Comfrey tincture for face and hand use

Comfrey tincture; health benefits

Comfrey tincture is a healing product that favorably affects the skin, especially if it is used for the face and hands. Except for this purpose, this product or the plant itself has been used for centuries in folk medicine. Mainly they are used to treat rheumatism, bone disease, and heal burns, remove tumors and the like.

No matter which of these health problems you have, there are various synthetic drugs and preparations, but today people opt for this gift of nature.

There is no reason why you should not use it, especially because it has practically unlimited possibility of use. Therefore, the following describes how to make a tincture of comfrey for face, but also for other purposes.

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What comfrey looks like?

What most people are interested in is how comfrey plant looks like, whose Latin name is Symphytum Officinale. First of all, it grows in damp areas, which is why you can easily find it in highest parts in central and northern Europe. Sometimes in the south of Europe you will find it next to the river and in the woods. It is identified by its leaves, which have jagged shape, are a little rough to the touch and are green.

When it comes to comfrey, root is the most important part of this plant. It is black outside, while the inside is yellow and white paint thickness only 2-3 cm. Some may be off-putting, because it is quite sticky and light mucus is slimy. However, you should not be deterred, because inside is an extremely healing gift of nature.
It is important to distinguish bulbous comfrey from the black one, because the latter is more effective and useful for you. At first glance you will recognize them by the fact that the latter in addition to dark roots has flowers of white, pink and purple. In this they are bell-shaped and are still facing upward.

Comfrey tincture is among those natural remedies, which everyone should have at home pharmacy.

Healing properties of comfrey have been known for centuries

There are a handful of things that comfrey is beneficial to human health. For you we will single out the most important ones, so let’s start.

Regenerates tissue

What is worthy of note is that the Comfrey tincture was used in the time of ancient Greece and Rome. Doctors have recognized the beneficial effect on wound healing, and they used it in healing bone fractures. The secret is in allantoin, a substance that stimulates cell renewal and regeneration of connective and subcutaneous tissue.

An excellent natural remedy for lung diseases

Another of the benefits of this natural balsam is that it successfully treats problems with the airways. In traditional medicine it is among the best medication for bronchitis. In ancient times it was given to children, to cough secretions accumulated in the lungs in a more easy way.

Relieves rheumatic pain

The elderly should use this gift of nature. Tea of ​​comfrey is great for rheumatism, you will very quickly feel less pain. And, if you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is a salvation for you.

Natural remedy for varicose veins

It is interesting that today comfrey tincture for veins is used, because it is one of the best preparations for painful and swollen legs. It is particularly suitable for those who spend a lot of time standing, and seek a solution to this problem.
  • This natural remedy for varicose veins is enough to use every night by applying it to critical areas and leaving it to work.

Soothes and relaxes tense nerves

If you are stressed, or just have a sense of tension, avoid synthetic drugs. Tincture of comfrey or tea will relax you, and you will not have the feeling of drowsiness. It is a true natural elixir that gives energy to your nerves and relieves you from stress.

Treating hemorrhoids quickly and efficiently

In addition to varicose veins in the legs, this herb has another useful purpose. In fact, you can use comfrey for hemorrhoids, in the form of fat that works effectively and quickly. Just apply it several times a day on problem areas, with the obligatory personal hygiene. Expect improvement after just a few treatments.

The natural cure for bunions

There are testimonies of people who have had severe pain in the feet due to which they could not walk normally. The only solution was surgery that is risky and often ineffective. However, the surgery is not needed because comfrey is really helpful with this issue. Not only did it solve the pain, but these unsightly growths completely disappeared.

Besides drops, for this purpose, Comfrey grease helps, which is sufficient to apply twice a day.

How do you make a comfrey tincture for face?

In addition to the use of effective natural medicine, you will probably be most interested in how to make a tincture of comfrey for the face and hands. As we said, this product successfully regenerates tissue and stimulates the production of new cells. That's why it is great against wrinkles, psoriasis, and cracked, loose and dry skin.

Tincture of Comfrey is prepared very easily, and it will not take long. The following ingredients are:
  • 100 grams of dry root of the plant 
  • 7 dl of alcohol or homemade brandy.

Preparing the recipe:

When you pick or purchase comfrey root, be sure to look for it to be dry and not fresh. First, wash under running water and then cut into small pieces. Then, prepare a clean glass jar and insert it into it.

Pour the alcohol or brandy close the lid and put it in the dark place for 14 days. Then strain it and it is ready for use, be sure to keep a closed jar at room temperature.

The uses of comfrey tincture is multiple

Now that you know how to prepare a tincture of comfrey, you will surely be interested in what way it is used. In fact, it is very easily combined with a variety of creams, ointments, masks and similar products.

Dosing this product is as follows: put 6-12 drops directly to the skin and rub or just spread it across. The same is true if you use it with some of the creams, and you can repeat this process three times a day. Before use shake the jar, so residue, which at the bottom to go back on top.

Comfrey tincture is an undisputed ally of all the ladies who want to have a fresh and youthful appearance every day. For this purpose you can use a combination of creams and these drops. Lubricate them every night before going to sleep on your face. This is the same way you can solve other problems, such as acne, pimples and blackheads.

Besides being good for face care, you can also use it for hands. A number of defects that occur on the skin are often very painful, and you need something that will quickly solve this pain. For this purpose it is recommended to combine preparations with marigold flowers.

All that is required is that the drops of comfrey are applied to the hands and add a little glycerine cream.

Comfrey tincture user experience

When it comes to comfrey tincture, user experiences are very positive. Some homeopaths even claim that there are no people that this plant does not work on. We found several testimonies which confirmed it:
I have long had problems with Baker cyst on the knee, which causes that area to get swollen. Nothing helped, even spa treatments or various ointments did not show results. My friend recommended the tincture and ointment of comfrey. After a month, I could normally bend the knee, and edema has fully withdrawn. Dragana 
Comfrey tincture for bunions helped me to solve this horrible problem. The pain that I suffered on my left foot were horrible, and I had been tortured by if for a very long time. I was scared of surgery, but fortunately, I found out that this black root can help. I can say that I did not made a mistake, because the pain disappeared, and the bunions eventually retreated completely. Lidija
After I injured Achilles tendon, I wore a cast for two weeks. After removing the cast, I could not fall back on the left foot, even with the help of crutches, it was very difficult. It made me very worried, but the doctor told me that comfrey tincture can eliminate this burden. Three times a day I rubbed it into the affected spot and in the evening put a lump of fat on it. After three weeks I began to walk without crutches, the pain was gone, and there is no more swelling on this area. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick and successful recovery! Dejan

Where to buy this product and what is the price in pharmacies

Although you can make it yourself, it is also possible to buy it in all better supplied pharmacies and drug stores. If you are interested in comfrey tincture, price ranges from 5 dollars to more.

Recommendation: buy only those products that have a valid certificate, because you will in this way be sure of its quality.

Precautions are required

While this is an efficient and high-quality product, the question is does the comfrey tincture cause side effects?

Pregnant women, or people who have liver disease should not use it. For all others, it is completely safe and easy to use. The only thing that may bother some people is stickiness of it which is quite normal because it is the juice from the root.

Of course, this product can only be used for external application and can not to be applied to open wounds. Comfrey tincture for face and skin will help you and you will be amazed at how simple it is, and also effective.

If you are interested in and other products with this plant, we recommend that you read an article about fat from comfrey.