Diet with eggs quickly and efficiently removes excess weight

Fast diet with eggs - menu and experience

You need to urgently get into a tight black dress? Friend’s wedding is in a week, but your body does not cooperate. Favorite jeans are thrown somewhere in the closet, because you cannot button them? You are saving them for the time when you lose weight? Definitely you need a quick diet with eggs, with the results that are immediately visible.

If all this sounds familiar, it's the time for action!

This instantaneous diet has a fairly balanced food regime and it solves the excess weight problem in a very short time. It melts fat deposits on the stomach and hips in just seven days. Do not panic, you will not starve but will apply different combinations that eliminate fat quickly and efficiently.

If you want to know how to get rid of excess weight in the short term, stay with us and read our advice on how to lose weight.

Diet with eggs and why choose it?

Studies have shown during the winter, on average, we gain weight, at least two kilograms. We are tucked in a warm home, we are moving less and we are eating anything and everything. The main prop is our remote control, which is certainly not good.

So, spring is a time when not only sleeping nature awakens, but also our conscience. During the cold winter months, you were left to being lazy and enjoy the tasty delicacies.

You need a solution urgently!

Fast diet with boiled eggs offers you just that - an efficient seven-day weight loss program. During it you will not starve, even on the contrary there is a whole list of the foods that you will love.

Did you know that eggs cause satiety and burning of calories at the same time?

It sounds unbelievable but with this diet you will certainly lose at least 3 kg in 7 days! Fast diet with eggs has a unique menu. It is designed to meet the needs of your body for healthy foods.

You will get enough protein, vitamins and valuable minerals. Nutrition was formed in a manner that reduces caloric intake, but of course not at the expense of health.

The basic rules of a fast diet

This method of weight loss is generally defined as one of the diets without carbohydrates. Although it is perhaps more accurate to say that this is the diet in which their intake is minimized.

7 days egg diet appears in many variants. In some are allowed even small amounts of sugar and starch. For example it is not forbidden to eat some toast bread or potato salad.

What is common to all these versions is to avoid carbohydrates and increase protein intake. Diet with boiled eggs is one of the high-protein diets.

Below see the example of a seven-day menu and a list of permitted and prohibited foods.

When it comes to diet with eggs dietary regimen is so balanced that it gives you the most energy in the morning. Breakfast should provide energy and nourish the cells. As the day goes on calorie intake is reduced. In this way, the menu is adapted to the natural functions of the body.

Surely you've heard of a diet with eggs and orange, and then with grapefruit, meat, hot dogs, and there is a variant with yogurt. Some last 7, some 15 days. Some are less rigorous, and some more.

Let us say that diet with eggs and hot dogs does not belong to the healthy diet. The basic rule of healthy weight is to eat food that is not treated in any way! They are harmful to health and do not support the principles of this method.

Boiled eggs for weight loss and health

Particularly popular and sought after is diet with boiled eggs. In this case, for breakfast we always eat boiled egg, for lunch some lean meats and for dinner fish and vegetable salad.

Boiled eggs for weight loss are always a better option than fried as they are free of harmful fat. However, even this method of weight loss is not so good for overall health. It is demanding to the human body, so it is not really advisable.

There is also a diet with eggs that lasts for 15 days
  • Our recommendation is to go slowly and be moderate in everything.

If you want to reduce more kilos take a break of at least two weeks and repeat the process. Diet with eggs that lasts for 15 days may sound even more attractive due to greater weight loss. However, we believe that the same is not good for your body. The changes should be carried out slowly for a healthier way to lose weight.

The menu that we have compiled for you should be approached as a springboard to go even further. The weight you lose will be a kind of motivation. They certainly will not be return, but only under the condition that you have changed your lifestyle habits.

Why do we give up carbohydrates?

Without carbohydrates organism could survive. They give the body energy for all internal processes, in particular, are essential for brain health.

We divide them into:

Simple carbs - sugars

They are found in fruit and in the form of refined sugar in biscuits, sweets, jams. They quickly raise blood glucose levels, but is also lower it. If the body does not need energy, and we give him it carbohydrates, it will begin to settle them in the form of fat!

