How to reduce your appetite with food in a natural way

How to reduce your appetite naturally

Being overweight represents today a major problem in a growing number of people. Finding ways to reduce appetite naturally is one of the basic ways to eliminate this problem. Every day we are bombarded by advertisers on TV for pills, teas, shakes for weight loss and similar preparations. They will reportedly eliminate excess fat from the waist. Although such products to a certain extent may give you the results you desire, but be extremely careful. Specifically, you need to know that their use is risky for your overall health.

Therefore, you need to decide on the natural and proven methods if you want to lose weight. First of all, it is necessary to find a way to prevent overeating because it is "the main culprit" for being overweight. The food we eat is also an important factor, however we advise avoiding foods that contain carbohydrates, additives and trans-fats.

The path to your goal may be long, but the end results are what should be your guiding principle. To persist in your intentions, be consistent and persistent. Below we will share some useful information on how to reduce your appetite and lose weight naturally.

What causes increased appetite?

You must have often tried to lose weight by holding some of the most popular "hit" diets. Many did not have a satisfactory effect. After that, it almost always leads to disappointment that entails the continuation of bad eating habits. So, whether you're on a diet or not, do not easily give up on your primary plan. What causes increased appetite is actually at the same time its effect, and that is - overeating.

Frequent consumption of food will cause a renewed hunger for a short time, and you will again resort to a new meal. This is especially noticeable, when it comes to foods that contain saturated fats. They generally have a higher calorific value and are harmful. It will directly lead to the formation of fat deposits especially in the famous problematic parts of the body. Therefore, if you feel hungry - do not eat junk food, sweets, snacks, rolls of white flour.

One of the solutions to reduce the appetite for food is skipping the mentioned unhealthy foods. Also, all artificial juices should be avoided and consume only natural squeezed ones without additives.

Can starvation reduce cravings?

Increased appetite, on the other hand may be a result of total contradiction-starvation. This method apparently tricks the stomach and actually we lose fat. However, this is a very dangerous way and certainly is not recommended, because it distorts overall health.

Withholding the body from a number of useful substances, vitamins and minerals will hurt your immunity. In addition, even if you stubbornly stick to fasting, there will be no results. As soon as you stop your body will instinctively look for increased food intake, and you will return to overeating.
Body are in principle requires calories and but you will make a mistake if you enter them through foods rich in carbohydrates, trans-fats and additives. Women are more prone to fasting than men since they keep diets more often. It was even confirmed that the term to reduce appetite and lose weight is more often searched for by women than men.

Various regimes of nutrition include just reduced intake of useful and healthy foods that can help in weight loss.

What else can cause problems with appetite?

In addition to these "conditions" that cause increased appetite, there are many causes of mental and physical nature. In fact, as one of the initiators for increased desire for food is disturbed functioning of the thyroid gland. It produces hormones and affects the metabolism. In the case when their amount is not sufficient in quantity, automatically occurs frequent need for intake food. In addition, in women polycystic ovary syndrome is more common, which also results in the occurrence of this problem.

After all, clinical studies have shown that stress and anxiety can cause an increase in appetite.
Therefore we advise keeping a healthy lifestyle that includes mental health care. Depression is also a great enemy that is nowadays facing a growing number of people. While some may notify refusal of food, in other people it manifests itself in overeating.

We should not forget the fact that the drugs may have an impact on nutrition. Finding ways to reduce appetite for food with the consumption of certain medications is simply not feasible. It is necessary to first become familiar with the possible side effects caused by medications before you take them.

Pay special attention if you are prescribed treatment to regulate blood pressure, diabetes, or drink painkillers or antidepressants. These therapies increase the risk of cultivation, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to regulate diet.

Top foods that reduce appetite

Let’s go back to the start and repeat how various preparations for rapid weight loss are not healthy nor advisable. Often they can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on controlling your own food where your body is getting enough protein, minerals and vitamins.

