Ghee butter; how to make it at home

Ghee butter use and recipes

If you've heard of "Ghee" it means that you are familiar with the culinary traditions of South Asia, Iran or Arabia. The word itself comes from Sanskrit and means to sprinkle or spray. Ghee butter is basically purified butter, which is in addition to its use in the kitchen, applied in the treatment of medical ailments. It is used even in religious rites in some parts of Southeast Asia.

The benefits to healthy ghee butter are numerous, it is especially recommended to people sensitive to lactose. It is excellent for maintaining and keeping the flexibility and mobility of joints. It improves digestion and contains important vitamins and increases the immune system.

Below read more about the reasons why you need to include it in your diet. After you try this one, you will not even think about the ordinary butter anymore. Learn more about its composition, and methods of preparation. Read about some famous and popular ghee recipes for preparing this delicious spread.

What is actually ghee butter?

Ghee is purified butter with a long history dating back to ancient India. It is obtained by boiling ordinary butter on medium heat. It is called purified because cooking from ordinary butter milk separates substances. They will be separated at the surface, and then easily removed with a spoon.

With fermentation is obtained a healthy ghee butter for everyday use. It is creamier and more buttery" in comparison to ordinary butter, it has an excellent taste and pleasant aroma.

If you like to experiment, when cooking, you can add some spices in improve the taste. The texture, color and flavor depend primarily on the quality of butter used, the origin of the milk and the length of fermentation.

Ghee butter consists almost entirely of fat. In 100 grams of butter there is even 99.5 g of fat, of which 62 percent are saturated fats.
It also contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. It is recommended for athletes, because this healthy fat is easily absorbed directly through the liver and burns as clean energy. Coconut oil has this characteristic.

Medicinal benefits for health

Preserve the mobility and flexibility by using ghee butter

According to some studies, people using ghee butter in the diet have better tissue structure and greater flexibility of the joints. It is responsible for lubricating the connective tissue and maintain better mobility. Practitioners of yoga often opt for this type of butter in relation to the others.

A rich source of vitamins

If you are sensitive to gluten, or you suffer from Crohn's disease or disorders of the pancreas, you probably have a problem in the absorption of vitamin A, use ghee butter in cooking as a substitute for butter, you can increase your intake of this vitamin.

The wealth of ghee butter is reflected in the high concentration of healthy vitamins A, D, E and K. They are responsible for the breakdown of fats in the body. They are very important for overall health and bone marrow, but also to improve the immune system. During winter body hardly makes up for their required amounts.

Excellent for skin care

Benefit of ghee butter on the body has reflected in the improvement of moisture and hydration. It consists of vitamin E, which has antioxidants and whose role is primarily in the reparation of the damage and dry skin. Maintains hormonal balance, improves vision and helps regulate cholesterol.

Massage your body with purified butter

Another important feature is that when heated ghee butter is great for warming up the body. It is excellent for massage and is gladly used for this purpose. The skin absorbs it freely, and it relaxes and hydrates. Even up to 60 percent of butter is absorbed through the skin and goes to all tissues and organs.

Ghee combined with honey is used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the skin, blisters, and even burns.

It improves the health of the digestive tract

Ghee converts the butyric acid fibers to be beneficial by the intestinal bacteria. It also enhances the appetite, promotes better health and affects the regulation of weight.

Healthy ghee butter is known for its high levels of bitartrate. They represent one type of fatty acids, and are important for detoxifying the body. They are known for improving the health of the colon.

In Ayurvedic medicine ghee is used for treatment of constipation. It stimulates digestion, enhances bowel movement and faster fat burning. Because of these properties if you have problems with excess weight create a habit and use purified butter instead of the one you buy at stores. You will be doing a lot for your healthy if you include it in your daily menus.

Lower cholesterol with ghee butter

Studies have shown that this healthy butter can reduce LDL. The research team of doctors in India have shown that ghee butter works against bad cholesterol and has a significant effect.

It is recommended for people sensitive to lactose

The ghee butter does not have lactose. People who are intolerant to it, or have a difficult time tolerating it often have problems due to the consumption of dairy products.

Symptoms of sensitivity to lactose are bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting and cramps. Most people with these problems, do not have similar problems with purified butter.

Although made out of dairy products people can use purified butter in the diet because they these ingredients that cause these problems are removed. However, it is recommended consulting a medical professional, especially those with strong reactions to it.

Healthy ghee butter has anti-inflammatory effect

Research has shown that the use of butter instead of the ordinary one can help reduce inflammation. Ghee butter is particularly useful for alleviating the symptoms of Crohn's disease and symptoms caused by tumors.

Ayurveda doctors used it for decades to relieve inflammation. This kind of medicine promotes positivity, development and expansion of consciousness.

It is excellent against high temperatures

Thanks to its properties ghee butter is widely present in the Indian and Ayurvedic cooking. It gives a fine taste and a nice yellow color. It is resistant to heat and is good for deep frying.

This product can be fried at high temperatures, higher relative to other oils. In doing so, it does not release harmful free radicals.

When you heat oil over high heat it begins to smoke, and inhalation of these fumes can be dangerous. It is especially harmful to the respiratory system, especially if frequent. Heating the oil to the point of destroying all the phytonutrients releases free radicals.

