What is good for anemia in adults?

Anemia symptoms and natural treatments 

Anemia (anemia) is a condition characterized by a lack of red blood cells. More specifically, there is a decreased number of hemoglobin, used in the transmission of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and organs. When our bodies do not get it in the necessary quantities, they are more susceptible to various diseases.

According to WHO, the symptoms of anemia among women are much more common than in men. In addition, they affect nearly 40 percent of the population on the planet, which is certainly an imposing figure.

Read on to learn what is good for anemia in children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly.

We have prepared a large number of excellent natural recipes for the improvement of blood count. Stay with us.

There are three types of anemia

Anemia is not a disease, but a state which is manifested by various diseases. It is following syndrome of a particular disease, and should accurately be determined why it occurs. Anemia usually occurs due to reduced creation of red blood cells. In their synthesis involved is primarily iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

The most common are anemia caused due to the deficiency of iron in the blood. Risk groups are pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children, adolescent and women during childbearing period.
Anemia should not be neglected, because the health consequences can be serious. How it is dangerous - depends on its type, degree of difficulty and speed of creation. It is treated in different ways, depending on the cause. After examination, the doctor will recommend adequate treatment - change of diet and / or use drugs.

According to the cause and mechanism of it, there are three groups of anemia:
  1. Sideropenic anemia- occurs when there is a decreased generation of erythrocytes.
  2. Hemolytic – causes are increased degradation or loss of red blood cells.
  3. Anemia caused by the increased need for red blood cells. Most often occurs in pregnancy and lactation, and often is called anemia after birth. Also, it is present in children, due to rapid growth.

Anemia symptoms in adults

The body lacks iron in the blood and corresponds to the variety of symptoms, which vary widely from person to person. The most common symptoms of anemia are:
  • constant tiredness and lack of energy,
  • forgetfulness and dementia,
  • nervousness and irritability,
  • lack of concentration, loss of attention and focus,
  • digestive and respiratory ailments,
  • heart problems,
  • frequent infections,
  • paleness of the skin,
  • brittleness of bones
  • headache,
  • chapped lips,
  • dizziness and nausea,
  • sleeplessness,
  • dry and lifeless hair

These are certainly not all symptoms of anemia, but only the most common, the list is much longer. Anemia in adults is often accompanied by uncomfortable ringing in the ears, depressed mood and even loss of appetite.

Despite all the above symptoms, anemia is diagnosed only after complete exhaustion. Then it is very important to tell the doctor to do a complete blood count. Perform detailed searches and a series of specialist examinations.

Only after the diagnosis, a specialist will prescribe an appropriate therapy to eliminate the main cause of anemia. The most common is for general weakness and given are iron supplements, but it does not always have good results. The problem is more complex than it looks.
  • Anemia in women is highly expressed and the most common cause for this situation is the lack of iron in the blood.

A large number of children suffers from anemia 

Iron is necessary for the cognitive development of your children, it can affect the child's level of intelligence and success in school. In the case of its deficiency, supplements shall be overwritten in agreement with the pediatrician. If anemia in children with one year of age or less is determined, be sure to do a detailed laboratory tests.

What steals iron from the body?

Anemia is defined as a disease that occurs due to the lack of iron. The first logical assumption is that it is easily cured if the organism gets what it’s missing. However, often just the opposite happens. Thus, the anemic person brings a lot of foods rich in iron, and remains anemic. This is the case when the patient consumes supplementation containing this mineral.

So what is actually happening?

This is not about insufficient intake of iron but of its poor absorption. This is confirmed by the fact that people who regularly consume red meat still suffer from anemia.

Recent research from the 2016 and 2017 is going a step further. It indicates that starvation leads to improved blood counts? In fact, during this process we do not enter the extra iron in the body. Then your body starts to use existing reserves of this mineral. This is why the treatment of anemia with supplements is often accompanied by a failure.

So, for anemia in children and adults it is crucial to improve the absorption of iron. This is best achieved by proper diet, which includes taking care of combining foods.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the condition of your digestive system. Because the health of the stomach and intestines largely depends on it will absorb the nutrients.

What food is not recommended for anemia?

Oxalic acid

Foods like tomatoes, spinach and chocolate contain oxalic acid, which forms complexes with iron and thus interferes with its absorption. This does not mean that they are completely ejected, but people who are anemic should limit their use.

Legumes and Cereals

Phytates, which can be found in legumes and grains membranes, disrupt the assimilation of iron. At the same time, they are important for the proper and well balanced diet.

