South Beach Diet | menu | recipes | experiences

South Beach Diet or Diet of southern coast officially appeared in 2003 and since then has been at the forefront of popular diets for weight loss. Created by an American cardiologist Dr. Agastona, South Beach diet from the start promises great results. Its aim from the start is not solely for losing weight, but the health of the heart, a side effect (weight loss) interested and intrigued the whole world. On the official website of "south beach diet" it is said that you can lose 7 kg in 14 days focusing on fat around the stomach.

South Beach Diet concept

According to dr. Agasitonu, southern coast diet is not focused on a low-calorie diet but more on consumption and choice of carbohydrates and fats that are good for our organism. In practice, south beach diet is restrictive in the first two weeks when it comes to intake of carbohydrates, after which its menu is enriched with foods that contain carbohydrates but low glycemic index. Practice to monitor the GI is not just a feature of South Beach Diet that follows the principles of many other diet for weight loss. Explanation: after eating carbohydrates that we brought in with food are metabolized into sugars, which raise their level in blood. Answer to this comes from pancreas because it relieves the hormone insulin whose task is to eliminate excess sugar. White flour, biscuits, bread, corn flakes, potatoes causing a sharp rise in blood sugar immediately after consumption. Large amounts of insulin are released that are rapidly eliminated, which is not good because it leaves you with no energy, then you are very quickly hungry again. All listed foods have high glycemic index and South beach diet explicitly forbids that. As a worst result of overeating food with high GI is that you become resistant to insulin, which is not good because fat is accumulated especially in the in the stomach area.

Integral pasta, whole meal bread and cereals with whole grains have low glycemic index. These foods provide a steady flow of energy and thereby relieve sugar. The feeling of satiety lasts longer, you are not constantly hungry and therefore cannot over eat. The chance to become resistant to insulin is very small, but the body allows smooth fat burning. South beach diet thus recommends exactly such foods with low GI for weight loss and healthy weight loss.

What is the situation with fat?

Fats are included, but those healthy unsaturated fats such as nuts and olive oil. Avoid foods high in fat acids. Southern coast diet is divided into 3 phases:

South Beach Diet first phase

In the first phase it is forbidden to consume the following foods:
  • rice
  • potato
  • pasta
  • sweets
  • bread
  • fruits
  • milk
  • cookies
  • cake
  • ice cream
  • alcohol
  • sugar

Allowed are vegetables that have a low GI such as broccoli or cabbage but this is not the focus of the diet. At least in this first phase you can eat lean meat: fish, chicken, eggs, low-fat cheese, olive oil and nuts. Food rich in protein. South beach diet; the first phase lasts 14 days. This is definitely the most difficult and harshest phase in which processed carbohydrates are ejected from the diet. This achieves a very good result which moves from 4-6 kg less in 14 days.

South Beach Diet second phase

We slowly introduce healthy carbohydrates in the diet. We include fruits, cereals, whole grains, whole grains and low-fat dairy such products. Second phase is not so intense but still you lose the kilograms from 500g to 1 kg a week. Second phase extend itself until the ideal weight.

South Beach Diet third phase

Introduce more foods in the diet and weight stabilizes or keep to basic postulates. It can be said that diet without carbohydrates with high glycemic index starts- that lasts a lifetime.

South Beach Diet menu
  • There are no restrictions on the amount and size of portions. Please your appetite
  • Eat three main meals and two snacks per day

South Beach Diet Recipes

We will give you a few examples for each stage of a diet:

South Beach Diet lunch - salad with tuna - (e.g. lunch in first stage)
  • can of tuna 180 grams (in water)
  • finely chopped cucumber-third (1/3)
  • third cup tomato (1/3)
  • chopped celery (1/3)
  • finely chopped avocado (1/3) or as a substitute cheese
  • chopped radishes (1/3)
  • cup of lettuce also finely chopped

  • cold pressed olive oil (4 tablespoons)
  • Lemon juice; Two tablespoons
  • one clove of garlic - shredded
  • half a teaspoon pepper

Preparation: In a glass dish in layers put: tuna, then cucumber, tomato, beyond that avocado, celery, radishes and put on top of the lettuce. The sauce to pour over the salad, mix well, serve and eat fresh.
South Beach diet breakfast is in the second phase
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • a piece of whole-wheat bread and low-fat cheese (30 grams)
  • Unsweetened decaffeinated coffee or tea (can with non-fat milk)
  • lunch can be yogurt with fat to 1%

South Beach Diet experience

Experience of participants in first phase are that they lose 4 and even up to 7 kg in 14 days, while the second phase, much lower up to 1kg in a week. You need a fierce persistence and willpower in the first phase. All agree that in the first 14 days, there are considerable restrictions and limitations when carbohydrates come into question. Everything can lead to weakness and fatigue in the physical sense. Physical problems are also not excluded. To counteract everything South Beach diet recommends taking effervescent tablets, because of the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body. In first 2 weeks with the elimination of fruits and vegetables fibrous food are not eaten that are great for regulating digestion, so that problems in such cases are not excluded. Already in phase 2 plenty of plant fiber in whole grain cereals, as well as iron, B vitamins and milk contains essential zinc and calcium is entered into the body. Nutritionists and fitness coaches disagree with the idea that a particular diet can be directed to only one part of the body. On the other hand weight loss generally fully cuts the volume of waist. Controlled weight loss is on the other hand excellent prevention of diabetes and heart disease.

Atkins diet and the South Beach diet | similarities and differences

Although in both diets there is no quantitative limitation on meals, certain restrictions on the entry of fatty acids still exists in south beach diet. The emphasis is more on olive oil and walnuts (rich foods with unsaturated fats). Butter, full-fat cheeses are strictly prohibited while in Atkins diet they are not. Intake of fruits and vegetables is rather limited in the Atkins diet while in South beach diet is not. South Beach diet is based on carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (GI). With this diet the most difficult is to make it through the first 14 days.