Andropause climax in men; the first symptoms

Andropause or male menopause; how to alleviate the symptoms

Andropause is a kind of male version of climax - menopause. In this state, the production of sperm, and the amount of testosterone steadily decreases. This is an important hormone responsible for a deep male voice, body hair and body muscle mass.

When the hormone level begins to decrease sharply, a man goes through many physical and psychological changes. All this is quite a natural consequence of aging. Studies suggest to us that the amount of testosterone decreases by as much as ten percent in each of the next decade after thirty.

Unlike in women, male andropause is gradually unfolding in slow, almost imperceptible increments. Men will certainly towards their fifties experience certain, not at all favorable symptoms. They mainly occur due to low testosterone levels. In almost every third person expressed more or less problems.

Read on to learn how long is climax in men, and how to mitigate the symptoms of andropause naturally.

How to recognize the climax in men

In women, menopause symptoms manifest themselves very clearly through the cessation of the menstrual cycle. Doctors say there are clear laboratory and clinical features. Unlike them men in their fifties gradually and very slowly can enter into a kind of climax - andropause. In some people it occurs much earlier in the forties.

One of the first indications that the male menopause has already occurred is reduced sexual desire, weakening or complete loss of erection. Also ejaculation is not as before, because it is delayed. It occurs in only 5-6 contraction, unlike the youthful 8 to 10. In addition to all this there is a lack of energy and often a sense of fatigue, muscle weak and their mass decreases.

When it comes to andropause symptoms may include depression and anxiety, as well as rapid grow of stomach. In this age, men are a lot more susceptible to heart problems, and osteoporosis (like women). Hot flushes, are also know to occur.
This is a very sensitive age for most men. There are large changes, reassessed values, intensive thinking about the transience of life. More often they have episodes of somber mood, that kind of person is prone to arguments.

What is most nearly insurmountable obstacle and a nightmare is impotence in men. This problem cannot be ignored, call your doctor as soon as possible.

How is male menopause diagnosed?

Andropause in men most commonly occurs in the late forties, fifties or sixties of life. The first symptoms of climax can be intense and noticeable, and sometimes they are so slight and gradual that you barely can diagnose them. If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to go for a medical examination.

Specialist doctor (urologist or endocrinologist) will next to a general diagnostics do basic laboratory tests. The doctor will determine whether amidst is a lack of testosterone, and what the daily cycle of testosterone production. Usually, it is the analysis of the blood in the morning from 8 to 11 in the morning. If the results are not entirely clear, then the so-called free testosterone analysis is done.

In people with erectile dysfunction and significantly reduced sexual desire, determined are values of gonadotropins, triglycerides, cholesterol and prolactin.

The so-called andropause test, is also done in which the patient is asked all the basic questions. After the evaluation of subjective conditions and interpretation of results from the current analysis - the therapy is determined.

How to treat andropause with medication?

As we said, after lab results and tests, the doctor prescribes a specific treatment if needed. It is applied in different ways: orally in the form of tablets, injections or placed hormone patches.

Testosterone therapy for primary goal is to raise the level of this hormone. Experiences with it are positive in most patients. It is safe, reliable and most importantly effective, and brings the desired result.

Often, the climax for men is accompanied by psychological disturbances, outbursts of rage and anger. Then the review is completed and going to a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who will also rewrite the medication if necessary.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally

Poor eating habits favor the male climax. Therefore, to solve all the unhealthy food. This includes most foods that contain artificial sugars, preservatives, too much salt and trans-fats. At the very least, they should reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages.

Fish from cold waters

Tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel, have proven to be effective in the case of andropause. First of all, this healthy fish organism provides enough protein, which is essential for maintaining muscle mass.

In addition, they are the ones that prevent diseases associated with the aging of the organism. They raise HDL cholesterol levels, prevent the formation of blood clots, they cut the blood pressure and act against inflammation.

Regularly eat avocados

This delicious fruit is an excellent source of vitamin K, C, E, B5, B6. Is rich in potassium, fiber and folate. It also contains irreplaceable zinc, iron and other important minerals.

Avocado contains oleic acid, and which is indeed beneficial to the heart muscle. This acid thereby reduces various inflammations, can even prevent the occurrence of cancer. Also, it is good for the libido in both sexes.

Plant proteins are indispensable

Meat, especially red should not be the main source of protein. If you have been diagnosed with andropause avoid eating red meat. Instead, focus on the sources of high-quality vegetable protein, such as nuts, quinoa, almonds, lentils, Choi seeds and seeds of hemp.

These foods are rich not only in protein but also high in fiber, which promotes better digestion. In doing so, the seeds are rich in omega-3 fats, which strengthen and protect the entire cardiovascular system.

Avoid harmful ingredients 

Meat products, fatty meats, various sweets and unhealthy snacks are by no means desirable in your menus. These industrial foods contain many harmful ingredients. They can damage your health and make it harder to pass through andropause almost for every man.

Be careful with carbohydrates

Hot flushes in men in their fifties are not really rare. This is a typical symptom of the male climax. As women in this stage are not recommend carbohydrates, the same recommendation applies to the stronger half.

It is very important that men understand how food you eat affects the andropause. First, take the appropriate amount of proteins and carbohydrates.

Sarcopenia (loss of muscle) and visceral fat are a serious problem for men with low testosterone. The optimal protein intake is very important for growth and maintenance of muscle fat and bone.

Carbohydrates provides fresh fruits and vegetables, because they contain important antioxidants and slow down aging.

Also, if the climax in men already occurred, you should not exclude fats from your diet. It is essential for the production of testosterone. They are unavoidable and supplements of calcium and vitamin D, they are important for maintaining bone density.