So, in no way should it be avoided, but they are not combined with foods that contain iron or supplements of this mineral.

On the other hand, phytates are rich in iron, and advocates of vegan and vegetarian diet recommended them in case of anemia.

Milk and milk products

If you have been diagnosed with anemia, nutrition is something that you have to take into consideration. It must be largely corrected, and this is especially true for calcium. This mineral can negatively affect the assimilation of iron. Therefore, avoid combination of milk and dairy products with food rich in iron and supplements of this mineral.

Non-dairy diet, can cause anemia in children, because the milk does not contain iron. In order to prevent the occurrence of anemia, it is essential to be supplied by a variety of foods of animal and vegetable origin.

Certain medications worsen anemia

Absorption of iron suits acidic environment, and drugs for neutralizing stomach acid will hamper the adoption of Fe. This is confirmed by numerous studies in the last ten years

Preparations with zinc are not recommended

In case of anemia in pregnant women, be extra careful during dosage of supplements. They are allowed only with a doctor's recommendation. Specifically, zinc and iron reduce the absorption of one another and should not be taken simultaneously.

Coffee, soft drinks and teas do a lot of damage

These foods also interfere with the process of absorption of the iron, it is best to avoid them during treatment. Good practice is to remove them from meals rich in iron.
  • Some data suggests that one cup of coffee can reduce iron absorption by as much as 60 percent.

How to improve the absorption of iron?

Anemic (anemia) persons must enter larger amounts of foods rich in iron. They need to be taken with foods rich in vitamin C and folic acid. With them the absorption is much better.

For anemia in adults, a good practice to do is to sometimes go on a starvation diet. Then practice a kind of fruit diet, which is based on fresh fruits and smoothies. In addition it will improve bowel movement and digestion, and therefore the absorption of iron will be better.

Anemia therapy with correction of diet and iron supplements

If iron deficiency is caused by inadequate nutrition, the road to the treatment of anemia is through the correction of your diet. Depending on the severity of the disease, mandatory is the addition of the iron preparations.

Advice about dosage of supplements

The deficit of this mineral is most effectively compensated with oral preparations of iron.
  • The daily dose is 100 mg to 200 mg (a meal), to improve absorption.

As for the food, the main source and supplier of the organism with these minerals is meat. People who drink a lot of coffee and tea (phytates and tannins interfere with the absorption of iron), are further threatened by anemia.

Anemia in adults is largely influenced by macrobiotic food, which some years ago is a kind of trend. Therefore, vegans have a higher risk of developing anemia.

The amount of iron intake depends on gender and age

The greatest need for iron have pregnant women, adolescents and athletes, and the lowest - men and women in menopause.

Anemia in pregnancy is very common and future mothers need up to 32 mg of this mineral. In the reproductive period given is 16 mg and 15 mg to sportsmen (sportswomen or more).

Adolescents are dosed with 13 mg, and the fairer sex in the menopause and adult males up to 7 mg.

The iron content in 100 grams of food
  • Liver (cooked, pork) - 7.8 to 17 mg,
  • Beef (grilled) - 3,5mg
  • Lamb (roasted) - 2,7mg
  • Green leafy vegetables - 0.7-2.2 mg,
  • The wine (white or black) - 0.6 to 1.2 mg,
  • Fish - 0.4 to 4.1 mg,
  • Roast chicken - 0.8 mg,
  • Walnuts / hazelnuts - 0.9 to 6.2 mg,
  • Dark chocolate - 2,4 mg,
  • Fresh apples - from 0.1 to 1.3 mg.,

What is still needed to know about the absorption of iron?

It is also important to note that it is not enough to enter the iron in the digestive system but also digest it. It must be absorbed from the intestines into the blood.

Vitamin C and a specific organic acids present in the plant products are great for facilitating iron absorption in the body. At the same time, the mucous membranes in the intestines should be healthy, and receptors for iron of desirable sensitivity. Only then will it improve overall blood count in anemic person.

Absorption of iron from the intestine into the blood will be difficult if the mucous membrane is damaged!

This problem occurs due to the inflammatory process, intoxication, unhealthy and poor quality food or the presence of Candida in the intestines. Then in addition to consumption of sufficient amounts of iron its absorption from intestines into the blood is hampered or even precluded.

With a reasonable diet a good quality intestinal lining should be provided. Then it creates a conditions for optimal absorption not only of iron but also of other nutrients necessary for health.

