Psyllium seeds for weight loss and health

Psyllium seeds use for digestion and health

Do you know famous psyllium seeds for digestion? If you have problems with irregular stool or want to lose weight they are the ideal solution for you!

Often eating food that lacks fiber, and an inactive lifestyle leads to constipation. Such foods get into the colon and stay there for longer period of time, the more they spend in the intestines the more toxins they release. Psyllium will help to expel toxic substances from the body.

When it comes to psyllium seeds they are present in the chrono nutrition. In addition to the advantages for digestion and regular discharge of harmful substances, and are useful for controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

So, how do you use these healthy organic flakes for weight loss and health? Stay with us and find out all the important details. We have prepared excellent recipes for bread and much more interesting things.

What is actually psyllium?

Psyllium seeds are a form of fiber obtained from the Plantago ovata plant. It belongs to the genus plantain which has more than 200 species. In addition to the aforementioned types used are two more that are very similar to it, Plantago psyllium and Plantago indica. The origin of them comes from India and Pakistan, but is now grown even in Iran, Asia Minor and southern Europe.

Psyllium is also known under the name Indian plantain.

It is a hardy plant, with a spanning tree, with little hairs on it up to 40 cm. The leaves are narrow and elongated. The flowers are small, white, like the stars, gathered at the tips of branches and trees. During maturation the flower gets a reddish-brown color.
The plant provides up to 15 thousand of small seeds. However, a key part of the plant that is actually used is milled shell of seeds. Extremely rich in soluble fiber that improves digestion. It looks like corn grits, without any pronounced taste.

What is the composition of Indian plantain?

The organic psyllium husks are rich in chemical composition and high nutritional value. They contain polysaccharides, proteins, glycosides, lipids, unsaturated fatty acids, iridoids (aukubozid), choline and Vitamin B1.

Mucus, which is very present plays a very important role in the final stages of our digestion. He lines the wall of the intestine contain mucus and it facilitates the movement and ejection of food.

Psyllium seeds have up to 70 percent more fiber compared to oat bran. The fibers swell and easily pass through the digestive tract and in the walls of the colon enhance the muscle work. On its volume during digestion it may be increase by as much as 15 times that greatly eases bowel movement.

Indian plantain for health

Psyllium seeds regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, and at the same time have a preventative effect on the development of cardiovascular diseases and myocardial infarction. In daily diet by consuming cereals with high soluble fiber content, it has a positive effect on elevated cholesterol.

Psilocytes helps to reduce blood pressure, and it also boosts the heart muscle. They have a significant influence on the regulation of blood glucose levels and are very suitable for people with type 2 diabetes.

Indian merchants have traditionally used it in India since ancient times. For what? It has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore good for stomach ulcers, lice of cystitis, diarrhea, anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Reduces the risk of infarction and colon cancer. It is recommended after the rectum or anal surgeries.

Bio psyllium fibers proved to be very good in cases of irritable syndrome. In other words, stress and constipation are alternately interrupted due to stress.

A similar scenario exists in the case of mottled crevices and frequent constipation.

It has been shown that ulcerative colitis (the form of an inflammation of the intestine) is occurs rarely in those who use these seeds in their diet. Therefore, for the treatment of Chron’s Disease, it is necessary to use 10 grams per day in combination with probiotics.

Psyllium fibers solve problems with digestion 

Psyllium fibers swell up during the digestion and thanks to this, the contents of the intestines is diluted. These seeds also contribute to the purification of the whole organism. They have no nauseous effects and do not disturb the natural balance of microorganisms in our intestines.

Because of its totally natural function, the Indian plantain is a boom and an ideal solution for people with bone fractures. Thanks to the beneficial effect of fibers, it improves the digestion and the stool in lying patients.

Psyllium seeds give excellent results. It can be used regularly because it has no harmful consequences. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as the main ingredient of various laxatives such as, for example, Fiberall or Metamucil. These preparations are effective in frequent constipation.

It is odd but true that in spite of its laxative action, if you have a problem with the diarrhea psyllium seeds also have a soothing effect. It is an excellent treatment for some forms of diarrhea that are not caused by bacteria.
  • Psyllium Iridoids calm the muscles in the crevice and establish their normal work.

Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do by using this plant for our health is to cleanse the body of poison. Namely, psyllium seeds swell and create a mass that thoroughly cleanses the intestines. So with regular bowel movement we expel out the toxins and toxins that are deposited in our intestines.

How are psyllium seeds used?

There are psyllium seeds, powder and capsules. They can be used in a form suitable for drinking or as an ingredient in food. Their advantage is that they can be used for a longer period of time without any harmful effects.

If you have any of the above health problems you can use this plant as a therapy. Use is very simple and easy.
  • Spread two or three scoops of saliva or psyllium powder in two deciliters of water, juice or tea. The obtained beverage is best to be drunk immediately after being prepared. Consume it half an hour before a meal.

You can use this mix one to two times a day (maximum 4 deciliters).

Bio psyllium seeds are used in cases of constipation, for better intestines drainage. It is recommended to consume 7 to 25 grams per day.

If you need to regulate fat in the blood, take 10 g, and stop the diarrhea with 10 to 30 g daily. To gain more efficacy, these nutritional supplements require taking a larger amount of liquid - the best used is water.

In diet they are generally suitable for making breadcrumbs, while its powder is more suitable for cakes and the like.

Psyllium powder; how to use it in the kitchen?

It's best to mix psyllium powder in dough, for example, for cakes or pancakes. It has a light and slightly "rubber" structure so it can fit into various food combinations. You can use it instead of a filler because it is very thick.

Psyllium powder is excellent for making non-leavened rolls, especially in combination with nuts. The dough is filled with tiny holes when baked.

