Dandelion salad against spring fatigue

Dandelion salad; for what is it good for

Dandelion salad is a real boon during spring that everyone should have on their table. It will rejuvenate your tired body, strengthen the body and protect it from a number of diseases. Leaf of this plant is highly appreciated as a healthy and refreshing food since ancient times.

In Europe the salad with very young leaves and dandelion root cut into thin strips was given to visually impaired persons. The pure juice was used for cleansing out toxins and improvement of blood.

Dandelion salad was on the menus of most picky people but also on the table of the poorest population. It is popular today, especially in French cuisine, which holds its rightful place.

In this article we will give you a few suggestions how to make a delicious dandelion salad. Recipes are great, stay with us.

Dandelion is a precious gift from nature

This modest omnipresent plant, to which almost we do not pay attention to is great for us. Its flower is yellow from early spring, and brings joy to many with its appearance. On the other side root and leaves are used for preparing a spring dandelion salad and have extraordinary healing properties.
This persistent and above all resistant plant every morning awakens at 6 o'clock. Then slowly opens its flowers until noon. After noon until 3 pm its only concern is to again close its flower. Then again it goes to sleep and welcomes a new sunrise. When the weather is too cold or stormy, it generally does not open.

One dandelion contains over 12,000 seeds. Each of them is equipped with a tiny parachute, which is blown to the most remote destinations. Who would say that this plain yellow flower has such a sophisticated equipment? Nature is a miracle.

Although to many dandelion looks like gentle and weak it is just not so. Observe just what happens when a first yellow flower appears on a grassy surface. Within a few days all will become yellow. Definitely it has a conquering character, it is a real "terminator". Where the flower sets it can take everything even unfavorable climate and trampling.

The Latin name for dandelion is Taraxacum officinale, in Europe it is called the lion's tooth. Other folk names are: bitter herbs, cow flowers.

Dandelion leaf medicinal properties and composition

Dandelion is generally considered an annoying weed, although it hides significant healing properties. This is a permanent herbaceous plant with fleshy, spindle and in the upper part it has a forked root. It contains valuable milky juice that is not toxic, as sometimes popularly thought.

Tubular flower stalk is round and carries a yellow flowering head, which is at night and during the flowering closed. After this seed appears formed like a translucent ball, with a lot of seeds that are spread by the wind.

The ground leaves are closely pressed to the ground and form a rosette, but only are in the latter days-erect. The shape varies and they have smooth edges and jagged terraces. Dandelion leaf is extremely healing, containing large amounts of vitamin C and iron (up to 3 percent). It is richer in these important minerals from the popular spinach.

The leaves are rich in carotenoids, vitamin A and B complex, stearin, inulin, choline, and organic acids. In it are deposited large amounts of minerals, especially potassium and calcium.

Thanks to the active substances, the leaf has something more bitter taste. If your choice is a healthy spring salad of dandelion, the best thing to do is to soak the leaves in water the night before. In this way you will mitigate the bitterness and you will get a tasty side dish.

Habitat and cultivation of dandelion

It is often seen in a larger amounts on the lawns in gardens and on other grounds. The plant is flourishing with the beginning of April and in May, as well as individually in the fall.

Medicinal part of the plant is root, flowers and soothing leaves which are used to prepare dandelion salad.

Entire plant with the root is plucked, the best to do this is in the spring when the leaf is the juiciest always before flowering period.

Dandelion as a remedy for many health problems

The official use of the plant is when it blooms and its root. From it we obtain a famous dandelion extract, a favorite among herbalists.

Dandelion root is present in the official medicine as raw materials for the preparation of medicaments. Be sure to pluck it in the spring.

Recent studies point out that the dandelion as a cancer drug proved effective. In Canada, a study was conducted in which it was established that the root of the plant destroys leukemia cells with great success. On the other hand, it is not detrimental to healthy cells.

In folk medicine collected are yellow flowers. Unusual wealth of medicinal materials makes dandelion an extraordinary plant that is little appreciated. It grows in a wide variety but quite unjustifiably it is often perceived as a useless weed.

If one considers only the improvement in the overall material exchange, then it is clear what kind of plant works. Dandelion salad is beneficial and cleanses the blood and its preventive activity is extraordinary. The root of the plant is used to treat severe illnesses.

