Walnut liquor recipes for thyroid gland and stomach

Homemade liquor from walnuts and honey

The young green nuts soaked in brandy, turn into a yummy gooey walnuts, have long been used in folk medicine. Homemade liqueur nuts as a cure for thyroid gland are a reliable traditional recipe. In addition to helping thyroid gland it will help the stomach and intestines to eliminate almost all digestive problems.

Recipe for walnut liquor through time changed and variation in its production are present among the population.

It can be found in the old monastery books, records of herbalist or even private collections landowners. The liquor from green walnuts has been used for centuries as a remedy for many ailments.

Stay with us and find out more about this ancient beverage. Learn how to make tasty and healthy liquor with walnuts in a fast and easy way. Study of aromatic spices can add and improve the taste of medicinal aperitifs.

Curative young green nuts and health benefits

As we said, a walnut liqueur is healthy and has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. It is used to treat stomach ailments, digestive problems and diseased thyroid gland.

The healing properties of this potion are drawn from young nuts, which are a great source of many vitamins. In its crust there is a compounds known as juglone. According to the latest research it has an excellent effect against tumors.

It is excellent for better potency and reproductive health

This hard fruit is an important source of vitamins B1 and B2, which provides the body with the necessary energy. They are important for the healthy development of male sex organs. It is also a significant source of zinc, which stimulates sexual desire and libido.

Homemade liquor from walnuts and honey is the best combination for the treatment of potency. Together they complement each other and enhance the effect.

Brandy walnut against anemia

Green walnut is a natural reservoir of vitamin C, E, B complex, folic acid. Young immature nuts are an important source of healthy omega-3 fats and valuable minerals. They have calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and iodine.

Since it is rich in iron, zinc and magnesium, homemade liquor is used to treat anemia. It is useful for improving blood count.
Walnut liqueur is still an alcoholic beverage and you should not overdo it with. One glass a day is enough for a good blood count, and in the treatment of anemia recommended is one in the morning and evening.

Walnut liquor recipe for the treatment of stomach

The best known and most widespread role that walnut liquor has is treating stomach problems and disturbances. It is also effective in the treatment of infections of mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. These health problems have a large part of the population, more often men than women.

The most common stomach ailments except gastritis is ulcer (peptic ulcer). It can occur on sensitive lining of the stomach, the beginning of the small intestine and duodenum. One of the main preconditions for its occurrence is stress and poor diet.

The most common symptoms of gastric disease are abdominal pain, bloating, nausea and vomiting. Modern medicine cures the ailments with strong antibiotics which do not work in many people, and are turning to alternative methods. Green walnut with honey has been proven effective in the prevention of these conditions.

Nut liquor in the treatment of gastric infections caused by bacteria, such as, for example Helico pylori, plays an important role. Proved to be very effective natural remedy because it directly attacks the bacteria and improves the intestinal flora and strengthens the stomach. It improves and facilitates digestion, eliminates unpleasant heartburn and bloating.

Additionally homemade walnut improves the flow of bile and relieves symptoms of spleen. This natural remedy is unrivaled.

Walnut liquor for healthy thyroid

The normal function of the thyroid gland for general health is of primary importance. It is a regulator of body temperature, regulates the heart and nervous system. Plays an important role in metabolism. Its proper functioning affects the health and appearance of skin and hair.

Iodine is important for proper functioning of the thyroid, especially if its function is reduced. Homemade walnut liqueur for thyroid in folk medicine has been used since ancient times. It is a rich source of iodine and thus significantly influences and stimulates the work of the body.

The disorder in the work is reflected in reduced functioning is the so called hypothyroidism. Reflected in obesity, allergies cold – elevated sensitivity to cold and forgetfulness. People with this disorder are recommended to eat green walnut at least twice a day, morning and evening.

Some lesser known benefits of walnut liquor

Walnut liqueur as a drug has been used historically for many diseases.
  • The old records that were recently found confirm that it was used to treat syphilis, and even combat malaria.
  • It is known to protect the heart, blood vessels and nervous system.
  • It is used to treat colic.
  • Prevents periodontal disease.

In addition, the walnut can be successfully used for skin care and acne treatment. For this purpose it is used so that the desired part of the skin is first cleaned, and then wrapped with gauze soaked in this liquid. Later if is rinsed with water.

How to make liquor out of green walnuts

The basis for the preparation of this beverage is always the same. The most important thing is to get fresh young green nuts and good homemade brandy. Type of brandy is not that important, the most important thing it is to have good nuts. All other additives are a matter of taste.

Here we have singled out a few interesting recipes for this beverage which we advise you to try. The first recipe represents a kind of basic and is most frequently used mode for making drinks. It is also one of the oldest.

The monastery walnut liquor for longevity

Necessary ingredients:
  • 11-13 young green nuts,
  • 1 liter of homemade brandy 
  • 400 grams of brown sugar or local honey,
  • 4 -5 cloves,
  • 1 whole lemon.

