Lugol’s solution; uses and application in medicinal purposes

Lugol's solution; old formula for health in a new light

We live in a toxic condition. The environment is no longer intact and protected as before. Soil is impoverished and polluted, as well as water and air. All this has led to a series of new diseases. Therefore, it is the right time to use Lugol's solution to regain its former glory!

1829 medicated solution of iodine was discovered by Dr Jean Auguste Guillaume Lugol. Initially its application was reduced mainly to the treatment of gout. He later found that it is beneficial for a large array of problems, as confirmed by numerous experiences of patients.

We live in the reign of the pharmaceutical industry and a lot of medicines from alternative medicine is forgotten. Very long Lugol iodine as a remedy was quite unjustly neglected. But in recent years the old formula is again on pharmacy shelves.

Below, read how to make Lugol's solution and what it can do for your health.

Why is Lugol iodine so valuable to us?

The healing properties of iodine are sacrosanct. This is a trace element essential for human health. It only enters through diet and water. Without it there is no life!

Iodine as a substance is very little widespread in nature. It is found in seawater and in food ingredients, depending on the percentage of iodine in the soil. Therefore, Lugol's solution is of a great importance for the reimbursement of this micro element.

The needs of iodine in different periods of life are different. For babies it is enough to consume 50 mcg (micrograms), and about 200 mg for adults. Women who are breastfeeding should take 260 mcg of iodine during the day.

Iodine deficiency causes a variety of diseases such as hypertelorism, goiter, heart disease and many others.
The use of Lugol's solution is gradual and moderate, you should listen to your own body. Side effects are very rare, so the preparation can be used safely.

When children do not get enough iodine in the body they are not concentrated and have bad memory, which can lead to slow physical development.

Pregnant women have an increased need for this substance. The baby of 12-weeks produces hormones from the thyroid gland, and process takes iodine from the mother. The same is true for the period of breast-feeding. The only source of iodine for a child that is just sucking is the one who takes it from the mother. Therefore, it is necessary to take higher doses.
  • Did you know: Iodine has been used in medicine for over 15,000 years.

How to easily recognize the lack of iodine in the body?

The World Health Organization has made an alarming data:
  • Iodine deficiency is recognized as the most common cause of mental retardation that can be prevented.
  • Two thirds of the population suffers from iodine deficiency.

The symptoms of iodine deficiency include: muscle cramps, cold hands and feet, depressed behavior, dry skin and brittle nails and many others.

Even obesity may be the result of not bringing enough of iodine in the body.

Lugol solution successfully compensates for a lack of iodine in the body. It is very useful to know at the present time when many ingredients from the diet reduce its absorption. These are for example bromides of bakery products.

If you start using this solution you will do much good for your body. As you already know, iodine deficiency leads to weakening of the defensive power of the organism, and this is the first prerequisite for the disease. This is why a solution of iodine is preferably used as a prevention.

Seaweed and kelp are rich in iodine, but ...

Probably you did not think about this but the nuclear disaster in Fukushima is likely to contaminate the essential source of iodine. Not to mention other problems such as the use of depleted uranium during the bombing or Chernobyl. Today's world is not so rich in iodine as we thought, people took care of it.

How to make Lugol's solution at home

Prepare the ingredients and accessories for a 5% solution:
  • The bottle of 500ml of opaque glass. Note: The cap must be plastic.
  • 500 ml of distilled water,
  • Granular iodine, and 25 grams of granular potassium iodide 50 grams.

How to prepare it:
  1. Potassium iodide melt in half the quantity of distilled water, slowly stirring a glass pipette.
  2. Add iodine crystals and fill with water.
  3. Shake.
  4. Leave it to stand for at least 24 hours, periodically shake the bottle.

How to dose Lugol's solution?

Only one drop contains 6.417 mg of iodine.

Take two drops daily, mixed with juice or apple vinegar, then the dosage is 12.5 mg per day.

Number of drops increases depending on the disease, especially if the symptoms of iodine deficiency are already present.

Lugol iodine do not use after 4pm. since it can lift your energy and later cause insomnia.
  • Note: depending on the treatment taken are varying amounts of the solution.

For Lugol's solution ingredients are not expensive and you can order them over the Internet or purchased in better stocked pharmacy.

What to do if you overdo it and I damage thyroid gland?

Do not worry, though we always advise caution. One drop of Lugol’s solution contains less than 7 mg of iodine. The use is safe, if properly dosed.

It is necessary to enter a daily dose of 750 mg of iodine if you want to stop the work of the thyroid gland. Introduce solution gradually and listen to your body.

How do we know if we have enough iodine?

Simple home test to detect iodine deficiency: a method of three lines.

Dip a Q-tip in Lugol's solution. On the inside of the forearm drag three lines of different thicknesses. A thin, a little thicker and fattest one. If in the morning you do not see a single line it means that you do not have enough of iodine in the body. Contact your general practitioner or endocrinologist for advice.

If only one of the thicker line is left it means that you have a little deficit. If only the thin line is missing then you are not in deficit, you can breathe, you have a sufficient amount of iodine in the body.