Andropause in men natural treatment

The decline in hormone levels - primarily testosterone and other androgen levels, it is a normal process in aging. That is the main symptom of andropause. However, there are a few items you can change in your daily habits. Only in this way you will alleviate unpleasant symptoms of male menopause.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

Diet low in vegetables and fruit, further contributes to the development of andropause. These healthy food groups are good sources of antioxidants, valuable polyphenols, minerals, vitamins and fiber unavoidable. They are essential and important for health.

Also, consume more nuts, and eat legumes. These food groups are composed of aspartic acid. It further stimulates production of the hormone testosterone. Soy, eggs, lentils, salmon, almonds, shrimp and beef inexhaustible source of just these acids. Include them in your menus.

Consume healthy fats

Omega-3 and monounsaturated fatty acids are very healthy and contribute to better heart health and blood vessels. They are excellent natural prevention of a number of cardiovascular disorders. Andropause in men, often occurs in parallel with the aforementioned problems, therefore it is the general recommendation to consume healthy fats.

Omega 3 fats are great against inflammation, and they successfully destroy antioxidants in the body, and improve immunity. These valuable acids help with depression.

Instead of animal eat vegetable protein

Beans, legumes and certain healthy grains, are excellent vegetable sources of protein. They are an essential part of our daily diet. Prevent unpleasant symptoms of andropause, which include sudden weakening of the muscles and other ailments.

Drink green tea regularly

This beverage contains catechins, which are considered exceptional antioxidants. They prevent a large number of diseases at the same time strengthening the immune system, and therefore health. Andropause in men with soothing tea is kept under control.

Solutions to the problem of potency in men

Natural treatments can significantly alleviate unpleasant symptoms of andropause. These are primarily acupuncture, homeopathy, hormone therapy, biofeedback and the different techniques and methods to control stress. If they are regularly applied, potency in men in their fifties will be largely preserved.

Maintain a good balance of hormones

Proper hormonal balance is an important factor during the fight with the male menopause. Check your hormone levels and do regular checkup.

Do not give up sexual activity

Andropause in men can cause a number of problems. Often, there is a change in sexual function, and the same desire decreases. The best prevention and cure for this condition is an open conversation with your partner.

Consult with experts, in order to healthy and rationally accept the new situation. Talk with an expert to reduce your stress. In this way you will enable you and your partner a normal sex life during menopause.

Avoid exposure to toxins

If you are often exposed to harmful chemicals and other toxins, you can endanger your health in a long term. Try to be as little as possible in the presence of these chemicals, as much as you are able.

Exercise regularly every day

The climax in men further worsens with physical inactivity. Lack of movement favors andropause. It is recommended to regularly exercise and do light exercise. Maintain a healthy body weight and mitigate any existing problems.

We recommend five Tibetans that will lead you to the perfect psycho-physical balance.

Deal with everyday stress

Andropause - male menopause has a negative impact on mental health, it causes depression and mood swings. The application of proper techniques to control stress can be mitigated or even completely prevent unpleasant symptoms of male climax.

Drink plenty of fluids whenever you have a chance

Clean (mineral) water is the main factor of a healthy diet. Without it, life is unimaginable. The optimal intake is at least 8 glasses a day. Keeps weight under control and prevents many diseases.

Obesity has a negative effect on testosterone levels, because fat cells due to excessive obesity can significantly longer produce estrogen. All this can disrupt the balance of hormones in a man's organism. Drink daily at least two liters of carbonated water.

The role of zinc in the treatment of male climax

The normal level of minerals is important in maintaining hormonal balance. Without zinc, the pituitary gland is failing to sufficiently excrete hormones that further stimulate the testes. Then the production of testosterone is lower.

Mainly zinc is in the prostate and in testes and a deficit of this important nutrient can further lower the level of male hormones. Consequently reduced is the production of sperm, even a weakened muscular endurance.

Zinc deficiency will reduce testosterone levels and aromatase (applicable enzymes). They cause hormonal imbalance. The importance of this mineral is best illustrated by an American study. Thirty-seven men with the diagnosis of the lack of male hormones, and reduced sperm count participated in it.

To them for 90 days administered were 75 milligrams of zinc during the day. In twenty-two participants, the levels of testosterone were raised to 92.8 percent. The number of active sperm drastically went up, with 8 to 20 million which are outstanding results.

If andropause was already established, then the zinc is an essential part of therapy. It will reduce menopausal symptoms in men. And these are irritability, feelings of depression and sleep problems - insomnia. This nutrient helps balance all chemicals in the brain, which are responsible for the good mood.

The best sources of zinc are found in mushrooms, beef, egg yolk, fish, crabs and oysters.

If you use artificial testosterone, be extremely careful

Online today you can find patches for potency, capsules and injections of testosterone. They should not be used on your own, be sure to consult with your doctor, because they can have side effects. The correct dosage of this products is of great importance for the further course of treatment.

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer, should be sure to steer clear of synthetic testosterone. Also, people who have diseased kidneys, liver or heart problems should not consume it by no means.

Start taking supplements for the treatment of andropause

Natural products for the respective printed andropause include supplementation which increased testosterone levels or lower levels of the hormone estrogen. Before taking these supplements, be sure to consult with an expert.

How long is the male climax?

Andropause in men may take five to as much as fifteen years. On the other hand, problems can largely be reduced with therapy and a healthy lifestyle.


Once a diagnosis of andropause - climax for men has been set, this is definitely not the end of the world. Compliance with the recommendations of doctors, proper diet, exercise, and certain medication and supplementation can fully eliminate the problems. In fact you and your partner need to continue regular sexual activity.