Ultrasonic cavitation; experiences and results

Ultrasonic cavitation for cellulite removal

You have been fighting with boring cellulite and fatty deposits that you simply cannot remove with the exercise? You want to take an easier way to great body? How does the term ultrasonic cavitation sound to you?

It is a unique method of removing cellulite from the legs and thighs, which thereby melts the fat. It proved excellent proved in tightening the skin and is growing in popularity among women.

Here you can find the text of a novelty on the market, but it is an effective treatment with cavitation and lymphatic drainage against cellulite.

What does this method represents, what is it and how is it carried out, we explain further in the following text?

Have you heard of ultrasonic cavitation?

Since we are close to the beautiful and sunny days, the time for summer clothes is at hand. However, in the winter we had a passive lifestyle is now undesirable and we have to change that. Exercising and running helps but not as much as we would want it to, because the visible layers are still there.

Removing cellulite with cavitation has for years very done a successful works. It is actually a form of liposuction, but without any surgical procedure. So there is no scalpel blade, and it does not require any anesthesia or anything.
Cavitation successfully tackles the problem of the so-called "orange peel". The skin becomes toned and firmer. Treats subcutaneous fat, or fat deposits and cellulite problem solved.

This is primarily one harmless and not at all painful procedures, thanks to which you can fix problems with your skin quickly and efficiently. This method reduces the volume of the body that is treated. It breaks up the fat tissue, mainly in the surface layers of the skin.

For what is it exactly applied?

Cavitation and lymphatic drainage will be of help in the transformation of fat in the body. It breaks up cellulite, keeps skin and restores circulation to it. In addition it improves the quality of the subcutaneous connective tissue and the skin itself.

Treatment with cavitation shapes the body in those places that you are not satisfied with. There is no additional procedures, nor the supporting recovery and this therapy does not leave scars. Many of aesthetic problems are solved in this way.

How does this therapy against cellulite actually work?
  • Ultrasonic cavitation is a procedure in which the UV waves break down cellulite and deposited fat, piece by piece.

The principle is based on the fact that ultrasonic waves contribute to the reduction of pressure above the liquid in the surface layers. This evaporates the liquid in the space between the cells.

Liquid which changes the physical state actually creates steam to form bubbles in the subcutaneous tissues. More bubbles increases the volume of the cell as they bump into fat tissue leading to its damage. Due to this the cellular wall of fat cells breaks and eventually is destroyed.

In this way, destroyed are the cells of adipose tissue in the superficial layers of the body below the skin. Thus the fat from them is poured over his body. After that a major role is played by our lymphatic system.

Cavitation and lymphatic drainage are the best combination

Lymphatic drainage helps our body to faster and better remove the destroyed fat from the body. It is accelerating the lymph and blood circulation. Stimulates the breakdown of cellulite, and also contributes to reducing the volume of the body that is our primary goal through the process of cavitation.

In the metabolism of humans, lymphatic system is one of the main roads of transfer of fats during their digestion. Lymph feeds tissues, and in addition it eliminates bad substances after cell degradation. That also means a detoxification of the body, because it cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and poisons.

What is the influence of cavitation on our body?

While cavitation is done, UV waves pass through the tissues and one part is converted into heat. It most intensively occurs in tissues that have a high absorption coefficient. Because of this reason, during cavitation ultrasonic probe apparatus is not directed to the joints and bones directly.

During this treatment, UV waves reach only certain depth, and thus the internal organs are safe. Its effect is selectively expressed only in fat cells that can be broken down. Other tissues such as muscles, tendons, nerves, skin surface, remain intact.

When the fat cells burst, their contents are broken down by enzymes. Glycerol, and more fatty acids remains in the body in the form of lipoproteins.

Glycerol is transmitted through the lymph system in metabolic processes and creates energy reserves. More fatty acids enter the liver, where it continues the process their digestion. We need physical activity to burn lipoproteins and prevent their re-deposition in the body.

Give your body time to rest

When ultrasonic cavitation is done the number of treatments in series should not exceed 6. Any more is superfluous, moreover each additional therapy is unnecessary.

After treatment your body needs a well-deserved rest, for at least a month. Certainly the body is suffering from some kind of burden, especially for certain organs. The largest job after such procedures remains for the liver and lymph.

