Greater celandine for cysts and warts

Greater celandine and its medicinal purposes

Greater celandine as medicine has been applied in folk medicine for thousands of years. Teofrast an ancient physician around 4th and 5th century BC recommended this plant for swelling of the liver, gallstones, jaundice and against the constipation.

According to ancient beliefs swallows use the juice of this plant to rub it on the eyes of their babies in order to swallow it. Cheliodon in Greek means swallow. For centuries its application in folk medicine for the treatment of cataracts and conjunctivitis has been know.

In modern times the grass celandine is applied for treating and relieving symptoms caused by oncological diseases. Equally well it works against benign and malignant tumors. Its antitumor effect is due to alkaloids it contains.

Celandine is known to effectively remove warts, and it relieves and cleanses the liver. Stay with us and find out how you can use all of this very useful plant. Learn a new recipe for a tea or tincture, which you can make yourself at home.

How does it look and what is its composition 

Celandine Latin name Chelidonium majus in the nation is also known as celandine or bloody cabbage. This herbaceous perennial plant belongs to the family of the poppy family Papaveraceae. It preferably loves cold and humid places, thrives in forests. You can find it everywhere on the desolate places, and near settlements, in addition to roads and the like.

Tree is upright, which grows up to 60 cm in height, the leaves are odd feathery divided at the bottom with a handle, and the upper road. The flowers are on the top of the tree in umbel, distinctly yellow with four petals and many stamens. It blossom from May to August, and the fruit is elongated cocoons.
In all parts there is a yellow juice which has a strong taste, which turns orange with oxidation. In medicinal purposes the entire plant is used, including the root.

It contains active substance

Celandine herb has medicinal properties due to the composition of its milk juice. The most common organic acids are malic acid and citric acid. It's got more saponins, flavonoids, vitamins, carotenoids, phenolic acids. It contains essential oils, resins, proteolytic enzymes that break down proteins.

The most important organic compounds which are abundant in Celandine is certainly alkaloids. The tree has less than 1 percent of alkaloids in it, while the roots is the richest in them up to 3 percent. This plant contains as many as 10 different species, the most common are chelidonine and homohelidonin which act calming and relaxing.

There is also sanguinarine whose salts stimulate peristalsis and better salivation. Chelerythrine has an irritating effect and in large quantities has a toxic effect. Because of this ingredient you must be careful with the use of Celandine. Be sure to follow the recommended amount to avoid adverse effects.

The medical effect of Celandine are multiple 

Internal use 

It is important to know that the Celandine for oral use is used only in dried form. You can use it up to three weeks and then take a break. Daily it is possible to use 2-4 grams, because at this level is safe for health.

Fresh plant has an unpleasant smell, but with drying it loses it. It is important that the drying takes place quickly in shade, with good ventilation.

Celandine tea is known in particular in that it protects and regenerates the liver and stimulates the secretion of bile. It's good for the spleen and in the treatment of jaundice. Detoxifies the liver, but also the whole organism. Contributes to better condition of kidneys, and good for the treatment of bladder and helps with painful urination.

There is a positive effect in the regulation of blood pressure, cholesterol and bilirubin in the blood, and the heart condition. It has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. In the case of toothache you can chew its root.

Celandine as a medicine is excellent with problems related to digestive tract because it stimulates digestion. If you have problems due to lack of appetite you use this gift of nature. Helps in the case of constipation, inflammation of the stomach and small intestine, or irritable bowel syndrome. Successfully treats gastric polyps.

Thanks to the aforementioned chelidonine, celandine tea has a calming effect and is recommended for anxiety and depression. But also soothes muscle cramps. Relieves pain in the stomach, chest and lower back with PMS.

It soothes allergy symptoms in combination with ground ivy and nettles. Prevents spasm and relaxes bronchial spasms, also the results are obtained with persistent cough, asthma, certain lung diseases and gout.

External use of Celandine

Celandine is used for eczema, hives, psoriasis, scabies and various other skin diseases. It is used for the treatment of wart, calluses and external hemorrhoids. In the case of Trichomonas infection or the appearance of lichen, washing with tea or tincture can successfully solve the problem.

Using these plants, minor wounds in the skin from scratches and cuts heal quickly. And because of antimicrobial activity of Celandine it prevents bacterial growth, and protects against infection. But it is also effective in case of fungal infections of the skin.

You can use Celandine patches in case of pain in the abdomen and uterus.
  • It is necessary to bind the plant with mashed root, add chamomile oil and warm the mixture up a little. Apply on gauze or a clean cloth and keep on the painful area.

Celandine has always been used for warts and their removal. You just have to drop some milky juice several times a day on the affected area. Use it for a couple of days until you notice the results. You can also use healing tincture whose recipe we will share with.

Celandine used as an eye wash is useful when there are problems with the cornea and cataracts. It can be used in case of tired eyes after prolonged stress before the screen or because of visual loss.
  • Place in the eye 2-3 times a day 10-15 drops of tincture. For this purpose, fresh plant is submerged in the milk and left for a couple of hours, and strained through cheesecloth.

How to use celandine for cysts and fibroids

Celandine is also used for ovarian cysts, which are common. It is also used to treat a variety of other changes in women in the reproductive organs. In the case of fibroids, inflammation, or tumor.

Cure for cysts and fibroids is very easily made in your home in the following manner.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of celandine with 1 tablespoon of honey and consume it during 21 days.

Take the mixture every morning, one spoonful. Chew until the juice is completely drained and the rest spit out. After three weeks take a 7 day break. After that, if necessary, once again repeat this entire process.