In addition to the harmful effects to health, oil heated to a high temperature can be easily ignited. Then it is very dangerous, and so be extremely careful. However, if you use ghee butter for cooking you do not have to be afraid of such phenomena.

If you often cook with the oils, use the ones with saturated fats. The best is to use ghee or coconut oil. They are more stable compared to monounsaturated fats such as avocado, or olive oil.

How to make purified ghee butter

There are various ways of preparation. Traditional butter is done only after the water completely evaporates. Then the fat is completely separated from the milk. Cooks point out that this is not the end, purified butter is obtained, but the real ghee butter is made by cooking the remaining fat. Only then will it receive specific flavor and texture.
  • Boil the milk over medium heat, and remove bubbles and fat that appear on the surface. Over time you will get a clear butter smell and it will become wonderful and yellow. Cooking takes about 40 minutes. On the glass jar put gauze through which you gently pour the butter. The whole process is easy and fast.

Ayurvedic way of making butter

One of the frequently used ghee recipe is ayuverdic which involves boiling ordinary milk. After cooking it is allowed to cool for at least 12 hours at room temperature. Then it added to yogurt, and left throughout the night. In the morning it is mixed with water, until you extract the pure ghee butter.

In the process of making ghee butter you can add various herbs and spices to enhance flavor and color. All this will result in aromatic ghee butter that will give your food excellent taste.

If you decide to play with tastes, it is best to cook a little longer ghee butter with herbs and spices to enhance the flavor. Herbs are added immediately when the butter melts and leave it until the end of the process.

Excellent ghee recipes that you have to try

As you had a chance to read by now, purified ghee butter is prepared very easily and quickly. Milk fat from butter melts and thus is separated from water. Butter product is produced by melting and removing fat from the top. Below remains clear yellow liquid, which gets cool creamy texture.

This outstanding product can be used with many other ingredients. Then even tastier and more aromatic taste is achieved. Here are some popular examples that will surely surprise you:
  1. Ghee butter with garlic - put up to 7 small cloves in it;
  2. Cardamom ghee - insert 6-7 mashed beans;
  3. With the aroma of mint - add half a cup of mint leaves while ferrying;
  4. Ghee flavored ginger. In melted butter add 2 teaspoons put freshly squeezed ginger root. Continue with cooking.
  5. Rosemary and thyme will give an excellent taste. Mix into ghee butter 6 sprigs of mentioned herbs and enjoy the amazing taste.

Ghee butter can be used as a spread and in the addition of the popular food dishes. It is often used for baking and frying because it is excellent in withstanding high temperatures.

User experience with ghee butter
The first time I heard of ghee butter was during the winter with friends last year. A friend and I had a massage in a spa center and then I felt it on the skin. It sounded exotic but none of them knew what it was really like. I just remember how pleasant it was, the skin absorbed it like it was thirsty, and the effect was absolute hydration of the body. I was surprised when they told me what it was. The purified fat! Later I read and got better informed, so I decided to do it myself. My goal was to get a good foundation for roasting. Firstborn was ghee butter with garlic. It turned out great and everything had a better taste. Little by little I started using less the ordinary butter and butter from the store. Because of ghee butter our digestion improved. I eat a little stronger food, a lot of meat, so I often had problems with constipation. I like the combination of ghee butter with ginger and mint. Sanja
The first time I tried ghee butter was when I was abroad.  I thought this was a rare specialty. It fantastically fits into our local cuisine, because we often bake and fry. The plain one is great but I still prefer aromatic one. Lately I make everything with it. My favorite one is with the garlic for preparing meat and the ginger one cooking vegetables. This is especially good because my husband has a problem with cholesterol so he is recommended ghee butter to maintain optimal levels of LDL. Children like it, they eat it as a spread with paprika. In the winter I use ghee butter for body care instead of milk and lotion. It is not bad, the skin absorbs it quickly and is not greasy after application. Gorica

Where to buy ghee butter and what is the price

Excellent purified butter can now easily be found. Ghee butter is sold in almost all health food stores which are well fitted.

Price is dictated by the producers, 270 grams of butter costs about 5-10 dollars. Today it is available on the internet, delivery is fast, within a few days.

When buying, make sure you read the packaging. Take only one in glass jars, as this is the only real way of storing products. Pay attention to the color since fresh butter is yellow, darker shades usually mean something is wrong with it.

Side effects, precautions

The good side of this healthy purified butter is that there are no side effects, nor is there a group of people which is not recommended to. It can be used by all, children, pregnant women and even older adults.

Ghee butter in pregnancy, however should be limited to small quantities. It is excellent for skin care. Special attention will help prevent stretch marks and mitigate the feeling of tight skin.

As with any food, it should not be exaggerated with. As we said ghee butter increases appetite, and if you are on a diet reduce its daily intake. Side effects have not yet been recorded.

How to preserve it

Ghee butter is not perishable. According to some studies, certain species can be preserved even up to 100 years.

Two things that can spoil it are water and light. This butter is always stored in a glass containers with in a dark room.

If you store it in a tightly closed container it can last 2-3 months. If you store it in the refrigerator without opening, it can last up to a year.

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