Because of the time that the body needs to digest it all and excrete it, treatments for cellulite are carried out once a week. The procedure itself takes up to 50 minutes. Most often it is ultrasonic cavitation for 20 minutes and lymphatic drainage for 20-25 min.

There is also cavitation with vacuum, with it is even easier to do targeted procedures to remove cellulite and it works quite accurately. Great results are achieved on critical parts of the body that we wanted to fix. Most of those parts are hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms or inner side of the knee.

Elasticity of the skin is obtained when you combine these effective treatments, which is definitely a big plus.

When will you notice the first results?

Ultrasonic cavitation leads to an immediate loss of fat cells, which will not return but be digested. This can help reduce the volume of your waist by 2 to 5 cm on the average per treatment. You can immediately notice the change, because the volume is measured before and after the procedure. Best of all, this procedure removes fat cells permanently and they cannot return.

When it comes to ultrasonic cavitation how many treatments are needed?

Definitely after this method you will notice a change, even with the naked eye, but not immediately. For obvious results you need to wait and go through 3-5 interventions. So do not expect miracles that the cellulite will disappear from the first treatment.

Cavitation for cellulite requires about 5-8 separate treatments, and sometimes up to 10. Only then the results are inevitable. Of course the success depends on the physical condition of the individual. After the series of such intervention, even for some time after the last treatment the body itself is formed.

When you reach a certain state of the body that you are happy with, it is desirable to occasionally do one treatment. Approximately every 30 to 45 days. In this was you keep your body in this state much longer.

How does a treatment with cavitation look like?

UV waves during cavitation and lymphatic drainage, reach the maximum tissue to a depth of 8 cm. During this procedure you hold the electrode, which causes a slight buzzing sound in the ears. This phenomenon always occurs during this therapy.

When it comes to the stomach area, make sure the person is turned to the side and slightly leaned forward. In this way the fat is in the best position to go downward and the treated place is going to be a little further the other organs. So be on one side for max of 20 min, and also on the other side 20 minutes. This procedure on average takes about 40 minutes. Treated surface is the size of the palm not bigger.

In the region of the thigh or upper arm the procedure lasts for 10 minutes. And it must be in a position so the UV waves do not reach the bones. If that would to happen intense pain would appear.

Also in case of an extended process discomfort, pain, redness. So it must be strictly taken into the account in what position you are and how long does the procedure last.
  • Important! While undergoing treatment you should not have metal jewelry, as well as the person who performs it.

What you need to do after the treatment?

This rule applies for the whole period until the ultrasonic cavitation is done and for some time after a series of treatments. It is important to facilitate digestion and enable the body to discharge fats and harmful substances from the body.

You should drink as much as water as possible!

At least 2 liters a day, but much more is desirable. You facilitate the removal of broken fats from the body. And certainly for a while you have to give up alcohol, so as not to overload the liver. The liver will be very busy digesting fat. It is desirable to throw out caffeinated drinks from your diet.

Reduce calorie intake, so you can expel harmful substances from your body

In the next six days after treatment, avoid the intake of sugar and saturated fats and trans-fats into the organism. Generally you have to pay attention to diet, otherwise it does not make sense to hope for positive outcome of the treatment.

No candy, less starch, and avoid the intake of fatty foods.

Important considerations are certainly the healthiest vegetables, fruits, such as psyllium fiber, whole grain cereals, mushrooms and the like.

Be physically active so your body breaks down broken fat

A light walk or bike ride is certainly not a great effort, and really mean a lot for your health. Running or some sports are also welcome.

Who is recommended to do this treatment?

Ultrasonic cavitation for men? Why not. They are fortunate that the correction of these small defects is even faster than in the case of women. With this UV method some aesthetic problems will be solved.

The good news for you men is that this method is increasingly used for removal of your little problems. As we have already said. Cavitation is not dangerous and harmful to your health. There are no radioactive effects. As we know ultrasonic waves have been used for medical purposes for a long time.

Cavitation and lymphatic drainage can be done only in people who are completely healthy. Mainly in the case of smaller layers of fat. Please note, this is not an official method of fighting against obesity, nor is it some kind of miracle.

