Natural lip balm recipes

The best homemade lip balm 

Winter is a time when a good natural lip balm for frequent care and hydration is really necessary. In this time of year they dry often and crumbling at the edges, which can be quite painful and uncomfortable.

Homemade lip balm, popularly known as grape grease, can easily be made by combining beeswax, coconut oil and honey. These ingredients are widely available, and their main function is to create a protective layer that prevents drying and cracking of the lips.

Natural Lip Balm from local ingredients is a much healthier option compared to purchasing the one full of chemicals: They are based exclusively on water and alcohol. Below read how to naturally protect your lips and to have healthy and beautiful smile.

What causes cracking of the lips at the corners?

For dry lips and their at cracking at corners causes are numerous. They can be external when related to the climate conditions and the cold winter weather. Other causes are hidden in ourselves and relate to our general health.

Cold weather and low humidity, produces a rather dry air that steals moisture from our lips. Heating in the house in addition dries out the air and this only further exacerbates the situation.

For this reason it is important to regularly ventilate rooms and hold the container with water on the stove. This helps if you have problems with moisture in homes.
The skin on the lips is very thin and there's absolutely no protection from external factors and therefore special attention must be given to them. If you do not take care of them, and you do not use regularly lip balm in winter there will be a pretty big problem. Specifically, they will very quickly become chapped, rough and unsightly.

Lips are a reflection of the state of the organism

Changes of color and appearance of the lips can point to some health problems. If, for example. You notice dryness it means that you are not taking enough fluids in. Halftone and tight lips are the first sure indication of severe dehydration of the body.

Cracking of the lips in the corners is due to the lack of vitamin A. They are damaged due to the lack of vitamin B. Peeling may indicate allergy, and if there is a tingling sensation it may indicate depression and nervous tension.

If your lips often get cracked and are pale it may indicate anemia, which is due to lack of iron. Anemia is not so dangerous if treated in time. Caution is recommended primarily because women are more prone to anemia than men.

Long-term dryness of the lips is an indication of some serious diseases. It may indicate the beginnings of diabetes because it occurs in spite of sufficient water intake and usual care. Number of patients with diabetes is on the rise. Any change, even the most banal one, go see a doctor.

What to do in case of a fever blisters

Unwanted change that occurs due to immunity drop or after curing the flu is a fever blister. It is highly contagious and is easily transmitted to other parts of the body, but also to other people.

It looks like a blister, a little bulge on the lip. It is spread by direct contact or through objects used by an infected person - glasses, toothbrushes. Once it gets into your body unfortunately it remains there forever. In the treatment of the painful site recommended is lip balm containing honey, and also available are special strapping in pharmacies.

How to heal chapped lips

The causes of this situation are numerous, but most often it is caused by an fungi infection or Candida. It occurs mainly in the case of low immune system, long-term use of antibiotics, but also due to an increase in blood sugar levels.

This quite irritating and painful condition can be caused by bacterial infection, operation of staphylococci or allergies. When conventional therapies, grape balm and panthenol cream do not help. It is best to see a doctor for a more detailed examination and treatment.

Nibbling of lips is harmful

Stop biting and licking of mouth causes enormous damage. This certainly we repeat unconsciously in stressful situations due to nervousness and anxiety. Try to refrain from the bad and the ugly habits.

Nibbling of lips otherwise damages the sensitive surface layer. On the other hand it makes them dry because saliva evaporates quickly, and they become fertile ground for the development of fungi. Because of the bad habits they will constantly be covered with scales that are definitely not attractive. Then even the best lip balm in the world will not help much.

How to make lip balm from beeswax

The process is fast, and the obtained product is perfect. Natural lip balm from beeswax is the best choice. Preparation is very simple.

You will need the following ingredients:
  • 10 grams of beeswax
  • 2-3 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut and 1 teaspoon of castor oil,
  • half a teaspoon of local honey.

