Lower back pain in women

Lower back pain - lumbago

Lower back pain in women and men is a very uncomfortable condition that cannot be removed easily with a "magic wand", but certain exercises for the lower back can certainly help and fix things. Lumbago in most cases does not last longer than a few days, but when we are afflicted with this trouble, all we want is to speed up the recovery and return to our normal everyday life.

In this article we will give you more useful tips and exercises that will significantly improve the situation in the short term.

Lower back pain; CAUSES

You bowed down to lift your child or put some things away - and you felt strong, penetrating pain in the lower back. The exact cause of this condition is most often not possible to determine precisely, but it is known that the problem originated in the structural parts of the spine - intervertebral discs and joints (facet joints), sacroiliac joints (between the pelvis and the spine) or the surrounding muscles and ligaments. The problem is much more common in obese people, smokers with weakened muscle structure.

Often cause of these problems is tearing fibrous ring at the periphery of the intervertebral disc and the emergence of disk herniation. Pain in the lower back afflict as many as 4 out of 5 people in adulthood least once in their life. It should be noted that this is a symptom and not a disease that causes various factors.
They can be divided into acute and chronic. Back pain that lasts up to 90 days is considered an acute condition, and all over that is considered to be a chronic problem. In both cases it is essential to contact your doctor, in order to make a diagnosis and give adequate therapy.

In many ways you can actively relieve the pain at home, there are excellent exercises for the lower back, which are primarily very good prevention and you should practice them every day.

What are the parts of our lower back?

We believe that anyone who occasionally suffers from any form of lumbago is wondering "how something like this can hurt so much", and believe us many known this feeling, they felt themselves. It can be very uncomfortable pain in the lower back and abdomen.

What does not suit to out body and favors the emergence of this problem is in the first place is weight increase in stomach are and increased number of kilograms or hard physical work, which includes daily lifting larger loads and unavoidable stress that modern life imposes. Our lumbar area - lower back is not immune to all of this, even on the contrary it is very delicate. Their complex array structure consists of:
  • Five lumbar vertebrae that connect our pelvis to the upper part of the spine.
  • Six discus that protect our vertebrae and absorb all incoming blows.
  • Nerves and spinal cord that conduct impulses in our muscles from the brain and their role is most similar to the "power cables".
  • Small joints that make sure everything functions properly and maintain both stability and mobility.
  • Ligaments and muscles without which the function of our spine is unthinkable, because they give us the strength and also provide stability.

When severe pain occurs in the lower back and spine, some therapists advise strict rest and exemption from any possible physical activity, or if the symptoms do not subside after 72 hours of sleep, be sure to contact a qualified person that can give you accurate diagnosis and determine your therapy.

On the other hand there are other approaches to this problem, where lying in bed or just resting is the worst choice for you. Our task is to mention both of these methods in treatment.

How to treat lower back pain without the use of drugs?

We use this opportunity to share with you some great advice, which can significantly reduce existing problems.

Apply cold or warm compresses on your back

According to the latest information, you should put cold compresses, although pain and tension in the back is often relieves with heated compresses or the usage of other things (shower or hot water bottle, or warm blanket).

Do not lie in bed, dead like if you do not have to 

By no means do not stay in bed, unless the pain is very very sharp, then it is advisable that you contact a urologist, because of a possible kidney infection or kidney stones started to form or move.

In other cases, bed rest generally leads to a deterioration in general condition and reduction of mobility. We need therefore to continue with daily activities while avoiding those painful positions, and sitting to long.

Contact a chiropractor in your city
  • This treatment is not painful, and in 80 percent of patients, back pain disappears after the first session.

Exercises for the back with Pilates ball

Before doing so, be sure to have a good massage and focus on the muscles on either side of the spine and gently rub them, and then use a large Pilates ball. Sit on the big ball and with slow movements of a leg draw circles on the floor about ten centimeters in diameter. This "soft" and slow movement mobilizes the pelvis and relaxes the muscles along the spine and this is especially recommended for lower back pain in middle aged women.

Wonderful grapple plant
  • "Devil's claw" – grapple plant, has a strong anti-inflammatory properties. You can use it in the form of a gel, tablet or ampoule.

Several exercises will greatly help to alleviate the pain in the lower back and regain the mobility of your body.

Exercises for the lower back

Exercise significantly reduces pain in the lower back, but before applying these exercises consult your doctor, especially if there is a risk of disk herniation. Do exercises on the floor mat or thick towel, and if you feel any pain, stop immediately exercises for stretching your back and all similar types of activities.
  1. The position of the sphinx: Lie face down you forearms on the floor. Lift your upper back. Stay in this position until the pain in your lower back mitigates.
  2. Curled up and lying down: Lie on your back with both hands and knees and pull to your chest. Your lower back face the floor. Stay in this position for about a minute.
  3. Straighten up and relaxed: In a standing position, pulling the ankle joint, tighten the large muscles of the front thigh muscles and relax your back muscles. This comfortable position slightly stretches the back muscles and eliminate the pain in the lower back.
  4. Stretched out on back: Lie on your back, with your left hand, take the outer part of the knee and gently pull on the left side - you will feel a tug in the area of ​​the buttocks. Stay for twenty seconds or some in this position and then do the same thing with other foot: Repeat three to four times with both feet.
  5. Flat on back with bent legs - these are excellent lower back exercises: lie on your back bend your legs at the hips and the knees are at a right angle, flat on the floor. This position relaxes the back muscles.

In addition to alleviating the uncomfortable pain in the lower back in women, this is also an excellent exercise for stretching the spine in both sexes even during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you can apply these exercises with the approval of your doctor.

For back pain a general recommendation is that you do swimming. It also relaxes and strengthens our back muscles and is ideal for all of us that are bothers by pain in the lower part of the back. It stands that you need to have proper swimming technique, otherwise this will not help you. It is desirable to hire an instructor to draw your attention to the most important things and give you the necessary advice.

It is best to use swimming goggles, pads, vests in order to get your body in an ideal position. When the technique is mastered, this equipment will not be necessary. There is a whole program of exercises to strengthen the muscles in the back, which will also relax and help with problems such as unpleasant pain in the lower back.

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