Complex carbs - starch

It is located in bananas, peas, beans, integral pasta. It is recommended that the largest intake of carbohydrates is from this group. Of course, they should be consumed after physical activity when the body really needs it. Excessive consumption of the same also leads to obesity.

Why does the eggs diet reduce them? 

Our specific goal is to lose weight in a relatively short time. A week is not a period in which their reduced intake can hurt the body. Carbohydrates are minimized because they are the most common cause of obesity. So let us state that diet with eggs is not completely devoid of sugar and starch. Their consumption is only significantly reduced.

Why the emphasis on protein?

The word protein means "most important, the first" says a lot by itself. Proteins consist of 20 amino acids that provide important energy to the body. They build and maintain our tissues that is essential for building muscles, hormones, enzymes.

Lose weight healthily with wise food choices

Each diet with eggs should last for at least a week, but not longer than two weeks. Our bodies still need other sources of energy.

Get moving and start with this method of weight loss today.

We have prepared for you a meal plan that will primarily detoxify your body in the short term. By entering vitamins and protein diet with eggs will refresh your body that will provide you with a lot of energy.
  • Avoid barbecue, frying and deep frying. Rather opt for blanching, cooking and grilling.
  • When diet comes in questions, egg is best to eat boiled. In the case of omelet use a little butter or only after you added a few drops of unrefined olive oil.
  • Fried eggs, prepare in a way that you will after adding them to the pan cover them. In this way they will be so to speak more diet prone. And of course, you can also eat them raw.

Dietary food recommended with eggs will give you strength and enable active day.

A great motivation for exercising is not it?

It would be ideal if you practiced Five Tibetans with this diet. Yoga shapes your body like no other physical activity. Makes your muscles and your body more mobile, and your body will be more slender. It does not hurt to mention that you will achieve mental balance.

With a combination of diet food and light physical activity you will lose the excess fat in a very short period of time.

It is interesting.
  • English Prince Charles just adores soft boiled eggs. On one occasion he ordered that he be brought for breakfast seven boiled eggs. He hoped that least one of them would be quite what he wants.

What is the composition of one egg? 

The egg is not called in vain a super-food because it has almost all the ingredients necessary for human life. It is one of the healthiest foods in the world.

You are still not convinced that the rapid diet with eggs is right for you - read a few facts about this super food. If you did not like them after this introduction it will surely become your favorite food.

Did you know?
  • The egg contains as much as 15 vitamins and minerals, and only 5 grams of fat.
  • A lot of the protein (they burn fat).
  • Is rich in zinc, which is known for its antidepressant properties.
  • The source of choline which is a very important component of our brain and memory.
  • Contains phospholipids that enhance memory.
  • An excellent source of iron, thus the prevention of anemia.
  • Vitamin D is very important for bone health and teeth also located in this foodstuff.

Our body produces 11 essential amino acids that are essential for proper body functioning. Egg contains 9 of them, is not fantastic?

Nutritional value of eggs

The egg has 72 calories. Consider that the average man in the body enters a day about 1800 calories. You will notice that it really leaves a lot of room for other foods.

There is no room for panic, diet with eggs will not just keep you on this basic foodstuff. There is a lot more other foods ready for eating and with these foods 2-3 eggs a day.

Good cholesterol in eggs

The egg contains 186 milligrams of cholesterol. Although it was previously thought that cholesterol omegol harms the body or causes cardiovascular diseases, today the rules have changed. It was found that even after frequent intake (one to three a day) in the body only cholesterol was slightly increased in the blood. So the introduction of these foods will not significantly affect the level of cholesterol in your body.

Below, read about the difference between good and bad cholesterol.
  • Did you know that the Japanese are a nation that consumes most eggs in a year, even 328 pieces are eaten per person during the year. They are known for their low rate of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

How many eggs a day is recommended to consume?

Eggs for weight loss are the basis of this rapid diet. Although eaten daily, their intake is limited to 4 days. Two pieces for breakfast and sometimes they are consumed during lunch. In this way a safe amount of cholesterol is introduced.
  • The eggs for breakfast are the perfect choice because they provide the necessary energy for an active start to the day.
  • Dinner consists of a little lighter food, mainly from boiled vegetables and salads.

Recipes are dietary and leave plenty of room for modification. You need to strictly follow the list of allowed foods.

