Mint and lemon juice and how to make it

Mint and lemon juice; medicinal recipes

Domestic juice mint besides elder is one of the most popular drinks. It refreshes and invigorates the tired body. It will strengthen the body better than the effervescent tablets. It is important to drink it during the spring and summer months. In doing so, it is a completely healthy, natural and safe for consumption.

Mint syrup is not mentioned so often, and there is no justification for that. It is tasty and healing and children, and even pregnant women can drink it. This soothing drink will in short term relieve headaches, calm the nerves, eliminate stomach distress and accelerate better digestion. The list of health benefits is quite long.

Beneficial mint has been repeatedly mentioned in our articles, especially medicinal teas that have found their application in phytotherapy. In addition, mint is present in kitchens around the world, where it is used as a spice. It is one very versatile plant!

Read on to learn how to make juice, mint and lemon, little is said of this "combination" that is excellent.

Mint leaves hide a lot of healing properties

Mint - Latin name Mentha Piperita is considered one of the most popular plants in the world. In addition to natural medicine, it found its wide application in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The smell of mint is present everywhere, from chewing gums, soap and toothpaste.

This mild and aromatic plant is fully curative, however most of the credit is attributed to its leaves. In them we find soothing essential oil, due to which mint owes its pleasant smell. We use its leaves to make tea or homemade mint juice which has a wonderful taste.

How to harvest and prepare it?

Leaves should be plucked from the top as well as the whole plant when in bloom. In this way, we keep the mint from achieving a complete bloom. Harvest it only in warm weather, during the day dry it, at a temperature of up to max. 25 degrees.
Picked parts need to be cleaned and dried in a convenient and well-ventilated place. Then place the chopped plant parts in an appropriate container with a lid and store them. It is very important that the package is hermetically sealed, in order to prevent deterioration of these mixtures.

What is the composition of mint leaves?

The best known is the so-called erratic (peppermint) nana, we got it by mixing other species of wild mint. It grows up to half a meter in height and gives the most intense flavor and pleasant aroma. It is rich in tannins, flavonoids, beta-carotene, fiber, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Essential oil from mint leaves contains valuable menthol. Because of this substance pharmaceutical industry requests it a lot that. It enters a number of medicaments that are in wide use. Those are mostly dietary and hygienic drugs. Cosmetics extensively use these ingredients, it is an essential part in the production of scented perfume.

Due to the numerous health benefits you daily need to drink the juice of mint with the addition of lemon. Together they form an ideal combination full of vitamins such as C and A. They are rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium and copper.

Helpful hints:
  • Are you planning to make homemade mint juice and you want next to a fine taste to be completely natural and healthy? Remember one thing, the secret lies in the youngest leaves of plants. They keep the best quality essential oils. Therefore, always leaves get from the top, before the plant blooms.

If this beverage is mixed with lemon balm, you will get even more powerful natural syrup. One should not ignore the juice of mint and nettle, it is also a refreshing drink, which is an increasingly popular and in demand in many countries.

The medicinal effect of the mint juice

Mint syrup except being refreshing and quenching thirst, it has multiple health benefits. It will preserve immunity and have a preventive action to bacteria and viruses. It is a good antiseptic, which soothes the nerves, and will help in relaxation of the whole organism.

Just drink one glass before going to bed and you will be sleeping peacefully all night like a baby. If have restless sleep this drink is a solution for you.

It relieves stomach problems

Mint juice is used with gastric interference, because it helps the irritated mucous membranes of the stomach. Reduces pain and stabbing in the stomach and will keep a strong acid under control. For this purpose useful is mild mint tea, which is generally accepted in traditional medicine. Also, it is used with the diseased gallbladder.

Soothes colds and flu

Teas and juices with mint are great for people with breathing problems. In addition, they are effective for a variety of respiratory infections like virus, influenza, common cold accompanied by fever. Drink it regularly, as it will speed up the recovery process. Syrup of mint is ideal for convalescents, and helping with seasonal allergies.

Mint eliminates odors from the mouth

You are worried about periodontal disease, bad breath, you have a tendency towards the creation of cavities and spoil your teeth? So what are you waiting for, add the juice of mint and lemon as a compulsory part of the therapy. Swish it in your mouth at least three times a day after meals, thereby wash your teeth regularly and maintain good oral hygiene.

The stench from the mouth disappears thanks to powerful peppermint in a very short time. For other ailments be sure to visit your dentist. We have another excellent proposal, swish the oil in your mouth every morning, these ayurvedic methods achieves good results.

Promotes better blood circulation

Use mint whenever you can, especially if you have problems with bad circulation. Effective are tea drinks, as well as syrup of mint which greatly facilitate the aforementioned inconvenience.

They are also recommended for women during menopause, because they relieve headaches. These drinks are good for young ladies aspiring to tolerate "those days".

It speeds up metabolism and helps with weight loss

When you regularly drink juice, mint and lemon, we establish a good digestion. Then discharge is regular, and this further contributes to good health and weight loss. This is only partly true, because in this drink comes a greater amount of sugar but take all with a grain of salt.

Dose maximum of two to three cups of syrup during the day. This amount can be further adjusted using honey, stevia or other natural sweetener.

How to make mint juice at home 

For mint juice there are a number of excellent recipes, and we will do our best to offer you a lot. We will start with the most basic recipe, which is highly in demand these day.

The recipe for making homemade syrup
  • Young fresh mint leaves (300 grams)
  • Three liters of water,
  • Three kilograms of sugar 
  • Three bags (30 g) of limuntusa,
  • And another five spoons of sugar 

Before we go any further, there is one thing - why so much sugar! We asked ourselves, but as much as it sounds weird the basic recipe exactly states these amounts.

