, skin and joints are the richest of this natural.

So eat such animal foods and you will alleviate wrinkles on the face, but also repair the cartilage in the joints.

Use foods with soy. It contains a plant genetic hormone that accelerates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. In addition, it plays a role in blocking enzymes that accelerate aging. Gelatin is also rich in this substance, it is also good for hair and nails.

Eggs are abundant in protein and enhance its synthesis. Green tea is a strong antioxidant, protects skin proteins as well as hyaluron. It also prevents the enzymes that destroy it.

Another important factor is the intake of nutrients that stimulate its production. Hyaluronic acid is more intensively synthesized in our body if there is sufficient material for it. Vitamins A, C and E are needed. Minerals include zinc, sulfur, magnesium, selenium, silicon and copper.

What foods are abundant in vitamins?

Vitamin A is involved in the regeneration of damaged hyaluronic acid. It has an abundance of orange vegetables like e.g. Potatoes or carrots.

Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and is excellent in fighting against free radicals and anti-aging. And that is precisely the main causes of hyaluronic acid reduction in the body. He plays a role in the synthesis of collagen, so it indirectly tightens the skin. It contains citrus fruit, blackberry, strawberry, tomato, paprika, and cabbage in large quantities.

Vitamin E is also important in the formation of hyaluronic acid in the body. A good source of this vitamin is almonds, hazelnuts and nuts. In addition, they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that keep the skin young.

Zinc also has an effect on its synthesis. It can be found in potatoes and seeds such as beans or pumpkin seeds, peanuts, oysters and meat.

Sulfur is important for the development of hyaluronic acid and is most present in garlic. It contains more alpha-lipoid acid and taurine that regenerates it.

Silicon can be found in oats in large quantities.

Magnesium is a component of hyaluronic acid, and it can be found in bananas, apples, green vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, peas. We find him in spinach, bananas, pears, apples, strawberries.

Of course, be careful when preparing these foods so as not to destroy mineral matter. Therefore, they should not be cooked for a long time, preferably steamed, with a little water, at lower temperatures. And certainly use fresh foods, they are the richest in minerals and vitamins.

How to use hyaluron for face?

You can combine hyaluronic acid creams with other products. Pay attention to the following.

If you combine them with vitamin or moisturizing cream, a hyaluronic product is first applied. However, if you use creams that contain retinol or AHA / BHA acids, in this case they go before any preparation. There are also tonics for hydrating the skin on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

As we said hyaluronic acid in face creams, as well as other preparations, it is affordable and accessible. They can all be used, even in the twenties, if you need to rehydrate and refresh the skin. When the skin is well hydrated, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

Mesotherapy and filters are intended for a later and mature age. The good side is a completely natural look after these treatments. Just be careful to be in good hands during the treatment.

Hyaluronic fillers are most often used to fill the face wrinkles on the temples, around the lips or on the forehead. But they are also suitable for the area of ​​neckline neck. They are also used in a larger volume for cheekbones. Then you can use to remove bag under the eyes. They bind water and thus fill the pores and "iron" the skin.

Lip fillers with hyaluron: is it successful?

Hyaluronic acid for lips that are full and perfect is a much-needed procedure. This is not a surgical procedure, and because of this it is so desired, and it very nicely forms the lips. However, due to the stronger circulation in the lips, the effect lasts for at least half a year.

Depending on where they are placed, they last between six months and a year. How long it will take depends on the age, the structure of the skin, and the way of life. After that, we need to go back to this procedure.

Certainly the hyaluronic treatment of the face is not advisable to work immediately before some important events. Still, it takes several days for the treated areas to calm down and return to normal.

After treatment with hyaluronic acid, small swelled areas may appear, redness or even lower bruises. But without worry, sometimes it does not appear. If this occurs, it is most common in the first 24 hours, and passes through a couple of days, most for a week.

You can alleviate such inconveniences by mild face massage or by applying cold compresses.

Hyaluronic acid for joints and cartilage

Hyaluronic acid in tablets or capsules is used as a dietary supplement. It is used for joint injury, difficulty in mobility, but also pain. As with osteoarthritis (chronic form of inflammation of the joint) or some degenerative changes.

Though there are opinions that this is not an effective method. It has been proven, however, that regular taking of capsules for adults is 20-80 mg daily, through which 3 mg of this acid is adopted. In this way, this acid comes into the joints. Hyaluron capsules will not cause any harmful effects and side effects on the skin, the experience are positive.

Hyaluronic acid is important for the joints because it is involved in the formation of cartilage and is found in all connective tissues.

We find it in the composition of liquids that naturally lubricate the joints, that is, the so-called synovial fluid. As a result of degradation of this substance, the cartilage is also damaged, and its elasticity decreases over time.

There are hyaluronic injections for the joints that are used to improve their mobility. They are injected directly into the wrist. This method has the best effect in case of worn cartilage. It is supposed to be performed only in specialized clinics with the supervision of experts.

Experiences with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid in ampoules is a great solution for face without wrinkles! I'm going on treatments for 7 years and I feel luck every time after them when I look in the mirror. I was fortunate to find a super practice and wonderful doctors who work perfectly. I had no problem, except for a smaller island on the first day after the treatment. Unfortunately, I hear some who have done such interventions elsewhere and are not very satisfied. Q.S. (61) 
I wanted to be more beautiful for myself, and I always wanted to put fillers in my lips. I heard the hyaluron gives great effects. And it's still a natural substance. I gathered strength and courage and went to make my wish. It's not a terrible feeling while it's done, even though it looks so. I did not repent it.  S.M. (42)

Are there common side effects and contraindications?

Hyaluronic acid in creams and serums can be used in parallel with other skin care products. It does not have any contraindications.

In case of capsules, oral gastrointestinal irritation can occur in the stomach. Nausea, heartburn or allergy may occur. You can also get an unpleasant breath - like eating a garlic.

Hyaluronic fillers do not have side effects, such interventions are safe. This is a completely safe method for softening the instant wrinkle removal from your face and a rejuvenated look. If something happens, complications are quickly resolved. In rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur after treatment.

Treatments with hyaluronic acid must not be subjected to persons suffering from any autoimmune disease. Avoid them if you have skin infection where the treatment should be done. Also, do not use them if you already have permanent fillers at that location.

Hyaluron is not desirable during pregnancy.

What is the cost of the preparations with hyaluronic acid?

For filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid the price is not fixed. It depends on how much material is consumed, but also from the manufacturer itself.

The price of hyaluronic fillers is calculated according to ampoules, and for one the average price is about 200 to 250 euros. The amount of treatment is individual. It depends on the region and the area to be rehabilitated.

Where to buy hyaluronic acid?

In the form of capsules, hyaluron can be found in pharmacies, as well as creams with hyaluronic acid. The price is different and depends on the manufacturer. On average between 20$ and 30$ as well for a bottle with 60 capsules.

In addition to hyaluron, increasingly in demand is active oxygen to hydrate the skin of the face.

An important note for the end
  • Do not buy or use hyaluronic preparations on your own. Get well informed and consult your doctor. Read the experiences of others and their observations with ampoules, creams and capsules. Consider whether this treatment is good for you and how much you need it.

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