Secrets of five Tibetan exercises for perfect health

Five Tibetan exercises that rejuvenate the whole body

Popular Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation are perfect for beginners and professionals. They are not particularly strenuous, but are fast and interesting. Five Tibetan experiences are more than good for most participants. If you are persistent and consistent the results will be visible within a month. The body will get tone and elasticity and the muscles will be well formed and strong.

People who practice Five Tibetans are thankful because it strengthens the entire musculature and increases durability. They are excellent for the health of the spine and back, tighten the abdominal muscles, but also raises the buttocks, strengthen the legs and arms. If you do them regularly, you will be a vital and healthy.

Learn how to properly perform exercises for the spine and whole body. Follow all guidelines while exercising, and tighten and shape your body in a perfect way.

Tibetans are ideal exercises before the forthcoming summer season, because with minimal effort you will see visible results.

Start working Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation today

Lack of physical activity can have a negative impact on health, physical and psychological. Prolonged sitting and laziness is considered one of the most important causes of many forms of spinal deformities. Among them are the scoliosis and kyphosis. This is not at all harmless diagnosis, moreover they are very serious and severe.

Pain in the neck, shoulders and lower lumbar region, are signals the body sends you when something is wrong. Weak muscle tone, causes for person to be slow and sluggish. Posture, deteriorates and muscles lose their flexibility. It is in these cases that exercises like five Tibetans are simply necessary.
Inactivity inhibits intestinal motility and digestion. It can cause digestive problems and even long-term constipation. Persons that are irregularly emptying their bowels and consequently have a hard stool, can cause hemorrhoids. Therefore, change your unhealthy habits, activate and regularly do beneficial Tibetan exercises.

If you are panting after only a few minutes of faster walk, you lose your breath, and your heart is pounding so fast, the exercise is essential. All this points to a weak form and you need to exercise.

On the other hand, the link between physical activity and mental health has long been known. People who do not do sports often suffer from depression, anxiety and nervous tension.

Five Tibetan exercises are ideal for beginners

Tibetan monks are the originators and creators of this mode of exercise that can fit in with their life principles. According to the beliefs of the Eastern philosophers and thinkers, they are very powerful and important for a long and healthy life. Their regular use achieves perfect harmony of the whole of our being.

They consist of five exercises that stimulate the flow of energy through the chakras. According to their belief, chakras are distributed in the body and are responsible for receiving and releasing vital energy. The priests claimed that five Tibetan exercises stimulate the flow of positive energy through all the points. In this way they feed the cells, tissues, glands and organs.

By starting the 7 main chakras are doing a lot for our health. When these energy centers working through properly, you will feel at least 10 years younger. In the case of their blockade, our body is not functioning properly, do not have energy and we are constantly exhausted. This is why the Tibetan exercises to rejuvenate the perfect choice for all of us.

However, for the practice of Five Tibetans you do not have to be a believer nor a priest, the only thing you need to worry about is your health. With the introduction of new types of activities in your life you will rejuvenate organism as a whole, you will increase endurance and physical strength.

The benefits of Five Tibetans exercises for a healthier body

Five Tibetans stand in relation to other programs because you can exercise your entire body, there is no age limit. The exercises are recommended for the older generation, but have been adapted to children as well.

Relieves us of pain in the lumbar region

Back and neck pain, numbness, tingling in the hips and legs, are a sure sign of diseases of the spine. We have all experienced these symptoms at some point in life. Practicing Five Tibetan exercises for spine is recommended to people with these health problems.

Five Tibetans exercises are great for your back, primarily lumbar spinal column. Strengthening back muscles reducing pain and improves posture.

Alleviates rheumatism

The regular repetition of Tibetan exercises specifically helps the older population, especially people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. Daily activities improve the mobility of joints and connective tissue which is important to relieve the symptoms of this vicious disease.

Useful for heart and lungs

Tibetan exercises positively influence the health of the respiratory system. Regular exercise, will influence respiratory infections. In addition, they increase the lung capacity and equalize the heart, which is important for people with arrhythmia.

Accelerates digestion

Five Tibetans exercises for metabolism are beneficial because they speeds it up in a healthy way. Influences better digestion and promotes intestinal mobility. They are excellent for weight loss, regular exercises will tighten abdominal muscles and you will have a flat stomach without fat.

Daily training will enhance muscle tone, will strengthen back muscles, abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. All this is achieved in a completely natural way.

Tibetans are recommended to people suffering from depression, nerve tension and irritation. Contributes to better sleep, but will improve concentration and memory.

What you need to know about Tibetan exercises for vitality

The order of the exercises must be strictly respected, cannot be changed nor interrupted. All five Tibetan exercises work in a specific order and with the same number of reps. That is precisely what is most important in relation to them, however, follow the above.

How many exercises you can perform you need to decide but it is important to start with an odd number, then 3, 5, 7 .. Do not worry explanation follows.
  • All exercises are repeated in the same number, and every week, increase the number of repetitions. So if you started on Monday with three, the next increase to five. This method slightly increases the pace, almost imperceptibly.

The maximum number of repetition of every Tibetan exercises is 21, over that number you should not go. Between exercises, if you feel exhausted, make a short pause, and then continue again.

Use breaks for easy stretching and relaxing. For example, place your hands on your hips, slowly expand and lift them in the air while you breathe deeply. Then exhale and slowly lower the arms. This helps us to relax.

How to properly do Five Tibetans at home

When you exercise you need to take care and exercise is carried out properly, every movement is equally important. Pay particular attention to your breathing. Aligning rhythm of breaths with movements is of great importance and is at the essence of these ancient techniques.

