Laurel oil use and recipes

Laurel oil as a cure for many ailments 

Laurel oil has stood out for its medicinal properties for centuries.  Old records describe it as a thick liquid of intense yellow color and strong smell. The plant itself comes from the Caribbean Islands. Looking through the history, it occupies an important place-symbolic in Ancient Rome and Greece culture, religion, and medicine.

The product is obtained through distillation of fresh bay leaves - lat. Laurus Nobilis. The primary role is in the treatment of colds and rheumatism. It is an excellent substitute for lowering temperatures and headaches. Keeps the stomach and strengthens the immune system.

Also, bay leaves can be stored for months. They are delicious as a side dish and are a favorite spice in cooking.

Since we're talking about the medical significance of laurel oil, through this text we will study all the benefits that it provides for our body and spirit. Read interesting facts about its composition, medicinal properties and recipes.

Composition and healing effects of bay leaf

It is rich with minerals. Among them are iron, copper, magnesium, calcium and manganese. These valuable materials are needed through our body to function properly. Their deficiency in the body causes many health problems.

They are a significant source of vitamins A and C, B complex, such as riboflavin, B6, pyridoxine and pentanoic acid.
About 35 different substances are found in fresh prepared laurel oil. The most important is certainly eugenol (45 percent), myrcene (25 percent), the organic matter chavicol (10 percent), limonene (3 percent) and linalul (2 percent). These enzymes are important because they prevent the development of cancerous diseases and speed up the processing of the protein.

Bay oil contains folic acid that is necessary for proper operation of any cell in the body.

Ten years ago, a survey was conducted which showed that essential oils destroy free radicals. In addition, it has been proved to have antioxidant effects on the body, even in very small concentrations.

This is useful to know especially because free radicals attack and damage tissue and can lead to the development of malignancy.

Its essential oil for a stronger immune system and protect against inflammation in the winter is well used. It has strong antibacterial and antifungal operation.

The health benefits of laurel oil

Successfully treats rheumatism and eases rheumatic pains

In oriental medicine oil bay leaf is used for treatment of rheumatism. According to the conducted research it relieves pain that is an indispensable companion of these conditions.

It is very useful for reducing inflammation and pain caused by arthritis

Medics advise that before applying laurel oil you warm up the area a little with steam. While still warm rub it on painful joints, and you can put the coverings overnight to act.

Natural remedy for headache

Intense severe pain in the head accompanied by nausea is common. Mostly short-lived, though if often occurs is a significant problem. The causes are numerous, stress, weather conditions, changes in pressure, and can be an indicator of some serious condition.

Migraines are on a scale of most painful conditions, but unfortunately they can last for a long time. Most of us when we feel headache turn to painkillers immediately. However, natural and even more efficient preparation was under our noses all the time.

If you suffer from severe headaches massage preparation on the temples and the pain will stop very quickly. Natural bay oil is used to ease the pain in migraine but also for ear infections and diseases.

Cleanses the blood and treats diabetes

Few studies have recognized the potential of bay leaf oil in lowering blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. Science confirmed its importance in the treatment of type 2 diabetes because it boosts insulin function.

Treat inflammation of lymph nodes with bay leaf oil

Phytotherapeutic laurel oil for cleansing the lymphatic system is the most effective natural remedy that is available today. Prepare marinating fresh leaves in virgin olive oil.

Individuals with this issue are recommended to apply the oil on the area where the lymph glands and the solar plexus are. Treatment is most effective after twenty minutes are first spent in the sauna. It is irreplaceable in the treatment of painful varicose veins, which plagues a large part of the population.

Reduces fever 

Fever is a common side effect of cold and influenza. Mostly it is easy to reduce but when it is persistent and constantly growing it can be very dangerous.

The next time you feel bad, instead of trying aspirin use concentrated oil for the removal of temperature and relieve symptoms.

Massage this natural product on the forehead and chest, you can put the soaked lining with laurel oil. Preferably on the feet and rub it.

Bay oil against cough is highly effective, use inhalation to relieve irritation and promote mucus clearance from the lungs.

It is an excellent remedy for stomach

Fresh pressed laurel oil for the treatment of gastric problems is a drug that you certainly must try. It calms the nervous intestine and significantly improves appetite.

It will alleviate bloating and heartburn. Its enzymes speed up the breakdown of proteins, which greatly improve mobility and bowel movements and prevents the appearance of constipation.

It is also recommended for people with the disorder of liver and kidneys.

For the treatment of stomach pains bay leaf oil is used orally. You can drink one tablespoon a day or add it to tea, enough are few drops.

The use for skin care 

Alternative cosmetics intensifies preparations based on laurel oil for face. It not only hydrates and nourishes the skin, but slows down the formation of wrinkles and age spots.

Healthy appearance implies a clean groomed complexion without pimples, acne and blackheads. If however you have these problems use nurturing lotions that contain this medicinal oil.