No matter how unhealthy and unacceptable it is we will get syrup which is later diluted with water. If it is still too sweet for you dilute it more. The most interesting thing is that the kids just love it.

Making the syrup:
  1. Young leaves first rinse under strong running water, then chop them with an appropriate knife.
  2. Arrange the slices in a pan, sprinkle on them limuntos and place over only five of measured spoons of sugar.
  3. All together mix well, leaves mash they let the juice out.
  4. Finally pour colder water, keep it covered in the refrigerator and let it sit for a whole day (24 hours).
  5. The next day, the entire contents need to be strained through a gauze, and even better through a dense strainer.
  6. In such a syrup add all remaining sugar and leave it to melt for another 24 hours. Stir it occasionally.
  7. Next day pour the mint inside in sterilized glass bottles and store in a cool place.

How long must we use and keep the syrup?

Domestic mint juice made in this way is kept inside the refrigerator. In this way, you can use it it up to 60 days. In the freezer we advise plastic packaging, then syrup lasts much longer.

Extra advice: 
  • You want your mint juice to always have refreshing taste, even the one from the freezer? Before serving the refreshments add a couple of slices of fresh lemon or oranges, and during the summer add also ice cube.

Mint and nettle juice without cooking

The juice of the nettle leaf is an extraordinary remedy, favors the healthy and the sick, and especially anemic persons. The process of preparation of mint and nettle is as follows:
  • Collect a handful of young nettle leaves and mint (it can be tamed or wild). You will need thirty pieces each. Grind the two plants in a blender with the addition of chopped lemon. Strain, add water, honey or stevia, and finally insert and a couple of ice cubes.

Natural juice of mint and nettle as you can see does not need to be cooked, and sugar is not added it is very healthy. During the summer days it is an excellent replacement for iced tea. It is an excellent recommendation during summer in the form of ice cream with mint.

Another method of making syrup that is cooked
  1. One hulled and chopped lemon, leaves of mint and nettle put in two liters of cold water. Leave all together and let it stand all night and day. Strain the resulting mass and pour into a pan. Cook over low heat with the addition of up to two and a half kilos of sugar. Do not allow it to boil because then they lose most of their medicinal substances.
  2. At the end insert a pinch of thyme, or a little thyme. You will create a kind of preservative that is completely natural.
  3. Therefore deliver beverage in the bottle, let it cool and then dispose of it in the fridge. The resulting syrup is diluted with water. You will get a pleasant juice of mint and nettle that invigorates and raises the immunity.

Make a syrup with mint and lemon balm

Lemon balm, similar to mint helps fight insomnia, it soothes and relaxes the nerves. Improves concentration, attention and mood. The syrup is relatively easy to make, so try it.

It requires quite a lot of limuntos which does not suit everybody, however in addition the juice of mint and lemon balm has a sweet taste. If you are not a fan of sugar, use honey.

You need:
  • 400 grams of young fresh mint leaves,
  • 200 g leaf of lemon balm,
  • Limuntos (6 sachets),
  • 1.5kg of honey (or sugar),
  • Boiled water (5 liters).

Mint juice is prepared in this way:

Balm and mint leaves soak in cold water (previously boiled with addition of limuntusa). Let them stay soaked the whole day (24 hours) in water. The next day, remove the leaves from the container, and the remaining liquid strain. Add the honey and mix vigorously until dissolved completely. Then pour into a glass bottle and refrigerate.

Before using the juice dilute it with water. You can also can add a few slices of lemon, for the sake of beautiful decorations, but also for more beautiful taste.

Simple syrup with honey and lemon

When you have a good local honey, young leaves of mint and fresh organic lemon, it's a shame not to try the following recipe:

It is necessary to have:
  • Half a cup of fresh mint leaves,
  • Two full spoons of honey,
  • Three tablespoons of lemon juice,
  • Four cups of water.

Preparation of juice is easy:

Mix ingredients in a blender, and finally add the honey. Pour into a glass bottle and refrigerate. This juice is not cooked so it is best to drink immediately after preparation. Then it is freshest and tastiest. Feel free to experiment with this perfect drink for you and your household.

It will refresh you during the year, better than any of the purchase of juice. Serve it whenever you have a chance and it will delight your guests and friends. If you keep it in the fridge, drink it within days, specifically in 24 hours. It can easily get spoiled because it does not contain a preservative. With a good blender, you can always make it on site and serve as a fresh drink.

How to properly dose it and what are the benefits

For whatever variant of syrup and juice you opt for do not overdo it with its consumption. Syrups that are diluted are drunk in amounts up to 2 cups a day. They contain a lot of sugar and limuntos, but are not ideal for everyone.

Juice of mint and lemon made in a blender is much healthier, safer and can be drunk more often.


Larger amounts of juices and syrups can lead to certain side effects such as rashes and allergies. Then you have to stop consuming it so the symptoms can withdraw. If the redness does not pass, be sure to go to the infirmary.

Mint syrup is not good for diabetics, you can drink it with honey, or after a consultation with doctors.

The mild mint juice during pregnancy is allowed to be drunk, it effectively suppresses morning sickness. However do not overdo it, the same recommendation applies to nursing mothers. It should not be given to children and be careful with consumption.

Mint juice has almost no adverse effects, but only if you follow all of the above mentioned.

Additional advice:
  • Sugar obtained from sugar cane is much healthier than white sugar. If you can, obtain and use it.

Try at least one of the recommended recipes for homemade mint juice. If you liked our article, recommend it to your friends.