What are the consequences of untreated anemia?

With many years of anemia effects on health can be dangerous. It exacerbates any pre-existing medical conditions, and it needs to be taken seriously from the start. It is important to start with proper treatment in time.

Older people with anemia are often not independent and their daily activities are minimum. All this leads to depression, loss of concentration, increased risk of heart problems and other diseases. Such persons have a significantly complicated life and even shorten life expectancy.

Important tips:
  • It is extremely important to regularly do blood tests and provide supplementation if necessary.

Good laboratory and clinical responses are seen in an increase in reticulocyte counts and hemoglobin, wherein the diseased subjectively feels better.

If there are no signs of improvement, the cause of anemia may be poor absorption of iron or irregular taking of drugs.

If the news is good and there is an adequate response, therapy is continued from six to nine months after health improvement. In case of poor absorption of iron, used are parenteral forms of mentioned minerals.

What diet is good for anemic people? 

Recommended food is:
  • Cereals (cabbage grain), pate, beef, venison, sardines, tuna, seafood (important for heart health).
  • In the menus also include kale, artichokes, pumpkins, potatoes in shell, spinach.
  • Do not avoid the legumes with a good selection of peas, lentils, pasta.
  • If your hemoglobin levels are low, eat daily strawberries, dried fruits, jellies, ointments and green leafy vegetables.
  • Great sources of iron are seeds, bush fruits, red berries, cucumber, and prosciutto. Apart from iron, they also contain vitamin C, organic acids and other ingredients. They are essential for the absorption of this mineral and its optimal incorporation into the red blood cells.
  • Use nettle tincture as well as her tea if anemia is detected.

Be careful with eating meat

The iron is in the meat, above all in the liver, yet it represents a dangerous and powerful free radical.

Increased intake of iron is associated with colon cancer. It also causes an accelerated oxidation of LDL cholesterol. All this has a rapid development of atherosclerosis and the onset of heart disease.

That is why today it is irresponsible and unreasonable to recommend red meat as a food that needs to supply the iron.

What to Eat for anemia - Best Recipes!

Powerful balls for anemia

You need:
  • 100 g of ovine flakes,
  • 50 g of walnuts or almonds,
  • 15 dry figs,
  • 3 rows of carob,
  • 1 spoon of cocoa
  • Coconut flour or grind walnuts needed to roll balls in it

Preparation of recipes:

Sift flakes, nuts or almonds. Blend them together with fresh dried figs with the addition of powdered carob and cocoa butter. If necessary, add a little water to the kettle. Make balls and roll them into grated nuts or coconut flour.

Make an iron smoothie 

If you have low levels of hemoglobin, include this tasty green smoothie in your diet.

  • A handful of fresh spinach
  • banana,
  • Lemon juice,
  • 1 kiwi
  • Nettle leaf
  • A handful of nettle beans,
  • A handful of alpha germs,
  • Honey 
  • 2 dl of water.


Mix all the ingredients into a blender and mix it up as best as possible. This natural antioxidant is best to drink while it is fresh.

Smoothie for a good morning

  • 100 g of grapes,
  • 100 g of walnuts,
  • 50 g pumpkin semen,
  • 150 g of dry figs,
  • A spoon of cocoa,
  • Orange or lemon.


Add dry grapes, nuts, pumpkin seeds and dried figs in a blender and mix it well. Add cocoa and orange or lemon and mix. Keep the mixture in a glass container and keep it in the fridge. Natural medicine for anemia drink twice a day for half an hour before meal.

How to cure anemia with healthy eating

Parsley and lemon juice

For this phenomenal drink you will need:
  • parsley
  • half of lemon,
  • Domestic honey 
  • 2 deciliters of water.

Preparation of the juice:

All the listed ingredients blend in and mix well. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. This prepared beverage will strengthen your organism.

Integral rice with vegetables

You will need:
  • Whole cup of integral rice (before use keep it in cold water all night),
  • One cup of dried broccoli,
  • garlic,
  • Olive oil 
  • salt


Wash the rice and cook in salty water. Cook broccoli in salt water and season with chopped garlic and olive oil and serve with rice.

For anemia it is good to serve this dish at least once a week. Also, due to a larger iron deficiency you will need compensation in the form of supplements. Consult your doctor about dosage.

On this occasion, we recommend you a phenomenal natural cure with honey. It recovers tired body in a very short time.