How to compensate for iodine in the body?
  1. Use regularly as a dietary supplement this solution.
  2. Our recommendation is that in the daily diet you incorporate sea or iodized table salt and the best option is the Himalayan salt which is very good.
  3. Eat foods rich in iodine: sea fish, shellfish, algae and other marine organisms. Include in the diet of eggs, cream cheese, dried apricots, garlic, and spinach.

Interesting fact
  • The Japanese are considered the longest-living nation. They owe this epithet to iodine which is daily consumed through diet rich in fish.

Iodine is a low-cost solution for many health problems

How is Lugol's solution used in the treatment of various ailments?

Iodine and selenium treat thyroid gland

The largest consumer of iodine in our body is just the thyroid gland. In the case of hypothyroidism (slow operation) the dosage is preferably 1-6 drops per day in order for the thyroid gland returned to normal. The dosage is gradually increased by week. During the first week take one drop, the other two and up to sixth drops.
  • Note: The daily dose of drops can only be determined by your doctor.

Iodine also treats Hashimoto's syndrome. In this very serious disease, the most efficient use of this preparations is with selenium. Together they form a very powerful combination for diseased thyroid.

Treats salmonella poisoning

As soon as the food poisoning occurs you need in a smaller cup dilute r 6 drops of this solution with water.
  • You need to drink it up to four times a day after every meal. Make sure that you use the approved recommended doses that your doctor has prescribed.

Also, the iodine solution helps in the treatment of Helicobacter as well as fungi such as Candida. Generally Lugol solution kills all parasites in the body all together.

Iodine is very important for our reproductive health

Also, this mighty preparation solves menstrual problems and ovarian cysts.

Lugol's solution treats cysts, both on the ovaries, as well as those on the breasts. Also it has a positive effect on the reproductive system of women, the ovaries returning to normal function. In addition, it increases the libido in both sexes.

Cleans heavy metals from the body
  • Drink 2 drops with juice or water, levels ​​of lead and mercury will be reduced after 24 hours.

For detoxification from aluminum drink it for at least a month.

It is used to treat many more diseases such as arrhythmia, inflammation of the bladder, high cholesterol, bronchitis, influenza and others.

Prevents malignancies

In order to prevent the occurrence of cancer it is necessary to preventively take iodine in correct amounts or the recommended doses. It will work as an antioxidant and prevent the further development of the disease.

Dr. Brownstein treated patients suffering from prostate cancer, lung cancer and the metastases with Lugol's iodine. He used doses up to 300 mg. In surgery this preparation is used as an antiseptic to prevent infections.

Some problems are solved very easily with iodine 

There is a wide range of diseases and ailments Lugol's solution treats. In addition to the aforementioned ailments it relieves migraines, and is good for diabetes. Its application is manifold.

It helps even for brittle nails and dry skin, which is confirmed by the experience of many consumers.

The solution is excellent as a cure for baldness. Every evening gently rub on the critical areas, where your hair is thinning.

It is best applied along with vitamins and antioxidants. For a better effect take B2 and B3 since they will help the metabolism of iodine. Use magnesium and selenium which will further speed up the detoxification of the body.

It is excellent for skin problems

If you suffer from acne or dermatitis use Lugol's solution.

Use with eczema:
  • 2 drops three times a day rub into the skin, repeat the procedure for two days. You will feel a little tingling sensation. Next apply olive oil mixed with vitamin E capsule.

In short term it disinfects wounds and heals acne scars.

Are you are of the fact: 
  • Iodine is excellent in killing bacteria and viruses. Heat the water to 20 degrees Celsius and after ten minutes of all pathogens will be destroyed!

User experience with Lugol's solution

We bring you a positive experience of Ms. J.T.
I used various preparations in order to raise the immune system and strengthen the body. From childhood I was sickly. Recently, I felt some unexplained fatigue. Upon the recommendation of friends, I began to use Lugol's iodine (solution). Now I have more energy and I do not remember when the last time I went to the doctor’s office was.
My experiences have been very good and I recommend this preparation to everybody. J.T.

Does it cause some side effects?

Allergy to iodine is extremely rare. Therefore, Lugol's solution causes minimum side effects. In case you start to apply it and you notice a skin rash, redness or difficulty in breathing - stop using the products. Just in case contact your doctor.

Iodine is normally ejected out of the body with fluids, and with the termination of the use dose is gradually reduced.

Excess iodine, or excessive intake is also extremely rare. To cause poisoning it is necessary to enter even 1500 mcg of iodine, and the lethal dose is twice as high. Possible consequences of the surplus are arrhythmia, reduced secretion of thyroid and nervousness.

Where to buy iodine solution and price in pharmacies?

Lugol's solution is not expensive if you consider its wide range of applications. Shelf life is about a year. One vial used as a dietary supplement and will last you for about five months.

You can buy it online or some better quipped pharmacy stores.

This text is only for informative purposes.

Although the recommended doses are very small do not exceed permissible limits of iodine intake and ask for more information from a professional. The doctor will know best on how to use Lugol's solution.

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