Alkaline water for weight loss and health

What is alkaline water and how it is made?

You drink purchased bottled water and live in the belief that it is healthy and natural choice for you? Believe it or not, even that which is marketed as a "spring water" is not good for your health. Alkaline water with lemon is another story, it is ideal for a healthy start of the day. If you add Himalayan salt, you can get even more efficient beverage.

It is proven to have antioxidant properties, and plays a huge role in the fight against free radicals. The same accelerate the aging of cells and cause many harmful diseases.

Today this water is increasingly recommended by doctors. Its therapeutic qualities were confirmed and its ability to clean the body of toxins. It is used to treat stomach disorders, cleans colon and very efficiently in fact.
Ionized alkaline water for healthy skin is great. It cleans and evens the complexion, the skin is nourished, hydrated and provides it with long-term resilience.

Stay with us and read all the benefits to the health this medicinal liquid can provide. Learn how to make this water by yourself.

Why do we need alkalization?

Achieving balance in the body is necessary, according to numerous studies, balance the intake of alkaline and acidic foods. The ideal ratio should be 80/20 in favor of basic foods. Although it is now widely known people generally do not adhere to these guidelines.

Ionized alkaline water increases immunity and supplies the body with the necessary amounts of oxygen and minerals. In this way, it maintains a stable pH value of the organism.

If the alkaline water has a high pH value of 8-9. Base mean it is pH 7, everything below is considered acidic.
  • Our body is composed mostly of water, it is a natural base and we should maintain it like that.

Be careful what you eat

Life in the modern world often means fast food: burgers, bakery bagels etc. Do not forget the coffee, soft drinks with artificial sweeteners and flavorings, alcoholic beverages. All those items fall into the acidic food. Their long-term consumption is of course bad for your stomach.

Although some acid is eliminated through urine, sweat and stool, is mostly retained in the body like lactic acid.

Acidic body is the number one reason for the development of cancer and other dangerous diseases.

Organism in the imbalance is necessary to restore alkalinity. For these are the dietary changes of prime importance. Although it sounds simple, keep in mind that the change of longstanding unhealthy habits is a great challenge.

To achieve the desired pH value of the body recommended it diet based on alkaline foods. The base foods includes primarily beets, spinach and broccoli, which are number one super food.

In addition to food, very significant is also liquid we eat. Ionized alkaline water hydrates and detoxifies the body even up to six times more than ordinary.

Healing properties and major health benefits

A glass of water is a rich source of antioxidants that fight free radicals. They are responsible for the hydration of cells, tissues and organs. At the same time it frees the body of toxins as it promotes hydration at the cellular level.

Alkaline water for athletes is a big hit. Boosts energy and reduces muscle recovery after training or competition. It is recommended because it removes the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness.

Ionized water for diabetics is an ideal choice. It is intended for people suffering from diabetes because it balances blood sugar levels.

Drinking alkalized water reduces cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. It helps with allergies and asthma, especially in the spring when these conditions in patients significantly worsen.

When you should not drink it?

It is advisable to consume alkaline water in the morning on an empty stomach. In this way, you will rinse all the toxins from the body which have been accumulated during the night, and hydrate body.

It is recommended to all generations, children a little older than 15 years of age. Alkaline water in pregnancy is allowed. There are no negative effects, so the pregnant women can use it, but should not overuse it.

It's great for athletes, people who are overweight, and diabetes. Ionized water for people with stomach problems and constipation has proven to be extremely effective.

 If you have never tried it, it's the time to change the routine. Refresh your body in time,

In the case of chronic gastritis and ulcer do not use it. Ask your doctor and get valid advice and recommendation.

Ionized water for a more beautiful figure

If you have problems with excess weight, training and exercise are not enough. You will need to change diet and fluid you drink. Alkaline water for weight loss is recommended for all persons with problematic weight, especially the obese people.

