How does condyloma look like in men?

Condyloma in men and women; SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT

Genital warts in men and women are contagious, sexually transmitted disease caused by the HPV virus, and are manifested by changes on the skin - growths on the penis and vagina appear, the size is about 1 to 3 millimeters. They occur almost at the same rate, in both sexes, but genital warts in women are much more often and are visible to the naked eye. The infection is most often transmitted through sexual intercourse, but also by direct contact with infected mucous membranes and skin (the chance that a person gets ill after the first contact with an infected person amounts to 26 to 30 percent). The incubation period lasts from three weeks to six months. More on, how warts look like, how are they transmitted, what are the symptoms, and how to remove them, find out bellow.


Today we know that genital warts are condyloma in men and women, definitely one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. The newest statistics point to an amazing fact, which is that nearly 50 million people across the globe carries HPV virus in our body. They occur in the genital area and rectum, and give an extremely great discomfort for the patient. In most cases, the first symptoms of genital warts occur three months after contact with an infected person. Visible changes are usually small nipples of different shape and color (off-white, pink, brown and brown) in women there is an itching, vaginal discharge, the discharge from the vagina, pain during intercourse and vaginal bleeding. However, if symptoms are absent, the changes usually are discovered later, on a regular gynecological examination. The first symptoms of genital warts in men, in the majority appears as growths form of warts, rashes or appear pink and red spots on the penis, around the root of the penis, in the skin as well as the area around the anal opening. In addition, there are difficulties in urinating. In both sexes, the first signs of the disease give quite colorful and diverse clinical features, which largely depends on the kind and type of virus, the presence of other diseases in the body, immunity of the patient, sexual behavior and lifestyle.


The most frequently occurring are sharp and pointy warts in men and women - these are soft, warty growths on the skin and mucous membrane of the genital organs, with uneven surface, bright-red or skin color, which grow on the stem and are tapered at the top, and can have a cauliflower look. They are painless and more firm than the surrounding skin or mucous membrane, occur individually, quickly spread and multiply, so in the neglected stage they form a broad panel of compressed warts that can totally block the entrance to the vagina. There are leveled genital warts in women, they appear in the form of whitish changes on the level of the epithelium of skin and mucous membranes in the parts of the vagina and cervix. Since the causes of these genital warts is human papilloma virus, which can be found in premalignant and malignant forms, it is very important at the time to recognize them and remove them. Also, there are giant warts, but they very rarely occur in clinical practice.
Here is how condyloma looks like in men; pictures:

Here is how condyloma looks like in women; pictures:

How is condyloma transmitted in men and women: Since the risk factors for the development of genital warts are a frequent change of sexual partners, early entry into sexual relations, avoidance of condoms, poor hygiene of intimate regions, enjoying tobacco and alcohol, exposure to stress and other viral infections, it is necessary to eliminate harmful habits and regularly go the gynecologist. Otherwise, genital warts in men and women can be transmitted not only by sexual intercourse, but also with the use of common underwear, transfer occurs after use of the same accessories for hair removal and shaving of intimate areas. It is important to know that the infection affects the skin outside of the penis, so use of condoms is not a safe protection against infection.


In the event that you experience genital warts, it is necessary to treat both partners. They can be removed in several ways, but most often used is chemical therapy (creams and tinctures against condyloma), cryotherapy (freezing), electrocautery (burning laser) and removal of genital warts using radio waves. Cryosurgery is a procedure for condyloma by freezing them, then they die out and fall off. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, but it happens that the treatment must be repeated several times. Electrocautery or burning the warts, where genital warts are removed, whereby the blood loss is very small. This method is used if warts did not affect a large area. It is important to note that you need to contact the doctor as soon as possible, who would after diagnosis, prescribe and propose appropriate therapy. If the therapy is one of the proposed methods, do not be concerned if after intervention the remains a small scab. Over time there will be a full recovery and it will not lead to any consequences.

Condyloma natural therapy

Celandine and garlic tincture removes genital warts
  • Pour into a larger pot equal parts of chopped garlic, Celandine, mullein and buckthorn, and pour a 60-percentage alcohol over it, so that the ingredients are completely covered with liquid. Close and leave it to stand for 10 days, and after that strain and filter out.

St. John's Wort oil against condyloma 

St. John's Wort is a widely known natural remedy for a number of different diseases, and among them are condyloma in men.
  • A jar of half-liter fill with St. John's wort flowers, and then pour olive oil until the top. Gently close and let it stand for 4-5 days. After that, close tightly and leave for another 4-6 weeks to stand in the sun, and then oil, strain and pour into a glass bottle. Use for external lubrication of genital warts.

Propolis cures condyloma 
  • It is known that propolis is one of the most healing natural products and it proved to be very successful in the treatment of genital warts. It is also used orally to strengthen immunity, and it can be applied directly to the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Reishi mushroom and condyloma in men and women
  • Studies have shown that extract of these mushrooms helps the body win against HPV virus. The treatment of genital warts requires you to take 150 to 300 mg of extract daily. You can also buy supplements containing reishi.

Olive leaf as a remedy for warts
  • In order to cure condyloma you need to be persistent and consistent in every therapy. Healing properties of olives and olive oil is well known, however, its leaves should not be neglected because they contain oleuropein that effectively combats viruses, among others, and HPV virus. It can be used in the form of supplements or tea. Pour a teaspoon of olive leaves with 2 dl of boiling water and leave the lid on for it to rest for at least half an hour, then drain and drink two to three cups of tea a day.

Siberian ginseng cures condyloma
  • Is it possible to cure condyloma at home, of course it is, and herbalists recommend an extraordinary Siberian ginseng. In sale you can find a large number of supplements containing ginseng, one of the most powerful natural adaptogens. This plant strengthens the immune system due to the high content of eleuteroids that, as shown by some research, destroys the HPV virus and condyloma in men and women retreats. However, these supplements should not be used for a long time especially if you suffer from hypertension and heart disease.


Due to the decline or changes in the immune response of the organism pregnant women are very susceptible to condyloma, when the HPV infection is very common. If they occur immediately before pregnancy, genital warts in most cases will not affect the pregnancy but will certainly cause some problems. They can become bigger and make it difficult to urinate, cause bleeding, and reduce the elasticity of the vagina or cause blockage of the birth canal so that the delivery must be completed by using caesarean section. However, if a woman becomes pregnant while having condyloma or have these changes diagnosed during the pregnancy the doctor will decide about their treatment because there is a risk of transmission of HPV to the baby during passage through the birth canal. In rare cases, condyloma can develop in the throat of the newborn, and the life of the baby may be in danger because of shortness of breath. These growths sometimes appear in a child, after five years of birth. General recommendations for future moms is to definitely do Pap test in consultation with your gynecologist to make a detailed diagnosis and to avoid all potential complications, for the mother and the baby.

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