Preparation of liquor:

First wash the nuts and cut them in half. Lemons rinse and cut into slices. Combine ingredients and stir until the sugar is melted. Close the bottle and keep in the sun longer than 40 days. Shake drink every day, but you do not open it.

It is recommended to drink a cup in the morning and evening. This homemade liquor from green walnuts, is useful for the treatment of stomach, helps with anemia and thyroid dieses.

Make a green walnut in the French and Italian way

French walnut liqueur is aromatic and delicious, excellent for enjoying winter evenings.

  • 500 g of sugar,
  • 1 liter of vodka,
  • 2 cinnamon sticks,
  • 10 whole cloves,
  • half vanilla beans,
  • grated lemon peel and
  • 30 green walnuts washed, dried and cut into quarters.

Walnut liqueur is prepared in this way:

Combine all ingredients in a large jar. Stir it until the sugar has dissolved, then add nuts. The jar is sealed and let it stand for 2 months, but do not forget to shake it at least once a day. When time runs out, strain the liquid through cheesecloth and pour into a glass bottle.

The Italian version 

Nocino is a type walnut liquor that is made in the region "Emilia-Romana" in Northern Italy. Italian monks used it in monasteries for medical purposes.

It is made from green walnuts that are soaked in alcohol. When removed, the black liquor is added to the syrup, cinnamon or cloves. Italian liqueur has a bitter sweet taste. Basically the product is homemade, but it can be purchased in stores. In retail nocino has 40 percent of alcohol.

Cocktails with walnut liquor for nightlife

This recipe is easy to make and is very tasty and strong.
  • In a shaker pour a glass (a measure of the cup of brandy) of brandy, a glass of walnut liquor, a little lemon juice and half a teaspoon of sugar. Mix everything well and pour into a glass, add ice cubes and garnish with lemon rings.

What are the experiences of users with local this beverage
I'm making homemade walnut liquor for years. The whole family just loves it. We drink it warm in the winter because it creates a feeling of warmth. The first time, I used it to treat stomach, because it is regarded as the best natural cure for these ailments. My husband and I began to drink it. One cup a day is enough. Over time, the relief was obvious, gradually abdominal pain disappeared, and with them, bloating and heartburn. Digestion also improved. I make it once a year, mostly clear, with no additives. Last year I made walnut liqueur with cloves and lemon and it was very tasty. Sasha 
For walnut liqueur I knew a long time ago but I've never tried it, until 5 years ago with one group of friends on a party. I just liked it, it was sweet, and it was not particularly strong. Later, I heard how it is healthy and how people use it for medicinal purposes. What is important is that it is good for anemia, because my daughter has such problems. My child had 17 years then, we've tried all the drugs, but there was no lasting improvements. I asked her doctor what he thought about it and he said let's try it because it cannot hurt. One glass of this beverage she drunk for a month, and the results afterwards were fantastic. My daughter was feeling fantastic and most importantly, these results have not changed by the time of the next control. Now I make it and some neighbors bought my home-made liquor from walnuts and they say they like it. Senka, 

In what cases walnut liquor is not recommended

While healing, do not forget that a domestic walnut liquor is a strong alcoholic drink. Precautions boils down to the fact that you do not to overdo it in its consumption. The goal in using this top liquor next to treatment is pleasure, but keep in mind, this is a strong alcoholic beverage.

It is recommended its use in the prevention of various diseases and conditions. Take only one glass of liquor a day for optimal effect in protecting the body. During treatment recommended are maximum of two cups a day. Anything more than that is pure excess and there is no need for any greater amount.

If you have severe symptoms, before each use it is recommended that you consult with your physician. This is especially true if you are using medication or other treatment. The negative effects of the use of aperitifs so far have not been recorded.

Bear in mind that if you drink this beverage do not sit behind the wheel, leave the driving to someone else. Children, pregnant and lactating women certainly should not drink it, the same goes with all other alcoholic beverages.

Where to buy green walnut liquor and what is the price?

This beverages can only be bought in some markets of health food and specialized stores of alcoholic beverages. When it comes to the price it varies depending on the manufacturer and quality, but also of geographical indications. It ranges from 5 dollars up to 15 dollars.

You can order it over the Internet with just a few clicks. However, first inform about it. If you trust your neighbors, ask around. There is a high probability that you will also find great-premium products from domestic industries.

Walnut liquor is kept in a glass bottles. It should be kept in a cool and dark place. It does not spoil it can be kept for years and will continue to be in excellent condition.


To summarize. Liquor of walnut and honey is widely accepted by the people, and is often used for treatment in stomach disorders. It is successfully used in the treatment of digestive problems and digestive system. It treats constipation, and diarrhea and relieves spasms in the intestines. Improves blood count and is important for the prevention of thyroid diseases.

If you like the taste, be sure to use it, but only two cups a day. We recommend another excellent text, walnuts and honey for the treatment and prevention.