Low-fat cheese recipes for good health

Why should we eat homemade low-fat cheese?

Low-fat cheese is very tasty and healthy which helps you to get rid of excess weight or keep slim figure. It is an unavoidable food for athletes, because it helps build muscle mass effectively. In his name we can conclude that this is a product that is suitable for eating during the fasting period.

An additional plus is the fact that it has a low calorific value and very little fat. It is often jokingly referred as model, among cheeses. Although it is primarily suitable for weight loss, diet and maintaining your body weight, it also has many health benefits. Below we will tell you more about why you should eat low-fat cheese. Learn how useful it is in the fight against cancer and what are the best recipes for dishes from it.

The composition, nutritional value and calories

Proteins are the most important thing of this food. In fact, if you eat low-fat cheese proteins contained therein are the healthiest and the best fuel for building muscle. In 100 grams there is as much as 12 grams of these beneficial substances. It is the ideal pre-workout meal or sporting activities. Be sure that these proteins are deposited in your muscles, and you will have more power and faster you will burn fat.

We have already noted how low-fat cottage cheese contains calories, but in a very small amount, so 100 grams has only 66 kcal. It also has a very small proportion of carbohydrates in the same measure (3 grams), making this the ideal meal for all dieters. If you want to build muscle mass, combine grapes, bananas, millet and avocados with cheese.
That this is a healthy food is stated by the fact that it is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. These minerals have a positive effect on the whole body, and mostly on the development, growth and tissue regeneration. One should not neglect the fact that it contains probiotic bacteria, which are a great ally in the improvement and regulation of digestion. It is interesting how they successfully cope with excess fat, but also regulate blood cholesterol levels.

Health benefits are numerous

This tasty food has many positive effects on human health, and it is also very tasty. Many of us love to eat it, but at the same time they do not know how much it is actually good for your body. Here's how it positively affects our vitality:

It strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis

Calcium is a major mineral that is found in all dairy products. Calcium can be found in lean cheese in significant quantities, it is advisable to eat it for the sake of strengthening bones. It is especially important to give it to children in order to properly develop, but is excellent for the elderly. Therefore, if you eat a low-fat cheese health of your bones will be better, and it will protect you from a number of diseases, such as osteoporosis.

It protects the heart and cardiovascular system

Since magnesium is abundant in it, it will encourage biochemical reactions that affect the maintenance of health of veins, arteries and capillaries. In addition, it reduces blood sugar levels and keeps normal pressure. Thanks to lean cheese you can avoid heart attack, stroke and many heart diseases.

Great food for pregnant women

In addition to being suitable for athletes, the food is excellent for women who are pregnant. The reason for this lies in the fact that the low-fat cheese is rich in iron, potassium and calcium. These minerals are essential for proper development of the fetus.

It helps in weight loss and metabolism

The biggest benefit of this dairy product is that it contains casein, a type of protein that has a high nutritional value. It will make sure that you are tired of the long run and you will not have hunger pangs nor the need to overeat. Therefore, with low-fat cheese weight loss is far simpler, easier and manageable process.

Improves digestion better than pills

Thanks to phosphorus and calcium, it is recommended to consume low-fat cheese for digestion. In fact, many stomach problems such as constipation, diarrhea or cramps in the gut can affect anyone of us. For their elimination it is not necessary to take expensive pills and medicines. This healthy foods contain probiotics and bacteria that regulate intestinal micro flora.

Detoxifies the body

As in most cheeses, valuable selenium can be found in it. It is an effective antioxidant that protects the cells, and DNA from damage that can result in toxins and free radicals. There are indications of how these foods are useful for the prevention of malignant diseases, but more about that in the following lines.

Linseed oil and low-fat cheese recipes against cancer

There are testimonies and evidence about how this product has proved effective in prevention, in treatment of some forms of cancer. The German biochemist Johanna Budwig, with its use has achieved great results and with the world shared their knowledge. This scientist was repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Prize.

It is primarily used a special diet plan whose basis is made of linseed oil and low-fat cheese. It is important to note that her diet plan requires discharge of sweets and foods that contain refined sugar, oil and flour.

