Boric acid for face and nourishment of skin

Boric acid use for health

Many do not know that the boric acid has multiple benefit to human health. It is in the group of weak inorganic acid. It is used for medicinal purposes, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used to relieve the symptoms of some diseases.

It found its application in cosmetics, as it cleans the skin and irritation and contributes to its fresh and flawless appearance. While it salt the borax is a component of various detergents, disinfectants, and insecticides.

Read on to learn how you can use boric acid powder, as well as its solution. Do more for your beauty and health. Get to know the practical side of borax and how to use it at your home.

What is actually Boric acid?

Borax is a natural mineral found centuries ago in China. The main component is a chemical element Boron. It can be found in soil, seawater and rocks. The main finding places of this mineral are in drained riverbeds and lakes in Turkey and California. His other name is sassolite, looks like a colorless crystal or white powder. It is soluble in alcohol, ether and water.

Boric acid is found in nature, it is actually formed by washing or by precipitation in the reaction with borax acids. Three percent solution actually is due to its dissolution in water.

Boric acid powder is used in the homeopathic therapy. It has a feature to destroy pathogenic organisms, but it helps if you have herpes or ulcers.

In cosmetics boric acid is in the composition of creams, lotions, shampoos, gels and bath salts. It occurs in products for home care.

Surely you did not know that countries ago, borax was used even as a food additive. In the food industry its code is E285. It is located in some types of caviar, the Chinese food such as noodles or rice balls. Its place in the food preparation can be found in Indonesian recipes.

What can be treated with borax? 

Treatment with borax helps with various ailments. That is in case of heart and blood vessels, lupus, gout, muscle pain and stiffness. It has positive effects on memory problems, chronic physical and mental fatigue and balance disorders.
Boric acid relieves the symptoms and pain caused by the dilated (varicose) veins. We give you the recipe for the wraps that will help if you have this problem.
  • The three percent boric acid you need to soak the cabbage leaves, so keep them for three hours. Then drain the cabbage and the liquid is used for the lining. They will soothe swelling and have a calming effect.

The skin because of inflammation tightens and three percent boric acid softens and relaxes tight skin and soothe the swollen area. It can give results in the treatment of scars.

It is very effective in the treatment of genital warts

Used is three percent solution for patches.
  • You need to soak a clean cotton cloth in solution, and put on the affected area and hold for 15 minutes.

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Renowned biochemist Walter Last, in addition to another toxicologist and researcher, is a great advocate of treatment with borax. He claims that it is less harmful than table salt, of course if it is not used in large quantities. The most important is to properly prepare solution and properly use it.
  • It takes 5-6g, or one teaspoon of boric acid powder to be put in a liter of water. Give it a good mix until dissolved. 1-2 times a day add it to a glass of water, a teaspoon of this solution. It is drunk during meals.

Prevents irritations and infections of the eyes and ears

Boric acid with eyes sounds a little scary, but exactly it is used in medicine for this purpose. Although this is actually acid, it is very effective in the treatment of various infections of the eyes, including conjunctivitis.

Here's a recipe how to make boric acid for your eyes, it will alleviate the irritation and prevent the occurrence of inflammation.
  • In half a cup of saline or salt water, add one teaspoon of boric acid powder. Dilute and flush eyes gently.

How is it used to treat head lice?

Boric acid for ears also works with some sort of infection, especially fungal. You can easily get them by swimming and staying under water.
  • So for ear inflammation used is three percent solution, and rinsed twice a day.

Also you can do and if you notice that your pet has a similar problems. It is completely safe for use and for animals.

Mitigates odors

Boric acid as an antiperspirant proved to be an excellent solution in case of smelly feet. It is recommended that persons diagnosed with athlete's foot or other fungal infections use it.
  • Boric acid solution should be applied to the painful place, and when it dries rinsing is not necessary. If the skin is very dry in this area, apply a gel or oil.

Due to the antiseptic operation, you can use it as a spray for wounds, helps treat minor wounds, cuts, burns.
  • The solution for this purpose is made with a cup of boric acid diluted with distilled water 4l. Put in a spray bottle and you can use it.

Boric acid for face without acne and pimples

Boric acid for face is beneficial because it cleanses the skin of impurities and inflammation caused by microorganisms. It's good against pimples and acne.

Regular use of 3% solution, to clean your face will get amazing results. Leaves the skin clean, looks healthier and fresher.

Here you can find the recipe for making face masks that disinfect and nourish the skin.
  • It is made of clay powder and 3% solution of boric acid. You can apply it on face and neck 2-3 times a week, it removes, and also treats acne and pimples.

Boric Acid possesses powerful antiseptic properties, and destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi in the region. Therefore, it plays a significant role in pharmacology.

Boric acid for cleaning the face and body is used in dermatology. It helps in the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases. It helps with psoriasis and dermatitis, in addition it is appreciated in the treatment of a number of fungal infections. In keratoplasty it is used as a powder in a 10% mixture with talc.

