How to remove fat tissue


The fat tissue on the head, neck, arm, under the armpits is a benign arthritis that can occur in any age. Medical term is lipomas. In addition, atheromas may occur which may appear as small sub-jets or nodes. Their dimensions range from a few millimeters to a few inches when visible skin changes occur, then dermatologists can help you.

Sometimes lipoma - the fat tissue only appears in one place as an individual change, although they are quite often linked and are found on our bodies in many places and cause a lot of inconvenience for us. What is the real reason for the formation of lipoma, modern science has not yet established, although an important factor is genetics, while excess kilograms and increased fat in the blood are not considered to be major agents in its formation.


Fat tissue on the body can, besides different shapes and locations, have a different color. The first type we mention is the most common in small babies. This almost mysterious kind of fat works like a muscle, which means that it successfully burns calories even when we are at peace.

What is certainly a very interesting fact is that for years scientists have believed that brown fatty tissue is only found in babies, but the latest research suggests that a good part of this fat tissue is also found in the body of an adults.
The latest research shows that intervals of aerobic physical activity triggers the release of the iris hormone, which allows the conversion of white fat to brown. No one says you have to resort to the inability to create this positive effect - it's enough for 10 to 15 minutes of activity every day to make this process go smoothly.

Any retention of fat in the body is not desirable, because it can endanger our health in the long run.

What is visceral fat tissue?

This type of lipoma is best not to have, because it does the most damage to our health in general. Fat tissue in the kidney or other internal body is not good. Scientists are not entirely sure why it is harmful, but one thing is more than certain: the visceral tissue triggers the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, as well as cytokines, which adversely affect the production of insulin.

The effects are worse than those caused by overweight problems and include increased risk of type 2 diabetes and a number of heart diseases. Yet another interesting fact is encouraging and that is that aerobic activity easily melts visceral adipose tissue. The latest research goes farther and deeper into these issues.

As to the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease is not enough, American scientists have recently found that people with higher amounts of visceral tissue are exposed to an increased risk of bone loss. See article osteoporosis. It is believed that hormones from the abdominal fat, such as cortisol, degrades bones.

How dangerous is white fat tissue? 

They make most of the fat in our body. However, this is good news, because the white adipose tissue under the skin plays a role of protection and shock absorber (for example, when you get hit or fall). In addition, it is produced by a protein adiponectin that facilitates the regulation of insulin.

It is interesting that the final number of cells of white fat that is determined even in childhood. This means that when we gain body weight it does not increase the number of these cells, but they just expand- Recent studies have shown that in most women fat accumulates in the hips and legs. However, when women approach the menopause, fat cells and white are starting to spread around the stomach.

Researchers long they did not know why it happens, and then the American scientists (study Mayo Clinic) found that decline and lack of estrogen activates certain proteins in the body that stimulate and creates fat on stomach. Now we come to sensitive issue – cellulite.

This is normally the old white adipose tissue under the skin, which has a protective role. It looks like orange peel because it enacts pressure on the connective tissue, which is manifested with “holes" on the skin. Cellulite can be seen even on slim person, because its appearance is based largely on genetic predisposition.

The recent analysis of existing methods to remove cellulite has shown that some of them actually work (reducing the volume of the thigh by half a centimeter). But physical activity is certainly more efficient, primarily to prevent this problem, and then the reduction of cellulite. This is partly due to enlargement of muscle mass.

Remove fat naturally - Recipes

If you are asking yourself how to remove adipose tissue without the use of scalpels and other medical supplies you are in the right place. The most common recommendation of doctors is just surgery which is performed in general hospitals or in private clinics. Other methods are removal of lipoma with laser or radio waves and the like.

What you need to know is that there are absolute no guarantees that fat tissue will not come back after the intervention. However it is recommended that the diagnosis is done by a professional, because sometimes surgery and other listed methods are not necessary, especially if lipomas do not cause some problems or if they are small.

Dermatologists then recommend, natural methods of treatment. One recipe whose effectiveness is no longer questioned helped many patients and that is a mixture of honey and flour.


Make a smooth mixture with flour and honey and apply on the fat tissue. Preferably, in layers of up to 0.5 to 1 cm. Over which you place a paper napkin, handkerchief or gauze so the mixture would is not stuck on your clothes. Now it is needed to keep this natural cure for fat for precisely 36 hours and after that apply a new mixture.

The overall therapy should be done until you replace the mixture 5 times (7-8 days). Then improvements and visible results can be seen because the accumulated fat will burst and all the pus will leak out.

Recipe No. 2:

There are numerous recommendations of folk medicine for this problem, and one will be very strange and that is a bee sting. Members of the older generation can certainly remember this recipe when it comes to the elimination of fat tissue on hands, legs or stomach. It requires two bee stings directly to the affected area, after which it will disappear in week.

How to do this? With appropriate tweezers catch a bee and turn it to the location of the fat and let it sting. We believe that you already feel the pain while reading these lines, but the sting is not so painful. This certainly should not be applied by people who are allergic because it may cause very serious complications, then hospitalization is required.

Recipe no. 3

It is necessary to enter as much selenium through meals to prevent the occurrence of lipoma.
More information in the article: what foods are rich in selenium?

Recipe No.4

This recipe was sent by our reader J.M. which successfully removed fat tissue on her wrist. Mix the yolk with two large tablespoons of salt. Apply the mixture on the affected area up to 4 times a day. Keep doing this until the fat tissue disappears.

Recipe no. 5

Propolis drops are applied on the disputed area for several days and fat tissue will soon disappear.