Blackberry juice; homemade recipe

Blackberry juice for health

It has a beautiful taste and is a treasure trove of health. This drink will surely awaken fond memories of childhood, when our grandmothers loved to prepare it. Beside him, we gladly ate jam made with the same fruit, and sometimes wine. These are fabulous homemade foods that are the guardians of our health.

These berries have a striking appearance in the gardens and attract people to try them. And how could you not, when their color ranges from bright to dark red and sometimes purple. With it you can make a number of delicious dishes, and above all, this famous beverage. If you want to know why the juice of blackberries is good for health, and that is, stay with us.

What are the benefits of juice?

The plant blackberry, Latin name Rubus fruticosus is cute and healthy natural treat that we all adore. The nutrients it contains are very important for our body. First of all, they are rich in antioxidants and we know what is their role. As a result, we can say that the blackberries juice is very important for health. It cleans the entire body of toxins.

While we eat these berries, we consume significant amounts of many minerals. It gives our body iron, potassium and magnesium, which are a true gift of nature hidden in the brambles. Apart from them, they are rich in vitamin C and E, which give them a sweet and slightly sour taste.

Since it is practically a plant that grows like a weed, usually you can find it along the fences and walls of houses. Therefore, the cultivation of blackberries is easy, but if you have them in the yard, do not cut them. Wait for July and August and enjoy the fruits which will amaze you.
This delicious fruit has a strong anticancer effect. More and more people are turning to nature, because the food we make at our home does not contain any additives. It is best to drink homemade blackberry juice without preservatives and other additives. It will strengthen your body, strengthen the immune system and prevent different diseases. And, what are some ailments that this drink prevents find out bellow.

Why is the blackberry syrup good for health?

Excellent for blood work and heart

A cup contains almost 700 mg of potassium. This is a phenomenal natural remedy for a complete cardiovascular system. In particular, it is recommended to drink the juice for anemia, because it contains iron.

Strengthens the immune system better than supplements

What our immune system always needs are folates. It is a vitamin B9, which is hard to find in large quantities when the ingredients come in question. However, this fruit is full of much needed material. 108 micrograms of folates is located in one glass, and the juice of blackberries for immunity is an undisputed ally of good health.

Cleans the body of toxins

This delicious fruit contains high levels of anthocyanins, potent natural antioxidants. It is interesting how exactly it gives these berries characteristic dark color. Therefore, blackberry syrup for detoxification of the whole organism can be used, which will prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

It is a great anti-inflammatory agent

Vitamin C is also present and in 90 mg in 2 dl of this drink, which is practically equal to 100 percent of the daily requirement! It will help in the alleviation of inflammation, but will preserve the elasticity of the skin, tendons, and blood vessels.

It relieves pain and reduces heavy periods

Blackberries are a natural ally of all women, especially when the problems during the cycle occur. Then pains and cramps can occur often that are really unpleasant, and often there is severe bleeding. If you drink this potion you will remove this phenomena, because it has a good effect on the blood, as well as the very womb.

Eliminates diarrhea and constipation

Mulberry juice against diarrhea is inviolable in solving the problem with bowel movements. Very quickly hydrates the whole body and regulates the digestive tract, and after one glass of this drink you will feel the improvement. In addition, it is effective against constipation, and bloating of the lower part of the abdomen.

It strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis

We have already mentioned that this fruit contains calcium, and we know that this mineral is much needed for growth, development and preservation of bone tissue. It's safe to say that the drink is among the best home remedies for this purpose. Therefore, feel free to drink the juice of blackberries for bone health and you will avoid osteoporosis, and if you have suffered fracture, it will help you to heal faster.

The prevention of various forms of cancer

Nature is full of various herbs that can help protect against cancer, but also in the treatment of this disease. Due to vitamin C, as well as flavonoids, we recommend that you drink the juice of blackberries against colon cancer. It effectively cleans all the toxins from the digestive tract, and thanks to its anti-cancer properties prevents the growth and further development of malignant cells.

How to make blackberry syrup

There are several ways to make blackberry syrup and we will share with you a couple of recipes. Based on them, you can assess what is most appropriate for you.

Blackberry juice recipe with sugar

  • 5 kg of fresh blackberries,
  • 2 bags limuntosa,
  • 1.5 kg of sugar,
  • optionally add preservatives.

