New Zealand manuka honey for perfect health

Manuka honey from New Zealand

The natives of New Zealand for centuries have used the Manuka honey for its medicinal properties. Recently it was discovered by the rest of the world, and everyone feel very quickly in love with it. Its planetary popularity owes mainly to Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson. Even the famous tennis player Novak Djokovic cannot imagine his day without a teaspoon of natural sweets.

Manuka honey for health is appreciated mainly because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition it is ideal for skin care and elimination of allergies in children, and is good for good night sleep.

If you asked yourself what is the healthiest honey you found the answer. Now stay with us and find out more about this amazing food.

What is Manuka honey?

Manuka tree is a deciduous shrub plant that grows up to 5 feet high in the wilds of New Zealand. It was known for centuries by indigenous people. Otherwise, this island is unique for its extremely rich flora and fauna which is unique in the world.

The Latin name for the tree is Leptospermum scoparium, and it is known as "tea tree". From pollen bees make honey, which is darker and tastier than any other. The flowers of the plant are attractive reddish-pink color and have an intense smell. Bees cannot resist it.

Composition of manuka honey is also the main reason why scientists are so enthusiastic about it. Specifically, in addition to a standard hydrogen peroxide, it contains methylglyoxal. This substance has a pronounced antibacterial effect. It is produced by converting dihydroxyacetone, which is concentrated in the flowers of plants.
In addition to these powerful enzymes, New Zealand honey contains a variety of nutrients. We are talking primarily of amino acids and B complex vitamins. Along with them there are also minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and many others. All these substances together are important for a strong immune system.

How to identify real honey from Manuka one?

Fortunately, you can easily determine whether it is a genuine product or fake one. Each box of this product needs to incorporate the label UMF. These letters were actually an acronym for the unique manuka factor, or more precisely the number that measures the antimicrobial activity of honey.

Only samples whose power the scale between 10 and 15 can be considered for quality. It is important to note that on the package it must be indicated that the country of origin is New Zealand.

Many times it is proven that the manuka honey is excellent for children. It provides them with the necessary vitamins and minerals and makes them resistant to most colds and viruses.

Benefits for health and healing effects

First of all we will say that manuka honey is good for digestion and stomach problems. These include stomach problems, such as Clostridium difficile and the lack of acid. Thanks to its antioxidant properties it reduces inflammation of the intestine and destroys free radicals. Also protects against potential infections.

Scientists in the UK have found that this natural product can destroy the staphylococci and persistent helicobacter. Therefore, more and more hospitals decide to store it, in order to stop the infection as soon as possible.

On the other hand, doctors in India have found that Manuka honey is good for the skin, especially burns. It soothes swelling and relieves pain, it also helps in the treatment of venous ulcers. It can for example be used to treat minor cuts.

It shows good results in the treatment of allergies and sinusitis by reducing symptoms by a whopping 60 percent. Daily consumption can completely eliminate the need for medication.

Many do not know, but manuka honey treats diseases of the teeth and gums. Because of its antimicrobial properties it reduces plaque and gingivitis by 35 percent, while zinc and phosphorus will help to protect the enamel.

If you struggle with frequent sore throats immediately eat a teaspoon of this medicine from nature, as it will kill Strep bacteria. In fact it is responsible for the fertilization of the tonsils and unpleasant itching in the throat. The use is especially recommended for patients who are subjected to chemotherapy.

Using Manuka in cosmetics

There is a number of ways you can use this product for cosmetic purposes. For example, manuka honey against acne shows amazing results.
  • Just rub a certain amount on the face, and then cover with a damp towel. This will open the pores and provide even better hydration. Then wash it off and apply your favorite cream.

You can also use honey from Manuka against dandruff and hair loss. The principle is very similar.
  •  Rub a couple of tablespoons of this natural product into the scalp and then wait a few minutes. After shampooing be sure to apply appropriate conditioner.

Manuka honey for stretch marks is one of the best and easiest solution. Apply it through massage on critical areas where lines are visible, but it is important to eat a spoonful every day.

Lotion for cleansing

  • tablespoon of coconut oil,
  • 3 tablespoons of honey from New Zealand,
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar,
  • 20 drops of essential oil of tea tree.

Preparation of the lotion is simple:

All the ingredients mix and pour into a clean glass bottle. Store in a cool place.

It is a necessary part of Novak Djokovic’s diet

Faomus tennis player Novak Djokovic in his book "Serve to win" revealed that every day he starts right away with manuka honey. In the morning when you get up drink a glass of warm water, then eat two tablespoons of this natural elixir. In addition Novak necessarily eats avocados, food and adds the powerful chia seeds.

He pointed out that the anti-bacterial component is very important, because he must keep his body from potential colds. It is important to point out that manuka honey does not contain gluten, which is important for everyone living with celiac disease. All of them is recommended this phenomenal New Zealand product.

The powerful trio to boost immunity

You need:
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 and a half cup of lemon juice,
  • 1 cup of manuka honey,
  • Third of a cup of grated ginger,
  • ice cubes.


Boil two cups of hot water with ginger, and then leave it to cool down for ten minutes. Then squeeze the ginger, add Manuka honey, and water and put in the fridge. The liquid then is poured into a jug, add 4 cups of water, lemon juice and ice cubes.

User experience with New Zealand honey

When it comes to Manuka Honey user experience is more than positive. We bring you a few comments from well-known domestic forum.
My friend's 80-year-old grandfather is lying in bed and has a wound on his leg that does not want to heal. They started to smear that part of the skin with Manuka Honey UMF 10 and after three days you could see improvement. His thumb hurt him badly, and half an hour after lubrication the pain stopped. Price is high, but worth every penny. Ivan, 31 
We used honey for almost two years intermittently and we can say that our children did not get sick except having a runny nose sometimes. I do not know if this is because of the honey but tis is the only one we spend. Vesna, 38 
I bought it a month ago since it was recommended to me for my acute gastritis. The results are amazing, the pain is completely gone and I no longer have problems with the stomach acid. Earlier I had and extremely violent reaction to almost any food, now this is no longer the case. I plan to use it in the future, because I think my stomach without it would not work properly. Ana, 27

Where to buy New Zealand honey and what is the price?

Probably you are most interested in where to buy manuka honey. The answer is simple - over the Internet. There are a couple of local companies which import the product and sell it through their websites. Once again we reiterate that you have to pay attention to the UMF label that must be part of the package. In addition, only select specimens labeled 10+ or ​​15+. This factor determines the cost.

For manuka honey price is something that is unacceptable to many. For a bottle of 250 grams you will have to set aside between 40 and 60 dollars depending on the number. If somewhere accidentally you come across a version that costs less know that it is probably a hoax.

Can pregnant women eat it?

Let me also mention how the honey from Manuka for pregnancy is highly recommended. Children over one year of age can use it freely.

On the other hand, it should be avoided by those who suffer from high blood pressure or are allergic to bees. Sometimes it has bad reaction in combination with chemotherapy drugs.

Although it is not for every budget, manuka honey should still be an integral part of everyone's home pharmacy. And if you want to further improve your immunity, then read our article on how to make propolis drops.