Also dandelion as a medicine is used for gout, rheumatism, scrofula, skin eczema, swelling and ulcers. Also it has been proved to work with blood disorders, obesity, lack of appetite and lazy bowels. It facilitates the work of the liver and gall bladder, eliminates the occurrence of water in the stomach and chest.

Dandelion root is strongly recommended for people suffering from diabetes. In fact it has the power to dissolve, refreshes, clean, open, secrete sweat and strengthen the body.

It affects all secretion (especially of the gall bladder), relieves congestion, interference and accumulation of mucus. It painlessly operates on urine excretion from the body as it removes toxic substances that make the body tired.

How to make dandelion salad - recipe

To begin we share with you the most basic recipe. Prior to the preparation of salads, make sure where the leaves are harvested. It is best to get them in ecologically clean areas, quite distant from the road. When you pick the leaves, dip them in water and leave it overnight so they settle. In this way, they will be less biter.

Dandelion salad preparation:
  • The harvested leaves wash under strong jet of water. Add to them a little olive oil, lemon juice and spice it all up with sea salt. All on-site can be spiced up with edible flowers of primrose, which also can be found in this period. Mix all together and your dandelion salad is ready for serving.

Amendment prescription: if you want an even more refined taste rather than the sea, add Himalayan salt. It will give something lighter note to the salad with which you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Dandelion salad prepared in this way will eliminate spring fatigue in the short term. It will refresh you, cheer up and recover the entire organism.

How is the dandelion salad in France popular, tells us the fact that they are grown varieties cultivated for this purpose. Such types have a lot more leaves.

Dandelion salad melts weight and eliminates cellulite

Dandelion has long been used as food and medicine. Its root is usually dried and, as such, is used to prepare tea. It is an excellent diuretic. A study published in 2009 positioned root extract to increase the production of urine after five hours of use.

Also dandelion helps eliminate excess water from the body. This plant successfully suppresses appetite, and in particular the desire for sweets. In addition it reduces fat in the blood and harmful cholesterol.

Since it is low in calories dandelion salad is ideal for weight loss. For this purpose it is equally effective tea from the dried leaves of the plant.

The recipe for the elimination of cellulite from the thighs

To remove the unsightly orange peel with thigh and buttocks do the following:
  • Dandelion leaves, wash and combine them with lettuce and other green leafy vegetables. Salad dressing with olive oil and apple vinegar, or the juice of half a lemon.

Thus prepared salad of dandelion stimulates melting of cellulite with leg and thigh. The recipe is very simple and very tasty. You cannot afford to your body a better thing for "spring cleaning".

Have you heard of dandelion coffee?

It is made from the dried root of the plant. First fry it and then grind. The obtained powder is used as a substitute for coffee.

The combination of dandelion salad with potatoes

In kitchens around the world, this plant has found its application. It is valued and praised in many recipes. Here is how to prepare salad with dandelion and potatoes.

You need:
  • 4 handfuls of young leaves of dandelion (previously well-cleaned)
  • A kilogram of quality local potatoes,
  • 1 to 2 garlic cloves,
  • olive oil,
  • Apple vinegar,
  • Himalayan salt (can and sea as a substitute).

Prepare salad:

First, cook the whole potatoes with its bark and peel while it is still hot enough. Cut it into uniform cubes and pour into a container in which there are fresh dandelion leaves. Add chopped onion, a little apple cider vinegar, olive oil and Himalayan salt.

Thus prepared salad of dandelion leaves and potatoes can be served hot or cold. It is enough for a meal. However if you are for "something more" you can add the hard-boiled eggs.

Additional notes and advice

Dandelion is perfectly natural for the revitalization of the body. This herb relieves indigestion, soothes inflammation of the gall bladder and stimulates the secretion of urine. However, as much as you like it, do not overdo it with the consumption. Especially be careful with drinking the tea, which is effective with the diseased liver.

If the leaves are not sunk during the night, the bitterness can be suppressed follows. Keep them 6-8 minutes in cold salted water, then rinse and make salad as before.

Dandelion salad in pregnancy is also permitted, it even helps improve the quality of milk. It is recommended to be eaten more during the second month. In the last quarter it is particularly useful because it will prevent excessive water retention. Surely it will encourage better digestion and bowel movements.

On this occasion, we would recommend another phenomenal recipe - dandelion honey.