Fast diet with eggs aims at melting the accumulated fat. Then it will build muscle mass with the intake of sufficient amounts of protein.

What to eat and what is forbidden?

Diet with eggs that lasts for 7 days has an interesting diet plan. It is based on a protein with an intense intake of vitamins and minerals. However, it has some important rules.

Allowed foods are:
  • Of course, eggs.
  • Chicken, turkey, beef and fish, such as tuna, mackerel or hake.
  • It is advisable to consume all the vegetables. (Tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, onions, cauliflower, spinach, carrot, except the potatoes)
  • From dairy products consume kefir and cheese.
  • It is allowed to drink coffee, tea and mineral water.

Foods that are not recommended:
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates - bread, pasta and potatoes.
  • Beans, soybeans, peas, beans, mushrooms and any other food that can trigger stomach bloating.
  • Fried meat, flour, candy, snacks, soft drinks, alcohol and ice cream.
  • Fruits are also avoided (except lemon, orange and avocado is neutral).

Eggs for weight loss provides plenty of vitamins. But the advice of nutritionists is that with a diet you always use supplements. Especially recommended is additional intake of vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. Or just take some multivitamins.

If you are not a fan artificial vitamins, make yourself a healthy green smoothie. The recipes are different, select your own combination of flavors.

The seven-day menu for diet with eggs

Recipes for tasty dishes with eggs are numerous. This food can be prepared in various ways, which is a big advantage.

At least 15 minutes before breakfast you should drink a glass of lukewarm liquid. In this case, let it be green tea that is full of antioxidants, it helps us to faster lose weight. An excellent choice is lemonade as well.

The menu looks like this:


Breakfast: omelet made from 2 eggs and a little spinach is a very good complement. Vitamin D from eggs helps the absorption of calcium from spinach.
Lunch: vegetable soup, chicken breast and rice.
Dinner: tuna salad and tomato.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, a little bacon and cheese.
Lunch: marinated hake with boiled vegetables.
Dinner: salad of carrots, apples and celery.


Breakfast; 2 boiled eggs + kefir (speeds up metabolism, lowers LDL cholesterol and protect the body from infection).
Lunch: Beef soup, boiled beef from the soup and mashed pumpkin, which is a great substitute for mashed potatoes.
Dinner: A light salad of beetroot.


Breakfast: egg baked in an avocado with your favorite spices.
Lunch: fillet of mackerel with steamed rice, baked in the oven.
Dinner: Vitamin salad.


Breakfast: scrambled two eggs, two integral crisp bread and yogurt (regulates digestion and enhance the intestinal flora).
Lunch: 200 grams of beef with light salad.
Dinner: Salad with carrots.


Breakfast: Tart with eggs.
Lunch: Hake with salad.
Dinner: boiled vegetables.


Breakfast: avocado spread and two boiled egg (cut them into slices and serve)
Lunch: Vegetable soup in which you cooked two eggs
Dinner: Salad with arugula.

Let us remind you of a couple of important things

Each diet is necessary to adhere to some basic rules of healthy living. Exactly so, the diet with eggs in itself is not enough and will not melt kilograms overnight. Here are the most basic guidelines:

Drink plenty of fluids!

It is recommended to drink eight glasses a day and even more. In this way, you will cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Hydration is very important for every diet. During the summer period, we sweat a lot, but this amount is additionally corrected with a minimum of 2-2.5 liters of water intake.

Relieve yourself of accumulated stress

We have already mentioned yoga as the perfect way to rid the body of accumulated stress. Sure, you can opt for an activity that feels good, even if it's reading a favorite novel with a cup of coffee. It is important to eliminate all negative energy that circulates in your organism that is often a trigger for the disease.

Allow yourself plenty of sleep

Sleep deprived person consumes 500 calories more than the one that is not sleep deprived. This can be confirmed by the latest research. Introduce these small rituals before sleep. Take a warm bath of lavender and soothing music, make this your evening routine.

What are other benefits of diet with eggs? 

Faster muscle building

You know what is the favorite food of bodybuilders? It is an egg. Because of its high-quality protein it is the first choice of these athletes. It is believed that a diet with eggs provides the body with the necessary strength and endurance. Will contribute greatly to your overall appearance.
  • Professionals generally like this diet - enriched with eggs, as well as all similar protein diets. Certainly before your application it is important to consult with a nutritionist.

