Solar Yoga | watching the sun | Sun gazing


Solar Yoga or sun gazing is the process of looking at the sun, which at the beginning requires that we take only ten seconds a day, and as we progress the time period increases and benefits increase. Watching the sun or the source of all life on Earth, allows each of us to experience real psychophysical rebirth. How was sun gazing method developed and how it applies in practice, find out in this article.


Solar yoga or sun gazing is the technique of filling the body with solar energy, which in recent years has gripped the whole world, mostly thanks to Hira Ratan Manek, and it proved to be a big hit for overall healthy body. This Indian claims that he lives exclusively from sunlight and that for decades he was not taking food and water. The official science has confirmed his statement and in the meantime new cases like Manek’s are being discovered. What is a good news of course is that the modern - the official medicine somewhat slightly moved towards the alternative, Ayurveda and other Eastern methods and is more accepting of these methods. Of course this is far from the whole of the story, but the appreciation towards natural healing, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and even though Sun yoga tells us that things are moving in that direction. For the pharmaceutical industry things are a little different, but now we will not bother you with them since we do not want to spoil the mood. Ono what is most important in the entire story with Sun gazing is that a growing number of those who claim that they using these methods addressed a variety of health problems, which prompted us to write about this topic.


Sun gazing therapy is practiced an hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. It is necessary to choose appropriate and pleasant place from which the sun is best seen and stand barefoot on the ground, rock or sand, but you should avoid damp and wet surfaces. If there is no possibility that the solar yoga is performed outdoors you can watch the sun from the apartment, but in that case the effects will be much weaker than usual. Be sure to remove glasses or contact lenses when applying this method since otherwise there will be no effect. The first day try to watch the sun for just ten seconds, and then daily extend the time for additional five seconds. After this you should close your eyes for some time while you can still see colors and images. A key factor when viewing the sun is consciousness that is, consciously absorbing sunlight and understanding this process. That is why people who are "unconsciously" exposed to sunlight, do not achieve the effects of solar yoga. Sun therapy will in the first three months significantly reduce tension, increase optimism, eliminate psychosis and depression and stress, and will lead you to the perfect balance of the mind. Constant watching of the sun is the next stage for a period of half an hour, when physical illness disappears because the brain has already reached all the colors of the solar spectrum to ensure the proper functioning of the internal organs. Solar yoga is not a joke and only gradual training and understanding of the methods can achieve this, otherwise any forcing and exaggeration will not bring results. Auto suggestion is very important in practicing sun gazing and it is reflected through visualizing healing of some diseases. The retina of the eye is the only place in the human body where blood directly contacts the light. During the 45 minutes all the blood from the body will pass through the eye, while watching the sun this precious liquid is exposed to medicinal effects of the source of life.


It is known that all life energy comes from sunlight that enters the eye and stimulates the pineal gland, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body and is a key factor in the creation of vitamin D, which helps create protein (an integral part of muscle cells), provides elasticity of blood vessels and prevents them-closure, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, and therefore heart attack. Solar yoga and watching the sun provides huge amounts of this vitamin of which bone health depends on, because vitamin D helps the absorption of minerals calcium, which is responsible for the strength of the skeleton. In addition, it has a very important role in the functioning of the nervous system, strengthens concentration, helping us to cope with the stress and stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Recent studies have shown that this vitamin contributes to maintaining optimal body weight because it provides the exchange of sugar and fat, causing a faster burning of calories and fat loss. The results of recent scientific studies have shown that it prevents the uncontrolled division of cells and slows the growth of malignant tissue, blocking the formation of blood vessels that supply the tumor with blood. The effectiveness of vitamin D has been demonstrated in cases of breast cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid gland, intestines and stomach. The solar yoga is more than desirable in this case.


For solar yoga to strengthen its effects and action recommended is the use of solar water which has a beneficial effect towards the whole organism, the recipe is made in a very simple way. Fill water glass bottle and leave it to stand for at least five hours in the sun, cover the glass cup, on the ground, not on the grass which prevents filling of the bottle with energy. Solar water should be drunk immediately after preparation, and can be applied to the diseased part of the body or used as a massage. It turned out that this energized water soothes inflammation of the skin, removes pimples, and reduces wrinkles. People have used colored light since ancient times for therapeutic purposes. Also special rooms with colored glass windows were designed, to give the desired spectrum of light to be used in therapy. Each color has its own field of action:
  • Red is used in the treatment of pimples and rashes on the skin, 
  • orange in the fight against cellulite and wrinkles
  • yellow solar water in addition to encouraging optimism, significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • Green soothes irritated skin and changes caused by eczema, while blue one reduces weight,
  • purple solar water is effective for the lymphatic system, and is excellent for removal of excess fluid from the body.


Solar yoga intrigued many people in the world, who started using it. Yes sun gazing is not some fabrication, marketing and passing trend and proof of this can be found on forums about natural healing, as well as videos on YouTube. Experiences are generally positive but there are also some negative ones but in much smaller numbers and are usually transient in character. Important note: Solar yoga can only be applied with experiences practitioners every individual sun watching without consultation can severely damage your health and harm your eyes. Practitioner will give detailed instructions when and how to look at the sun, and what are the safest hours to look at the sun (the time when a person is protected from the most powerful brightness, because it is extremely dangerous to the eyes). The time that is safe to freely look into the sun, is the hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset ... In both cases sun gazing is doable, but again it all depends from an individual.


Do not just stare at the sun - it is very dangerous for your vision, and you can even circle around the sun, what is important is contact of retina to sun rays - says H. R. Manek. Sometimes due to sun therapy headache occurs and despite the fact that we complied with the instructions, it is necessary to make a break from sun gazing. There is a rare number of participants that have major problems with insomnia when it is also necessary to take a break. What is extremely important is that after each viewing of the sun you keep your eyes closed, rub your palms and cover your eyes with them. Do not remove your palms as long as you can see spectrum of colors and images before your eyes. In this way you will achieve faster and better results. Experiences yogis claim that watching the sun leads to immortality, and that only a few months of sun therapy separates us from liberation of all physical and mental diseases.

If you are intrigued by solar yoga and interested in this article, we encourage you to further educate yourself and get professional literature, follow exact instructions and find many sources online. Do not start the practice on your own because it can be dangerous. Use your web browser to find additional information about it and inform yourself.