Quince with walnuts and lemon

Make quince in an old fashioned way

Quince is an old fashioned dessert that will make you love it after the first bite. Our grandmothers used to make it and were usually served to guests and family members. This specific national sweet is a true gift of nature and as such is unjustly neglected nowadays.

It was, unfortunately, pushed by modern desserts often containing artificial sugars and sweeteners. They have no use for human health. Therefore, the moment to go back to ancient times and enjoy the rich taste of the tasty treats is slowly returning. Below we will tell you more about why quince with walnuts is ideal for your health. Learn how to make it and where you can buy this product.

Quince fruit is unjustly neglected 

Although this plant originated from Southwest Asia, quince fruit is fully appropriated and adopted in some European tradition. However, nowadays it is pretty much neglected for quite unjustified reasons. Fortunately, today's generation is more inclined to restore the traditional and natural diet and treatment. For all these reasons it is gradually coming back into use.

Pleasant smell of quince can fool you, so be careful because it is difficult to eat it fresh and raw. If you choose to do it, be prepared for a bit tart and astringent, but also sweetish taste. This is certainly not a bad thing, but many people will not like it.
However, the reason for such a flavor lies in the fact that quince fruit is rich in vitamin C. In its composition there are numerous minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium. The recipe for quince with walnuts and lemon is prepared in the old-fashioned way, breathtaking. It has no sour taste, but is very pleasant and tasty.

Speeds ​​up the metabolism and stimulates weight loss

Quinces are known to contain dietary fiber. Thanks to them you will solve all stomach problems in a very short time. In addition, it initiates digestion and eliminate all the accumulated harmful substances deposited in the intestines. This will protect you from many diseases.

They are absolutely unquestionable when weight loss is concerned. Sweet of grated quince with walnuts is ideal morning meal with tea or coffee. This delicious sweet with no calories can be used to a large extent. It is far more beneficial and healthier than various chocolates and confectionery like the ones you can buy in stores.

In addition, domestic quince is better because it has positive effect on mood, memory and even the heart. All of this is thanks to the valuable potassium. This mineral relaxes blood vessels, eliminates muscle tension and improves cognitive abilities. If you like all of these features, you must try this traditional sweet.

We'll share with you a few ways to make quince with walnuts and lemon. We have prepared some interesting recipes.

Traditional recipe

Our grandmothers were preparing this delicious and healthy treat according to the recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. It is certainly much better to make this dessert on your own than to buy it in store. The products made in factories usually contain preservatives and harmful additives. Therefore, stick to nature and tradition, this is what it takes to make the recipe:
  • 3 kg of fruit,
  • 1.5 kilograms of sugar,
  • 4 dl of water,
  • 2 lemons.

Preparing the recipe:

Quince wipe with a cloth and then peel them. Do not cut, but grate on larger pieces and place in a saucepan. Pour the juice of one squeezed lemon and stir well. Add 2 dl of water, and cook on high heat. Pour the intended amount of sugar and with constant stirring wait until a compound similar to honey is created.

Then remove from heat and prepare the glass jars and insert grated quince. One lemon, cut into slices and then top with the juice later. Close the jars, cover with thick cloth and leave it overnight. The next day put it in the pantry and serve whenever you or your family members.

Make sweets with grated quince with walnuts

There is another beautiful and useful way to make quince the old fashioned way, this time with walnuts. It is usually a small amount, but if you like it, you can always make more. You need:
  • 1 kg of fruit,
  • 1.2 kilograms of sugar,
  • 2 dl of water,
  • 100 grams of finely chopped walnuts,
  • 1 lemon.

Preparing the recipe:

Much like the previous recipe, it is necessary to wash quince and remove any dirt from them. Peel them and cut fruit into cubes or grate in the food processor to large pieces, and add them to the pan. Squeeze a lemon and its juice pour over the fruit, mix and gradually add water. Put on the stove and pour the sugar and wait for the mixture to boil. If you want, you can save the syrup in a separate container.

When it starts to boil (after 15 minutes), remove the pan from the heat and to add finely chopped walnuts. Once again all mix well and let the mixture unite finely. Then pour quince with nuts in glass jars. If desired, you can put a couple of rolls of lemon on top before you close them. Wrap them in a cloth, leave it overnight and then you can put them in pantry or refrigerator.

Quince and apple jam

If you liked quince with walnuts and lemon, be sure to try the local specialty like -jam. It is made with local apples.

Here's what you need ingredients:
  • 3 kg of cleaned quince,
  • 1 kg of green apple,
  • 3 lemons,
  • 1.5 kg of sugar,
  • 4 ml of water.

Preparing the jam:

Process of preparation is very simple and does not require a lot of previous experience. Clean both fruits so they are completely smooth. Then cut them into cubes, and do the same with apples. Put them together in a saucepan and mix with sugar, water and juice of three lemons.

Cook the mixture on medium heat stirring occasionally, and it would not hurt to occasionally shake the pot. When fruit becomes completely soft, mash them. Do this in the same way like when you mash potatoes or with the help of a beam mixer. Cook them for 15 to 20 minutes with constant stirring. When thickened, remove from heat and pour into a clean glass jars.

Quince and apples jam should stand open in the oven at 100 degrees for about 10 minutes to slightly bake. After that, turn off the oven and leave it to stand overnight. The next day, remove the jars, seal and store in the pantry or refrigerator.

This jam is a real tasty treat that will delight you and you will after the first bite.

Quince price in stores

But if you want to buy a quince, the price depends on the manufacturer and country of origin. Domestic items cost an average of 2 dollars up to the amount of 400 grams. However, when buying check date of manufacture, and expiry date. Therefore, we recommend that you make this sweet at your home. Only in this way you will be sure what it is a natural product. In this way you avoid additives and preservatives that are present in products made at the factory.

If you decide to make quince with walnuts and lemon according to traditional recipes, you cannot make a mistake. It was prepared by our grandmothers, and you will certainly enjoy the beautiful taste that it brings. This healthy treat is actually only a fraction of what you can make with this fruit. If you love it, we recommend the following article. Learn how to prepare Quince juice, which is a real refreshing drink full of vitamins and minerals.