How to remove stretch marks naturally


How to remove stretch marks and cellulite from thighs, stomach and buttocks are some of the most common questions we ask ourselves these days. Removing stretch marks is nothing but a simple undertaking and believe that there are no instant quick solutions. However, in this article we will give you some basic guidance on how to alleviate these problems with the help of high-quality herbal remedies.


Stretch marks can occur at any age from puberty to old age, no one is spared. Of course, this aesthetic problem brings the greatest nervousness to a slightly younger female population, to young mothers, but also to middle-aged people. Stretch marks in men cause less stress. The main cause of stretch marks is sudden change in body weight, frequent variation of the same, as well as rapid growth (in puberty). Simply put, no one is immune to them. Fast stretching of the skin due to thickening follow the mentioned changes in the skin, which looks like cracks of different colors. Their color varies from purple to a slightly brighter shade like the skin itself. Being overweight in the stomach area, thighs, and buttocks is the main precondition for the formation of cracks on the skin. Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common and somewhat are cause by hormone glucocorticoid as well as the rapid stretching of the skin. What is a mitigating circumstance is that stretch marks do not cause serious health problems but they do look ugly.

Stretch marks during puberty

Young adolescents, especially girls, have stretch marks on legs, stomach, hands, and breasts which is a real summer nightmare. In addition to physical changes in the body, psychic life changes also follow, so stretch marks are something they really do not need. If in the whole story we include cellulite story on the thighs, increased fat deposits on the stomach, all of this can greatly affect the confidence of a young person. Our advice to these young people is - do not despair, the solution exists and you only need to be persistent.


On famous portals for pregnant women, one of the most frequently asked questions, which does not concern direct health of the baby is exactly how to remove stretch marks during pregnancy? This shows the extent to which red lines are represented in future mothers. Experience tells us that stretch marks mostly occur around the sixth month of pregnancy and equally are present on the legs, chest, buttocks and stomach. According to statistics as many as 70 percent of pregnant women suffer from this problem. They are caused by sudden stretching of the skin, which in some places is extremely thin. In the early stages of their emergence, you will feel mild itching on the skin, so it is desirable to take the necessary preventative measures. Stretch marks during pregnancy pose no danger to health, it is more important that pregnant women do not disturb their peace during this period constantly thinking about removing stretch marks after birth. The best suggestion is to immediately start with herbal creams, balms and gels that will further hydrate your skin and significantly reduce the risk of their formation. Try to maintain normal weight for 9 months, and gradually gain weight with the progression of your pregnancy. Healthy diet can help you a lot with this. Vitamin C and E are necessary in the fight against stretch marks, as well as increased intake of fluids-primarily water. This is simply necessary during pregnancy and after birth, to keep the stretch marks under control. Keep in mind that normal weight gain in pregnant women is from 1 to 2 kilograms in the first 12 weeks, then 300 to 400 grams a week - from 12 to 28 weeks and 1 to 3 kg from 6 to 9 months of pregnancy. Have a healthy diet that is rich in zinc, vitamins C, E and B6 because they help to improve skin elasticity. Today, there is a great choice of lotions and creams against stretch marks and they should be applied every day. The body massage of those places that are affected will improve your skin circulation which is also an excellent prevention of stretch marks.


If you take the necessary preventive measures, guaranteed very soon after giving birth, you can walk through the beach in your favorite bikini. Stretch marks after birth will naturally withdraw, although sometimes they can and will take longer. Some mothers do not have such problems with stretch marks although they are visible on their body, and some often joke that stretch marks are something like "medals" for motherhood. Such statements are more and more difficult to hear today because of various fashion standards. If you kept your weight under control during the pregnancy, it is very important that you do not hold a fierce, restrictive diets immediately after giving birth, because they will cause more harm than good. This will literary cause serious stretch marks on the legs, stomach, and chest. Choose a more moderate diet, which does not lose a lot of kg in a short period of time. In addition to choosing the appropriate cream against stretch marks, increased intake of water, proper nutrition, physical activity is also very important. Make sure you are physically active every day.


If you experienced intense stretch marks on your legs or any other part of the body, know that they will not disappear on their own. Often in such cases, laser removal of stretch marks is applied, which is certainly not cheap and cannot be easily afforded. What the doctor himself will confirm is that even the laser method cannot completely remove the stretch marks but they only fade to the extent that they will not be easily visible on your body. Official medicine does not yet have a 100 percent effective method of removal stretch marks. Women who have a somewhat brighter complexion, intense red stretch marks are much more visible, and many tanning creams are used to lessen the intensity of color.


This is a great balm that you can make at your house.

You need:
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup aloe Vera gel
  • 4 capsules of E vitamin
  • 2 capsules of vitamin A
  • A little oil of your choice (lavender, chamomile, avocado)

Mix all ingredients and then put into the blender and mix it well. Store it in the refrigerator so the balm can thicken. Put the cream twice a day on problematic and critical areas.


There is a very big supply of creams and salves that you can buy at the pharmacy, and most manufacturers claim that their products are just ideal for removing stretch marks. Take this always with a grain of salt, because creams and salves can help to completely remove unwanted red stretch marks. Also, for stretching on the feet and thighs you can also make a few interesting balms at for your own home. The creams and balms against the stretch marks are mainly composed of some medicinal herbs such as aloe Vera, lavender, almonds also olives and oils such as olive oil, coconut, and others. All this with regular skin peeling and physical activity can help soften the skin and solve this problem.


We talked about the healing properties of aloe Vera on our website and it really deserves to bear the title of queen of medicinal herbs. When it comes to stretch marks on legs and abdomen, it has showed noticeable results. It restores skin elasticity and fills damage and traces of red scars. Treatment of stretch marks with aloe gel must be done after showering every day. Aloe will phenomenally hydrate the skin and help recover the damage and will make it shiny and healthy.


Lemon juice is certainly one of the most effective natural remedies for removing stretch marks. The method is extremely simple, gentle circular movements and gentle massage of problematic sites rub with lemon in your skin. After rubbing wait for ten minutes so the lemon juice can penetrate deeper into the skin and then rinse with lukewarm water. The stretch marks on the legs and the body will be less visible after a week of treatment. The lemon is a great natural bleach and we strongly recommend that you try it before buying costly cosmetic products.


Here is another good advice for stretch marks that will not completely eliminate the problem but will significantly improve your condition. Coconut oil encourages better production of collagen and successfully restores damaged skin tissue. The principle is the same as with lemon juice, use it after showering for several weeks. For the effect to be better you can also add Shea butter to coconut oil. Try to be persistent and consistent in therapy so that the effects are as visible as possible.


Egg whites proved excellent against stretch marks on legs. It contains many vitamins and amino acids that accelerate recovery of the skin. Take whites of two eggs and whisk them until mixture is formed. Using small sponge rub the mixture on skin and those areas where stretch marks are present. Wait until it dries on the skin and then rinse with cooler water. Then apply olive oil for better moisturizing.


This oil is very unpleasant to drink and many who had a chance to try it this way, do not like to be reminded of the experience. Castor oil proved to be excellent in massages because it restores elasticity, perfectly hydrates and even eliminate wrinkles on face. For stretch marks on legs this oil proved to be very good and is used today in India and other Asian countries, where it is combined with warm baths.

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