Hydrogen peroxide for oral hygiene and disinfecting of wounds

Hydrogen peroxide; what is it good for?

Scientific studies prove that in France at the beginning of the 19th century hydrogen peroxide was used for serious diseases. Then in the last century again this powerful preparation started to be used again and with surprisingly good results.

In addition to the amazing medicinal effects, hydrogen peroxide can be used in various ways ad even at home. It facilitates the work in the household and will enhance your life. This inexpensive preparation is listed among the best disinfectants that you can use.

If once used for disinfecting of wounds, you must have noticed that it creates a foam. The essence is that the reaction time of the molecular bonds of H2O2 is weakening. On the one hand oxygen (O2), water (H2O) start to foam. The foam obtained in these reactions is oxygen molecules.

Below we will deal with the usability of hydrogen peroxide for health in the home.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable compound of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a colorless liquid of similar to water, it has only one atom of oxygen up (H2O2), and it is more viscous.

Hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid and possesses strong antioxidant properties, due to which it can be used as a means of bleaching. Thanks to its oxidative properties, you can effectively use it against bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi, and is an excellent disinfectant.

The three percent hydrogen peroxide is a hidden drug. It cleans the body, is a strong antioxidant, thus preventing the reproduction of cancer cells. It is recommended in case of different conditions and all kinds of diseases.
For external use, you can use it as a covering, rub or smear on skin problems. No matter what it is: melanoma, psoriasis, anti-fungus, warts, wounds, wrinkles etc.

For internal use it is best to first seek the opinion of the doctor. It is taken as a therapy up to 20 deciliter in water, drink 3 times a day.

For better effect, it is recommended that before use you take a pinch of salt, and after drinking it also take some vitamins. A good choice is the domestic apple.

Mouthwash hydrogen for better oral hygiene

You do not know how to prevent bad breath, and brushing does not help? Hydrogen peroxide used as a mouthwash disinfects the oral cavity and is a great alternative to shopping fluids for that purpose. He kills the bad bacteria in the mouth and refreshes breath.

Half a minute flush to effectively remove the odor from the mouth. You might be surprised how effective it is, since one wash you will solve the problem with the smell, for a week.  It is not recommended to be used often since it kills good and bad bacteria.

Another major advantage is that the hydrogen peroxide helps teeth become whiter. Results are visible almost immediately. By applying this type of mouthwash once a week, you will achieve a dazzling smile.

Make your own toothpaste

To make a paste, you can use only baking soda, and so it will be more efficient, mix it with hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to put as much as baking soda in three percent solution of H2O2, until you get a nice creamy paste.

You can also disinfected toothbrushes with this powerful tool. Pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the brush. This will help to kill the bacteria, thus will reduce the chances of their recapture in your mouth.

How to flush the ears?

Hydrogen peroxide in the ears can be used in case of ignition. Of course not every infection is healed in this way, if it is acute it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Hydrogen peroxide for rinsing the ears is simply dripped into the ear. It takes a few drops and that after you have previously buried too few drops of olive oil.

The head should be kept facing in the opposite direction for about one minute. Then turned to the side so it can leak out. After that, gently rinse the ear with warm water. This effectively removes earwax. People who have damage to the eardrum must not use H2O2.

How to use hydrogen peroxide for hair and face

To gradually lighten the color, hydrogen peroxide for hair can be applied in the following manner.
  • In a bottle (preferably with a pump on it) mix in the same ratio with water three percent of H2O2. With this mixture spray the hair, then it is necessary using a comb to evenly spread it along the hair. Wait for it to dry well. With regular use the hair becomes gradually brighter.

Face and nails

Using small amounts of hydrogen peroxide for acne, you will accelerate the process of their treatment. It kills unwanted bacteria and cleanses the skin. You should not exaggerate with its use. Use it only once. Excessive use kills also the good bacteria.

You can also use it for whitening the nails as well.
  • Soak three percent of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab and press on the nail. Thanks to this, nails will be brighter and more beautiful.

Removes nail fungus

If you are tired of fighting fungus and itch that they cause, try this powerful tool. Given that it has antifungal effect, it can effectively eliminate the fungal infection of the feet. Mix the water with three percent of H2O2 in the ratio 1: 1 and to this solution immerse infected foot for half an hour.

Softens hard skin and eliminates blisters

So if you have hardened skin somewhere on the foot or blisters using H2O2 can efficiently eliminate it. It is necessary to keep the leg submerged in water with hydrogen peroxide for about half an hour.

Effective means of disinfecting wounds

One of the most famous use of hydrogen peroxides is for cleaning and disinfection. If you have at home, probably just from this reason. In pharmacies available three percent solution directly is useful for cleaning minor wounds. Stops minor bleeding and can help prevent infection.

Hydrogen peroxide on the wound is best used only once. If used often used for injuries, then it prevents the functioning of those bacteria that aid healing.