The process of preparing homemade juice:

First, it is necessary to get local berries, you can pick them yourself in your garden or buy in the market, and they need to be fresh. In no way should they be treated with chemicals. All this reduces their nutritional value and medicinal value.

The amount that will be needed is 5 kg. Of course, you can take less, but in this case, reduce the sugar. Wash the berries, eliminate and remove all the rotten specimens. Then pour them into a large saucepan and cover with water. Let them be covered with liquid (approximately 5 liters). Cook them over high heat until it starts to boil, then lower it. Leave it to stand for ten minutes.

Then remove the pot from the stove and double-strain the juice through a sieve. Then add about a kilogram of sugar and then return to the heat. When it boils again, remove from heat and pour the contents of two limuntosa and the desired amount of preservatives. Pour in glass bottles which have been previously washed. Close them, leave them to cool to a room temperature.

Blackberry syrup is stored in the dark and not very cool place, preferably in the closet. If you plan to drink it in a short period of time, you do not need to add limuntos.

The recipe for blackberry juice without cooking

This is a great way if you are searching for alternative preparation of this healthy drink, but you do not want to stand next to the stove. For this you will need some time precisely two days, but you will also save electricity.

  • 1.5 kg of fresh blackberries,
  • 1 liter of water,
  • 1 kilo of sugar,
  • 1 limuntos.


As in the previous recipe, fruit are washed and remove those berries that are rotten. Squeeze them, put into a dish of appropriate size and sprinkle limuntos. Then leave them to rest for 24 hours.

The next day, strain the juice and in it add sugar. Let it stand for one day again, you just need to stir the mixture from time to time. After the time passes pour in a glass bottle. You will see how this blackberry juice without cooking has the same good taste as the one that was prepared on the stove.

Blackberry juice without sugar recipe

This method of preparation is suitable for those who do not like too sweet taste. It is especially important to note that this method is recommended for diabetics.

  • 5 kg of fresh fruit,
  • sea ​​salt.

Instructions for preparation:

The way of preparing natural juice of blackberries without sugar is a little different. You will need a little more attention and patience. It is therefore advisable to prepare it in the juicer with steamed. Fruits are cleaned, and insert it into the strainer and sprinkle with a little sea salt.

Bring water to a boiling point and then just pour blackberries syrup in glass bottles. Immediately seal and wrap it in a cloth to preserve heat for longer time. This is probably the best way to prepare it, because it will keep all the vitamins and minerals. The secret is in the preparation of the drink with steam so the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees.

How to make blackberry juice without preservatives

As long as you prepare this drink, be sure that you will not go wrong. This recipe is becoming popular.

  • 5 kg of fresh fruit,
  • up to 2 kilograms of sugar,
  • 2 bags limuntosa.

Preparation of blackberry juice:

When you wash your blackberries and drain them, pour them into a larger pot. Leave it to cook on low heat for about 10 minutes. Then mash or grind in a blender, the choice is yours. If you are bothered by those little berries, simply strain the mixture through a strainer.

Then again return to the pan with the juice on the stove and pour sugar. Let it stand over low heat until the sweetener is dissolved, all the time you need to stir the mixture. When the sugar unites, insert limuntos and mix well.

This way of preparation is probably the fastest. When finished, simply pour into clean glass bottles. When it is finished simply pour into glass bottles and close. Let it stand at room temperature, and then keep in a dark and cool place.

Dosage, usage in pregnancy and precautions

When it comes to homemade blackberry juice, dosing is extremely simple. It all depends on taste if you like more sweet add more syrup. Top with water, stir and drink a little. If you like blackberry, add a little more syrup and enjoy all the benefits it brings.

The often question is can you drink it during pregnancy. The answer is yes, but with mandatory consultation with a physician. Women who are pregnant will be free to enjoy the health benefits that come from a pleasant taste of blackberry juice. All this will, of course have a positive effect on the baby.

Drink it just before eating one glass is okay. Blackberry juice side effects are very rare. If the person who drinks it exhibits any allergic reactions he or she should stop consuming it. However, if you overdo with the quantity you may get diarrhea. Fortunately, it is transient, however, know that the moderation in dosage is very important.

Enjoy the superb taste that will awaken your senses. If you are a big fan of this fruit, we've got another real treat. We recommend the article homemade blackberry wine.