What is chromotherapy and how do we use colors in treatment

Chromotherapy and healing effects of colors

The healing power of color is known in almost all of the eastern cultures. Chromotherapy has already been used for several thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. Long before the famous Isaac Newton discovered that the color results in diffraction of white light through a prism.

What your favorite color says about us and how our rainbow spectrum can help maintain good health and achieve success? How chromotherapy establishes psychophysical balance and for what is it good? Answers to all of these questions we will provide in the article?

What is achieved with chromotherapy?

Usually chose colors subconsciously, in accordance with the personality and mood. However, those we can also help in solving a particular health or other problems. Midst is a very powerful tool that may well balance our body.

According to Ayurveda, the primary colors of the light spectrum are associated with the seven energy centers (chakras). They are distributed along the spinal column. As an energy imbalance between chakras cause most diseases, colors are used for the sake of establishing balance and restore the vitality of the body.
Therefore, today chromotherapy uses it as alternative medical methods. Most often implies directing colored light at the diseased parts, or exposure to a particular color of the body.

Abuse of colors in marketing

The psychological impact of colors on us has been known for years and how the same act on our subconscious. This is often misused in marketing experts to lead us to buy their products.

Often used are translucent colors (white, light green, light blue) in advertisements for various detergents. Exactly these colors are used subconsciously and are associated with freshness and purity.

The red color awakens emotions and accelerates circulation

The color red is associated with the first, the base chakra, which controls the spine, hips and legs. It is believed that it brings warmth and vitality, and is therefore good for energy recovery. It also speeds up the recovery of the body from tiredness and colds.

Red color stimulates the senses and stimulates sexuality. It is a great complement therapy in the treatment of heart disease, anemia, skin diseases, poor circulation, lack of appetite and impotence.

Chromotherapy with red color should not be used in the treatment of cancer because it stimulates the multiplication of cells proliferation. Sometimes if used too much can generate aggression and rage.

If you prefer red: You live to the fullest, you are prone to risk and impulsive reactions. You are very social, and friendly, but strive for dominance and do not tolerate opposition.

Aversion to red indicates the hidden fears.

The orange color of good humor and creativity

Chromotherapy tells us: Second, sacral chakra, which is associated with this color, controls the kidneys, urinary system and reproductive organs. Orange color has positive impact on these parts of the body.

Is useful in the therapy of thyroid, diabetes, respiratory diseases, circulatory disorders, acne, and depression. In addition, increases lactation, reduces tension, stimulates creative thinking and awakens enthusiasm.

If you like is color: You have a strong will, you are friendly and sensitive. You are a great hedonist, rational and you are happy, but you do not give up on your goals easily. Also, you love being in the center of attention. The rejection of orange may indicate suppression of sexual feeling.

Yellow purifies the body and removes fear

Chromotherapy with yellow color is associated with the third chakra - the solar plexus. It directly affects the digestive system (stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder ...).

It is a great complement to the treatment of muscle pain, gallstone, stomach diseases, asthma, and lack of appetite. In addition to purifying the body it positively affects the nerves. Improves mood, stimulate mental processes, and eliminates fears and provides us with stronger determination.

If you like yellow color: You have a strong intuition and developed of self-awareness. You like to be admired, you are optimistic, independent, very impatient and sometimes inconsistent. You are attracted to new and unusual.

Aversion to yellow indicates the emotional disappointment and bitterness, the tendency to rationalization of feelings and superficial relationships.

Green color is for the heart and medicine for the soul

For green chromotherapy confirms the following: It is connected to the forth chakra, and is associated with the heart, lungs and thymus.

Has a positive effect in the case of cardiovascular and malignant diseases, intestinal parasites, bronchitis, fistulas and redness. It helps relieve the fear of relationships, distrust, jealousy and insecurity, encourages forgiveness and awakening of emotions, empathy and sociability. It has a calming effect on the mind and body.

If you love the color green: You're very persistent, diligent and precise, you help others, even if that causes damage to you. Do you like the role of the leaders, because you love to issue orders, which often causes conflicts with other people.

Persons which have aversion to green have a constant need for independence and continuous development.

Blue color treats migraine and strengthens the will

Chromotherapy with blue color is associated with the fifth chakra. It is related to the throat, and affects the lungs, ears, mouth, hands. Edwin Babbitt, in his famous study "Principles of color and lighting ', called this color the most powerful anesthetic.

It is used to treat high blood pressure, chronic pain, migraines, sore throat, hemorrhoids, fever, insomnia, anxiety, and skin irritation. It brings peace and a sense of security and balance, but also sadness. Improves verbal expression and communication, stimulate artistic expression and strengthens the will.

If you love this color: You're very emotional, prone to self-analysis and fantasy. You strive for balance and harmony, faithful and compassion but you hardly tolerate failure that is the trigger for depression.

People who do not like blue are very organized, disciplined, hardworking and do not tolerate limitations.

Indigo improves vision and strengthens intuition

In chromotherapy the sixth chakra is connected to this color, is located in the middle of the forehead, and is associated with the eyes and the lower part of the head. Indigo strengthens the immune or lymphatic system, improves vision, purifies body, has a positive effect on the pituitary and nerves, alleviates skin problems. Also, runs intuition and encourages ideas.

If you like indigo color: You are full of understanding, you are easy to forgive, but you are a little hesitant. You strive for safety and harmony, you care about the opinions of the environment, a large part of the energy is directed towards the partner and children.

Purple stimulates memory and spirituality

According to chromotherapy: It is connected with the seventh, crown chakra, located at the top of the head. The purple color is beneficial in the cases of mental illness and problems with memory and concentration. It helps in the treatment of melancholy, alcoholism and addiction. In addition, it encourages spirituality, intuition, wisdom and mental strength.

If you like purple you are emotional, you have high ideals and sometimes feel an irresistible urge to escape into the world of dreams and fantasy. You are a great esthetic person, you spread the harmony, but you are very distrustful.

Chromotherapy for skin rejuvenation

Chromotherapy is an integral part of cosmetic treatments for rejuvenation and skin care. The skin is affected by some of the colors.
  • Red: Stimulates collagen production and also slows aging, burns fat and reduces wrinkles.
  • Green: Eliminates bright spots, strengthens the walls of blood vessels (capillaries), relieves inflammation of the face, tightens the skin around the eyes, and reduces dark circles.
  • Blue: It removes acne, strengthens thin and sensitive skin.
  • Yellow: stimulates lymph flow and activates the cells, improves the flow of oxygen, and brightens the skin of smokers. Wearing yellow clothes or sleeping on yellow sheets can help to preserve the vitality and elasticity of the skin as well as to slow down the formation of wrinkles.
  • Indigo: Accelerates cell regeneration, hydrates the skin.
  • Purple: has a beneficial effect on the extremely sensitive skin.

How to lose weight using chromotherapy?

It is known that colors have a strong impact on our mood. If you want to lose weight with chromotherapy surround yourself with blue, purple or green.

Blue in a proven way reduces appetite, so it would be useful to paint your dining room in this color. Also standard colorless light in the refrigerator replace the blue one.