For serious cuts or sores used is stronger solution (6 percent), and for minor wounds 1-2 percent. The downside of using it is the formation of scar tissue and slows down wound healing.

Detoxifies the body

Make yourself a refreshing bath for detoxification of the body. If you want to remove toxins from your body, add three percent hydrogen peroxide in the bath and 2 liters. It is recommended that during half an hour you lie in the bath. This is a good idea in the case of colds, so we can come out clean and free from germs.

Powerful disinfectant for the household

For disinfection you can use it not only for healing, but also in the household. It can be helpful in preventing the spread of infections.

Bathroom, kitchen, or some other area of ​​the house can be quickly and easily be disinfected using hydrogen peroxide. Mix with water in the same dimensions, and pour it into a bottle with a pump dispenser. Apply directly on the surface to be cleaned, then wipe with a sponge.

It is suitable for removal of fungi

There is nothing worse than dirt and dust that causes fungi to appear. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches and destroys them. Spray directly on a dirty plastic joint and close a few hours after then rub the brush and soapy water, then rinse with water.

Clean the mirror with it

You hate stripes and spots that are often left on the mirrors by detergents from the market? H2O2 is a great asset for the removal of stains from mirrors. Just spray and wipe with a paper towel.

It's good for disinfecting toilets

Pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in the toilet. Leave it for twenty minutes, then scrub with brush and rinse.

Clean tiles with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide helps in killing mold and makes the tiles look like new again. Mix H2O2 with flour and make a paste. Apply it directly on the surface and cover with foil. Leave it overnight and the next morning wash with water well, they will be shiny and like new.

Against mold anywhere in the house you can use hydrogen peroxide. Apply it directly to the area affected by mold and wipe it. It is effective against various types of mold, helps maintain and disinfecting various surfaces.

Hydrogen peroxide is useful for cleaning the whole house, but it is especially true for the kitchen, where there are numerous ways of application. Chopping board is one of the places where bacteria multiplies easily, especially if it is used for cutting meat.

Here is what you need to do: after use rinse the chopping board, then sprinkle with hydrogen peroxide.

Clean the dishwasher

Clean the dishwasher as follows. Put a few ounces of hydrogen peroxide with detergent. You can use it with a regular wash cycle, so just add the usual detergent. Cleans and kills bacteria.

It helps in cleaning the stains from burned food

Soda with hydrogen peroxide gives a true magic paste. Rub, leave a few minutes and let it work, and then rinse with warm water. Sodium bicarbonate is working like an abrasive, while H2O2 helps in removing particles.

Disinfect sponges and dishtowels, because they can be the place where a lot of bacteria hides. Immerse them in hydrogen peroxide of 3 percent, or just spray the area with it. It helps keep them clean and extend their service life.

You would like to chase away unpleasant odors from your refrigerator and completely leave them disinfected? Clean the fridge with this super substance. Just wipe it with the inside of the refrigerator. This helps to solve the ugly stains of food and kills bacteria. Also destroys odors.

Keep fruits and vegetables fresh

How to clean vegetables and fruit, put hydrogen peroxide in a bottle with a pump. Spray the food and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse with. For this purpose, you can also use the vinegar.

Also, you can fill the sink with cold water and add a quarter cup of 3% peroxide. Soak vegetables and keep him in it for twenty minutes. Rinse well with water and let it dry.

Salads are delicious and very healthy, but they spoil very quickly. In order to remain fresh, stir in half a cup of water in one tablespoon of H2O2 (high quality). Then sprinkle the salad with that solution. As you can see, this mixture is highly diluted. This is very important!

Where to buy hydrogen peroxide and prices in pharmacies

This powerful tool is available in pharmacies in different concentrations. 30 percent hydrogen peroxide damages the skin and is very aggressive. The most commonly used is three percent hydrogen peroxide put price is about 15-20 dollars per liter, smaller packs of 500 ml / are about 5-7 dollars.

There are other products such as various spray intended for disinfection of the mucous membranes. For such a mixture of 100ml you will have to pay a little more than 5 dollars.

Each hydrogen that can bought in pharmacies is good. However, it is best to use it in 2-3 weeks after opening it. After that period it is bad, and is not as effective and good.

Precautions and side effects

His shortcomings and disadvantages are that it can be harmful to the skin. Regardless of the antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it damages the delicate tissue and interferes with the healing process. It is not toxic but can safely be used in all other spheres.

You can easily check if the three percent hydrogen is pure. In a glass of water, put a drop and leave it in the sun for an hour. If the water slightly becomes yellowed it is a sign that there are stabilizers in H2O2. If the water remains clear then it means it is pure.

You must be careful with its use, so before using it for medicinal purposes, it is best to consult with your doctor. It is not recommended to apply hydrogen peroxide in children, because their skin is much thinner and more sensitive than adult skin.

Domestic use is absolutely safe because it is not toxic. You can look at our article on the panthenol solution and find out how you can use it.