The diet is a good way to lose weight, but not ideal. Next it is necessarily to be physically active so your body burns excess calories. Also those which are deposited in the form of fat. Find your best way to reduce your appetite and lose weight naturally. We recommend some useful food for this purpose:

Pulses restrain increased appetite

Most home cooked dishes are based on this vegetable. You sure know that legumes suppress hunger very well. For this purpose we recommend primarily beans, chick peas, soybeans and lentils. They are full of protein that the body will give you energy and make you feel full and thus prevent overeating.

Powerful whole grains

First of all, the diet should include brown rice, which is a great substitute for bread. It will not only fill you up, but will absorb the excess water and salts that produce bloating of the stomach. In addition, initiate bowel movements and eliminate excess toxins from them.

If you did not know, there is a way to reduce appetite with oatmeal. This dish is also great ally, because this cereal is an ideal morning meal. It contains complex carbohydrates that will provide much needed energy that is not deposited in the fat.

How to reduce the desire for food with avocado

We have already mentioned that the starvation is unhealthy and forbidden. If you have opted for any diet, be sure to consume this delicious fruit. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to lose appetite, avocado is an ideal food for this purpose. It will send signals to your brain when the stomach is full. You will feel fuller much longer by eating avocado than, for example, plums or apricots. Related: diets with avocado

How to beat hunger with apples

You can easily suppress hunger with the help of apples. First of all, they are full of soluble fiber and pectin, and give a feeling of satiety. They also regulate blood sugar and thus prevent overeating. Moreover, you need to chew them for a longer time because their meat is hard, and that can quite skillfully deceive your stomach.

Be sure to include eggs in the diet

Proteins are necessary for the body to function properly. If you are wondering how to reduce food intake, the answer is quite simple - eat eggs every day. If you eat them for breakfast, not only will you be entering a valuable dose of protein, but you will feel full for long time. It is by far better than a pastry that has the same number of calories.

The numbers say that people who eat this food can enter daily 330 kcal less. All of this contributes to reduced weight and offers us a solution to reduce the appetite for other food.

Dark chocolate reduces cravings for other foods

It may sound unbelievable, but lovers of sweets will surely be delighted. Of course, permitted is only dark chocolate with at least 70 percent of cocoa in it, because it is the only one that can reduce appetite. Its bitter taste and stearic acid helps digestion and creates a feeling of satiety.

How to reduce your appetite with black coffee

Morning ritual that you not to skip can be of great help. A cup of hot beverage will encourage metabolism and caffeine will cleanse the body of toxins. If you are looking for a way to reduce appetite coffee is an excellent choice. Try to eat a cube of dark chocolate with it, it will make an excellent combination. Enjoy this phenomenal taste that will help in reducing body weight. Of course, drink it bitter with no added sugar nor artificial sweeteners!

Drink green tea to reduce appetite

But if you're not a fan of coffee then this drink is the right solution for you. Many people who are looking for a solution to suppress appetite naturally, just apply this method. Catechins which is rich in green tea prevents convert of glucose into fat cells, and successfully gets in the way of weight gain.

Ginger eliminates hunger

These foods act as a natural stimulant in the brain and body and helps in initiating energy. In this way, it improves digestion and eliminates toxins and excess matter from the intestines. Just enter a few grams of ginger a day. Simply insert in chamomile tea or freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables. It is best to drink it in the mornings on an empty stomach.

How to reduce the desire for sweets with cinnamon

Last but not least, we will recommend a kind of substitute for sugar. Next time you want to eat whole meal cereal or drink coffee, try to sprinkle a little cinnamon in them. This ancient spice from the East will help in reducing blood glucose levels. It is very useful to control appetite in a natural way.

Exercises that help reduce the appetite

Weight loss is a long process that begins - in the kitchen. But, as we have already mentioned, for it to be successful it is necessary to do physical activities so your body can use up calories. It is not necessary to add up their number, but eat only what makes you feel full.