Preparation of balm:

Mix all the ingredients first in a small glass vessel. Put them in a microwave or in the oven with the included upper and lower heater, so they melt. The temperature should be moderate, because we do not cook it, but only melt it.

In the melted mass you can add 3- 4 drops of peppermint or another concentrated oil. All mix well and the mixture sleep in small boxes for grape grease.

Beeswax softens hard chapped lips, and when combined with other components helps the balm to harden. Coconut is rich in fatty acids that nourish and hydrate, and its antioxidant properties protect against damage. Honey helps in retaining moisture and acts as a natural air freshener.

This amount is enough for four packages. You will get a phenomenal lip balm with SPF, and this amount will be enough for the whole winter.

Make homemade lip balm for every day

An excellent recipe for sensitive lips with a beautiful scent of orange.

  • half a teaspoon of almond oil,
  • 3 teaspoons of beeswax,
  • a little honey.

Making of lip balm:

All the ingredients unite into a glass container and then heat them to dissolve in order for them to unite nicely. Before setting the preparation obtain a small practical plastic box. In it you will pour the mixture to use later.

Before poring the resulting mixture into the balm add a couple of drops of essential oil of chamomile. If you want a balm that in addition to healing, gives shine, then add a few drops of orange.

The following recipe requires more constituents but once you try it you will definitely like it.

All you will need is:
  • 3 grams of butter,
  • 1 gram of jojoba,
  • 2 g of castor oil,
  • 1 g of hemp oil
  • A gram of beeswax 
  • A teaspoon of honey.


The procedure is the same as before, and the hemp oil we add the last when other ingredients are combined. The obtained scented lip balm pour in containers. Of these amounts, you can get up to 4 packages.

If you increase the amount of the aforementioned ingredients you can get homemade balm for hands and face with extra hydration for mature skin.

How to make lip balm in another color?

Do you want to emphasize the lips and add a fine luster? Then on them put gentle color and glitter to break the monotony and drab of winter days.

Preparation is easy. The ingredients are mostly the same as in the first recipe, the only difference is that you do not use castor oil, but strawberries oil. The mode is the same, except that prior to dissolving you add a small piece of pink lipstick that has the role of amplifying the colors.

The result will be scented grape fat with taste and smell of strawberries that will make your lips look irresistible.

Additional tips for lip care during winter

Drink enough liquids and consume food rich in vitamins A and C. The most important is certainly to use lip balm for moisturizing several times a day.

Regularly hydrate your lips especially in winter with lip balm or in other ways. For example, it is enough to tap in a bit of honey before going out. Instead of honey recommended is olive and coconut oil, which are excellent for the treatment of damaged skin.

Before bedtime do not forget to apply a homemade lip balm based oil in a slightly thicker layer. That will better retain moisture in comparison to those who contain alcohol and water.

As skin, lips peel as well so you can do gentle peeling of lips. Mix a little sugar with olive oil and gently with a soft toothbrush, or fingers, massage your lips. Later rinse with lukewarm water and then pat homemade lip balm for hydration.

Price of balm in stores and where to buy it

Today on the market available are numerous marked balms for lip care, choice is literally unlimited. What brand to choose will be defined on your affinity, and the price you have to pay.

Mostly present are Garnier and Rosal lip balms. There are more expensive ones that range from 2 and 4 dollars. Rosal is somewhat better and costs 6 to 7 dollars.

If we look at the most popular one it is certainly a very expensive Vichy Lip Balm for lips prone to cracking. The price is around 16 dollars as well as tinted balm for recovery and regeneration with different tastes. We also recommend alverde lip balm with a delicate pink tones.

However, if you prefer an alternative domestic cosmetics, be sure to try and make your own balm. Thus prepared natural lip balm you can use every day. All the ingredients for its preparation are easily available.

Natural products, made using local recipes can be found in pharmacies or health food stores. Mainly they have products based on honey and propolis.

The choice is yours, but we recommend always fresh and natural products that you can prepare in your kitchen. As regards to their composition, you absolutely be sure that they are 100 percent natural.