Who should not do cavitation?

These treatments do not work for people who have any liver or kidney problems, neither those with elevated levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Cavitation and pregnancy is not a desirable combination. Then it is not recommended to people with heart disease and who have a pacemaker, or diabetes. If you have problems with blood pressure, inflammation of the urinary tract, or you had a heart transplant do not think about doing this procedure.

Epileptics, and those suffering from atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, also should not do this procedure. It is not recommended for people with disorders of the adrenal cortex. It is prohibited to those who have gallstones. The same rule applies with tumor diseases.

Person with any kind of implants such as hip implants should avoid this procedure. Cavitation and lactation also do not go together, and do not do it during menstruation.

Side effects and adverse effects on health

Cavitation side effects are not familiar, at least so far the treatment has not demonstrated any adverse effects to human health or some kind of adverse effect. Experiments have proven that the use of ultrasound has no harmful effects, even before the start of the use for medical purposes.

During this procedure partly formed is heat energy, and area may be red after treatment. Do not worry, it passes within a few hours, up to 72 hours.

During treatment you can feel the heat on the affected part and feeling like a burning sensation, but it is not a big deal. Present is a slight buzzing sound inside the ears due to low frequency of UV waves.

Is cavitation harmful?

While some claim that it is extremely safe, of course there are those who are against it.

Some experts state that the entire procedure is in dispute because conditions of the evaporation are usually neglected. The essential difference of conditions in living organisms than those in the experimental conditions in proving physical phenomena. In the human body water has minerals and gases. Therefore, the entire process described is not completely identical in terms of the body.

So you need the higher frequency ultrasonic waves to achieve the effect, but it is not good for health. Another thing is that it would be producing more energy that harms our body.

Another problem are certainly apparatuses for cavitation ie. their quality. For them, usually there are no certificates because this area of ​​cosmetic method has not been fully tested.

There is no evidence of harmful effects but also for the safety of these procedures, in the opinion of German doctors. In particular, you cannot know if it is safe and reliable method in a long run.

What are the experiences with cavitation?

When it comes to ultrasonic cavitation experiences are very different. The majority is satisfied by the results. The first visible results may not be noticed immediately after the first treatment, as many would expect.

In general this method gives good results for those who have only in some places persistent depositions of fat. But in no way is used for weight loss, nor does it brings revolutionary changes effortlessly. Treatments with cavitation help in faster breaking of fat and that is it.
  • It takes 6 to 12 procedures for the success which we expect or wish for.

There are those whose experiences have not been positive. They believe money for this procedure is a lost investment and vainly wasted time. According to them, the results achieved are minimal and all that was not worth the effort. Of course depends on your material and thickness of fat deposits.

Cavitation for and against, judge for yourself!

Certainly before being subjected to a treatment like this ask yourself.
  • Do you really need ultrasound radiation to bring your body shape in order?

In fact we have a computer tailored diet based on analysis of your physical condition. With all this physical activity is a must but healthy eating habits are necessary to maintain a success. It is perhaps better to address healthy lifestyle and exercise before you undergo any intervention.

Ultrasonic cavitation price?

In this modern technological era, almost all information is at our fingertips. The price of cavitation is not at all the same in clinics. So do your research before choosing a beauty salon for this treatment. Most of them have prominent price lists on their web sites, so you can make a phone call and inquire about the price.

Price of cavitation depends on the package, if you immediately take multiple treatments it is significantly more favorable. Of course for faster fat burning used is electro stimulation or vacuum. This therapy also achieves good results.

In accordance to the combination of methods the desired price changes with treatment.

To summarize...

Lack of physical activity, lack of time for a healthy diet and a lot of stress is a major cause of obesity. The combination of all this results in undesirable fatty deposits in critical areas. In particular, they appear in places where there is less blood flow to the stomach, buttocks and legs. In addition unsightly "orange peel” appears.

The best remedy for all this is to change the lifestyle! It means more movement, consuming larger quantities of liquids and certainly healthier diet.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a modern and efficient treatment, which resolves the problems with fat and cellulite but not without some problems. The most important thing is to accept a healthy diet and exercise as part of your everyday life, only then the right results will appear.

We recommend our earlier text anti-cellulite diet for long-term results.