How to use a zeolite mineral


Zeolite mineral very successfully neutralizes hazardous materials and toxins that we are exposed to in our everyday life. When you take into account that today's experts - toxicologists define the current state of our environment as very toxic, with the intensive analysis of soil, air and food, this mineral presents a real treasure and boon for our health. Bellow learn how to use zeolite for human consumption, what are its medicinal properties, where to find it and how is it used in agriculture and other things.


Zeolite mineral is of volcanic origin, originates in ancient times during volcanic eruptions when the lava came in contact with water from the ocean and water from underground rivers and streams. This mineral has a lattice structure with exceptional characteristics, and it was applied in the ancient civilizations of India, China and Russia as a way to improve the general health. Zeolite in medicine today is used as a complementary therapy, since it is not a drug but a supplement that improves health, specifically reinforces the natural functions of our organism. Today we know that the zeolite clinoptilolite is an extraordinary detoxifier and even better antioxidant which preserves, protects and improves our immune system. Zeolite ​​in agriculture also achieved outstanding results, namely, if it is added to the soil, it will improve the yield, fruit will becoming healthier and larger than usual , as confirmed by the experience of farmers, on numerous national portals that talk about zeolite as fertilizer. Granulated zeolite is environmentally friendly fertilizer, also used in livestock production, because it is given to the animals, which are in turn far healthier and live longer. Zeolite ​​mineral successfully solves the problems with aflatoxin in cow's milk, if added as a food supplement to these animals.


Zeolite clinoptilolite can be an excellent use in agriculture, livestock industry, construction, and what we are most interested in is improving the health of human beings. Structure of zeolite acts like a honeycomb in its cavities, due to differences in electric charge it can attract heavy metals, pesticides as well as biological causes of diseases. As we mentioned in the introduction we live in a toxic world and literary we are exposed to tens of thousands of toxic substances, every day. Laboratory findings show us that even children are born with over 200 different toxins in their blood before they are generally exposed to the outside world. Today there are various therapies especially in alternative medicine, in which prospective parents before they decide to have children start to use natural zeolite mineral, in order to completely clean of toxins. Todays practice shows that the body takes up to six months to expel toxins with the help of zeolite and to completely detoxify and remove heavy metals. Natural medicine believes that diseases occur due to intoxication and inappropriate diet. It is interesting that complementary medicine is very popular in the world today, so today we can successfully mix traditional natural and conventional medicine, which is nowadays happening in Mexico, Cuba and Russia. In this way it is possible to include zeolite mineral and practice it as a complementary medicine.


Not so long ago zeolite mineral was used exclusively in agriculture, water treatment or as an additive in food. From the mid-70s (last century) its other hidden and magical powers for body detoxification and treatment have been discovered. This mineral is rich with trace elements such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. It has an extraordinary ability to eliminate toxins and fully absorb them, and in this way it is used to remove lead, arsenic, mercury, aflatoxin, pesticides, nicotine, various carcinogenic substances, and yeast alcohol from our body. Zeolite ​​mineral balances the relation between the acid and base environment in the middle of our organism that is it establishes the perfect pH balance of the whole organism. This is an extremely important information, given that it is known that cancer cells as well as many dangerous viruses simply thrive in acidic environment which is a prerequisite for the toughest ailments. Zeolite ​​clinoptilolite is one of the most powerful antioxidants, effectively eliminating free radicals from the body and activates specific p21 gene that is known to effectively stop tumor progression. With patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, it eliminates unpleasant ailments such as nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and severe headache and therefore stops weight loss, and enables much faster recovery. It has a positive effect on our nervous system, helps with senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease and autism. It eases the symptoms in asthmatics and provides an even better prevention for allergies because it has hypoallergenic properties (effectively neutralizing challengers that is causes of allergy. You can purchase it in tablet, liquid form and as zeolite powder.


What most of you are interested in is how the zeolite mineral is prepared and dosed. We use this opportunity to give you a simple recipe, completely safe and harmless for human consumption, which will in many ways improve your immunity, detoxify your body and help protect and strengthen overall health. Here is how we drink zeolite powder:
  • During the day take up to 15 grams of micronized zeolite mixed with 2 dl of water. I would be best to take zeolite with a wooden spoon and with the same stir it in a glass. Thus prepared potion of zeolite is completely harmless and above all safe to use.

This drink can facilitate the state of impaired health and improve it. It would be interesting to see zeolite mineral being increasingly introduced as a regular drink during the day to people which would lead to people detoxifying from everything that affected them in the last 20-25 years. It has been scientifically proven that zeolite as a drug can lead to big health improvements.


Zeolite mineral contributes to the improvement of health in people, there were cases when it was administered to people in a very critical state of health, in cancer, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, where there has been a significant improvement after the use of zeolite. GMO food and toxic dusts which we are daily exposed to are the main causes of these diseases. In our environment (due to the time in which we live) we cannot know what kind of agents and pathogens we are exposed to, and in this case one extra preparation, diet supplement that is zeolite clinoptilolite is more than welcome. Patients suffering from cancer after undergoing therapy with zeolite showed significant improvements. Also in the center "tree of life" which is in Arizona, zeolite mineral is introduced as a regular therapy for the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. In the treatment of these diseases in addition to the introduction of natural organic food, cleaning of body with micronized zeolite is also performed. Results are very good and promising.


Zeolite mineral is thoroughly examined by the relevant world health authorities and its use as an adjuvant in the treatment of various health problems is approved, safe, and proven not to cause side effects, contraindications and adverse effects on human organism. As soon as you drink the beverage, within six to eight hours, without any delay accumulated toxins are excreted through the urine. Important note: after using the drink, drink more fluids, avoid the use of other drugs, and if you have to do it (if you are on a therapy) create a gap of 4 to 6 hours between a medicine and zeolite. Asian women use zeolite in pregnancy as well as during breast feeding. Latest research confirms that zeolite mineral protects the baby in the mother's womb, primarily from the harmful effects of toxins, which over the years have piled up in the mother's body. If you are pregnant we definitely recommend consulting a doctor who follows you and the baby on the use of zeolite. Also it is recommended to use it after childbirth, during breastfeeding, etc..


There are a number of specialized stores and pharmacies who sell zeolite for human consumption. Zeolite ​​mineral can be easily ordered online. Always make sure that the seller has an authorized certificate for sale of this mineral. Today all sorts of scams are possible, such is the world we live in, so be careful.

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