Natural cure for hoarseness of throat

How to treat a sore throat naturally

Hoarseness or throat or dysphonia, is unpleasant roughness, loss of vocal strength and sometimes loss of voice (aphonia). During the speech, the vocal cords are approaching towards each other, and the air that is going out of the lungs causes them to vibrate, which produces a sound that we hear. If for some reason our vocal cords cannot come together, a change of voice occurs. What causes hoarseness and how to treat this problem naturally, find out in the article.

Throat hoarseness; Causes

For this disorder responsible are numerous pathogens such as influenza and colds, laryngitis (sore throat) and pharyngitis (inflammation of the larynx), consumption of hot and soft drinks, singing, loud speech, frequent stay in smoky or dusty rooms and the like. Hoarseness of the throat in most cases goes away easy with the therapy that includes teas and patches. If these symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, when the common situation is loss of voice, and pains and scratchy throat appears in everyday speech or there are difficulties with swallowing saliva, be sure to contact a specialists if this occurs. Chronic hoarseness in children and adults can be caused by weakened vocal cords, as well as their frequent inflammations. Even though rare, for hoarseness in adults, the cause may be a tumor of vocal cords and larynx, which are in a group of very difficult and complex diseases. In elderly person hoarse voice can be caused due to gastric reflux, when through the esophagus stomach acid returns, which further irritates our vocal cords.
Sore throat; TREATMENT

For hoarseness of the throat it is very important to constantly moist the mucous membranes and do not allow throat to be dry which is achieved by consuming liquids in larger quantities (at least 6 glasses of non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverages a day) and moistening the air. It is necessary to "chill" the voice, avoid sudden changes in temperature, smoking cigarettes and stay in very smoky environments. As soon as you notice hoarse voice, stop singing, yelling and loud speech because you will only worsen your problem. Recommended is the intake of foods rich in folic acid, vitamins A, B, C, D and E, flavonoids, iron, magnesium and zinc, avoiding very hot and spicy foods, coffee, alcohol and refined carbohydrates, which are particularly harmful. It is recommended that at least once a day you eat a clove of garlic. If hoarseness of throat lasts longer than two weeks or if a complete loss of voice occurs, then you definitely need to visit a specialist - because there is a possibility that it is a more difficult disease of throat, when you need to make a detailed medical examination.

Natural remedy for sore throat

As an outstanding natural cure for hoarseness and a real mine of vitamins recommended is black currant. It contains large amounts of vitamin C, a powerful and exceptional antioxidant that prevents the emergence of a large number of infections, but also many other diseases. Is rich in vitamins B1, PP, and carotene, and iron, potassium, citric, apple and other organic acids, pectin, tannin and fruit sugar (up to 16%). Phytoncides of black currant have a great effect on staphylococcus, while black currant tincture has even ten times higher antibacterial activity of tetracyclines, biomicin, penicillin, and other antibiotics.

Black currants tea recipe:
  • Mash a tablespoon of dried currants, pour 3 dl of cold water, shortly boil and immediately remove from heat. Leave it covered for up to ten minutes, then strain the liquid well and sweeten with a teaspoon of domestic honey. Black currant tea is drunk while still warm, two to four times during the day.

These sour-sweet berries are an exceptional multi-vitamin pills and energy bombs, which will calm the inflammation, strengthen the immune system and nerves, and mitigate all the problems with vocal cords, including hoarseness of throat.


Beverages that should be consumed to alleviate hoarse voice, should calm the cough, because the presence of secretions in the throat, can also cause hoarseness or even loss of voice for a longer period.
  • Tea made from onion against hoarseness: Cut into four parts a head of onion and let it sit in boiled water for about ten minutes. Afterwards onion tea is strained and drink while still warm.
  • Tea made from mallow: Two teaspoons of chopped dry root of mallow pour with 2.5 dl of boiling water, leave it covered for about ten minutes to stand and sweeten with homemade honey. This drink is best drunk two to three times a day, not more than that.
  • Tea made from flax seeds against hoarseness: Two teaspoons of flax seeds cover with cold water, and leave to stand for at least half an hour with occasional gentle stirring. Tea made from flax seeds strain, slightly warm it up and drink it like that. Drink from two to five cups of tea during the day and you will significantly alleviate hoarseness of throat.

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