Here we will explain and interpret all five Tibetans, the way they were performed by old masters.

The first Tibetan is for better balance and coordination

The exercise is performed in a standing position, or seated.

Stand upright, feet in a mild lateral limb, hip-width apart.

Open your arms to shoulder level. The arms should be parallel to the floor. The palms are turned down.

The back must be straight.

Turn in a clockwise direction, without bending the elbows.

If you have not exercised for a long time and you will feel a little bit dizzy when turning. If that happens, take a little pause. Movements are done in a slow way until you get used to the rhythm.

Second Tibetan for Thyroid gland

Lie on your back. Stretch your legs and connect them. The feet are angled at 90 degrees. Toes on the feet are pointing toward the ceiling, heels on the floor.

Hands are beside hips, palms on the floor.

At the same time lift the legs from the hips and pull the chin toward the chest. If you cannot lift the legs, then mildly bend them in the knees.

Breathe in when you raise the legs and head, and exhale during the descent. For beginners, this exercise is very difficult, if you are in this group between each repetition take a short break.

Tibetan exercises for typhoid gland has proven effective, especially the latter, which improves its performance. In addition, it will strengthen the upper and lower abdominal and back muscles.

The third Tibetan strengthens the gluteus and hamstring

This exercise is also not difficult. Once you overcome all five Tibetan they become part of your daily routine. Here is how to do it.

Get on your knees, hands at sides, fingers on the feet on the ground for a better balance.

The back is strait, head bent forward, chin to chest.

Lean back from this position, not just the upper body but use whole body. Slowly bend backwards.

Throw your head as well as much as you can.

Inhale when you move back, and breathe out when you return to the starting position.

When you do one repetition relax. From a kneeling position, butt drops on feet, chest lean on the knees, arms are stretched out in front of you. The body is in a fetal position, arms are stretched.

The fourth Tibetan is for arms and shoulders

Sit on the floor, legs stretched out, feet stretched and pull your toes toward you. The back must be straight. Palms down on the floor next to your waist. The head is down, the chin is down.

Slowly rise by bending the legs at the knees so the feet are facing the floor. The hands remain in the same position, and the body moves from the shoulder. The head moves backwards.

Take a deep breath, stay in this position for a few seconds, and then return to the original position with the exhalation.

When finished with the exercise, stretch. Stay seated and take hold of your toes.
Fifth Tibetan exercise - valley and mountain

We only have one more to complete all five Tibetans. As previous ones it is not difficult, with a little routine you will learn it easy. Let's start.

Lie on your stomach. Put your palms next to the chest and lift the upper body part from the hips. The legs are stretched mildly apart and toes are on the flow. The neck is curved in the back, head to the back. This position is called the valley.

Lift the lower part of the body slightly from the hips, buttocks into the air. Bow your head towards your chest, look at the belly button. This position is a mountain.

From the mountain back to the valley and repeat this as much as you can.

This exercise is great for strengthening the back muscles, shoulders, legs and buttocks.

When you finish your repetitions sit with your legs crossed and gently breathe while circling the shoulders forward and then backward.
Upon completion of training, lie down and relax for a few seconds, breathe deeply. Take a shower afterwards with lukewarm water.

As you can see Tibetan exercises do not require a lot of space, and are relatively easy. Even if you do five Tibetans for weight loss, with the maximum number of repetitions, you will finish them in 15 minutes. They are ideal for any occasion.

Five Tibetan exercises user experience

As for the five Tibetan negative experience and side effects are extremely rare, almost there are none. Mostly people are satisfied with them, as evidenced by the numerous comments on social networks and local forums. We have selected a few for this opportunity.
I am 35 years old. I wanted to go out and start training again. I was not impressed with standard training regimes. The pace was strong for me, and I was not feeling well. It was often held in small furnished basements, with no windows and air sources. Mostly it made me dizzy but after ten minutes I started to yawn. We did not have enough air! Jumping with music was not for me. 
Five Tibetan exercises were shown to me by a friend who usually goes to yoga. They seemed quite easy, as some stretching for beginners. But eventually I got a good shaped strengthened the muscles. In addition, it improved my posture and attitude. I practice almost every day. Now I came up to these famous 21 repetitions. Simone, 

Problems with the back were the reason I started with exercises. Pain in the lower lumbar region for years only grew worse. I never did sports and was never interested in nor attracted to them. Then the situation also deteriorated sharply. The diagnosis was disc herniation. 
Searching the Internet, I came across the Tibetan exercises for back. I was just asking, reading forums about five Tibetan exercises for the spine. I quickly set up - people have nothing but praise for them. In the beginning it was difficult. Some seemingly lightweight exercises represented a major problem. 
I could not, for example, sit with my legs extended, it caused a severe lumbar pain. But eventually I became more mobile and muscles got flexible. Believe it or not, now I have abs. The feet and hands are stronger. I feel good. Catherine

What else you need to know about Tibetan exercises

Modern life is often just an excuse for laziness and lack of will for sporting activities. To do Five Tibetans you do not need state of the art equipped gym or expensive personal trainer. For quality training all you need is a little time and space, but also a lot of will.

Tibetan exercises for the spine and abdomen can be done in the morning or evening, as you prefer. In the beginning, especially if you lack physical ability do a smaller number of repetitions and gradually increase. You will see, that after some time they will get easier and you will feel better.

If you are not a fan of solo exercise at home, and you want this type of activity, ask for a yoga instructor. They mainly practice Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation within their training.

Fabulous five Tibetan exercises are recommended by everyone. However, if you have any serious health problems or injuries of the spine or neck, first consult with your doctor.

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