Egg nourishes hair

Eggs are full of biotin, which affects the growth of hair and its complete look. If you do not get enough B vitamin the hair will be brittle, and the ends will quickly crack. Therefore be sure to include it in the diet, but also use the eggs for external use - for making masks and other cosmetic products.

Another interesting fact:
  • The statement "Every morning one egg gives organism power" is slogan given by the Romanian dictator called Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-1989 y.). He claimed that one egg is a perfectly balanced meal for clerks and for miners.

Diet with eggs experiences and results of participants

Other people's experiences have shown us that this diet is very effective. Eggs are a perfect ingredient for maintaining satiety and fat burning at the same time. In doing so provide us the strength and energy for the whole day.

Fast diet is successful only if you truly follow its rules. In this case, you can lose up to 3-7 kilograms in a week.

When it comes to diet with eggs experiences are generally positive.
I started this diet with 83 kg, yesterday I finished with the last day and weighed myself and I had a whopping 79 kg. I could not believe. I will surely use this diet in the future.  N.S.  
It is said:

Adrian Brody used this diet to get rid of additional kilograms when he prepared for his role in The Pianist. He did a little more rigorous variants and managed to lose as much as 15 kilos in 15 days.
For breakfast he ate a boiled egg a piece of chicken for lunch and a little fish and boiled vegetables for dinner.

All in all, a phenomenal actor was awarded the Oscar, quite deservedly, and the film is a masterpiece.

Eggs for weight loss, can they harm us? 

People with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood should avoid a diet with eggs. Without prior permission of doctors do not apply it.

The effect of eggs on cholesterol in healthy people is almost negligible. Greater risk generally consists of saturated fats and trans-fats. For people who have to lose weight because of health reasons this diet is not recommended.

What is good and what is bad cholesterol?

The human body normally produces its own cholesterol. It uses it for many functions in the body. It is transported through the body in the form of lipoproteins. Surely you have heard of abbreviations LDL and HDL. To clarify:

LDL lipoproteins with lower density, are considered bad cholesterol. Cause the formation of plaque in the arteries that interfere with normal heart function. Which is a common cause of heart disease.
HDL lipoproteins with higher density, transport cholesterol from various parts of the body to the liver. A healthy liver then removes it from the body.

Did you know?

Our body does not produce omega-3 fatty acids, so they must be consumed through food. It is scientifically proven that they can significantly correct the levels of fat in the blood. First of all, it is referred to triglycerides.

It is therefore very useful to introduce essential fats with this diet with eggs.

These are found in oily sea fish (salmon, tuna, herring, and mackerel). There are in flax seeds, walnuts, beans, pumpkin, olive oil and many other foods.

In some very rare cases, a diet with eggs can cause constipation. For this reason in this variant of the diet included is kefir although in some restrictive variants it is banned. If it does not help opt for some of the natural laxatives such as ground flax soaked in yogurt.

What can we expect from a diet with eggs? 

When it comes to diet with eggs results certainly will not fail if you follow the above rules. Yet this kind of diet lasts only for seven days, so it is not difficult to do it. It just takes a little good will. It is preferable of course to do some lighter physical activity.

You can expect that in a week you will lose up to five kilos!

Yes, sometimes you will feel hungry. How to overcome this problem?

In these moments, drink tea and remember - this diet lasts only seven days! Turn thoughts on the other side and let your guiding principles become results that you will achieve. You will again be able to walk in your favorite piece of clothing.

Will kilograms come back?

NO, if you apply tips that relate to healthy eating habits the kilograms will not come back. Do not skip breakfast, as well as other meals because you will thus slow your metabolism. A defense mechanism of your organism will begin to settle fats.

Diet with eggs does not always demand big sacrifices.

We have seen what are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a quick diet with eggs. It is up to you to decide what path to take after the lost kilos.

We hope that we helped you. May the results achieved become a wind in the back. Now you just need to be moderate in eating.

How to be sure the kilograms will not come back?

Keep moving, eat moderately, drink plenty of fluids and you can set the worrying aside - kilograms will not return as a boomerang. Learn how much are eggs actually healthy.