The lack of boron in the body causes a number of problems

In the case of osteoporosis and brittle bones prone to fractures, boric acid can be of help. Besides it helps with problems caused by arthritis, rheumatism and other joint problems.

Boron as an element of boric acid regulates the operation of the parathyroid gland. It promotes the absorption of minerals calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Borax affects the process of restoring calcium from bone in the entire body of the skeleton, and thereby becomes more solid and harder again. Thereby reducing the tendency to breaks that are typical in advanced osteoporosis.

It is scientifically proven that a weakening of the bones is caused by reducing the amount of built-in calcium. And all this is partly sampled because of lack of boron in the body. Also joints that are affected by arthritis, manifest deficiency of boron.

Folk medicine for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis recommends nettle, and exactly this plant is abundant with boron. The lack of boron in the body, can be shown to be a factor in the development of tumors. So after some research boric acid may contribute to the treatment of a variety of cancers and other serious diseases.

Boric acid against cockroaches and bugs

Did you know that boric acid against cockroaches acts as an insecticide? In addition to removing and killing the insects, it cleans the mold from the walls. Against dust mites and insects you can put the powder on furniture, floor or under the carpet.

Spray problematic places around the house, for us not a little harmful solution that will make in your kitchen!
  • Mix boric acid with ordinary sugar in the ratio of 1:10 and add a larger amount of water. It is effective against fleas, ants, cockroaches, and other insects.

Also, you can make balls that you arrange around the house. They will eliminate and drive away cockroaches forever from your household.

Place balls in visible places in the kitchen and the bathroom in particular, on the shelves of kitchen units, racks, cabinets. They are very practical, and most importantly are harmless to people and pets.
  • From one egg yolks and 30-50g of boric acid powder make a thick mixture and shape balls to 2 cm in diameter. Wait about an hour until dry.

Boric acid against cockroach has a remarkable effect. If you do not have powder, in 100 ml of solution add flour and powdered sugar.

Cockroaches are curious by nature and they approach and touch them, and even then can infect others by touching these balls. Eventually created is intense itching and they die after 3-4 weeks.

Other uses of boric acid in the household

With all of the above, boric acid as a cleaning of the house is equally effective and efficient.
  • For stains on clothes in a detergent it is necessary to add half a cup of boric acid.
  • Mix a quarter of powder with two cups of water, and you will get an excellent tool for bleaching clothes.
  • You can spray the bottom of the garbage can against the bad smells in the kitchen.
  • You can disinfect the toilet bowl. Pour about half a cup of boric acid, and after half an hour you should scrub with the toilet brush. You can even throughout the night let it sit before scrubbing.
  • Industrial use varies. In addition to being an integral part of cosmetics and detergents it is used in the manufacture of furniture, mattresses, insulation. For glasses that are resistant to chemicals and high temperatures and dishes for microwaves. Then, in the production of laboratory glass, halogen bulbs and the like.

Hazards and side effects of borax

Boric acid is not used in products for children in shampoos, soaps, baths or toothpastes. Because it was determined that Borax has a toxic effect on children. If used undiluted extra care is needed. Such preparation should never come in contact with the eyes and contact with wounds from cuts and burns.

According to some claims there is a possibility that Boric Acid has a carcinogenic effect. Therefore, in some countries it is banned completely. While others believe that in general it is not harmful, but it is certainly important to take the amount used into the consideration.

Certainly Acid Boric in pregnancy is not desirable to use it or during breastfeeding.

After opening the package it can be used for 28 days. After that you need to throw it since substances in it become toxic after prolonged standing after contact with air.

Where to buy boric acid and what is the price?

Boric acid in the 3 % solution for the skin, can be purchased in packs of 100, 200 and 300 ml. These preparations are used for disinfecting. They are placed on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day in the form of patches.

You can also buy boric acid eye drops. They are used for the treatment of mild infections, soothe inflammation. You will find them in pharmacies in packs of 10 ml, but there is eye ointment in containers of 5 g.

You can buy solution or powder in the pharmacy. Those 3% 100 ml solutions costs an average of about 2 dollars. For a bottle of 1000 ml you need to extract between 5 and 6 dollars.

Boric acid for the face can be found in drug stores where they have a large range of cosmetic products, such as Lilly's. Certainly these preparations are available online. For 100 gram of powder you will need to allocate about 5 dollars.

Customer Experience with preparations
For one year I used it instead of tonic for face cleaning. My skin is in this region is very sensitive. Simply I just soaked a cotton ball and wiped my face with it in the morning and evening. It soothes my irritated skin, and the best thing is that it does not burn, and it suits me perfectly. My problems with the face are solved! M.V. 
I had recently allergic conjunctivitis. It was recommended tome to use eye wash solution with boric acid. At the beginning I was a bit scared, fortunately ophthalmologist supported me in this. I bought drops at the pharmacy and put them four times a day. After three days there was no trace of infection and redness. I recommend it to everyone. D.B.

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