Plantago Psyllium; benefits for weight loss

Psyllium seeds are a very practical solution because they contain soluble fibers, which reduce the appetite. As they absorb fluidity and increase volume, it gives us a sense of satiety very quickly. In this way, they help control the amount of food intake into the body.

These natural nutrition supplements can be a great ally and will help you to lose weight. But, of course, shells play a significant role in maintaining body weight.

The calorie value of psyllium seeds

If you are interested in whether or not psyllium contains calories and in what measure, you will be happy to know that there are very few of them. And the more reason to love them is that you can sweeten them and they would still be healthy. These perfect nutrition supplements are a great substitute for flour, so cookies can also be prepared with them.
  • 100 grams of psyllium contains 350 kcal, mainly of carbohydrate, of which 71 g are fibers.

For psyllium capsules, experiences show that they reduce appetite because they are abundant with precious fibers and become saturated. The good thing is that they do not have an irritating effect on the nervous system, like most drugs of the same purpose.

1-2 capsules are used with a glass of water, about half an hour before meals.

So in any form, the psyllium seeds are good for weight loss because they improve digestion and intestines work. In addition, it cleanses the body. Recommended for some diets. Despite its effect, it does not cause stomach problems.

Bread with psyllium as a perfect chrono recipe

Psyllium bread is a very practical solution for people who want to fit into a nutritional diet. It differs slightly from a home-made breadcrumbs but is much better in the chemical composition. It is rich in fibers that is very good for us and our digestive tract.

There is no gluten, so it can be eaten by those who have problems with it. And it is also without milk and is suitable for those who are intolerant to lactose. Along with all this, the content of carbon hydrates in it is low.

If hygiene of your entire digestive tract is important to you, be sure to take this healthy lifestyle. Recipes for making it are not complicated.

Psyllium seeds for weight loss are very popular, and they are very much an ingredient in nutrition. They provide a great help with consistency of buckwheat flour.

We bring you a recipe for psyllium bread. One in combination with buckwheat and another with spelt flour. Well, he likes to try it. Both are perfect and have a perfect taste. We believe, you will not repent if you try any of the recipes.

A combination of psyllium with buckwheat flour

This bread is very tasty, not grubby, it is a practical advantage, also without gluten and milk.

You need:
  • 300 ml of acidic water,
  • Cup of hemp flour,
  • 6 sesame seeds and sunflower slices,
  • 4 muffled wafers,
  • Psyllium seeds in the amount of 2 cups,
  • olive oil,
  • 2 baking powder scoops
  • Himalayan salt

Making bread:

Psyllium bread is very easy to make. Olive oil and all the ingredients except water should be mixed together. Finally add water. Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes until the psyllium seeds rise.

The first dough will be very sticky but as the water is absorbed it becomes more compact. After ten minutes, just pour the dough into a pan you previously lubricated with oil.

How to use psyllium and spelt flour

Here's what you need:
  • 300 g of spelt flour,
  • 300 ml of acidic water,
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil,
  • one and a half tablespoons of psyllium seeds,
  • 1 tablespoon of ground flax, sesame and caraway,
  • a teaspoonful of salt and baking soda,
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.


Also as in the previous recipe, mix dry ingredients, and then add the acid water, oil and lemon juice. Leave for half an hour, then pour over the pan or baking dish in which you set the baking paper. Bake for a good hour at 220 degrees, at first, cover with foil, and in last 20 minutes take it off.

Psyllium seeds user experience

Plantago psyllium in pregnancy and during breastfeeding is totally usable. But it is best before taking a powder or capsules, to consult your doctor. For babies and children also do not use it until you consult a professional.

Psyllium powder has not side effects, however, in some cases, however, it should not be used. If you have any damage to the digestive organs, or if you are taking medication for diabetes and cholesterol – avoid it. Also if you are allergic you should not use it.

Here you can find the experience of some users with psyllium:
My husband is after the surgery lied in bed for some time. In time, it was increasingly difficult to for him to defecate, and we wanted him to ease the problem. He tried some teas but the relief was negligible.
I saw on the Internet that psyllium seeds were advertised and increasingly used so I decided to try them. After several days the seeds regulated his digestion and bowel movements. Now he occasionally takes them for better digestion. This food is a perfect fit. M.B. 
Since I started using Indian plantain, which was recommended by my nutritionist so I feel much better. First I have a nice drink, a glass of water with psyllium, and later when I need to eat I'm already almost completely full. A big plus is that the feeling of fullness lasts for a long time after a meal. I am satisfied with the achieved results, I eat less and my desired results are being achieved. Z.A.

Psyllium price and where to buy it? 

You can always find it in health food stores. You will find them in herbal as well.

You can look them up in large very well equipped shops in the shelves for a healthy diet. Of course, these products nowadays can easily be found on the Internet. When buying do your research, and be sure to read the label what the fiber content. The organic psyllium seeds can have up to 88 percent of fiber in its composition.

ALWAYS make sure the country of origin is India.

For psyllium seeds price is different, depending on the size of packaging. Bags of 50 grams will cost between 3 and 4 dollars, 100g is 5-7 dollars, and packaging of 300g is 12 dollars.

For psyllium powder price is slightly higher and for 200g you have to pay around 13 dollars. Box of 100 of the capsule costs around 17 dollars. There are other products, but are much less frequently represented.

The benefits of Plantago psyllium for digestion are exceptional. This is confirmed by numerous participants of the popular chrono nutrition. Using seeds is extremely simple and is recommended to anyone who has problems with the stool or suffer from constipation. Recipes for bread are slightly more complex, but you should definitely try it for your health.

For all of you who have mentioned ailments we would recommend another text – what foods have the most fiber! Read it!