This diet is called the Budwig protocol and includes exclusion of linoleic acid, because it is the main cause of creating oxidants. Thus preventing the formation and spread of malignant tissue, and many other medical conditions.

General advice is that low-fat cheese and linseed oil is consumed daily and as fresh, in order to utilize all healing effects. As an alternative to this dairy product, it is possible to use yogurt or homemade kefir, in larger quantities.

How important it is in the diet of athletes

Since it is now clear how good low-fat cheese for health and maintenance of the viability is, you should not be surprised by the fact that it is popular food among athletes. All vitamins, minerals, proteins and beneficial bacteria are combined in it and as such it has a positive effect on building and preserving muscle tissue. You can eat it anytime during the day, because it is very nice combined with many other foods.

Thanks to the presence of magnesium, potassium, as well as the above mentioned proteins, it is usually consumed by athletes as part of the dinner. If you're wondering why this is the case, you will discover an interesting feature. In fact, all low-fat cheeses are rich in proteins with a small proportion of carbohydrates. As such, during the night, they are absorbed in the body, and the body uses them.

In addition, it is equally useful to eat low-fat cheese before training, but also after it. During physical exertion, your body needs a certain amount of potassium, protein and healthy sugar. This food will secure that. On the other hand, after exercise you will need something to recover the muscles and tendons and this is why athletes like to eat it.

How to make a low-fat cheese at home 

The way to make low-fat cheese is actually a skill that had been employed by our grandmothers, but the process is more complicated and requires a little more time. Therefore, we will tell you how to do it in five easy steps. At the end you will get domestic dairy product that is healthy and very tasty.
  1. Get local whole milk and let it sit for an overnight in a dark, cool place.
  2. In the morning, pour it into a bowl and let it stay at room temperature, until you get a fine gelatinous texture.
  3. From its surface remove the cream you can easily do it with a big spoon. Do not throw it away, but keep it in the fridge and eat it as healthy spread for bread.
  4. Curds insert into a larger clean cloth or tablecloth and tie at the top. Hang above a pot that will be dripping whey. Let it stand until the liquid completely leaks.
  5. After that, just remove the finished low-fat cheese and place it in a bowl and refrigerate.
Recipes with lean cheese

Salad with lean cheese

  • 1 tomato,
  • 1 cucumber,
  • little chives,
  • 150 grams of lean cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Prepare salad:

Tomatoes and cucumber wash and peel. Then cut into cubes and place in a bowl. Stir low-fat cheese in the planned amount and season with chives and add a little salt and pepper. This salad with lean cheese is ideal and easy meal during the summer months, and is suitable for those who keep a diet.

Shake with lean cheese

  • 500 grams of this tasty product,
  • 2 dl of water,
  • 2 ripe bananas,
  • 2 oranges,
  • piece of any other fruit, if desired.

Preparing healthy shake:

Bananas and orange peel and put them in the blender. As you like, you can add some more fruit, we recommend mango or papaya. Pour the water and insert a predetermined amount of low-fat cheese. All mix well and drink this delicious shake, which is a great drink after training, so it is often prepared by athletes.

Patties with lean cheese

  • 200g of chicken white meat,
  • 1 egg,
  • 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs,
  • 100 grams of lean cheese.

Preparing hamburger:

To prepare this delicious and light meal it is necessary that the meat is cut into pieces, and then grind it in a blender. In the mass, add egg and bread crumbs and all mix well until united. At the end insert 100 grams of lean cheese, and then shape burgers you need to bake in olive oil.

Conclusion for the end

This domestic product should be eaten as often as possible and it should be on the menu. It is rich in minerals and useful substances that have beneficial effects on health. If you are a professional or recreational athlete, play sports, do not leave it out the menu. It will suit you before but especially after training.

If you want to buy low-fat cheese, the price depends on the amount and the manufacturer, but an average of 450 grams of foods costs about 5 dollars. It can be purchased in supermarkets, but also in dairies where it is more advisable to purchase it. However, you can make it at home following instructions that we shared with you.

All lovers of such dairy products can safely enjoy its rich taste, but also the health benefits it offers. If you want to cheer yourself once again with beautiful food product, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with tofu.