Meteopath; symptoms and treatment

Are you a meteopath and how are you affected by weather changes?

People affected by weather changes are on the increase and only in Europe it is considered that almost 30 percent of the population suffers from this condition. According to some reports the number in recent years has been increasing to an even 50%. What causes meteoric headaches, dizziness, irritability and insomnia, find out below.

Who are meteopaths?

Remember when you accused weather change for you moodiness, nervousness, irritability, and other health problems. Sometimes it may have been the only excuse, but that the weather really affect people, has always been know. Even Hippocrates in his writings wrote that in certain weather situations we should not take knife in our hands. In the seaside it was recorded that there was a significantly higher number of crimes when the winds from the south occurred. When the changes of weather are sudden and frequent, the only mitigating circumstance is if you are not meteopath, but then you would be among the rare ones. Every fifth person is affected with this problem (and this is a large number of people) can have a very adverse symptoms that impair the everyday life. One of the causes for the emergence of a growing number of these phenomena are more frequent and longer stays in enclosed, air-conditioned rooms, without contact with the nature. In such conditions the body simply forgets how to cope with weather changes. Meteopaths are usually educated people who spend their everyday lives sitting in the office, as opposed to the less educated that work mostly outdoors.

Meteopath; SYMPTOMS

In most cases, symptoms occur a day or two before the change of time and can last 24-48 hours. Strong headache, joint pain and aching bones, feeling that the body is not yours, fatigue and problems with lack of sleep - many of these symptoms are familiar to meteopaths. Chronic patients are most affected. Changes of time influence to a large extent general mood of people - namely, they become nervous, excitable bothered by insomnia and the like. That these are not mere speculation and traditional beliefs connected to time with human health, tells us the fact biometeorology was created as a separate part of meteorology. Sudden change in mood is very often associated with bio prognosis. Weather changes affect all people just before the arrival of a strong front when pressure drops significantly, strong wind starts blowing and there is a presence of high humidity and heat. This is an extremely unfavorable WEATHER FORECAST to meteopaths and certainly they should be careful. As the situation changes in the atmosphere, it also changes in our brain. In the midst of a passing cyclone the brain increasingly secretes ACHT or stress hormone and simultaneously releases less endorphins, a hormone that acts as a natural painkiller. Because of this our defense capabilities of the organism are declining, but also our mood. With drastic changes of weather there is an increased number of heart attacks and strokes, since blood clots are easier to form, while persons who have problems with peptic ulcers are at a higher risk of bleeding.


For meteopath best prevention is spending time in nature for at least an hour in all weather conditions. All who are forced to work in a closed environment are more often affected and cranky. Our body reacts violently to any type of stress, the one caused by the change of weather cannot be avoided, and although no one disputes this there are people who regardless of their age, illness and problems watch weather changes with a smile on their face. Make an effort and allow yourself to be such a person as this is by far the best prevention not only for a good mood but also for your overall health. To be a meteopath is not so tragic, if you know how to deal with it. The weather forecast report by itself may be counterproductive, people see it on television, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, and thus directly harm themselves because they start to feel bad, and there is an old saying "any knowledge is a disease," agrees with our story. Ailments felt by meteopaths affect about 30 percent of people, but in addition to the obvious effects that cause drastic changes in the weather, there are many invisible health impacts that are caused by abrupt climate changes.


One of the prerequisites when you are a meteopath is to regularly monitor the weather, so that you can help yourself, here are some useful tips for you:
  • In case you there is a change of weather, strong wind, the rapid convergence of the clouds, teas can be used to relax nerves and muscles, as well as curative Ginseng. These natural teas are most effective with the transition from autumn to winter.
  • Meteopath should always have on hand chamomile tea, hawthorn and linden because it will reduce nerve irritability and tension. If you drink some of these teas, after seven days you will feel relaxed. Physical activity is simply necessary, stretching exercises especially because it will make your muscles and nerve elastic and much more resistant to changes in weather and climate fluctuations that may occur. 
  • Breathe in slowly lavender oil - a few drops a day, will relax you and clear your head.
  • Tea made from valerian is one of the finest natural beverages for the treatment of insomnia, ideal for meteopaths who have a problem with lack of sleep, be sure to use it.
  • In case of heavy fog and high humidity, chronically ill especially suffer primarily people suffering from asthma. If this is your case do not go out, stay warm and drink teas from angelica, ginseng because it improves better blood circulation.
  • Do not warm yourself too much in cold weather, because it will slow down your circulation. Make an effort that the temperature in the living room is about 20 degrees if you are a meteopath. In addition to intense headache, high temperature in the rooms can weaken your immune system, because the mucous membranes are far more susceptible to infections in a warm conditions and reacts badly to a large temperature difference.

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