It helps with the most serious diseases and conditions

Celandine is popularly used as a kind of "natural chemotherapy" with fibroids, tumors, endometriosis related to health problems.
  • It is necessary to take dried celandine without root and 4 teaspoons soak in a liter of cold water and boil it. Then cover and when cool the drink 3-4 cups per day.

Celandine tea is used longer than 40 days, the best is three weeks, and take a break for one whole week.

The recipe for tea 

The most effective teas for liver

Celandine can be drunk alone but it has a different blend of herbs that really are an effective contribution to the health of the liver. Liver tea is prepared as any other curable composition.
  • One tablespoon of grass is poured with 2 dl of water, cover and after 5 minutes filter it. For two weeks drink it sip by sip which is covered by a pause of 7 days.

You can also create another celandine tea into an extraordinary tea blend.

You need:
  • 20 g mountain germander and celandine, 15 g of mint and balm, and agrimony.

  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable mixture goes into half a liter of boiling water. Cover for 2 hours and then strain. It is drunk before meals, three times a day.

For the same purpose you can use 20g of celandine, mountain germander, bark of buckthorn and 5g of mint, lemon balm, and chamomile.

For liver and bile puts the following medicinal mixture
  • 60g of celandine, 30g of flowers of rosemary, 20g of buckthorn bark, 20g of woodruff herb. For one cup of tea you need 2 teaspoons of this mixture.

It is drunk on an empty stomach in the morning and before bed at night.

Celandine tea against allergies and respiratory illnesses

Celandine grass is a common ingredient of tea for the treatment of asthma and bronchitis due chelidonine alkaloid content that prevents spasm.

It also helps with persistent cough and allergies when mixed with plantain, ground ivy and coltsfoot.
  • Two tablespoons of this mixture pour with a pint of boiling water, mix and cover for 15 minutes. Then strain and drink that amount in the course of the day. Use it for two weeks and then take a break of one week and repeat the process.

In asthmatic cough, the next drink helps:
  • Mix 20g of celandine, fruit of pasrdena, Coltsfoot and chimneys.  3 tablespoons of mixture pour in half a liter of boiling water. Cover and leave for 2 hours, then drain it and drink during the day in three equal doses.

An ideal mixture for cleaning the blood vessels or the liver is celandine, mint and dandelion.
  • Use 50g of each plant to make a mixture and two tablespoons pour with half a liter of boiling water, stir, cover and leave for 20 minutes. Drink during the day after straining, without sweetening. Drink over a period of three weeks.

Mixed with offshoots of elder and nettle, celandine, purifies the blood. In addition to accelerating the creation of blood cells it helps in the treatment of leukemia.

Make celandine drops for warts yourself at home in the following way

Tincture of Celandine is available in almost all pharmacies, but it can be very easily made at home. We will give you a couple of variants that are easy to make and you will receive extraordinary drops. Their application is completely safe and most importantly efficient and are very healing.

Celandine tincture for warts is made as follows:
  • Fill the jar with freshly chopped celandine and pour all with apple vinegar. Leave in a dark place to stand for one month. Shake occasionally, so the ingredients blend completely. After this period strain and your drops are finished and ready for use.

How to use drops?

On warts drizzle tincture 3 times a day, or soak cheesecloth and secure with a bandage on the affected site. Cloth is changed twice a day.

Other useful recipes with celandine

Greater calendine is used against jaundice and dropsy because it promotes sweating.
  • It is necessary to soak 30g of calendine including the root into half a liter of white wine and leave it for 2-3 hours. After that, drain and drink in sips.

With kidney disease, rheumatism, gout, gastric cancer or internal hemorrhoids, the following beneficial tincture is effective.
  • A handful of chopped plant in bloom along with the root, should be put in half a liter of strong brandy for eight days. Take 10 drops of Celandine diluted in water, three times a day.

Create your own eye ointment with Celandine which helps with inflammation of the eye, cataract and darkened cornea.
  • Take a fresh milky juice of the plant and mix with the same amount of egg whites and add the same amount of honey. Mix to get homogenous mass.

User experience with preparations of celandine 

There are a number of testimonies about this product. When it comes to celandine grass experiences are very positive, and especially effective is tincture and tea. Here is what users say about preparations.
Pink patches on my arms suddenly appeared, and later on other parts of the body. The itching was unbearable. On the recommendation of colleagues from work, celandine tea with no extra cost and supplements solved my problem. Now I know that if I have a rash I just need to cook this drink and the problem will soon be solved. Celandine really worked and I am happy to recommend it to everyone. Z.K. 
I had an inflammation of the small intestine last year. Since my stomach is very sensitive to various drugs it has been problematic for me to heal it. Before making a bigger problem, I wanted to try some natural way. I heard the Celandine is good for all digestive organs, so I tried the tea. I drank it twice a day, for three weeks. The pain subsided within a short time, and at the same time I saved my stomach. V.N.

Where to buy celandine and what is the price of the preparation

When using these plants you have to be extremely careful and cautious. The celandine herbs in large quantities can be toxic because of their chemical content.

Celandine tea in pregnancy, as well as later during breast-feeding is not recommended. The same goes for celandine drops. Do not take them, avoid giving them to children. Occasionally, patients also need to be vigilant. It is best to previously consult with your doctor.

Where to buy this natural remedy?

It is certainly the most reliable to look for it in health food stores. The well-stocked pharmacies have it and it can be found in the form of tinctures, as well as tea.

Nowadays all the recommended products can be found on the Internet. The offer is decent, and ordering is very simple – it only requires a few clicks.

There are various preparations based on these plants, for example, drops, gels and various tinctures.

For celandine drops you will have to pay around 3 dollars (50g). Also for 30 g of dry plants for making tea, you need to allocate around 4 dollars.

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