The accumulated acid destroys organism. In order to protect itself, the body creates a kind of warehouse for fat. It binds to the acid, and as a consequence of overweight. Reduction of the amount of food only partially reduces the intake of the mentioned acid.

By reducing calories you will not reduce acidity, moreover it can be increased with a larger amount of acidified beverages. Testimonials confirm that the change of diet is only one step, while the other is to drink alkaline water every day.

This precious liquid eliminates bloating, digestive problems and constipation. Basically, the majority of health problems range from stomach. Believe it or not, in the intestine it can be accumulated up to as much as 15 pounds of toxins, mucus and feces.

To clean the intestines from harmful toxins recommended is healthy liquid, every morning drink it on an empty stomach. In the short term you will speed up your metabolism and you will have a regular bowel movement every day.

Alkaline water; how to make the perfect drink

To purchase alkaline water from the shelf can be quite expensive especially if you plan to include it in the daily diet. Therefore, we recommend that you yourself make alkalized water for the use of your whole family. Try this recipe that is very simple and fast.
  • All you need is filtered water, two lemons and Himalayan salt. In addition to filtering, you can use ordinary tap water or purchased of any brand. The only thing you need to avoid is carbonated water ionization.

Here is how alkaline water is prepared in home version:
  • The pitcher pour filtered water, and add whole lemons that have been cut into quarters. Finally, add two teaspoons of Himalayan salt.

The obtained liquid leave overnight a stand. In the morning, strain and sleep in the appropriate bottle.

This is the wisdom, your alkaline water with Lemon is ready for use.

If you want to improve the taste. Add to ionized water a little orange juice or freshly grated ginger root piece. Make sure that this will add a little peppery taste. It does not suit everyone, especially not those with severe gastric problems. It is best to prepare it in the way you want it and like it best.

We also recommend our earlier article: powerful ginger detox drink.

User experience with alkaline water
A long time ago I used alkaline water to detox my body. It's great and I would recommend it to everyone. I drink it for three years now. I tried it because of stomach problems, cramps and constant constipation. These problems were reduced after one month. In the meantime, my skin has noticeably changed. It looks pretty great and hydrated. Alkaline water with lemon is an excellent antioxidant and is used for detoxifying the body. In addition to water, I changed my diet. The selection of food is reduced to fruits and vegetables, and I can say this vegetarian version feels great. Jovana 
My coach instructed me to drink alkaline water, because it increases endurance. Apparently, the same enhances energy as well before training. It is useful and after every effort because it encourages faster recovery especially after severe exercise. Since I have games often, sometimes day by day, fast muscle regeneration is necessary. I tried after a while alkaline water and I can say that the change is noticeable. I prepare and I drink it almost every day since then. Nenad 
I had a weight problem since puberty. There is no diet I did not try. The boomerang effect is always there. My health was significantly affected, kilograms were piling up. One day I had a strong arrhythmia and I was taken to the hospital. The doctor suggested a change in diet if I want to experience old age. This was an awakening call from apathy and immobility. Dietary modification was necessary, but until I threw alkaline water I did not significantly get thinner. The process of losing excess weight began when I started to drink alkaline water. In a month kilograms melted away. With 85 kg, in half a year I got to 63 kg. The ultimate goal for me the ideal 58kg. The doctor was stunned by my change of appearance and improved condition of my body. The results of the checkup are always good and I feel reborn. Milkica

Price of ionized water in stores

Alkaline water cannot be easily found, it is not a common product on the shelves in supermarkets. In some specialized stores available is apparatus for ionizing liquid and sticks for alkalizing water.

When it comes to alkaline water price it is certainly not small. If you succeed, to find it, a bottle of one liter will cost around 6$. It is undoubtedly quite expensive for many of us. If you plan to use it regularly, it is quite a big expense and not for everyone’s budget.

Therefore, the best and most reliable version is the one you make at home. The process as you saw is quite easy. All you need is readily available and inexpensive foods. In addition, Himalayan salt can also be found in many organic stores.

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