Buckthorn Tea against constipation and better digestion

Buckthorn tea for digestion and weight loss

Buckthorn tea is an excellent natural remedy for almost all digestive ailments. In folk medicine is used against constipation, bloating and discomfort in the intestines, as well as for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

In other tea mixture, buckthorn bark as a remedy proved to be even better and more efficient. You can use only plant has dried well, at least for a year.

If administered in the raw state it can cause severe diarrhea, and severe cramps in the stomach and intestines. Therefore, strictly take into account the dosage.

Below, find out how buckthorn tea is prepared and in what ways can it be used.

What is buckthorn and what it looks like?

Buckthorn plant Latin name Rhamus Frangula is also known as dog hazel, buckthorn, honeysuckle. It belongs to the family of Rhamnaceae. It is believed to be extraordinary natural antiasthmatic, adristigent, diuretic, laxative and purgative.

It can grow up to 8 meters in height. Wide oval leaves have a long stem. The flower is white and green, quite unsightly and small. The fruit is oval, initially green. When it completely matures it turns black to dark purple.
Blackthorn bark is gray-brown, with a characteristic white dots. The plant grow among the bushes, in light woods, thickets, with settlements, streams and rivers. It is widespread in northern Europe, as well as wetlands of the Caucasus and Siberia. It flowers from May to June.

Its bark of the branches and the tree is removed in the spring (May) by creating a spiral with the blade. That's one for every 20 cm cut and removed as a tube. It is peeled off dried in a warm and drafty place.

The bark is very healthy when it is dry, and is used most often for tea after one year of drying.

The medicinal effect of the bark

Buckthorn bark is used for diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is particularly useful in cases of constipation, crackling in the intestines, poor peristalsis, and tension in the stomach. It helps with inflamed hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Additionally it is used for severe headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, parasites in the body and others.

Helps with diseases of the liver and gall bladder and in following conditions:

In doing so, buckthorn tea is effective for detoxifying the whole body, as well as diseases of the skin. Externally, the bark soaked in vinegar is used to treat a variety of scab, and is excellent in the treatment of the gums, various skin irritations and infections of the scalp.
Are there any side effects?

Buckthorn tea is not never be taken with tangled intestines, acute diseases of the stomach with dehydration. Also glucofrangulin during drying of the plant breaks down the glucose and frangulin. Therefore, the intake of berries or chewing off the bark induces strong irritation of gastrointestinal mucosa. It can cause nausea with vomiting, and even bloody diarrhea.

If it takes a very long buckthorn leads to increased secretion of water and salts, whereby we lose potassium. All this does not correspond to our heart muscle that weakens due to the lack of this precious mineral.

Therefore, you need a recommendation of doctors or herbalists about the proper dosage. The most commonly consumed is tea in 7-14 days.

Buckthorn tea preparation of a prescription

For preparation of medicinal potion do the following:
  • Full teaspoon of dry and chopped buckthorn bark pour with 2 dl of water and briefly boil it. After 1-2 minutes, cool and strain immediately. Use if necessary one to two cups of tea a day, preferably before bedtime.

Tea for digestion that helps bowel movement

Although buckthorn bark tea is great for digestion even better results will be achieve with the following tea mix.
  • Combine 20 g of anise, fennel, buckthorn bark, liquorice and prunes. Three tablespoons of mixture pour with 3 dl of water and leave it covered for at least three hours. Strain the drink and drink immediately. Prunes are eaten additionally.

This extraordinary tea for digestion has a strong laxative effect. Usually drink it in the evening before bedtime, because it works after 8 to 12 hours, so in the morning you can go to the bathroom.

Diuretic tea for better urination

Tea made from buckthorn can be of great help to people who have a problem with difficult secretion of urine. It will prevent excessive water retention. Experiences with tea for this purpose are positive, and here is how the recipe is prepared:
  • Mix 25 g of mint and parsley, rhizomes and dentex leaves and with buckthorn bark. Three tablespoons of the mixture pour with half a liter of boiled water and cover. After two hours, strain and drink immediately.

A powerful natural remedy for hemorrhoids

Almost every second person over the age of 50 has occasional problems with hemorrhoids. Buckthorn combined with chamomile, caraway and orange rind can help with this problem.

Here is how to make tea for hemorrhoids:
  • 35 grams of finely chopped and well dried buckthorn bark mix well with washed orange peel (10 g). It is very important that the oranges come from organic farming. Add to the mixture 10 grams of chamomile and caraway. Now take this mixture with 2 tablespoons and pour over with 0,5 l of boiling water. Cover everything and after an hour, strain.

You got a remarkable tea for hemorrhoids in which you can safely mix with a tablespoon of honey, for a better taste. Dose three cups a day during the day. The experiences of patients are positive, but make sure the dosage is right. Treatment is not apply for more than two weeks.

Tea mixture to regulate menstruation

Another purpose of buckthorn tea is also that it encourages regular menstrual cycles. In combination with other medicinal plants produces good results.
  • Mix 15 grams of dried buckthorn with shepherd's purse, yarrow, rue, chamomile, and 10g of elfdock root. Two large tablespoons of the mixture pour with 4 deciliter of boiled water. Keep the drink throughout the night and in the morning strain it.

Drink on an empty stomach before breakfast one cup of the beverage and also to do it after dinner.

How to make buckthorn tincture 
  • 200 grams of dried and chopped buckthorn bark pour with a liter of 70 percent alcohol. After 30 days, strain the tincture.

Dose two to three times 15 to 20 drops during the day. Add them to a little water or tea and drink immediately.
  • Do not forget! Buckhorn bark must be dried for a year before use, and is used against constipation and bowel movement.

Buckthorn for weight loss 

As well improving digestion buckthorn tea is great for weight loss and achieves excellent results. It will activate the body as a whole and will help accelerate metabolism.

Make tea for weight loss
  • Mix 100 g of buckthorn bark, 10 g of selenium, dandelion, licorice, rabbit mandrel root. Add 10 grams of fruit of pasdrena, senna, dandelion leaf and vine. Three tablespoons of the mixture pour wit half a liter of boiling water and cook gently for ten minutes. Remove from heat and leave covered to cool down. Strain and divide into three parts.

Thus prepared beverage drink for three consecutive days, do not add sugar. It is Dosed three times a day after meals.

In addition, the following buckthorn tea for weight loss is recommended:
  • Mix 10 g of buckthorn bark with 5 g of pasdrena fruit, fennel, caraway, anise, coriander, flowers, chamomile, white dead nettle, yarrow, corn silk and day and night herb.

Beverage is prepared in the same as the previous mixture.

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