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Pritikin diet is based on the limited intake of fat and protein in the daily diet and an increased intake of coal hydrates. Total intake of complex carbohydrates should be up to 80% of our daily consumption for calories. Pritikin diet also has a motto that we choose food that works for and not against us.

Pritikin diet concept

Vegetables, fruits, cereals and some fat (up to 10% of calories) is the food which is the basis of this diet for weight loss. Its concept is very simple, eat fewer calories per day than our body burns. Pritikin diet is necessarily accompanied by physical activity and exercising. Unlike other diets, Pritikin diet can seem less unbalanced. Namely, with other diets often there is a relationship of food up to 50% of carbohydrates and up to 20-25% of fat and 20-25% of protein. Here is quite a different situation because the intake of protein and fat is significantly reduced. So fat intake is up to 10% of daily calorie needs, proteins are reduced up to 15% and it significantly increases the intake of complex carbohydrates to 80%. More fiber foods is consumed and up to 15 grams a day of fiber and cholesterol goes up to a maximum of 25 mg per day. Avoid food that is high caloric and simple carbohydrates from the diet are only possible with active monitoring of daily meals and their caloric density. So Pritikin diet is dependent on healthy foods, especially vegetables because it contains less than 200 calories per kg and can be consumed with meat and starch. Also recommended with vegetables are small amounts of lean meat, which should make us full. The best choice is that with greater amounts of vegetables you eat fish as it contains less than 400 calories per 1 kilogram, unlike beef whose calorific value is three times higher, and the fat comprises up to 5 times of the calories per kilogram. Pritikin diet intake emphasizes only natural unprocessed foods because they contain complex carbohydrates that are very significant for weight loss.

Pritikin diet menu - what should we eat?

From meat our recommendation is chicken, boiled or roasted white meat (barbecue) up to 100 grams per day or lean fish in the same amount. Fat intake is reduced and is based on the input of vegetable fats. Cold pressed olive oil (as a replacement; sunflower or corn germ) is recommended every day. 1 to 2 tablespoons in the initial period of 7-14 days. Read our article: Mediterranean cuisine. Note that animal fat is strictly prohibited especially oil and margarine. Intake of eggs is limited to 1 egg white a day because as we said earlier protein intake should be significantly reduced. From milk and dairy products consume up to 1/4 liters of skim milk or low fat yogurt, and cheeses should be restricted to 50 grams per day.

Pritikin diet advocates a large intake of vegetables and frying is not allowed. When it comes to cooking, baking, stewing and steaming, vegetables should eaten in larger quantities. With legumes you should limit yourself up to 100 grams a day. Recommendation are: home beans, Azuki beans, soybeans (yellow or red), lentils, tofu, tempeh and other. Avoid seeds.
Pritikin diet recipes

Important place is occupied by whole grains and pasta from whole-wheat flour, oatmeal, oats, brown rice and rye, wheat. Sweets are completely thrown out of food and Pritikin diet as a replacement recommends barley. Fruits intake limit to 500 grams of fresh fruit per day, in the case of frozen and canned up to 100 grams. Eat fruits 2-3 times a day and participants of this diet are recommended the following: When we choose lean beef parts such as leg and that it is better to bake, grill or cook. Frying pan is worst option for any meat and should be avoided. From fish exceptionally good is salmon because of the richness in omega-3 acids Industrial processed foods should be avoided which also includes higher intake of salt. Fruits like banana which have a lot of starch should be avoided, as well as grapes that since they are sweet a lot. The best choice is watermelon because of the abundance of water, then apples, melons, peaches, apricots, pears, etc.

Pritikin diet experience

As with all diets and Pritikin diet has its supporters and those who are against it. We will give you good and bad sides of it. Calories are not counted in the gram but still you need knowledge and understanding of food as well as their average calorific value in order to put together a daily menu. Reduced intake of fat and protein, often leads to hunger and participants quite easy give up or break the rules which ultimately leads to disruption of the diet. Pritikin diet requires participants to cook at home and prepare meals. Many refuse to do it and quit the diet. Pritikin diet on the other hand has a very positive result in the regulation of blood cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease and what is most important to us, is effective for removing fat from the belly and melts pounds away.

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