Tai chi exercises for health and longevity

Tai Chi exercises improve mental health

The ancient Chinese art of tai chi chuan has been showing remarkable therapeutic effects on the human body for centuries. That's why millions of people practice it, both in the East and in the West. Some to maintain good health, the other to restore it.

It is recognizable by slow and rhythmic movements of the hands, legs and whole body, accompanied by natural breathing and the attention of the trainer. Its human health benefits could be particularly beneficial in the present turbulent weather.

With this technique you will maintain the correct body functions and eliminate the harmful effects of the environment. These are primarily stress, various toxins and radiation.

This type of physical activity enhances our contact with the earth and puts our musculature into a natural position. Tai chi exercises relieve tension muscles and establish proper circulation of blood and energy.

What exactly is this Chi-chuan?

Practice of Tai-chi at the same time helps in physical and mental health. Tai-chi insists that the mind and body be constantly together. No movement is performed mechanically, but must be accompanied by the attention of the mind.

It adds lightweight specific rotational movements, natural deep breathing, and several principles of free body movement. Then we come up with a very effective method that helps many of our body's functions.
First of all, these chi exercises raise the vitality of the body and free us of the consequence of stress. With them, both hemispheres of the brain activate, release toxins and restore the mobility of the joints and spine.

Muscles become elastic, and this chi also relieves us of the wrong mental patterns that lead us to disease and suffering.

According to the instructors of tai-chi this skill can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical problems. In other words, it is enough that a person can stand on his feet and can already do exercises.

Many tai chi exercises can be done sitting and some even lying down. They are used in China in many hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

How do tai chi exercises affect health?

Various world institutes and well-known medical institutions deal with this issue. Based on the latest research done at the China Science Institute and the Beijing Institute of Physical Culture, a number of findings have come to light.

It was found that after only five minutes of exercise, the rhythm of brain currents ranged between 7 and 10 Hz. This shows us a perfectly calm and relaxed state, as during rest and sleep.

Tests were performed on people aged 65 to 85, who suffered from atherosclerosis, senility, osteoporosis. They were also performed in people with degenerative deformities of the joints, high cholesterol and diabetes.
The results are fascinating. The condition of the diseased after a mere six months of exercise tai chi chuana significantly improved.
The main advantages of these exercises:
  • Strengthen the heart muscle and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regulate sugar and keep diabetes under control.
  • Reduce stress and nerve tension.
  • Improve attention and concentration.
  • Stabilize emotions.
  • Better coordinate movements and control the balance of the body.
  • Regulate breathing.
  • Activate vital energy.
  • Adjust muscle tone.
  • Correct the spine and contribute to proper posture.

Why is it important to practice it every day?

Do you know what constitutes the basis of the practice of tai chi chuan? It's definitely an upgrade and centering of the body. In doing so, rooting the body means strengthening and refreshing our contact with the earth. It is achieved over the foot, which is a 100-percent mental process.

Earth gives us physical, energetic, emotional and mental stability, and most people today have a very weak root. This results in weaker work of vital organs, kidneys, liver and spleen.

One consequence is shallow breathing, poor oxidation and blood quality. There is tension in the upper part of the body, which negatively affects the work of the heart, lungs and brain.

On the other hand, centering the body puts the musculature into a natural position and returns symmetry to the joints. These muscles weaken tension and establish proper circulation of blood and energy.
The key is to properly start the body, not repetition.
In order to learn this, it takes at least two years of practice with the supervision of an experienced instructor. Later it is important to maintain continuity, because tai chi health exercises almost do not have an alternative.
  • It is necessary to practice it every day, because two or three times a week will not yield great results. Daily training, at least 15 minutes, brings a safe, psycho-physical condition.

How to do tai-chi-VIDEO

See a short and useful video on YouTube, ideal for beginners:

Mild movements in Tai-chi are not as gentle as one may seem at first. Namely, they greatly contribute to better fitness and, importantly, burn calories. Many do not know this, and experts even compare them with skiing and surfing.

Coordinate movements, improve balance and balance muscle mass.

With tai chi exercises you will be healthy all your life, you will have strong and healthy bones, and no fractures.

They should be applied by patients suffering from:

Did you know:
The skill of tai chi chuan was invented by the Taoist monk Chang San Feng. He lived in the 12th century on the Wooden Mountain in China. He was a great connoisseur of the energies that rule in us and around us. 
The legend says he was watching the battle of a white pot and snakes. Impressed by their movements, he adjusted those movements to the human body and created the wonderful skills of a unified mind and body.

Go to work happy and smiling

Tai chu chuan is a great skill for business people of all professions. It's designed for employees.

Daily exercise quickly removes stress and chronic fatigue, increases vitality, opens the creative abilities of the brain. All this helps the quick and wise solution of the problem. If you sit a lot on the job, or stand and suffer from an unbearable noise, be sure to apply this ancient skill.

Many global companies are devoting substantial funds to fund programs that help their employees to master these exercises. This gives good results, because people who practice tai chi are healthier, so they are less likely to go on sick leave. They are more joyful, they have increased productivity at work and quality of work done.
According to some rough estimates, as many as 60 percent of people who practice it less often take sick leaves.
The employees improved their mental functions, increased their concentration, the harmony of movement and coordination. What has been greatly improved is interpersonal relations. Also, people have become more flexible on various conditions and changes that require no easy job.

How thai chi exercises changed my life?

In tenth decade I practice tai chi chuan!

My name is Mirko Kopunovic and I have been applying "Chinese exercises" for 7 years. As soon as I heard that in the Sports Center "Olimp" in Belgrade, I started practicing it - I immediately applied for tai chi training. Then I was 84 years old!

In the meantime, I entered tenth decade. It does not bother me to spend an hour with the group every Monday and Friday. The other days I practice at home. Instructor Petar Ilic told me that they are good for older people.

It is not hard for me to do this thing, because it is light, there are no sudden movements in these exercises as in classical European exercises.
In the morning, it's a good thing for me to bend my joints and then walk smoothly. And I feel mentally better, relaxing my whole body. Training is not at all naive because it requires a high concentration and a hundred-percent involvement of the mind.

The eyes follow the movements of the hand and practically the whole body is involved in these seemingly simple exercises.

Who would say that just standing and looking at one point has some meaning?! Sometimes after half an hour we just stand, with slightly bent knees and change the position of the hand, we lower them slightly or raise them up.

You do not move and look neither left nor right, but look forward, focusing on one point. The Chinese sometimes stand like this for an hour. In this way, a person calms down and balances, at least this is the case with me.

Tai chi helped me stay physically and mentally healthy in my age. I'll practice it as long as my feet serve me.

We hope that Mirkov's example will be a good incentive to start practicing tai chi chuan. We also recommend that you read the article - how to do 5 Tibetans. They are also great exercises.