Exercise for weight loss that can be helpful when it comes to the reduction of appetite are:

Exercises for abs

Doing them every day in series of 12 to 15 repetitions during one lap. This exercise can be performed at home, just select a suitable site and a soft surface.


This physical activity is probably the most popular and most effective. It also activates the muscles in the arms, chest and abdomen. Do them in series of 10 repetitions.

Push-ups on the elbows (planking)

Extremely difficult, but effective exercise for the whole body. Put yourself in position for push-up, but instead on the palms, rest on elbows and forearms. Keep this position for 60 seconds and breathe properly. After that, take a break of 2 minutes and repeat this exercise.


When it comes to removing fat from the stomach running is unchallenged. Start with 20 minutes of light jogging in the fresh air and you will feel better after the first time. Activates the muscles of the whole body, and gradually you will dissipate the excess fat that has accumulated.


One way to reduce your appetite and cravings is definitely cycling. Connect pleasant and helpful and every day ride this two-wheeler at least for an hour. Set yourself challenges and increase the mileage and you will notice that your body does not require food as before.

Top tips to reduce your appetite and lose weight

Food that reduces appetite and regular physical activity are the key to success on the way to the goal you have set for yourself. Apart from them, you need a strong will because it will help you persevere. But, along the way you can use some "tricks" that can be of great help.

Greater amounts of liquids

The try before each meal to drink a glass of water. This simple thing should become a habit, because you will thus fill up the stomach with it. Therefore, there is no need to overeat. The food you eat will be digested easier, better and faster.

Serve food in smaller containers

Another one of the tricks to suppress appetite is by eating and serving food in small plates. This psychological ploy will send signals to your brain and stomach that you ate all the serving. It will automatically create a feeling of satiety. After the meal, you can take an apple, especially if there is a feeling of hunger.

Give preference to seasonal vegetables and fruits

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, because it has a lot of fiber which helps in the digestion of food. These foods have very few calories and make us full at the same time.

For example, try to eat a bowl of diverse fresh vegetables that contain about 400 calories. This portion will fill the entire stomach, while fried meat of the same energy value does not create a feeling of satiety. It is difficult to digest and makes you eat again soon after a meal.

User experience with the different methods

If you're asking other people on how to reduce appetite, the experience that you can hear may be different. In general, success depends on each one’s strong will and discipline.
Because of the emotional stress that I experienced, I fell into depression and sadness that I "healed" with food. It only helped me in the short run. I managed to overcome the existing problems, but only seemed to create new, like the problem with excess weight. Since I was in this stage for a long time I have acquired a lot of bad habits. I was looking for a way to reduce the appetite with food, because I did not want to starve. Nutritionist has prescribed a diet that helped me in solving my weight problem and to this day I follow this diet. Every day, I drink green tea and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Branka, 33 
I have long wondered how to reduce appetite in children, because my son suddenly gained about 10 kilos. The cause was all the junk food you he ate with his peers when they are in school. As soon as he returned home he was even hungrier. That is why in his diet I included cereal and fruits, before they go to class. Now he no longer feels the need for hamburgers, pizza and other fast food. For starters he managed to lose 5 kg, and largely basketball helped him which he started to train. Dragica, 38

Conclusion and some guidelines 

Best experiences with the suppression of appetite, had people who are actively engaged in sports. Of great help can be an exercise program with a personal trainer, which is certainly recommend to the most willed ones. This kind of life can you change you from the root and you will eat healthier and feel healthier.

At the very end, follow the advice that we presented to you. It is not forbidden to sometimes eat a delicious homemade cake, but it is necessary to reduce the intake of such treats to the ultimate minimum. A general recommendation is not to eat after 6 o clock pm, but then consume tea, water or fresh squeezed juice.

We hope that these guidelines to reduce appetite naturally will help in your fight with weight gain. You must be persistent and consistent. We recommend an earlier article on how to conquer obesity, a disease of the 21st century.