Preparations based on laurel oil for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin and nails are undisputed in their effect.

Recommended for hair care

Laurel oil for hair achieves remarkable results.
  • Mix a little of this essential oil and orange juice with shampoo that you prefer. You will get a healthy preparation for a healthy and strong scalp.

How to use bay leaf oil

For inhalation
  • Add 1 to 2 drops in a cup of hot water and get a beautiful preparation for purifying respiratory tract.

Keep in mind, eugenol may irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. So be cautious and moderate. Best practice is to consult with your doctor before use, do not inhale on your own.

The soothing massage

Before you try it this way, do a small test to determine whether you are allergic to this type of oil. Apply it on a small area of ​​the skin and leave it overnight, if there is no redness, everything is all right. Otherwise, avoid the aforementioned mixture.

Prepare it:
  • Mix one tablespoon of bay leaf oil with the one you prefer for massage. The best combination is with lavender oil.

If you want to boost its effect warm up before massage.

Oral administration

Pure laurel oil from domestic industries without artificial ingredients is edible. It can be consumed alone or with tea and honey in many variations.

Other ways to use laurel oil in the household

As a cleaning agent it gives fabulous results

If you are a supporter of natural home care products, then try a recipe that we have chosen for you.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of bay leaf oil with one cup of water and alcohol. Add more lemon and peppermint that act against microbes. Pour into a bottle with a sprinkler system and you will have a perfect spray for frequent use.

Today, it is used in the making of soaps and scented candles that have become very popular. Laurel has a unique fragrant note that few leaves a few people indifferent.

It kills germs, insects and spiders

Compared to the 52 investigated essential oils, this has the most pronounced antibacterial properties. Bacteria resistant to chemical were destroyed by preparations with laurel oil in the amount of only 2 percent. Moreover, unlike the toxic insecticides, it is an extremely natural solution that is not at all harmful.

Therefore, if you have a house occupied by insects and bugs the best solution is a natural laurel oil. It is an essential part of insect repellents.

It turned out very effective in the fight against cockroaches, but also as a tool against the annoying mosquitoes in the summer period.

How to make it at home

The process of making this natural preparation is not particularly complicated. All you need are fresh bay leaves around 200 grams and one liter of extra-virgin olive oil (cold-pressed).

The preparation of laurel oil in three steps:
  1. Leaves are first well washed and dried. Half put in a glass jar and pour virgin olive oil. Then tightly close and place it in a suitable pot in which you will pour water (2 cm to cover). Turn on the stove and let some water boil, and then simmer for another good two hours.
  2. When the period finishes, open the jar, remove the cooked leaves and discard them. In another clean jar put the rest of fresh leaves and pour the oil that is already cooked. Then, return all to the stove top and cook for another 120 minutes.
  3. After this time leave the pot to cool a little, and obtained fresh laurel oil strain through a clean cotton gauze. Keep the vial in a dark and cold place.

The resulting preparation, use, if necessary, follow the advice and recommendations of doctors.

Experiences with laurel oil
I have 65 years and suffering from rheumatism for nearly 10 years. I have a genetic predisposition as they explained. The pain at one time was intense, unbearable. Because of drugs I could not get out of bed.
Daughter rescued me, I must say. She is a supporter of the so-called alternative lifestyle. She experimented on me everything, various oils, seeds, oriental spices. There was some small progress but when she brought laurel oil that was the beginning of a new life for me. I regularly massage it on painful areas, wrists and hands.
Over time, the pain decreased. It has not completely disappeared, but life is a song now. Prior to massages I warm the oil a little. M.S. 
Severe headache followed me since student days. Later they turned into a migraines and an official diagnosis stated the same. One time I took painkillers without control. I did not allow pain to escalate. Then my husband took notice of that and decided that it is time for me to stop especially because we planned to have a baby.
Basically, on the Internet, I found dozens of articles on the topic of bay leaf oil as the best remedy for headaches and migraines. I used inhalation and rubbed it in the region of the temples. After a while I felt a significant relief. The pain intensity decreased significantly.
In the house I always have a bottle of medicinal bay leaf oil.  S.P.

Where to buy laurel oil and what is the price

For laurel oil price is quite high. For pure laurel oil in the amount of 20 ml you will have to pay about 13-18 dollars. It is not for everyone's budget, but it is worth every penny.

Otherwise, it is a little harder to find in in free market. You can get it only in specialized shops of medicinal plants or via the Internet. Online ordering is very simple, done in just a few clicks. However, inform yourself buying.

Who should not use it? 

Although very healthy, laurel oil is not recommended to pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies and young children. Also, a common external use, more than 3 weeks can lead to irritation of skin.

Any use of treatment for any medical problems or illnesses diagnosed demands a mandatory prior consultation with a physician or specialist.

Since you have found out how much laurel oil as a medicine is useful and healthy, we recommend a recipe for making soothing tea. Enjoy!